5 Valentine's Day Tips For Parents of Special Needs Children

Author Deanna Picon Offers Ways To Keep The Love Alive

These simple tips will help special needs parents revitalize their relationship and keep it strong”

— Deanna Picon

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, February 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Maintaining a strong and rewarding marriage or relationship while raising a child with a disability is no easy task. Managing all aspects of a child’s daily living – including personal needs, school activities, therapy and medical appointments – can leave little time for oneself, much less a partner.

“Every relationship needs to be nurtured and cared for, but with the time-consuming and constant demands of having a special needs child, it often seems impossible,” said Deanna Picon, founder of Your Autism Coach, LLC and author of The Autism Parents’ Guide To Reclaiming Your Life. "With all the responsibilities and pressures, relationships are often put on the back burner, so it’s important for couples to take time for themselves.”

Parents can apply these simple tips to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.

• Give yourself permission to enjoy life again. Always remember that it’s perfectly okay for you and your spouse to make time for yourselves. Special needs parents may find themselves feeling guilty for a having a good time, even if it’s only for a few hours. But there is no reason to feel guilty; a bit of enjoyment is good for you and your whole family. Every couple needs and deserves some time together to reconnect and keep the emotional and communication bonds strong.

• Schedule some couple time. It can be as simple as scheduling “fun nights” for yourselves on a weekly or monthly basis. Write it on the calendar. Enter it in your cell phone. Hire a caregiver for a few hours or ask a good friend or family member to stay with your child. Your date doesn’t have to be a 3-course meal at a 5-star restaurant. A movie or a quick bite at a local restaurant is fine. The important thing is that you’re spending quality time with each other without trying to cook dinner, tend to your child’s needs, and do the laundry at the same time. Above all, when you’re out together, do not discuss your child and/or children. Have a conversation about the two of you. It will probably be the first time you’ve done that in years.

• Have fun again. Participate in hobbies, activities and events you enjoy. Go bowling or dancing. Do some of the things you did when you were dating or try something completely different. Create new memories. Take pictures during these dates and use them as screensavers on your computers or cell phones. Put some on your refrigerator or in a frame on your nightstand. Whenever life wears you down, these memories may be all you need to get through the day.

• Express appreciation. Show your gratitude for all the wonderful or demanding things you are doing as partners and parents. Tell each other, “You’re amazing. I’d be lost without you” every once in a while. It’s always nice to hear compliments, especially from your partner. Take over a task if you can. This extra time will allow your partner to do something they enjoy but never have the time to. Thank each other for simple acts of kindness, such as letting you sleep late some mornings.

• Keep the romantic fires burning. Attention and affection for each other doesn’t have to be reserved for just date nights and special occasions like Valentine’s Day. A little extra effort on both sides can generate ongoing intimacy. A kiss goodnight, a gentle touch as you pass in the hall, a love message by e-mail or text. These little gestures can mean so much.

Your Autism Coach, LLC provides personalized guidance, comprehensive support programs and seminars that address the concerns of parents of special needs children. Now on Twitter (@yourautismcoach), look for the latest parenting tips and advice from Deanna Picon. She shows parents how to overcome the challenges of raising a child with special needs, while building a rewarding life for themselves. Deanna is the recipient of the 2015 “Top Life Coach Writer” Award from Autism Parenting Magazine.

Deanna Picon
Your Autism Coach, LLC
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They're BAAAAAACK: The Amazing Read travel books are home

Nina in Amsterdam as part of The Amazing Read – I love you send money

Craig at Adirondack High Peak Region Lake Placid NY

Equine Pathways UK – Jackie’s team 28 – takes travel book with football team

But they won't stay long – Charity Auction ends 18 February

Wow…This was a great, fun and powerful read…Jordan has an easy style and great use of humour and observation to keep you glued to see what happens next. Highly recommended A+++”

— Jos's book review, Dean's "Island Time" team

WELLINGTON, NEW ZEALAND, February 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — This time last year, Ruby MacAndrew reported how fifty copies of, I Love You, Send Money, were scattered across the world as part of The Amazing Read, brain-child of Wellington author, Jordan Alexander (https://www.stuff.co.nz/entertainment/books/88013251/wellington-author-staging-an-amazing-race-to-launch-her-debut-novel )

Part-funded through Kickstarter, the 'race' objective was to create "a global community of bookworms and travellers."

Mission accomplished!

Most winning books are back home and #8, #35, #32 and #28 are up for auction on Trade Me.co.nz – Proceeds benefit these charities:
Blind Foundation in New Zealand
– Equine Pathways UK (http://equinepathways.co.uk)
– SPCA in British Columbia, Canada (http://spca.bc.ca)
– Joanne's House, Durham Region, Ontario (http://www.durhamyouth.com)
– The Cancer Council in Australia (http://www.cancer.org.au)

"I think it's great the winning teams ended up supporting charities from different countries," says Alexander who rewarded racers with limited edition copies of her book.

"Unfortunately, not all books made it home." Craig's team, racing for Joanne's House, a Durham Region emergency shelter and support for homeless youth, was one. "Craig's from my home town in Oshawa. He'd send photos mountain climbing in the Adirondacks, jumping off waterfalls in Mexico, deep in snow at Lake Placid – that book had an amazing journey!" Alexander will donate a limited first edition book for Craig's charity auction.

The website contains photos sent from readers around the globe: Paris, Hunter Valley, London, Toronto, Maritimes, San Diego, Oregon, Wellington, Bermuda, Scotland, Amsterdam and more.

Alexander's "race recap" video summarises results, including the 'farthest' travelled, Dean's Arrowhead Consulting at 140,000km – that's once around the globe! Jackie, driver for Equine Pathways UK, personally collected her team's book in London.

"I'm over the moon about the race and results," says Alexander whose Amazing Read travel books reached a combined distance over 385,000km (to the moon).

She's hoping race fever continues with the charity auction of winning books on TradeMe.co.nz (https://www.trademe.co.nz/books/rare-collectable/nz-published/other/auction)

The auction closes on 18th February 16:50 NZ time.


Jordan Alexander
Pangaea Press
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The Amazing Read Winners – I love you send money travel book race results

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East View Launches New Online Collection of Afghan Partisan Publication

A collection of partisan titles from the Wahdat Library published during the early 1970s to the late 1990s – a critical period for the history of Afghanistan.

MINNEAPOLIS, MN, USA, February 12, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — East View Information Services is pleased to announce the launch of a new online collection of serial titles from Afghanistan. The Afghan Serials Collection: Partisan Publications from the Wahdat Library features titles published during the early 1970s to the late 1990s – a critical period for the history of Afghanistan. The Afghan Serials Collection is a major contribution to the preservation of the history of this region and is comprised of the careful selection of more than 2,500 individual issues of 46 newspapers and journals published in Persian, Pushto, Arabic, Urdu, and English.

Documenting the breadth of Afghanistan’s political epochs, the Afghan Serials Collection covers the use of the press by many groups that sought to shape Afghanistan’s social and intellectual landscape during this turbulent time, including the Communist People’s Democratic Party (PDPA); exiled loyalists to the deposed Afghan monarchy; independent humanitarians and intellectuals seeking to better their country; anti-Soviet mujaheddin groups from a range of political movements; the Taliban; and minority political parties that have emerged following the post-2001 transition towards democracy.

“The Afghan Serials Collection showcases unique press materials from a key era that shaped not only Afghanistan and the Middle East, but the entire world,” said Kent Lee, President and CEO of East View. “Featuring content not assembled elsewhere, the collection is a chronicle of the rich and dynamic Afghan press and an essential resource for scholars and area experts.”

For more information about the Afghan Serials Collection or to request a trial, please contact your East View sales representative or email info@eastview.com.

Grant Bistram
East View Information Services
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Immerse yourself in the 1930s with this amazing new postal subscription game

Cosykiller box one, with letter from the heir hunter, a burned journal, and cipher

Box one in the first story includes a hand burned journal.

Box two of cosykiller contains a folded cigarette card, letter, burned diya, and some other intreguing objects

The attention to detail continues as the story develops into box 2

The team behind the CosyKiller project

The team behind the CosyKiller project

The latest in role playing and puzzle games to hit the market – Cosykiller is a unique project spanning traditional book publishing and board games.

GRIMSBY, N.E.LINCS , UK, February 9, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The year is 1934 and Marie Jones is missing…

Red Herring Games invites you to join the world wide team of sleuths who are already engrossed in the latest role playing game to hit the open market.

Funded originally through Kickstarter and gradually growing its fan base – this is a subscription box with a difference! Described as a cross between a choose your own adventure novel and a role playing detective game; this unique project was brought to life by the award winning firm Red Herring Games, an international team of fictional assassins.

Each month players are sent critical details pertaining to the case from an heir hunter who is searching through the clues in the past to try and discover what happened to Marie.

Each box holds different clues, and as the investigation unfolds players are sent objects designed to recreate the look and feel of a period crime, including vintage themed memorabilia, spices, aged paper, even an old journal with burned pages. There are ciphers, sketches and plenty of intrigue. All in all – it's an ideal present for wannabe sleuths, armchair detectives and lovers of vintage memorabilia.

Find out more about the story or join in the hunt for the killer at www.cosykiller.com

Jo Smedley
Red Herring Games LTD
01472 348909
email us here

Watch the trailer for the story.

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February Heart Month Calgary Book Pre-Launch

February is heart month and DIamond Fernandes, director of the Heart Fit Clinic, has published his first book called Beating Heart Disease.

The majority of cardiovascular events occur with blockages that are less than 50%”

— Diamond Fernandes

CALGARY, ALBERTA, CANADA, February 7, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Heart disease is a major killer of men and women in developed countries, yet the number one preventable disease.

Beating Heart Disease book pre-launch celebration event is happening Wednesday, February 7th, 6:30 pm at Hotel Blackfoot. Diamond Fernandes, the founder and director of the Heart Fit Clinic and now published author will be speaking this evening going over the contents in the book. The very first copies of the book will be available for sale this evening.

Beating Heart Disease, Five Powerful Pillars to Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease, by Diamond Fernandes is a much-anticipated book. In the book he covers how to navigate heart disease having his readers understand that gaps in our healthcare system. There is a big gap between going to your family doctor and seeing a cardiologist. Preventative cardiologists are only looking for advanced stages of heart disease. Exercise Stress Tests are a great starting point but the outcomes from this test have to change. The majority of cardiovascular events occur with blockages that are less than 50%, therefore leaving people with a false sense of security.
Now with the new ORBITA trial release in Lancet November 2017 shows that interventional cardiology on stable heart disease should be placed on hold.

In the book, Fernandes discuses what further testing should be done and more importantly the best natural evidence-based treatment options to prevent and reverse disease. In this book he discusses the 5 powerful pillars to prevent and reverse heart disease.

The first pillar is exercise. Exercise is medicine and should be prescribed more often to treat disease. The second pillar is nutrition. Walking into your grocery store can be like walking into your pharmacy. The third is stress management. Keeping stress under control is important, as it can be a hidden risk factor that is hard to measure. The fourth pillar is relationships. Your heart is a love muscle, and it is important to have connection. The last pillar is mindset. Setting the right mindset for success to beat heart disease is important.

In the book, Beating Heart Disease, Fernandes also discusses the importance of External Counterpulsation as a treatment option for poor circulation, coronary artery disease and heart failure. The book will be available on amazon in March and also available online on their website, beatingheartdiseasebook.com.

For more information, please contact the Heart Fit Clinic.

Diamond Fernandes
Heart Fit Clinic
(403) 870-4348
email us here

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How DO Fiction Writers Create Fascinating Stories?

Piu Book Publishing House

The Author Valeria Lopes

Valeria Lopes of Brazil Has A Way That Is Uniquely Hers

BOCA RATON, FL, ESTADOS UNIDOS, February 7, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — How do fiction writers do it? How do they come up with stories populated by fascinating characters, men and women filled with depth and breadth, warmth and love, rage and hatred, in times and places long ago and far away?

Every author has her own manner of channeling the muse.

But perhaps not every author has a spirit guide to lead her on the path.

Valeria Lopes has had her spirit guide by her side since she was a child.

“She is part of my family, and she has protected me since I was a baby. My grandmother’s sister was blind, and when I was still in a crib, she envisioned a gypsy woman taking care of me beside my cradle as I was sleeping. My great-aunt was surprised with that vision, so she said to my grandmother: “Who is this gypsy woman with Valeria?”

My grandmother didn’t see anyone and said to her:

“There is nobody with Valeria now. It was most likely the spirit that looks over Valeria as her guardian angel.”

Valeria Lopes still relishes the importance of the inspiration and knowledge imparted by her spirit guide Andorra. As the author of 5 novels that blend clairvoyance, spirituality, magic, love, and the human relationships along with karma and reincarnation, she is just on her way to becoming known in the United States. But in Brazil, her books were best sellers–4 of her novels were published in Portuguese by a well-known publishing house from 2000 to 2007, she appeared on national television for an interview with a famous presenter, and had one play presented in Brazil based on the book “Entre o Amor e o Ódio” – known in English as the Curse of the Werck Family: The Battle Between Love and Hate, that was produced by Cia. Palmas Produções Artísticas in 2006.

And though Ms. Lopes has been writing and winning awards since she was in high school, all of her novels are thanks to Ms. Lopes’ spirit guide Andorra.
“When I start to write, the story comes to life, and I have no control over it. I am a viewer, watching a movie inspired by Andorra. However, at the same time, I am deeply involved in the story, for I live all the characters’ emotions in the plot. Thus, the story comes to me as if it were already set. I don’t plan the plot, the characters, the setting, the moment in history… I just write what I am seeing and hearing in my mind! My daughter says she cannot talk to me when I am writing, for I don’t see or listen to her -it is as if I were in a trance!”
“This way of receiving messages, poems, stories, is not new to me, as it is one of the ways spirits have communicated with me since I was a child. They’ve used this way of channeling their messages, in various moments in my life, sometimes, when I had to give advice or messages to my friends or even strangers. But mainly, it happened when I unexpectedly began to write stories that were spiritual novels.”
“The spiritual world is real.”
“The life after death is real, as the famous author and missionary Chico Xavier says that there is "The Life after Life" because what ends with death is only our material body, but our soul continues to live through eternity.”
“Love is the key to all mysteries in the universe, as the great master Jesus said: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”

Valéria Lopes was born in a Catholic and spiritist’ family in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As a child, due to her extreme sensitivity, she always had contact with the spiritual world. Throughout her life, with the help of her spiritual friends, she developed her mediumship, learning how to use this talent to the aid of others. In 1998, inspired by the spirit Andorra, she used psychic faculties of clairvoyance and channeling to write her first novel. After she had written five books, Ms. Lopes suffered a brain aneurysm and went through by a critical surgery that left her between life and death. However, with the help of her spiritual friends and her faith in God, she managed to survive. After dealing with the challenges of one difficult recovery, she continued to work on her novels that not only tell extraordinary stories, but present situations where the characters have to deal with their deepest human feelings, and their consequences. However, in the end, only love, paraphrasing Paulo de Tarsus, "can cure a multitude of mistakes."

"The responsibility of the spiritual work is enormous, and for this reason, I hope to continue to be deserving of the gift of receiving stories that talk about life and death, trying to help somehow all those who pass through trials and suffering, giving them patience, understanding, and acceptance. Thus, that way, I am united with my spiritual friends, in the joy of serving the good."

Two of Valeria Lopes books are currently available in Portuguese, Spanish and English, published by PiuBook on Amazon: The Curse of the Werck Family Volume 1 and The Curse of the Werck Family Volume 2.

Ms. Lopes’ third book to be translated into English, Gypsy Love – Dream or Reality? will be available on Amazon on March 1, 2018.

For more information, to speak with Ms. Lopes or for copies of her books, please contact Amy Krakow of A.G. Krakow & Associates at amyk@me.com or via telephone at 212.587-0540.

Visit the Publisher’s website at www.piubook.com
Visit the Author’s website at www.valerialopeswriter.com

Like our pages on

Amy Krakow
A.G. Krakow & Associates
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Still Time to Climb Onto the “Shriek” Stock Market Roller Coaster

Author. Shriek: an absurd novel

A prophecy continues to unfold as the Dow fastens its seat belt.

The next leg of the Aleph McNaught roller coaster stock market story is beginning to play out with the dead cat bounce on Tuesday in the US following the Monday rout.”

— Davide A. Cottone

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, February 7, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — As predicted in the press release on Sunday before Monday’s 1179-point rout on the Dow, Aleph McNaught, the protagonist in Davide A. Cottone’s absurd novel “Shriek: an absurd novel” had it all worked out beforehand. Aleph funded his political career to become President of the mythical country of Umbugumbuland with the proceeds of a meticulously planned foray into the stock market that uncannily mirrors the gyrations in the market over the last week.

‘The next leg of the Aleph McNaught roller coaster stock market story is beginning to play out with the dead cat bounce on Tuesday in the US following the Monday rout,’ says the novel’s author.

‘To begin with, Aleph buys into the $1 Neptune Nickel Limited stock and holds fast against all advice to the contrary, until it reaches the lofty price of $276 a share. When the rest of the world was buying into the stock at that price, dreaming that it would never stop rising, Aleph sold out and became a millionaire. The stock crashes. Aleph then re-enters the market on a dead cat bounce in the mining boom that was regenerating after the Neptune collapse. He purchases derivatives; buying calls in the silver, lead and zinc miner Mt Mega Mines. The ensuing “bounce” makes him another fortune.

‘The 567-point bounce on the Dow on Tuesday is reminiscent of Aleph’s intuition in the fictional absurd story where he buys into Mount Mega Mines after the crash of Neptune Nickel Limited. However, Aleph realises the reprieve would be short lived and cashes in on it after the stock rebounds sharply,’ explains Mr Cottone. ‘His judgment is vindicated by the ensuing global stock market crash.’

When asked whether the correlation between Aleph’s story and the stock market events unfolding and possibly continuing to unfold might be pushing the envelope too far, Mr Cottone responded,

‘When Walt Disney’s Huey, Dewey and Louie landed on the moon in the 1950s in their little glass helmets looking for Uncle Scrooge’s money and pursued by the relentless Beagle Boys, also in glass helmets, the idea of ever landing on the moon was relegated to the genre of absurd fiction. Yet it all came to pass, and we did get to land on the moon.

‘Take what you will from Aleph’s journey, but fiction has trumped fact on too many occasions in the past for it to be ignored,’ says Mr Cottone. ‘Today is another beginning of Aleph’s journey into the world of absurd politics and absurd social and economic thought.’

More on “Shriek: an absurd novel” can be found at www.piebooks.net, and the book can be purchased directly from the website, in book stores or online through print-on-demand and as an eBook. Any correspondence should be by email: piebooks@yahoo.com ##

Davide A Cottone
P.I.E.Pty Ltd (PIE Books Australia)
614 08709094
email us here

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Book on Successful Black American Children out in February.

History Publishing Company Global to publish "Cherry Hill." Distribution World Wide

These children had a sense of being loved…”

— Linda G. Morris

PALISADES, NY, USA, February 5, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The forthcoming book "Cherry Hill," the story of a Black community in Baltimore faced with cultural adversity,set in motion a foundation for the development of life that would enable each child in it, to rise to his her own potential.

“Before Opie lived in Mayberry, Beaver and Wally in Mayfield, and Betty, Bud and Kathy in Springfield, there were thousands of little Black children experiencing the same quality of life in Cherry Hill, a post WWII planned suburban community containing a public housing project on a southeastern peninsula of Baltimore City.” Those are the opening words in Linda Morris’ forthcoming book "Cherry Hill."These children,” she added,"had a sense of being loved, being free, being safe, and above all, having the space they needed to stretch out and enjoy small town living.”

Cherry Hill" the book, brings to life Cherry Hill the community that gave the wider communities of Maryland and the United States, young Black Americans who went on to contribute much to both. The formula for success for the children is demonstrated by focusing on the input of love and emotional security, that, when set in the very early years of a child, serve to develop the strong, positive adult. Linda Morris brings to life the fascinating story of a community that set the foundation for a successful life for thousands of Black American children. “It could be a formula for every community in the world” said Publisher Donagh Bracken. “History Publishing Company Global is proud to publish this important work, which will be seen in many parts of the globe”

Author Linda Morris was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. She graduated from Towson State University in 1969 with a B.S. in Sociology. She worked as a Baltimore City Social Work Assistant then for the Federal Government in the field of Equal Employment Opportunity. During her Federal tenure, she worked at the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the Patent and Trademark Office, and she retired as the EEO Complaints Branch Manager for the National Institutes of Health in 2003. Linda wrote freelance in the mid-1970s; her work appearing in "Essence" and "Baltimore." She now resides in Germantown, Maryland, a suburb of Washington, DC.

History Publishing Company Global will publish "Cherry Hill” electronically on February 20, 2018. It will be a featured title in History Publishing Company’s Global Outreach Program that reaches out to all English speaking countries and Mexico, Argentina and Austria, all with sizable English speaking populations. It will also be available in print at a later date and will then be available on Amazon, B&N.com, and wholesalers Baker and Taylor, and Ingram will make it available to bookstores and libraries nationally.

Donagh Bracken
History Publishing Company LLC
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Sank a United States Warship then Melded into the Population Never to be Heard from Again, Until…

CAVE CREEK, AZ, UNITED STATES, February 5, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — "A shocking present-day discovery on Oahu sparks an investigation into the aftermath of the devastating Japanese attack on Pear Harbor.” Chameleons, An Untold World War II Story
“In this well-paced World War II novel the reader is swept from the depths of Pearl Harbor to the bucolic life of a pineapple plantation, to a Japanese internment camp, the jungles of Burma, downtown Honolulu, the Korean conflict and beyond.”

"An original and inherently engaging novel from beginning to end, Chameleons, An Untold World War II Story is a truly extraordinary and deftly written entertainment that reveals author Marcus A. Nannini's genuine flair for taking an actual historical incident and crafting it into a detailed and compelling narrative." Verdict: “VERY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” by Midwest Book Review.

Save at least Twenty Seven Percent (27%) when you purchase directly from the publisher and, for a limited time, use the Discount Code: PRINT

Available at Amazon and Bookstores across the Globe. Also in EBook format.

Read Chapter One Free at:

ASIN: B0732V6J4V ISBN: 978-1-61296-889-6

Marcus Nannini
Marchri Productions
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2nd Edition of Critically Acclaimed Book “Uberman: Unleash Your Full Potential” Set for Release

When I wrote the first version of this book, I knew it was going to be a bestseller.”

— Jason Mangrum

NASHVILLE, TN, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 2nd edition of critically acclaimed book, Uberman: Unleash Your Full Potential, is set to be released on February 3rd, 2018, at 9am EST.

Written by author Jason Mangrum, Uberman: Unleash Your Full Potential is slated to be one of the most trending books of the year.

“When I wrote the first version of this book, I knew it was going to be a bestseller,” Mangrum says. “Paperback copies of the book were being sold for over $1,000. In the 2nd edition, however, I’m anticipating even bigger results. Not only have we revised, updated and polished the book like a precious diamond, we’ve added something that will blow people’s minds: collaborators of the Enlightened Millionaire Mastermind.”

The Enlightened Millionaire Mastermind is a team of 5 highly successful and inspirational entrepreneurs who have developed a unique principle, along with cutting-edge science, to help readers reach the next level in their lifestyle and business. “The Mastermind principle is like a team of ninja warriors,” Mangrum stated. “They’ve all contributed their own strengths, wisdom and experience to help our readers excel in business and life beyond their wildest dreams.”

Uberman: Unleash Your Full Potential claims to help readers dive into their consciousness, learn powerful new techniques for creating the life they want and to obliterate anything that stands in their way.

“We’ve developed such a powerful principle, that in just minutes, readers will learn astonishing secrets and new breakthrough technologies for altering their consciousness and activate the “uber” within them,” Mangrum says. “We truly believe in the immense power of this book and know our readers feel the same.”

Between February 3rd-10th, affiliates can enter a huge launch contest and $5,000 prize giveaway, plus receive a free 5-step Self Improvement System, How to Hack the Matrix (Of your Mind), simply for helping to spread the word about the site. Affiliates can sign up at www.ubermanbook.com/jv.

For more information about the 2nd edition of Uberman: Unleash Your Full Potential, please visit https://www.ubermanbook.com.

Jason Mangrum
email us here

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