Andrew Newman's Children's Book Tells The True Story Of A Leopard Who Was Once Called 'The Devil'

Colorado-based author Andrew Newman has a new and deeply inspiring children’s book, a story entitled How Diablo Became Spirit.

BOULDER, COLORADO, UNITED STATES, July 18, 2017 / — Boulder, Colorado-based author Andrew Newman has added a new and deeply inspiring children's book to his Conscious Bedtimes Stories Club, a story entitled How Diablo Became Spirit. Based on a true story, his bedtime tale for kids ages five through 12 tells of Spirit, the black leopard, from Spirit’s own point of view. The story is based on the actual experience of Spirit, a black leopard who was rescued from a European zoo where he had been abused, and of Anna Breytenbach, a South Africa-based animal communicator, who helped Spirit to change his name and his life, which also changed the lives of those who care for him today.

"It's important for children to know the story of Diablo/Spirit because all young people can hear the animals inside their hearts. Most grown-ups have forgotten how; the world needs young people to remember and to speak up for the animals. That is how our planet's adults will make better decisions for all Earth's creatures," noted Breytenbach, speaking of Newman's upcoming book about her experience with Spirit. Videos of Breytenbach's and Spirit's amazing interaction have already been viewed over 10 million times on YouTube.

Beautifully illustrated by Alexis Aronson, this new book is part of the Conscious Bedtime Story Club collection, and a significant resource for parents seeking conscious parenting tools. This book will help children recognize and appreciate all life forms, including animals, as the sentient beings that they are. How Diablo Became Spirit ends with Spirit’s Secret Steps for communicating with animals.

Anna Breytenbach is a professional animal communicator who received advanced training from the Assisi International Animal Institute in California, USA. She has been practicing and teaching animal communication around the globe for 15 years. She's also the subject of the documentary film, The Animal Communicator, which has also reached over 10 million viewers online. Breytenbach's goal is to raise awareness and advance the relationship between human and nonhuman animals, on both the personal and spiritual level. She guides workshop participants to develop their natural senses and deepen their connection with all species in an honoring manner. In her communication and conservation work, she is inspired by her role as a voice for animals and natural environments.

Award-winning children's author Andrew Newman is a graduate of the Barbara Brennan School of Healing; he has been actively involved in men's work through the Mankind Project since 2006. His additional portfolio of work includes publishing over 2500 donated poems as the PoemCatcher, volunteer coordination for Habitat for Humanity in South Africa and directing Edinburgh’s Festival of Spirituality and Peace. Newman's

Conscious Bedtime Story Club is a culmination of his training and experiences, and intended to bring parents and children into deeper connection and spiritual union with each other.

"Anna and I have been friends for many years," noted Newman. "We founded our friendship on our deep connection to nature, spirituality and healing. I attended several of her workshops and supported in some of her events. So it was a natural 'next-step' to bring forward the remarkable story of her work with Spirit." He added, "I loved the story of Spirit and felt it was worth the pilgrimage to meet this special leopard. I made a special trip to Jukani Animal Sanctuary in South Africa, where Spirit lives, to spend time there.  It was a very natural progression for me to ask Anna if I could write Diablo/Spirit's story. We share a goal to raise a generation of children who are more respectful of their natural surroundings and feel that bring the tools of animal communication in reach is an important step."

Newman's The Conscious Bedtime Stories Club is a collection of stories with wise and lovable characters who teach core life values to your children. Each of the 12 Conscious Bedtime Story Club books invites its readers to engage in mindfulness practices, beginning with Snuggle Breathing, which helps parents and children alike to share an experience of relaxation, presence and connection to each other and to the story. Each story ends with reflective activities and exercises to help children assimilate the lessons the stories present.

Newman strongly believes the last 20 minutes of each day are precious; his books use this important time to help children and parents grow consciously together in mind, body and spirit. How Diablo Became Spirit is available for purchase at and at

The Conscious Stories Club References:
Anna Breytenback References: The Story of Anna and Spirit

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Transition, #1 International Best-Selling Book Free To Download Starting Today

Transition: How To Prepare Your Family and Business for the Greatest Wealth Transfer in History

Transition: How To Prepare Your Family and Business for the Greatest Wealth Transfer in History

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA, July 18, 2017 / — In Transition, author, speaker, and family business expert David Werdiger addresses the growing disconnect between the generations within family businesses, as 90% fail to survive into the third generation.

Written from decades of research and application by a wealth transition and family business consultant, David Werdiger reaches out to family businesses torn by inner conflict, confusion and the raw possibility that their mini empire will be all but dead in another generation’s time.

Transition offers entrepreneurs a bold opportunity to prepare for the greatest wealth transfer in history, by redefining how they look at and operate their business. From learning how to better communicate with the many generations who have input in their family business, to resolving conflict, re-establishing trust and calculating how much wealth should be left behind for future generations.

The book is currently free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days only (until 7/22/17). Get your copy here: Transition has reached #1 on 24 of Amazon’s best seller lists across 5 different countries with an average 4.5 star review rating. Here’s what some the reviewers have said:

“This is a practical guide meant for the owners of a family business. There are struggles in any business, but when it comes time for the entrepreneur who built up the business to start handing over the reins to the next generation, things can really start to fall apart. Author David Werdiger undertook this research in order to assure the success of his own family business, then wrote it out clearly for the benefit of others. Whether your success came during the business boom of the Regan years and you're looking to step down, or if you're someone who's finding that their funky food truck is turning into a franchise, it's never too early or late to benefit from this information.” – Shirley Runyon

“If you have a family business, this is a must read book. The author brings his knowledge of family and business to the reader in a straight to the point way. He offers the scenarios that could be faced and explains why they are important and how to deal with them. Don't leave your business to chance, read this book and have a firm grasp on the necessary steps to keep your business running well, even if it you don't intend to keep it run by family. Great read! Highly recommend!” – Mary Moore

For More Information: For more questions or to schedule an interview about this press release please contact David Werdiger at +61 3 8611 1150 (GMT +10) or email

About the Author: David Werdiger is a #1 International Bestselling author, and the Founder and Chairman of Billing Bureau, one of the leading Australian Telecommunications Recurring Billing Software companies. He has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, The Wall St. Journal, USA Today and most recently he presented an ELI Talk titled “How to ‘Have’ Jewish Grandchildren.” As an in-demand speaker, David travels the world sharing his ideas about business strategies, philosophies on life, Jewish culture, and philanthropy.


David Werdiger
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Former New Yorker Shares Personal Story of Gambling Bottoms in the Release of "Vegas Nerves (Double Double Trouble)"

A New Kind of Courage

Using the Pen Name, "Rocky Bottoms", Problem Gambling Hits a New Low in this First in a Series Memoir Describing the Battles Addicts with Mental Illness Face.

Not Everything Can Be Googled But Good Luck Trying!”

— Rocky Bottoms

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, July 17, 2017 / — Rocky Bottoms, a garden variety alcoholic/addict with bipolar disorder and pathological gambling disorder, has released "Vegas Nerves", written in memoir format, which will recollect the trials and tribulations of his compulsive gambling history including the story of how he robbed a bank!

Recollections of actual events will be told. The "Rocky Bottoms" series covers the seemingly never ending and ever widening bottoms experienced by an average Irish Catholic kid from the Bronx and how he struggled for decades with some of life's most common (and not so common) illnesses while simultaneously leading a double life of moderate success – to outward appearance. As a bright, young, athletic, good looking kid, Rocky pushed and pushed himself past the demoralization of addiction, to the ranks of being tops in the field of corporate IT consulting. Despite a full expectation of realizing the American dreams, they remained forever out of reach. The only dream manifested turned out to be the consequences of the high, the escape, and the action. This dream came true, and the carnage left behind was at the least a broken family, destroyed relationships, unemployment, homelessness, heart failure, a credit nightmare and little hope.

Available now on Amazon in Kindle eBook and paperback, Barnes & Noble in Nook eBook and hardcover, Smashwords and Apple iTunes iBook.

The second and third books will tell the stories of other bottoms experienced through other addictions and mental illness.

The second series will present 3 books about the endless series of recovery attempts through various 12-step attempts, behavioral and rehab facilties and the always popular gated communities of state including jails and institutions.

Finally, the third series will present the always challenging realm of spiritual challenges from early life religion straight through to the discovery of the recognition of my true nature current day. The spiritual series will be a gateway to a spiritual recovery based ecosystem that caters to the dual diagnosed and veteran friendly.

From these book series, the Rocky Bottoms Foundation will be built, fufilling a life-long dream of providing help and hope to those who suffer. RockyBottoms.Vegas

Media Contact
Vegas Nerve Productions

Rocky Bottoms
Vegas Nerve Productions
(702) 756-4815
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One Day Mega Event with Tony Robbins and 7 Dynamic Speakers who will share their stories of success, overcoming adversity and more!


VANCOUVER – Monday July 10, 2017, /CNW/ – Worldwide phenomenon Tony Robbins comes to Vancouver for the first time in 10 years on July 27th excited to inspire an attendance of people motivated to make their lives better. He will be sharing professional and personal success strategies on leadership and peak performance.

GET THE TOP STRATEGIES FOR SUCCESS with 6 dynamic speakers –  You will get training on Sales & Marketing, Financial, Negotiating, Personal Development, Business, Money, Motivation, and so much more!

Thousands are expected to attend out the Vancouver Convention Centre to see the entrepreneur, philanthropist, and the world's #1 Life and Business Strategist and NY Times best seller for over 52 weeks with Unshakeable.

For more than 4 decades, more than 50 million people have enjoyed the warmth, humor, and transformational power of his business and personal development events.

For tickets visit and SAVE 25%

SOURCE Power of Success

For further information:,
1-800-368-8493 ext. 701

Farah Bhanji
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Change Expert John Spenker to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

For anyone who feels frustrated or empty and has a hunger for more, Pivot Your Perspective: Your Change Journey is a book they can go back to time and time again.”

— John Spenker

SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 17, 2017 / — Change, in its simplest form, is the act of moving from a current state, through a transitional state, to a future state. Many of us fear change, but change is inevitable. We can either wait for change to happen and react to it or we can utilize change as a tool.

According to John Spenker, change is not a thing that has to be managed but rather an energy source. Spenker is the author of Pivot Your Perspective: Your Change Journey.

“I want this book to be a tool for anyone seeking to reconnect with themselves,” says Spenker. “For anyone who feels frustrated or empty and has a hunger for more, this is a book they can go back to time and time again.”

John Spenker has spent the last 15 years as a catalyst for change through his practice Synergistic Coaching & Consulting, where he specializes in change management for organizations, teams and individuals. He says he wrote Pivot Your Perspective to help readers say yes to change and open doors to possibility, potential and purpose. By understanding of the pendulum of change we can live the exceptional life we are meant to live.

“This book is not a 10-step program where everything comes together perfectly,” says Spenker. “This is about understanding change, realizing your active participation within it, and recognizing what we gain from the experience of striving for our goals.”

To Spenker, change is the propulsion of our life's journey. A change framework helps us to make informed choices. Each and every experience we create for ourselves is an opportunity to learn, and learning is an essential part of the change propulsion framework. When we deeply understand our values and belief systems, we can consciously move forward within the change framework.

“It is essential to have a deep, personal understanding of our own personal bias to change – is it friend or foe?” says Spenker. “This is about becoming the best observer of yourself you can.”

CUTV News Radio will feature John Spenker in a seven-part interview series hosted by Jim Masters every other Wednesday from July 19th to October 11th. All shows are at 3pm EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on John Spenker, visit

Lou Ceparano
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Amazing New Pitbull In Town Eclipses The Singing One

Chico The Magic Dog

Chico Sits Still – Teleconnecting

Chico’s Autograph

A new pitbull arrived recently – from Narsica, a planet in our galaxy. He's here to save Earth from evil, and he loves you more than you can ever know

CORAL GABLES, FLORIDA, USA, July 17, 2017 / — July 17, 2017
For Immediate Release
More Information: Eugene Rosov, Dir. Blog Ops, 305 667-9375 ( Provided by Io Products, Inc. – A New Blog

There’s a New Pitbull in Town – and He’s Not from Here

There’s a new Pitbull in town. And he’s also a Superstar. You can find him, complete with music, photos and background stories, at

which documents the life and adventures of this galactic Superstar. Oh – one thing: he’s not from here. And unlike the “other” Pitbull, he’s clearly not from Miami, Florida.

The Pitbull’s history, intragalactic abilities and fascinating perspectives – along with his fully orchestrated Theme Song, can be found on the blog. It includes historical and personal background on this Pitbull – his name is “Chico” – and some details of his home-planet and its location, his mission on earth, and the vast set of skills and abilities he brings to fighting evil on earth and throughout the Universe.

You can visit Chico's Facebook Page and get a FREE autographed photo, and take the Chico Quiz.

Chico (a Wogg, from the planet Narsica) is a real-live dog/person, and lives in Coral Gables and Hollywood, Florida. He arrived at his friend’s house in the Gables about two years ago, and has been working on a children’s book, a novel, and a musical. His musical theme song, created for him by another ancient Pitbull friend (Anubis) for his 100th birthday, is on the blog section entitled “Primer: Chico, the Intragalactic Pitbull.”

There you’ll find Chico’s Ballad, composed for and bestowed on him by Anubis. Despite a youthful appearance, this Pitbull is nearly as old as the Universe itself. He does have more hair than the earthbound Pitbull.

For a complete run-down on Chico’s basic history, and to stay updated as more stories are posted and recorded, visit – and stay tuned to the new Pitbull in town!

Eugene Rosov
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Dr. Ana Isabel Ordonez publie encore trois nouvelles histoires pour enfants disponibles au mois d’août sur Amazon


Plus de frontières! Ni terrestres ni extra-terrestre …rien. Ce sont des histoires d'assaut qui s'emparent de vous!

REDU, BELGIUM, July 15, 2017 / — Depuis la diffusion de son sixième émerveillement pour enfant, on n’attendait pas si tôt la sortie d'encore trois volumes qui s'ajoutent au feu d'artifice allumé par Dr. Ana Isabel; une femme de la Renaissance, cette écrivaine, scientifique, illustratrice, poète, est très éclectique dans ses écrits. Plus de frontières! Ni terrestres ni extra-terrestre …rien. Ce sont des histoires d'assaut qui s'emparent de vous. Tel un cancre capitaine d'un navire ludique, cette auteure réalise à nouveau des fictions pour enfants basée sur des réalités, échappant élégamment aux risques de standardisation du style et de la forme.

Ces trois derniers volumes dans la série de l'Aye Aye dépassent incontestablement en créativité et en qualité la production précédente; la polyvalence a pour corollaire l'inspiration. Dans le sans frontière extraterrestre, le lecteur est promené à travers les mystères de l'Univers, les caractères jettent une vision réaliste de notre monde, distillant des sagesses sur les thèmes tels que l'injustice, la violence, les abîmes sociétaux. Dans un monde où la force prime et où l'argent domine la créativité, la vulnérabilité qui apparait à chaque page de l'histoire, tout comme la personne d'Ordonez, ne peuvent que séduire les enfants.

Dans l’histoire de la forêt musicale et le tsunami, des histoires des vies, de sensibilités a fleur de peaux et de goût de l'aventure s'y concentrent. Le récit du lion blanc et le manati renforce l'idée de ce qu’est l'amitié, l'engagement écologique, et la gravité devant la possible extinction de la vie sauvage qui échappe. Il y a dans ces séries du jeu et du sérieux, mais avant tout l'auteur ne cesse pas de délivrer le message d'un incorrigible optimisme ancré entre fantaisie et insolence.

Ce qui détache Dr Ana Isabel du lot est que plus on connait sa foisonnante manière d'explorer son imagination et d d'écrire des histoires sur la Nature et les animaux sauvages, plus on détecte une analyse des communautés; on commence à deviner ses sources d'inspiration et d'avantage encore le monde de son Aye Aye tel qu'il tourne. Dans le milieu de l’art Ordonez aura produit et continue à produire avec talent un répertoire d'écrits pour le moins varié, faisant se côtoyer sans heurts les styles les plus divers. Ceci dit quand on lui demande plus d'explications sur ce qu'on appelle "son style", Ordonez déclare : "Je n'aime être enfermée ou classée dans aucun style. De mon point de vue ce sont la poésie et la réflexion sur notre Humanité qui mènent à tout, alors si on tient à me "coller" une étiquette, dites simplement que j'essaie de réfléchir sur la vie sauvage et sur notre Humanité sans être philosophe".

Visitéz son Newsroom :

Dimitri Sobanski
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Anoop Chandola's YA novel "MYTH AND PUNISHMENT" to be released by Black Opal Books

KENT, WA, UNITED STATES, July 15, 2017 / — July 15, 2017: Black Opal Books announces release of Anoop Chandola’s YA novel, “Myth and Punishment.”
Twelve-year-old, US born, East Indian Adina is searching for a lost family jewel. Her nani, maternal grandmother, claims to have offered the jewel to one of the Hindu gods in return for a grandchild, resulting in Adina’s birth. The family jewels are an Indian girl’s birthright, and should have come to Adina, but her mother secretly sold off the jewels, in defiance of Hindu tradition, after she divorced Adina’s father when Adina was two. So the lost “crown” jewel is the only one left…if Adina can only find it. Her quest for this piece of jewelry takes her on a virtual trip through Hindu cosmology and mythology and Indian history. She uses her laptop to find images of a given god, goddess, or historical figure then mediates on that image while remembering all she knows about the being, thanks to her paternal grandparents’ tutelage in her Indian heritage. Adina’s meditations are extraordinary, however, in that the figure comes alive, and she can interact with that being—sometimes at her own peril…
Anoop Chandola, an American linguist-anthropologist, was raised in a Himalayan priestly Brahmin family in India. Dr. Chandola, a graduate of the Universities of California-Berkeley and Chicago, has taught Indian literature, culture, and religion at S.V. Patel University, M. S. University of Baroda, University of California-Berkeley, University of Washington-Seattle, University of Texas-Austin, and University of Wisconsin-Madison. He is a member of the American Anthropological Association, Association for Asian Studies, Linguistic Society of America, and Linguistic Society of India. Dr. Chandola, now Professor Emeritus of East Asian Studies at the University of Arizona, lives in Tucson and Seattle with his wife Sudha. More information about him is available in Wikipedia.

Print ISBN: 978-1-626947-05-4
eBook ISBN: 978-1-626947-05-4
Library of Congress Number: 2017946458
First Publication: July 15, 2017
Printed and published in the United States of America
Published by Black Opal Books (U.S.A)
Paperback (244 pages) Price: $9.34
eBook Price: $3.99
Available from the publisher and Amazon
Author’s email:

Anoop Chandola
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How Does Workers Compensation Work in Westeros?


Sixteen attorneys gathered to discuss the workers’ comp ramifications of the Game of Thrones characters, in honor of the Season 7 Premiere.

I would love to fight and defend those cases in a trial of combat!”

— Jason Krasno, CEO

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 14, 2017 / — 16 Attorneys Discuss Fictional Workers’ Comp Ramifications Ahead of Game of Thrones Season 7 Premiere

Winter is here! The Season 7 premiere of HBO’s Game of Thrones based on the epic fantasy series A Song of Ice and Fire written by George R.R. Martin, airs this Sunday, July, 16th.

In Westeros, Summer can span decades and Winters can last a lifetime. This Sunday the struggle for the Iron Throne continues. Reaching an average of 23 million viewers per episode worldwide, the upcoming premiere of this pop culture phenomenon known as “GOT,” has everyone in the office talking.

HBO has been releasing teasers of the new season, giving viewers a preview of what they can expect to see, as well as titles and descriptions of the first three episodes. Episode 1: “Dragonstone,” Episode 2: “Stormborn,” and Episode 3: “The Queen’s Justice,” tell us that we can expect to see our favorite surviving characters fight for the Iron Throne and hopefully give us answers to our remaining questions regarding the fate of Westeros.

While discussing the anticipated premiere, the attorneys at Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo began thinking about the possibilities of workers' compensation cases for work-related injuries in Westeros, the fictional land in Game of Thrones.

While many of our favorite characters face unfortunate deaths, some of the surviving characters suffer from different types of on the job injuries while working, or while in the service of a Lord or Lady. After analyzing the misfortunes of these characters, we came to the conclusion that most of these work-related injuries would make these characters eligible for workers’ compensation benefits.

Jamie Lannister, of House Lannister, suffered the loss of a limb, affecting not only his ability to work but also his way of life. Jaime Lannister was known to be the most skilled swordsman in all of Westeros. Suffering the loss of his sword-hand was detrimental to his line of work. Whether he was an employee of the Kingsguard, acting at the behest of the crown, or employed by House Lannister at the time of his injury is still undetermined, but he would have a strong case qualifying him to receive benefits to compensate for his injury. Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, Jaime Lannister would receive two-thirds of his average wage for 335 weeks and potentially, additional compensation benefits for his loss of limb.

Arya Stark, of House Stark, incurred the loss of her eye sight during her service for the House of Black and White. Her loss of sight directly affected her ability to generate income and significantly decreased her quality of life. Injured workers who have suffered a permanent or temporary loss of sight, partial or total, or the loss of an eye, may be entitled to receive compensation. Arya Stark poses a strong case against her employer, the House of Black and White, for an on the job injury. Meeting the specific criteria of loss of income would make her eligible to receive compensation benefits.

Lord Eddard Stark, of House Stark, sustained a head injury while on the job as Hand of the King to Robert Baratheon. While many workers do not suffer head injuries due to treason, head injuries are very common in the workplace. Head injuries are measured in magnitude from mild concussions to more severe head trauma. Any sort of head injury can affect your ability to work and result in a loss of income, making you eligible for compensation benefits.

While acting as the Hand of the King and leading the defense of the city during the Battle of Blackwater, Tyrion Lannister sustained a Facial Disfigurement injury. By law, to be qualified for compensation, a Facial Disfigurement injury must be both “permanent” and “unsightly” making this type of on the job injury more difficult to measure than other types of injuries. Tyrion Lannister’s injury resulting in a long-term scar would make him eligible to receive benefits at the discretion of the court room judge, or in the case of Westeros, the King or Queen.

Injuries resulting from workplace violence can be classified as verbal threats, harassment, intimidation, or physical violence like getting stabbed in the abdomen like Jon Snow. Following the Battle of Castle Black, the fellow men of the Night’s Watch turned on Lord Commander Jon Snow for being a traitor. This act of workplace violence would qualify Jon Snow for compensation benefits.

Although this may just be a “watercooler conversation” topic at the office, it possesses an interesting thought. How would workers compensation work in Westeros?

Game of Thrones may be fictional, but workplace injuries don’t just happen in Westeros. The attorneys at Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo provide representations to help injured workers obtain the full workers' compensation benefits they need and deserve.

If you need to speak with an attorney contact KK&O for a free consultation, 877-299-0779.

Jason Krasno
Krasno, Krasno & Onwudinjo
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New book unveils 12 soft skills that make or break one’s success

Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success: 12 soft skills to master self, get along with, and lead others successfully is now available.

SILVER SPRING, MD, USA, July 14, 2017 / — Research conducted by Harvard University, the Carnegie Foundation, and Stanford Research Center revealed, “85% of job success comes from having well‐developed soft and people skills, and only 15% of job success comes from technical skills and knowledge (hard skills).” Unfortunately, many professionals over depend on their technical expertise. They neglect to develop their soft skills proactively and in turn pay dire prices individually and cause havoc in their organizations. Common workplace complaints such as high turnover, conflict, and low productivity many companies experience come down to lack of certain soft skills.

The book is based on the story of a successful professional (Dan) who was promoted to lead a multimillion-dollar project because of his excellent technical skills. Unfortunately, due to lack of some soft skills, problems started to pop up where he couldn’t get along with his peers, and lead his team members successfully. Dan almost got fired by his immediate boss (Susan) from leading the project until the CEO of the company (Paul) negotiated a deal that required him to attend a three-part Soft Skills Development program and to work with a mentor (Rafael) to continue leading the project. The book narrates how the problem began, the negotiations, and the main discussion points of the 12 mentoring sessions. Each chapter summarizes the three key talking points of Dan and Rafael: a) Four insights Dan gained from each workshop, b) The assessments, processes, models, and tools he found helpful, and c) Immediate actions he plans to take as a result of attending that particular workshop.

When asked why he wrote the book, Dr. Habtewold responded, "I worked as a researcher for an international research organization for more than five years up until I came to the US in 2005. Between 2005 and 2007, I was a production operator and then a software engineer working for a multinational corporation. These opportunities gave me chances to work with outstanding professionals. However, the majority of them, like Dan, they struggled to get along and continually advance in their career due to lack of certain soft skills. Since I became a trainer in 2007, I’ve continued to witness the dire prices of lack of soft skills at individual and organizational levels. That was why I decided to write this book to play my share in empowering individuals to develop those critical soft skills that determine their success…."

Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success is unique from other similar books because it shares:
• Data that show how soft skills play the lion’s share for one’s success. Here are just two examples: “46% of new hires fail in the first 18 months, and 89 percent of them failed for attitudinal reasons [soft skills]. Only 11 percent failed due to a lack of hard skills.” “More than 1 million employed U.S. workers concluded that the No. 1 reason people quit their jobs is a bad boss or immediate supervisor.” Such bosses lack the vital soft skills necessary to get along and lead their team, and thus, they cause chaos, high turnover, and low employee morale. 

• Stories like Nikola Tesla- the legendary inventor, who died poor and in isolation due to lack of soft skills.
• President Donald Trump’s Twitter war with President Enrique Pena Nieto over US-Mexico border to illustrate the vital role soft skills like negotiation play to get along and lead high stake negotiations between nations. The book offers some key lessons from this Twitter feud between two presidents that can be used in any negotiation.
• Some stories of the author including the culture shock he experienced during his early days in the US, and how he worked on his cultural intelligence to get along with diverse people in his new home. He also shared latest practical examples, case studies, and lessons he learned from his readings and experience as a former professional and now a facilitator of soft skills workshops.
• Many other valuable lessons.

The 12 soft skills that are covered in this book are industry and culture neutral. In whichever industry and country you may belong, they empower you to achieve extraordinary results in your personal life, career, and business. The book contains great insights, tools, and processes that enable you to develop the 12 soft skills that make or break your life, relationships, career, or business.

Book Information:
Title: Soft Skills That Make or Break Your Success
Subtitle: 12 soft skills to master self, get along with, and lead others successfully
Author: Assegid Habtewold
Publisher: Success Pathways Press
ISBN: 978-1-947524-01-9
Published: July 2017
Pages: 226
Genre: Personal Growth, Professional Development, and Leadership
Free download: To download the first few sections and conclusion of the book for free, check out this link:

About The Author:
Assegid Habtewold is a coach, consultant, speaker, and trainer at Success Pathways, LLC. He has over two decades of leadership experience and has been empowering leaders from diverse industries on themes that are covered in this book. He has diverse professional background: Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, Master’s in Computer Science, and Doctor of Strategic Leadership. He has already written two books on leadership. He frequently blogs and facilitates workshops on the 12 soft skills discussed in this book.

You can order the book from Amazon

For more information, review copies, or interviews, please contact:

Assegid Habtewold
PO.O. Box 10136
Silver Spring, MD 20914
Email: or
Tel: 703-895-4551


Assegid Habtewold
Success Pathways Press
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Author’s message to get a free download

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