Canadian Real Estate Investor Escapes An African Civil War To Build Her Success & Make The World A Better Place

Margaret Curlew, PhD

Margaret Curlew, PhD

Dr Margaret Curlew Releases New Book “Mom To Millionaire”

Do not plan revenge on anyone. Let the Universe fight your fight”

— Dr. Margaret Curlew

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 24, 2020 / — Dr. Margaret Curlew is a Canadian small business owner with over a dozen rental properties in her portfolio. She built this from scratch after moving to Canada to find a better life for herself. Margaret is a courageous and unstoppable individual, and believes that “where there’s a will, there’s a way”.

Margaret escaped civil-war-torn Africa at a young age and traveled the world seeking shelter. She realized her internal problems followed her around and she only conquered them by learning to have inner peace.

Through hard work and determination, Margaret conquered her inner demons and became a success. Margaret teaches people that with the right vision and enough hard work and determination, dreams can come true.

Margaret always strives for success. She connects deeply with those who are suffering in low income and low opportunity individuals. Her history in Africa led her to want to help people who couldn’t help themselves.

In an effort to make the world a better place, Margaret works tirelessly on herself and her business. Her target clients for her real estate business are people in the lower middle class. Margaret tries to always help those in need by providing shelter and lifting them up out of poverty as best as she can.

Margaret realized that she has built up knowledge and experience by transforming her own life and building her business. Now, she has to share it to the world. She knew that the life lessons she learned were unlike any other story she has seen, and so powerful, that they have to be out there. If just one person’s life improved or changed because of her work, then it would all be worth it.

Her first book, Mom to Millionaire, is Dr. Margaret Curlew’s connection to Moms and parents everywhere. She wants to help Moms lift themselves out of poverty and develop a millionaire mindset. In the book she covers the basics of wealth creation. Margaret explains her financial struggles over the years and how she was able to overcome them. Mom to Millionaire teaches moms how to create wealth. It also teaches some easy-to-understand money making formulas and secrets to help individuals and their kids obtain wealth.

Dr. Margaret Curlew plans to continue promoting and sharing the book “Mom to Millionaire” in an effort to help those in need and lift them up from their lives of poverty.

You can find the book on Amazon by searching “Mom To Millionaire: Margaret Curlew”, or by visiting her website –

If you would like to contact Margaret Curlew, PhD, you can visit her Linkedin profile here – or reach out on her website To find her latest books and to contact her. You can also connect via email at INFO@MARGARETCURLEW.COM

+1 647-968-1403
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New Book Hailed by Retired FBI Oficials Roars to Best Seller Status On B&N

The underlayment of today’s Democrat Party

Former FBI Assistant Deputy Director, Unit Director, and  FBI Investigator of Soviet activities in the U.S.

Co-Author, Former FBI Asst. Dep. Director

Co-Author,Historian, author

New book tears up platform of Democratic Party, exposes Communist connections, hits Bestseller Status. Hailed by retired FBI Officials.

Terry Turchie brought a dimension of excellence to our book that only someone in the tradition of the old FBI could contribute,"”

— Donagh Bracken

PALISADES, NY, US, February 23, 2020 / — "In Their Own Words," the new book exposing the inroads international communism has made in the Democratic Party, made its first appearance Wednesday evening on Amazon and Barnes and and catapulted to "Best Seller" Status on Barnes and Noble's website and First Place in three categories on Amazon.

"In Their Own Words" launched upward after Co-Author Terry Turchie appeared on the "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Fox News Broadcast Wednesday evening, Feb. 19. He spoke about the influence of the communist ideology of the Weather Underground terror organization and Black Panther Party for Self-Defense on today’s Democratic Party. Both the WU and BPP advocated violent and political revolution to topple America’s Government. Their weapon of choice was accusations of systemic and institutional racism

Terry Turchie is a retired Assistant Deputy Director of the FBI and was highly regarded in the Bureau for his effective work in countering the Soviet Union's spy ring apparatus working out of the United Nations before the collapse of the Soviet Union. He is a frequently sought after expert by television programs for his expertise on matters pertaining to espionage and terrorism. He is well known for his understanding of the KGB, and the Russian and Chinese Communist "modus operandi". "In Their Own Words," is a logical extension of his understanding of the communist mindset in American politics.

Hailed by seven retired FBI Officials and co-authored by Terry Turchie, the American viewers apparently recognized the importance of "In Their Own Words" and responded with immediacy and their credit cards. "In Their Own Words" captured three Number One categories on Amazon: "Communism and Socialism"; "Political Freedom"; and "Comparative Politics."

In just two hours after Terry Turchie's "Tucker Carlson" appearance, "In Their Own Words", rose to Best Seller status on Barnes and Noble's website. "The importance of the book by the American viewers apparently was recognized and immediately felt", said co-author Donagh Bracken "Many Americans know or sense that something is wrong with today's Democratic Party". "Terry Turchie brought a dimension of excellence to our book that only someone in the tradition of the old FBI could contribute," Bracken added."His ability to do deep research was 'eye-raising' and what we learned was astonishing."

Bracken, A former Democratic Party official, speechwriter and Campaign Director in suburban New York left the Party because he no longer related to the Party's emerging, and now present, culture. Today, he is politically inactive but is a fulltime author and publisher. He and Terry Turchie have been invited to visit key marketing areas during the forthcoming months' which they are preparing to do.

Donagh Bracken
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Sai Huda, author of cybersecurity best-seller, to book-sign and speak at RSA Conference 2020

Sai Huda

Globally recognized risk and cybersecurity expert will be at the Moscone Center on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 at booth S-349 from 12 – 1 pm

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2020 / — Sai Huda, author of the best-selling book, Next Level Cybersecurity: Detect The Signals, Stop The Hack, will be the expert guest featured at the Theatre in booth S-349 at RSA Conference 2020 in San Francisco on Wednesday, February 26, 2020 from 12 – 1 pm.

He will provide a briefing on “Cybersecurity Deficiencies That Create Significant UDAAP Liability” and sign his best-selling book, Next Level Cybersecurity.

The game-changing book:
• Reveals the top 15 signals of attackers’ behavior and activity;
• Uncovers how these signals were missed in the world’s largest hacks;
• Shows how these signals can detect the attackers in time;
• Provides a seven step method to detect the signals early and stop the hack and prevent loss or damage.

Attendees at booth S-349 will receive a copy of his signed book, until book copies last.

“In this timely briefing at the RSA Conference, I will reveal the cybersecurity pitfalls that every single organization must avoid, and share how to get on top of UDAAP risk. I will explain the linkage between cybersecurity and UDAAP risk and show how to mitigate,” said Sai Huda.

Huda is a globally recognized risk and cybersecurity expert, technology visionary and business leader, with more than 20 years of hands-on experience. He is former GM, Risk, Information Security and Compliance Solutions, FIS, a Fortune 500 company. Previously, he was founder and CEO, Compliance Coach, which was acquired by FIS.

He was the lead faculty to train Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) examiners and consumer complaints response staff on EFAA, EFTA, FCRA, GLBA, TILA, TISA and UDAAP, among other laws and regulations. He also led industry-wide seminars to train examiners and risk management professionals on GLBA and FTC Act Safeguards Rules. He is also a frequent keynote speaker at industry conferences. He serves as an advisory board member at Cyber Center of Excellence (CCOE) and as an expert consultant to boards and executives on risk and cybersecurity best practices.

To learn more about Next Level Cybersecurity or to schedule an interview with the author, please visit his website at To listen to his briefing on “Cybersecurity Deficiencies That Create Significant UDAAP Liability” and receive a copy of his signed best-seller, Next Level Cybersecurity, until book copies last, visit the Theatre at booth S-349 on Wednesday, February 26, 2020, from 12 – 1 pm, at the RSA Conference 2020, South Hall, at Moscone Center, 747 Howard Street, San Francisco, CA 94103.

Sai Huda

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New Book on Organizational Change Management Achieves #1 Amazon Bestseller Status on Launch Day

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 21, 2020 / — Ignite Press announced this week that April Callis-Birchmeier’s new book, READY, Set, Change! Simplify and Accelerate Organizational Change, became a #1 bestseller on Amazon this week in the categories of Organizational Change, Business Project Management, Nonprofit Management and Leadership, and more!

The book is available on Amazon at

READY, Set, Change! reveals the framework needed for a simpler and faster approach to helping companies and organizations adopt new programs, technological platforms, and systems with the help of April Callis-Birchmeier’s READY model to guide you. In these pages, you will be taken through an engaging narrative exploring several different experiences and challenges, as well as opportunities, encountered while implementing change throughout different organizations and companies.

“My goal is to provide a framework which complements traditional organizational change initiatives with an intense focus on advanced preparation and integrated support,” says April. “You’ll discover a simpler and faster approach to help individuals and organizations adopt change and ensure business objectives are met.”

April is a nationally known organizational change management expert and has implemented change for dozens of clients and including many health care organizations. April is the leader of Springboard Consulting, one of the "First 100" Certified Change Management Professionals (CCMP™) an author of The Standard for Change Management and a recognized thought leader “Igniter” for the Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP). She’s also a Project Management Professional, winner of the Top Trainer Throwdown Past President of the Michigan National Speakers Association and President of the Michigan Chapter of ACMP.

She’s the author of "Springboard to Success" and "Leading Successful Change”. April believes that no one should have to suffer through an unorganized, poorly managed change and the resulting negativity. She’s frequently quoted by the Associated Press, The New York Times and other international media outlets.

Visit Amazon at to purchase the book and to learn more!

For booking information, visit

Contact Info:
April Callis-Birchmeier

Malia Sexton
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Joanna Cameron to Teach Pain Elimination Course in Australia

Joanna Cameron

Noosa Queensland, known for some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, to host

Her expertise in chronic pain elimination, and testimonials from individuals across the globe, are two reasons people are excited about being well, again.”

— Fran Briggs

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, February 21, 2020 / — World-renowned holistic energy therapist, Joanna Cameron, is set to teach her Drain ThatPain course in Noosa, Queensland on March 10, 2020, her publicist announced today. She is also scheduled to teach in Brisbane, Queensland on March 12, 2020.

Professionals in the field state that chronic pain is eliminated with the use of holistic energy, and the brain's active imagination. Cameron says she has a solution for those suffering from arthritis, IBS, fibromyalgia, migraines, TMJ, MS, phobias, and more. The therapist asserts that she has a 90% success rate with individuals from across the globe using Skype, Zoom, facebook Messenger, and live trainings.

Whether Joanna Cameron is in California as she was earlier this month, England, or Australia, the highly-energetic practitioner is always prepared to alter lives for the better.

"As one of the world's most resilient therapists today, Joanna commands interest and is able to deliver solutions online or offline," stated Fran Briggs, Publicist to Joanna Cameron. "Her expertise in chronic pain elimination, and testimonials from individuals across the globe, are two reasons people are excited about being well, again."

"Drain ThatPain" is a course, the title of a book, and documentary. All three are teaching tools developed by Joanna Cameron. Attendees, readers, and viewers alike, learn how to connect with the energy in their body, identify the precise emotion connected with the pain, then release that emotion.

"When we are aligned with what many refer to as our spirit, intuition, inner being, or soul, we are happy, optimistic, and in the flow with what we want. In this state, our optimistic thoughts manifest," explained Cameron.

"However, when we are not aligned, we often experience anxiety, depression, disease, or chronic pain. Chronic pain simply means that you are out of alignment with your soul."

Joanna Cameron added that this imbalance is known as stuck-in-the-past, energy. When people in chronic pain let go of pain using holistic energy techniques, meditation, movement, connecting with nature, and self-love, the stuck energy is moved out of their past, and life.

Joanna Cameron is founder of Drain ThatPain, a holistic energy therapy for chronic, emotional and physical pain elimination. She’s also an award-winning author (Best of Winter Reading, 2019), holistic energy therapist, and speaker. Joanna serves individuals and groups around the world with her critically acclaimed pain elimination portfolio. She does not diagnose or treat any health issues being treated with prescription, medicine, or other treatment. If clients are under such care, she advises they consult with their healthcare professional. For event registration, bookings, and more information, visit To join her facebook page, please visit, or call 703-725-4940. For media inquiries and sponsor opportunities, email, or call (928) 275-1642.

Fran Briggs
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Pain Elimination:Testimonial

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Suspense Novel “What Are the Odds?” Is Rob Hilliard's Explosive New Thriller

An e-book version is available online via Amazon Kindle and Barnes & Noble Nook. The print version can be purchased at a discount from


For Info: Rob Hilliard/ 248-320-1846

Start with a family’s long history of prominence in politics and the added prestige of owning one of Kentucky’s leading thoroughbred breeding and racing operations; acquire coal via marriage and develop a bourbon distillery business, then top it off with a toxic combination of financial greed and moral bankruptcy. What do you get? – author Robert A. Hilliard’s intriguing new novel, “What Are The Odds? The Calculus of Coincidence” (Outskirts Press, Parker, CO, 2019).

The years immediately following World War II were a time of great change across America. In Kentucky, however, much remained the same. Three industries dominated the Bluegrass State – bourbon, coal and thoroughbred racing. The Wellingtons – “the Commonwealth’s first family” – had occupied center stage since Reconstruction, due in large part to generations of involvement in politics.

For Bentley Wellington, wrapping up his second term as governor, a fateful evening in San Francisco sets in motion events that, decades later, would embroil his family in an expanding web of scandal involving illicit sex, shady financial dealings, brushes with the underworld and murder.

Ultimately, multiple law enforcement agencies launch investigations that ripple through several states, spill into neighboring Canada and cross the Atlantic to Germany’s Rhineland.

Deftly constructed at 330 pages, “What Are The Odds? The Calculus of Coincidence” is being promoted to markets in the fiction/thriller/suspense categories. U.S. wholesale distribution is through Ingram and Baker & Taylor, with online availability via Amazon’s Kindle and Barnes & Noble’s Nook. The book may also be purchased directly from the author’s Web site at Suggested retail price is $23.95 (ISBN: 9781977217592), although a number of outlets offer discounts.

About the Author
Author Rob Hilliard borrows from his New Jersey upbringing, student life at the University of Virginia, and years of involvement in the thoroughbred racing industry, on Wall Street and in international business circles, to bring readers a suspenseful tale that stretches the bounds of coincidence. Always a “Jersey boy” and forever a “Wahoo,” the author and his wife, Kim Buckey, currently split time between Clarkston, MI, and Charlottesville.

Hilliard’s first literary effort, “The Circus Is In Town: A Baseball Odyssey” (Outskirts Press, Parker, CO, 2016), is a vivid account of how he became the central figure in bringing professional baseball back to New Jersey in the ’90s.
# # #

Robert A. Hilliard
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Smart Whale Press Releases Award Winning Book, “Be Left Behind”

Be Left Behind Book Cover

Tim Draper Quote

Best Selling Book

Be Left Behind – Discover Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency before your Grandma beats you to it has already hit #1 in 9 different Amazon Categories.

We’ve written this book as your one-stop-shop for everything blockchain, cryptocurrency, and coins. You’ll learn how you can send, buy, spend and invest and learn how to keep your coins safe.”

— Yuri Cataldo

BOSTON, MA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, February 21, 2020 / — Today, Smart Whale Press announces the launch of the award-winning book by first-time authors Yuri Cataldo and Steve Good. At the time of this writing, Be Left Behind, holds more bestselling category titles on Amazon than any other bitcoin, blockchain, and cryptocurrency book combined.

Cryptocurrency can feel like an incomprehensible world, especially when you’re just getting started. The authors have both been through the whole process of learning how to buy, send, spend and invest in cryptocurrency so they know how frustrating and confusing it can be. By the end of this book, you are going to be feeling a whole lot more confident than you do right now; in fact, they are sure you are going to want to get more involved.

Be Left Behind covers a wide range of questions about how to get into blockchain and cryptocurrency such as:
How do I get started? What is Bitcoin? How do I buy and spend Bitcoin? Is Bitcoin safe? How do I keep my data safe and private? What’s the difference between blockchain and cryptocurrency? What’s the difference between cryptocurrency and coins? Is it all a giant pyramid or Ponzi scheme? How do I spot a scam and avoid losing my money? How do I store my coins and keep them safe? Should I invest?

If you don’t yet know the answers to these questions you’re not alone – most people can’t answer a single one. People are intimidated by cryptocurrency and think it’s too complicated to wrap their heads around, so they give up. Worse, they feel that the cryptocurrency craze has already passed them by, and they’ve missed the boat or don’t want to be left behind. We’re here to tell you that it’s not too complicated to learn and nothing has passed you by.

Steve Good, the co-author, says “Similar to the introduction of the internet, we are undergoing a paradigm shift in how people view money, value and transmit information. Blockchain and Bitcoin are confusing topics that we've addressed to help anyone understand in normal everyday language.”

Yuri Cataldo, the co-author, says “We’ve written this book as your one-stop-shop for everything blockchain, cryptocurrency, and coins. Stick with us and you’ll not only understand the difference between these concepts; you’ll also learn how you can send, buy, spend and invest and learn how to keep your coins safe and learn all about what the future of cryptocurrency and blockchain has in store for you.”

The book is currently sold on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Google Play, Kobo, Overdrive, and many other places around the world where books are sold.

Main website:

About Be Left Behind: People are intimidated by cryptocurrency and think it's too complicated to wrap their heads around, so they give up. We're here to tell you that it's not too complicated to learn and nothing has passed you by. We've written this book as your one-stop-shop for everything blockchain, cryptocurrency, and coins.

Estelle Thompson
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Attorney Kelly Hyman Discusses Top 10 Reasons to Dump Trump

Kelly Hyman Lawyer

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2020 / — Although President Donald Trump was acquitted of impeachment charges earlier this month, that doesn’t mean his hands are clean. Attorney Kelly Hyman, an esteemed Miami-based lawyer, and Democrat political and legal analyst has been featured on numerous television and radio spots over the past several months for her candid and eloquent take on why President Trump should not be re-elected in 2020. She is also the author of the book, “Top 10 Reasons to Dump Trump in 2020.”

Undoubtedly, Trump is one of the most divisive political figures in recent world history. He is also the first president to simultaneously be the subject of a formal impeachment investigation while running for re-election.

Kelly Hyman is one of many Americans who questioned his motives and qualifications and opposed his candidacy from the beginning. The president’s actions since 2016 have reinforced her position on the matter, to say the least. She said there are several reasons Trump should absolutely not be re-elected, but her book presents the 10 strongest arguments for the cause.

Kelly Hyman’s top-10 list includes the former reality star and business mogul’s “constant lying,” and spreading false and misleading information, as well as his conflicts of interest, including his dealings with Ukraine as well as unjust and inhumane immigration and deportation policies and strategies. The attorney also names Trump’s endangerment of the environment and various animal species, as well as his rollbacks of water protection policies, among other serious issues.

“It’s horrible for future generations,” she said of Trump’s actions and the fallout of his presidency on Politics Done Right with Egberto Willies.

In her book, attorney Kelly Hyman illustrates how all sects of society, including the working class, have been negatively affected by the Trump administration. She notes that this is the time for a change and hopes her book will motivate readers to make an educated decision when they head to the polls.

More on Lawyer Kelly Hyman

Owner of The Hyman Law Firm, P.A., Kelly Hyman has had an illustrious law career and was recently named a 2020 Woman Leader in the Law by ALM. She is a member of the Florida Bar, the Washington D.C. Bar, the New York Bar, as well as the American Association for Justice and the former President of the Federal Bar, Palm Beach Chapter,

Kelly Hyman has represented clients in several high-profile cases concerning significant issues. This includes a class-action suit concerning American Spirit, pending in the U.S. District Court for the District of New Mexico, of which she was on the discovery committee. She also has extensive experience in mass tort litigation and has represented claimants in claims and individual actions at state and federal courts involving significant issues such as tobacco, transvaginal mesh and bladder slings, and water contamination.

To learn more about Kelly Hyman and connect with her, visit LinkedIn:

To order, “The Top 10 Reasons to Dump Trump in 2020,” visit

Caroline Hunter
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An AMAZING & INCREDIBLE 3-hour Workshop in your city. Redefine your life using a 68-SECOND Instant Manifestation System.




BENGALURU, KARNATAKA, INDIA, February 20, 2020 / — Mr.DHARMENDRA, founder of SHAPING MINDS has announced his maiden state of the art public workshop in the city of Bengaluru. Dharmendra is an Author of a self-help book titled "I AM CHANGING MY LIFE" published in the year 2017. He is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Hypno Therapist, an IATD certified Master Trainer. He is also a certified NLP Master Trainer, a certified Neuroplasticity & EFT-TFT Practitioner. He is a member of the "American Union of NLPers & HypnoTherapist" and also an accredited permanent member of " COMPLEMENTARY THERAPISTS ACCREDITED ASSOCIATION" UK, AUS & US as a Practitioner.

He is launching his signature program under the brand "360 Degree North" and the event name is SHOTS. The workshop offers the participants an INVINCIBLE, POWERFUL and INSTANT 68-Second Manifestation technique. The technique is 8 long years of massive research, dedication, perseverance & commitment towards the betterment and enrichment of his own life as well as others.

Inspired by the book THE SECRET, He started to analyze various data available at hand & in the form of articles and applied the same in his own life when he was literally bankrupt in all the spheres of his life. This was in the year 2012 when he got separated from his family, his beautiful & innocent 3 angelic souls(his kids), lost his business, money, and shelter. With a part-time job and somehow managing his wear & tear, he started to research the principles of Universal laws & started to apply Law of Attraction in his life. Positive results were there but somehow he was not satisfied and then he dived deep into research and started to apply various methodologies by blending the ancient Indian meditation and mudra techniques with LOA combined with Hypnosis. With over 4 years of his trial and error combination, He finally arrived at ONE ROCK SOLID Technique which he named as 360 Degree North – SHOTS, a 68-Second Instant Manifestation System, which is inspired by The Teachings of Abraham Hicks.

As of this moment of writing, Mr. Dharmendra is a well-established TRAINER, THERAPISTS, and BUSINESSMAN. His Life took an entire 360 degree of turning heading towards North direction and hence the Brand name. There's no looking back in his life after that disastrous incident in his life. Each and every step of his way was on the path of self-growth and self-awareness and thereby helping him to design his own life in his own terms. Now he has his own house, car, 500cc Bike, a group of lovely friends, an amazing social life, a beautiful and caring wife, lots of free time & lots of freewill. His life is full of Abundance, Blissfulness & Prosperity. "All Thanks to the Universe and His Manifestation Methodologies" he iterates.

The Zeal, the Spirit, the Enthusiasm, the Energy combined with his eagerness & pure intention to help others made him go PUBLIC with his own set of techniques and tools fine-tuned and tailored for the general public. This is the very primary reason for the birth of his workshops.

He hums that whereas normally these kinds of the workshop run approximately at cost of some 20-40 grands and which runs for 2 or 3 full days which he thinks is simply a waste of time and resource, he has priced his workshop which will run for just 3 hours and costing about a NUT. But the knowledge and wisdom are far far more superior and valuable to his peers and colleagues. He has fixed his rate for the workshop around 3-4 grands ONLY. Would you believe it?

His sole intention is to help others as much as possible and has set himself a target of changing around 1 million lives by 2023.

He is conducting his first-ever Public workshop in Bengaluru at WORLD TRADE CENTER, near to Sandal soap factory Metro station ON 21st of March 2020 and is expecting a gathering of 100 participants. Here are a few takeaways from his workshop:- One will get a chance to learn about the spiritual laws of the universe: One will learn the powerful, potent and Instant Manifestation technique which helps them to manifest anything and everything they desire: One will also learn a powerful technique to remove their RESISTANCE towards MONEY and remove the BLOCKAGES from any Negative Emotions: One will get a complimentary 10-minute guided hypnosis meditation along with videos of 2 techniques explained and performed live.

Considering the above, We also think that his workshop is seriously priced at NUTS. We wish him ALL THE BEST and a HUGE SUCCESS for his event.
We Urge the readers too, to attend his workshop. You can buy the tickets at EVENTS HIGH.COM or You may visit his own site to make the payment. There are multiple payment links for the benefit of the participants. You can also make GOOGLE PAY at his personal number +91 9448042424

+91 94480 42424
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Master Peace Officer and Law Enforcement Educator Steve Cherry to be Featured on Close Up Radio

DENISON, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 20, 2020 / — Mr. Rogers once said, “When I was a boy and I would see scary things on the news, my mother would say to me, ‘Look for the helpers. You will always find people who are helping.’”

“I'm a helper,” says Steve Cherry. “I've been a helper for nearly 50 years. I take it very seriously.”

Steve Cherry is a Master Peace Officer with 47 years in law enforcement experience. Cherry is currently a reserve officer in the town of Pottsboro outside Dallas.

“The Bible says blessed are the peacemakers,” says Cherry. “A police officer in uniform is a symbol of the community, and we represent assistance.

Cherry had dreamed of being a police officer since he was a 14-year old Law Enforcement Explorer Scout.

“My parents were not crazy about my choice of career,” he recalls. “Are you sure you want to do this? It's a big sacrifice. But law enforcement was really law enforcement back then. Most of the cops were military veterans.”

In addition to his service as a police officer, Cherry has also taught college credit criminal justice courses on law enforcement, criminal justice and forensics and crime prevention at Denison High School, community colleges and police academies for 36 years.

“I've seen a lot of men and women who are just on fire to be a police officer,” says Cherry. “It is a calling. I've got dozens and dozens of former students that have gone into law enforcement. I’ve even got some students who are already retired.”

Cherry says law enforcement and teaching are not separate for him. You have to be well grounded, whether you're a cop or a teacher, because you're going to get challenged over and over again.

“There is nothing I teach my students that I don’t have firsthand knowledge of,” says Cherry. “I tell them about the bad stuff on the first day of class. We're going to talk about bad things happening to good people and bad things happening to bad people. We're going to talk about stuff you will not hear in another classroom in this building. And it will be the truth.”

Cherry is also the author of two books: While on Routine Patrol and The Cows Don't Know It's Christmas.

Close Up Radio will feature Steve Cherry in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on February 24th at 5pm EST

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

Lou Ceparano
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