Scientific European®: New Popular Science Magazine Published from the United Kingdom

TADWORTH, SURREY, UNITED KINGDOM, February 17, 2018 / — Tadworth, Surrey, United Kingdom, 16 February 2018 – Scientific European®, the new popular science magazine published from the United Kingdom whose premiere issue was launched last month announced subscription rates for the print and online versions. Further details can be found on

Abbreviated as SCIEU®, the science magazine Scientific European® (pISSN 2515-9534; eISSN 2515-9542) aims to bring current happenings in science to a wider audience to make them aware of advances in the scientific fields. Interesting and relevant ideas from diverse areas of science are conveyed with clarity and concision. The articles present ideas that have already been published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature in the recent past. It is both online and print magazine released on a monthly basis and is targeted at general readers of all age groups and geographies who are interested in science and technology.

Umesh Prasad, Editor in Chief while releasing February 2018 issue said ‘’ We are delighted to bring eight articles on latest scientific breakthrough that promise to improve millions of lives – brain pacemaker for Alzheimer’s, bionic eye for retinal and optic nerve pathology, way forward for antibiotic resistance, new approach to drug deaddiction and many more. Hope you find these intellectually stimulating!’’

More information about the magazine can be found at ;

Umesh Prasad
UK Education Consultancy Services Ltd
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History Publishing Company Enters Into Ten Year Deal

History Publishing Company Enters Into Ten Year Agreement With History Publishing Media Group

This agreement should take the company to the level it was originally designed to go”

— Don Bracken

PALISADES, NY, USA, February 17, 2018 / — History Publishing Company LLC a New York limited liability company has entered into a ten year agreement with History Publishing Media Group LLC, a Delaware limited liability company on February 1, 2018.

History Publishing Media Group will undertake promotional and marketing activities for the New York firm for the purpose of raising the History Publishing Company profile. All imprints other than History Publishing Company LLC and some select titles owned by History Publishing Company LLC are transferred to History Publishing Media Group LLC as payment for the ten year service. History Publishing company LLC will remain in New York to honor its existing obligations.

“ During the past twelve months, History Publishing Company has attracted the largest number of promising authors and titles along with the most talented support personell in its eleven year history,” said Don Bracken,HPC Publisher. “This agreement should take the company to the level it was originally designed to go.”

History Publishing Media Group will launch its marketing drive April 15,2018 to the entertainment industry, the establishment of a national radio program to publicize History Publishing Company and the scheduling of international alerts and promotional releases of all titles published by History Publishing Company LLC

Don Bracken
History Publishing CompanyLLC
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Renowned Poet Arrives for Residency at Gettysburg National Military Park

Poet Julie Swarstad Johnson in Tucson

Accomplished poet from the University of Arizona Poetry Center, Julie Swarstad Johnson, set as Artist in Residence program at Gettysburg National Military Park.

GETTYSBURG, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, February 16, 2018 / — Gettysburg National Military Park, in partnership with the National Parks Arts Foundation (NPAF), is pleased to announce that Julie Swarstad Johnson, a published poet, will become the NPAF Artist in Residence in February of 2018. Ms. Johnson will spend a month writing and being inspired by the Gettysburg battlefield. She will also give a free public poetry reading March 3rd at the Gettysburg NMP Museum and Visitor Center at 3:00 p.m.
The event is sponsored by a grant from the Gettysburg Foundation and other generous sponsors.

Ms. Johnson will be writing poetry inspired by stories of pacifist faith communities around Gettysburg at the time of the battle. The experiences of the Sherfy family, owners of the Peach Orchard site, will provide a central narrative. Her personal practice as a member of Mennonite and Quaker congregations will furnish another strand of inspiration, linking the historical struggles of these communities with her efforts to understand the place of pacifism and faith in American public life.

“I propose to write poems engaging with the stories of pacifist faith communities around Gettysburg at the time of the battle. The experiences of the Sherfy family, owners of the Peach Orchard site, will provide a central narrative.” the poet commented.

Born and raised in Phoenix, Johnson completed her bachelor’s degree in anthropology and creative writing at the University of Arizona in 2010. In 2011, she moved to central Pennsylvania to earn a master’s degree in English (Creative Writing) at Penn State. Her master’s thesis, a poetry manuscript exploring the history of the nineteenth-century iron industry in central Pennsylvania, was the culmination of two years spent tracking down and visiting the sites of over thirty iron furnaces, and also conducting archival research at Penn State and county historical societies. Her manuscript went on to be published as Jumping the Pit, a collection of poems in the voices of people on the fringes of the historical record.

At her public reading, you will notice Ms. Johnson’s poetry will ask and answer Questions pertinent to contemporary audiences. She stresses that these questions are are at the heart of the poems she envisions. Is violence part of the fabric of American culture? What do we gain or lose when we act against— or with—the cultural norms of our communities? These questions interest her because they require complex answers, rooted in empathy and curiosity. For audiences she will read and discuss these new poems, emphasizing connections with ethical questions confronting us in the present.

The poet Brian Teare has described his own writing as a kind of “fieldwork,” requiring intense observation and immersion in an environment; Ms. Johnson also envisions her writing at Gettysburg as such fieldwork, relying on close attention to the battlefield through walking, hiking, and exploring.

“Gettysburg National Military Park has offered inspiration to artists for more than 150 years,” said Chuck Hunt, acting superintendent at Gettysburg National Military Park. “The Artist-in-Residence program engages new audiences and tells Gettysburg’s stories in new and compelling ways.”

Programs like Gettysburg National Military Park’s artist-in-residence series, in which acclaimed artists find inspiration from the beauty and history of our national parks, and share their ideas with park visitors, represent some of the highest aspirations of the National Park Service.
The program is offered thanks to the input and support of the National Park Service and the Gettysburg Foundation and the partnership with the Poetry Foundation, whose joint efforts make the park the foremost visitor destination for those interested in the epic history of the American Civil War.
Gettysburg National Military Park preserves, protects and interprets for this and future generations the resources associated with the 1863 Battle of Gettysburg, during the American Civil War, the Soldiers' National Cemetery, and their commemorations.

The National Parks Arts Foundation is a 501(c)3 non-profit dedicated to the arts of the National Parks through creating dynamic opportunities for artworks that are based on our natural and historic heritage. All NPAF programs are made possible through the philanthropic support of donors of all sorts ranging from corporate sponsors, small businesses, and art patrons and citizen-lovers of the parks.

For more information about Julie Swarstad Johnson’s poetry reading event call 717-334-1124.

Cecilia Wainright
National Parks Arts Foundation
505 715-6492
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New Book on War in Syria: Russian Press Coverage, 2015-2017

Selected articles from the Russian press on the conflict in Syria

MINNEAPOLIS, MINNESOTA, USA, February 15, 2018 / — East View Press, the publishing division of East View Information Services, announces the publication of War in Syria: Russian Press Coverage, 2015-2017. The book is an anthology of carefully selected articles from the Russian press on the conflict in Syria covering Russia’s concerns, motivations, and strategy.

If there was ever conflict that epitomizes Thomas Hobbes’ famous line from Leviathan “the war of all against all,” it is the current war in Syria. The conflict saw its beginnings in 2011 growing out of the protests sweeping through the larger Arab world known as the Arab Spring. Some of the most significant direct results of the conflict were the birth of ISIS, the near total destruction of Syria’s important urban centers, and the subsequent refugee crisis that has engulfed Turkey, the European Union, Russia, and the United States.

Since September 2015 Russian involvement has been significant, with boots on the ground effectively turning the tide in the war and securing Bashar Al-Assad’s presidency. But despite extensive coverage of the war in the U.S. and Europe, Western audiences are often left to guess as to Russia’s strategic and tactical goals, lost in the sea of problems between Russia and the United States.

The present volume seeks to remedy the existing informational imbalance, by bringing to Western audiences articles of note authored by Russian journalists and analysts (and translated by East View), which have shaped the Syrian war discourse in Russia. The book thus is a go-to resource of primary sources for Western analysts, researchers, and general audiences trying to understand and piece together Russia’s view of the conflict in Syria and its underlying geopolitical and strategic dynamics as understood by the Russians themselves.

For more information or to order a copy, visit

Grant Bistram
East View Information Services
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Sheila Tobias to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

TUCSON, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2018 / — In our educational school system, mathematics is the subject that many of us have grappled with the hardest. And some without success. If we’re females, we’re sometimes told it’s our gender that’s making us dull in math.

Are males inherently more capable of solving math problems than females? Why do American students of both genders do poorly on International competitions?

Sheila Tobias is lifetime proponent of “math mental health”, the author of 14 books on topics women don’t usually write about: science, defense policy and mathematics. Her books include: “Overcoming Math Anxiety,” “Science Teaching as a Profession: Why It isn’t why it could be”, “Succeed with Math” and “The People’s Guide to National Defense.” But she’s especially committed to and famous for “demystifying mathematics” and for trying to find out why otherwise intelligent women and men are underperforming in mathematics.

“Thirty years ago math anxiety was not recognized either by teachers or by scholars,” says Sheila. “ I coined the term, as a way of explaining to myself and others why women – whose brains were in every way equal to men’s — experienced mathematics differently. For me it was a feminist issue because lack of math confidence locks us out of the higher levels of science, business, architecture, and engineering. Even more damaging was the general explanation: math avoidance is in our genes. We were supposed to accept males’ general superiority in math. “

Today, math avoidance has become a national problem for female and male students, some of whom are literally changing fields to avoid college algebra and limiting their career options in other ways.

“Even my in-depth, extremely resourceful books on math won’t help you overcome your fear,” says Sheila, “unless you take charge of your life’s priorities.”

What to do?

What makes Sheila’s recommendation so basic and effortless is she’s not urging people to go back to school or read her books she’s simply advising you to get a trainer, just the way you would for a 5 k marathon. Don’t live one more year disabled by math anxiety.”

“I have made a career of tackling subjects in which I have not had formal training,” explains Sheila “We live in a world where we’re told experts should be our guides.”

“But democracy cannot thrive in a world where information is owned only by experts,” says Sheila. “The whole principle of democracy is so ordinary people have the capacity to voice their opinions, meaning we have to figure out a way for them to feel empowered by information and if we don’t have the skills or talent to access it we are undermining democracy.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Sheila Tobias in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on February 19th at 1pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio. If you have any questions for our guest please call (347) 996-3389

For more information on Sheila Tobias visit

Lou Ceparano
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Author & Educational Consultant Irene J. Hartzell to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

A Wizards Guide to Study Skills

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2018 / — Do kids really like to learn? Yes, it’s natural to want to know more! So why is it that they experience frustration and don’t always succeed? Why are standardized scores down? The answer is in giving kids the right tools and teaching them better, more self-directed strategies. Perhaps the best answer would be to show them “The Wizard’s Way.”
Renowned educator Irene J Hartzell, who has over 30 years of diverse experience in teaching and counseling, has created a book called A Wizards Guide to Study Skills. While it is aimed at middle schoolers, the skills it teaches will have value for students throughout high school and beyond.

From how to handle stress and homework, to how to improve reading speed, to becoming more focused and organized, Hartzell’s book offers all the tricks. It is also packed with whimsical photos of kids wearing coned hats and holding wands, and wizard-friendly artwork like castles and owls. It’s all part of its kid-friendly nature, and the reason that the children who reviewed it during development all loved it so much.

A Wizard’s Guide to Study Skills uses an innovative, knowledge-centered approach, based on research findings about human learning (some of which Harztell was involved with early on in her career.) She has a BA in Psychology and an MA in Counseling Psychology, as well as a PhD in Counseling Psychology, which she was awarded at the University of Oregon. She now lives in Seattle WA, and can connect remotely with interested parents and other educators.

So, just what can students derive from this guide? They will have the practical tools to study better and take tests without stress. They can take charge of their own learning and make things happen. They can learn to deal with the homework matrix. They will understand and increase reading speed. They will even become better at managing time, doing large projects, and loving tough subjects like math. Children will be better prepared for STEM subjects and future schooling and careers.

The book is available on as a Kindle E-Book or Print-On Demand soft cover. Hartzell hopes parents and teachers listening out there will pick up a copy. All they’ll have to do is show it to the child and the rest will be, well, magical.

CUTV News will feature Irene J. Hartzell, educational psychologist and author in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on February 19 at 3:00pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have questions for our guest, please call (347)996-3389.

For more information, please visit or

Lou Ceparano
(631) 850-3314
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Kiwi author's marketing challenge for BC business students

Students are more social media savvy

Deliver the most successful indie book distribution campaign – like ever

I need a solution to the challenge every indie author faces – distributing books without a publisher!”

— Jordan Alexander, self-published author

COQUITLAM, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, February 15, 2018 / — The challenge received by BC business school marketing students today is simple: "deliver the most successful indie book distribution campaign – like ever." It came from NZ-based author, Jordan Alexander, who is offering the best campaign $15,000 in cash and business coaching.

Alexander wrote, I love you, send money, at Caffé Divano, Coquitlam. Her true story gives intimate details of her online dating experience, and how the well-educated and successful business woman became another romance scam statistic.

"I love you, send money has great reviews, but I need a solution to the challenge every indie author faces – distributing books without a publisher!" says the Canadian ex-pat.

Dr Alexander is a strategy consultant and coach to business CEOs, government leaders and charities. She tells coaching clients, what you don't know is as important as what you do. She's knows she needs help from digital natives.

"Marketing students are way more tech-savvy then me. I'm confident they'll find more creative social media solutions than I ever could."

Alexander will provide: 100 paperback copies of I love you, send money (RRP 24.95), access to eBook and audio formats, and a small marketing budget to four teams. They'll have four weeks to plan, and six weeks to deliver their campaign. In the end, they'll be judged on profit, market reach and creativity. Winners share $1000 cash, 40 hours of business coaching ($14000), and can 'pitch' a new business idea to Alexander for angel funding.

Why not just hire a marketing firm?

Alexander smiles, "Too easy, and a lot less fun." She wants to give business students an opportunity to work on a practical solution to a real-life problem with guidance from instructors. "…plus, competition always gets creative juices flowing."

"I've reached out to a dozen or so schools, but am totally open to direct approaches from other 'business' focused learning institutions in BC." There are more details of the competition on her website.

Challenge accepted?

She's hoping teams are signed up by 1 March to complete the challenge before summer school holidays.


Jordan Alexander
Pangaea Press
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Author Shares His Christian Views Through A Collection of Songs

Worship Songs and Hymns

Author Shares His Christian Views Through A Collection of Songs

SAN ANTONIO, TX, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2018 / — Music is what feelings sound like and author Arthur Christopher Gorham expresses God's view for the world, through his songbook entitled, 'Worship Songs and Hymns' – 'For the Modern Christian Church'. 100 original scripture based hymns and spiritual songs.

Arthur Gorham describes God's authority, power, glory, mercy and love to the world in a riveting collection of songs. He encourages every reader to experience God's scriptural message of hope and salvation that God has expressed to all who would seek Him, in Christ Jesus. He hopes that through his piece of work, the readers will find encouragement, spiritual answers and a steadfast faith to continually seek and trust in God.

Jesus Christ is the only way to obtain salvation from sin and the only way to be freed from the guilt and condemnation of a sinful life. The world is filled with its different elements of corruption and false promises. And by them many perish without hope and without the opportunity to know God and His love that he has already expressed through Christ Jesus. Arthur's overall message for the reader, in all of his songs expressed in the hymnal, is of God's love and everlasting promises God gives to the believer. 'Worship Songs and Hymns' is a must have for readers and hymnal collectors who beseech the importance of the message that strengthens the spirit, encourages the heart and edifies the body of Christ. Highly recommended! A must read!

About the Author:
Born and raised in the state of Texas, he was encouraged to learn about music, learn to sing at a young age and to broaden his creative mind in vatious music genres. He received music training by his father at a young age. Growing up, he continued to educate himself in music and music theory on his own. He knew at an early age that his music abilities were part of his calling, for God's service. He devoted his talent to his Christian calling. He has pursued biblical and religious studies from bible institutes. Biblical and doctrinal studies would play a major role in his music writing. He believes that the message in each song is more important for the reader to receive. He hopes one can learn and grow and be encouraged through the songs, to walk in the footsteps of the Lord.

Product details
Paperback: 226 pages
Publisher: BookBlastPro Inc. (April 27, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1946854034
ISBN-13: 978-1946854032
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.5 x 11 inches

Book Availability:
Amazon –

Arthur Christopher Gorham
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EAST LONGMEADOW, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2018 / — Hope and Life Press is pleased to announce the release of the book Saint Corbinian's Bear: Lenten Companion for Bearish Humans by Timothy Capps, Esq., and Kathryn Capps, illustrated by Ragan Black. Maybe you're not learned. Maybe you're not holy. Maybe you're not even entirely human. That's okay. A 1300-year-old talking Bear is here to be your daily companion during Lent.

In the early 8th century, a Frankish hermit named Corbinian traveled to Rome, to be near the relics of Saint Peter. A pious tale relates that a Bear killed his pack horse as he crossed an Alpine pass. God had plans for him because the Bear was miraculously tamed and served as a replacement beast of burden all the way to Rome. There, Corbinian freed him and the Bear was never seen again. Corbinian was sent to bring true Christianity to the Germans. He founded a Benedictine monastery in Freising, Bavaria, and became known as Saint Corbinian. His Bear survives to this day on the papal coat of arms of Pope Benedict XVI, who was ordained in Freising, and as Joseph, Cardinal Ratzinger, served as Archbishop of Munich and Freising.

This Lenten Companion for Bearish Humans imagines that the above story missed one detail. The Bear was granted the ability to talk. The Bear was so intrigued by Saint Corbinian that he followed him all the way to Bavaria where the two became fast friends. Many years later, Saint Corbinian was moved to share Lent with the Bear – perhaps to protect the local pony population. In 40 stories that follow the authors' own Lenten experiences and rhythms, the sincere, but simple, Bear learns one lesson after another. Sometimes humorous, sometimes poignant, but always memorable, together they form a grand adventure.

A Bear begins Lent, but what kind of creature shall see its end? Tim and Kathryn Capps draw in part upon their experience as Benedictine oblates to transmit timeless truths for all Christians in this charming story. The tales are told with deceptive simplicity. After each chapter, they ask questions to help you think about the lessons the Bear has learned. They are not always the right ones. Bears sometimes serve best as bad examples. You may be surprised to find much of yourself in the Bear, but that's okay. If a Bear can make it through Lent and learn a thing or too, so can you.

This is a Lenten Companion unlike any other, designed for even the most Bearish Humans. Saint Corbinian's Bear: Lenten Companion for Bearish Humans is available in paperback and ebook editions from Amazon, major booksellers and directly from the publishers.


Timothy Capps was an Arabic linguist with the US Army, where he held top secret clearance in the 101st Airborne. Capps then graduated from Southern Illinois University School of Law and became a Navy JAG lawyer. He received the NYC Bar Association's Committee on Military Justice Award for Trial Advocacy, also the Navy Achievement Medal. Capps had two missions to the Gulf during Operation Desert Storm, for which he received the Southwest Asia Service Medal. He then became a public defender and also served as prosecutor in the Illinois AG's Office. Capps set up his criminal defense practice and became well-known for handling death penalty cases with innovation and tenacity. The Illinois Supreme Court invited him to serve on the committee approving lawyers as defense counsel in capital cases. Some of Capps' high-profile cases appeared in Life Magazine, Oprah Winfrey Show, Nancy Grace, CNN. Capps was recognized as an expert on false confessions and hired by the State to train death penalty defense teams. He also got the Cunningham Award for "distinguished service as a death penalty defense advocate." In 2011, the abolition of executions bill passed the Illinois legislature, but the Governor deliberated over signing it. Capps wrote a Letter to the Editor arguing against the death penalty from his experience as prosecutor and defense counsel. To the extent his letter was influential, Capps put himself out of a job. His professional legacy includes a perfect record on death penalty cases, a not-guilty verdict by jury where evidence included a videotaped confession, and the development of original tactics still used in murder cases today.

Kathryn Capps is a veteran radio broadcaster who was a staple of the Illinois airwaves for years. She left broadcasting to work as a legal assistant at her husband's criminal defense firm. Kathryn is now retired and looks after her chickens and goats on a hobby farm, when she is not plying her skills as a fiber artist with loom or needles. She has written the study questions for this book during the onset of a blizzard of baby goats, sitting at the kitchen table with her laptop all night. Kathryn is a Benedictine oblate along with Tim at Saint Meinrad Archabbey in southern Indiana.

Hope & Life Press
Hope & Life Press
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Virtual Valentine's Gift? A unique last minute idea…

Regular Book Club Box

The I love you, send money "virtual" Book Club Box with eBooks AND author thrown in, may arrive sooner than flowers!

I got to thinking with Skype and technology, a 'virtual' book club experience allows discussions and reader engagement anywhere in the world.”

— Jordan Alexander, author and VIRTUAL Book Club Box fan

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND, February 14, 2018 / — "It's something new for BOOK lovers," says I love you, send money author, Jordan Alexander. She has a gift idea for last minute Valentine's shoppers: The VIRTUAL Book Club Box.

"The regular book club box is a great fundraiser for silent auctions and local charity events," says Alexander who attends 'book club box' sessions to talk about her book. The first box was a school fair donation, filled with paperback and eBook downloads, fridge magnets and bookmarks. With technology options, a virtual box just made sense.

The VIRTUAL Book Club box is eco-friendly (paperless) and has ten (10) download eBooks and/or audiobooks. PLUS the author can Skype into your event anywhere in the world. It's a great gift for loved ones in a book club, and is easy to send if you need a last minute gift.

"I really enjoy going to book clubs," says Alexander. "Readers ask me questions about the story and engage with the content on a deeper level." She has coaching clients around the globe and thought, "I could still go to book clubs in different locations, I'll just use Skype!"

Valentine's Day is a great launch for the VIRTUAL Book Club Box – the perfect gift for those looking to give their book lovers, a unique experience.

"Plus, we can deliver quickly – virtually – by email.

Perfect if you missed the deadline for sending flowers!"

Jordan Alexander
Pangaea Press
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Ten Traps to Avoid when Online Dating

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