Constance D’Angelis of the Institute for Peaceful Solutions to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

If you pay attention to what you want in your life, your actions will follow that attention.”

— Constance D'Angelis

PAGOSA SPRINGS, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, July 6, 2017 / — When the mind is quiet, the revelation of self begins to emerge. Answers and solutions appear. With the power of mindfulness, we can chart a new path toward success and happiness.

Constance D’Angelis is the founder of the Institute for Peaceful Solutions where she works with individuals and individuals in corporations to help manifest their dreams and goals through workshops, lectures and presentations on mindfulness. Constance coaches her clients to follow through on their intentions and learn new skills.

“I was working with lawyers and I realized they were all very bright but none of them could close their eyes for even five minutes to relax,” says Constance. “Without mindfulness, we are caught up in fear.”

A lawyer herself, Constance is the creator of the 7 Laws series: seven ways of using mindfulness to magnetize success.

The 7 Laws are the laws of Unity, Perception, Cause and Effect, Alignment, Giving, Mental Attention, and Freedom.

“We were trained early in life to believe a certain way,” says Constance. “If we can become more objective and recognize where we are interposing our own perception into situations, we can clarify an awful lot. It depends if you want to reach your highest level of consciousness, and be as powerful and clear as you can be.”

According to Constance, mindfulness is about taking responsibility for your thoughts. You may be doing one thing and thinking something else. When you do that you’re in conflict. What decisions can you make based on your integrity. That’s alignment.

“This is about being deliberate and affirming within yourself this responsibility,” says Constance. “If you pay attention to what you want in your life, your actions will follow that attention.”

Following the laws ultimately leads to freedom, says Constance. You’re free to be who you are! It’s a celebration.

CUTV News Radio will feature Constance D’Angelis in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on July 10th at 11am EDT and with Jim Masters on July 17th at 11am EDT.

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