How to Achieve and Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude? Author Veera Mahajan Explains

“UNREPORTED; Learning to LIVE” Author Veera Mahajan, Photo Credit: Leonard Monje.

Image: “Unreported: Learning to LIVE free” Author Veera Mahajan; Photo Credit: Michael Cimorelli, all rights reserved.

"Unreported: Learning to LIVE Free" Author Veera Mahajan Reveals How to Achieve and Maintain a Positive Mental Attitude, and How to Get Self-Discipline

If you are constantly getting bad results from the doing the same thing over and over, you have to stop being merely "optimistic," and be "realistic.”

— Veera Mahajan, author; "UNREPORTED: Learning to LIVE free"

MALIBU, CALIFORNIA , USA, February 17, 2019 / — Esteemed Author, Mediator, and Public Speaker; Veera Mahajan is one of Malibu’s most valued community leaders. The beautiful and intelligent woman is also author of the critically acclaimed book “Unreported: Learning to LIVE free," about recognizing and overcoming domestic abuse and stopping domestic violence. Veera Mahajan is also a highly praised Educator, Mediator, and Publisher, having created and published the landmark publication "Malibu Chronicle."

Veera did an exclusive interview with The Hollywood Sentinel recently, and the following is the second part of an excerpt of that highly valuable, important and educational discussion, concerning how to improve one's life through self-esteem, and a positive mental attitude.

Veera Mahajan; Exclusive Interview, Courtesy of The Hollywood Sentinel:

Hollywood Sentinel: You have stated that love is stronger thank hate. Please explain further why this is?

Veera Mahajan: It all starts with how much you love yourself. Since our childhood, we are taught to be nice to others and love others. Most of us are not taught or encouraged to love ourselves. Most of us never learned self care. Since the very beginning, we are made to feel bad about taking care of ourselves. We are told it is selfish if we think about our own happiness. So we learn to take care of other people and when we don’t get the care back, we start building resentment. We expect people we care about to care about us and when we don’t get it, we are disappointed and hate it. Hate makes us fight and be mean to each other. If we teach our children to love themselves, they will have better expectations from their relationships. We expect less than respect because we don’t love ourselves enough to believe that we deserve the best.

Hollywood Sentinel: That's powerful. What is the best way to get self-discipline?

Veera: The best way to get self-discipline is having a positive goal. Once you make a goal, it helps to make a plan and steps of how you are going to reach that goal. Have a ledger of constant positive growth steps you have taken to achieve the goal.

Losing Weight

For example; if the goal is to lose excess weight, you have to have a clear final weight goal. Come up with a plan for workout and healthy meals including foods and times. Then try to stick to the plan. If you make a mistake, it may take a few mess-ups before you can stick to the plan, but don’t give up. Keep an eye on the goal. It helps to have a visual reminder, like keeping a skinny picture of yourself or someone else you would like to look like when you reach the goal. Periodically weigh yourself to make sure you are staying on track and not going too far off the goal in the opposite direction. Don’t buy clothes in bigger sizes. Be uncomfortable in smaller clothes till you fit in them comfortably. When you reach your mark; Hooray! You stayed disciplined and you attained your goal.

Hollywood Sentinel: That's great. do you feel it is always important to be optimistic? Why or why not?

Veera: It is definitely important to be optimistic most of the time. When you or anyone is working hard and smart towards any goal and you have setbacks on the way, it is good to stay optimistic and not give up. You learn from your mistake of what not to do, and what to do next time until you reach your goal.

But, if you are constantly getting bad results from doing the same thing over and over, you have to stop being merely "optimistic," and be "realistic," and realize that "doing the same things in the same way and expecting different result is insanity," and find something else to do. Just like living with an abuser, who keeps promising to try and be better next time, buys another time for them to keep hurting you, you need to stop being simply "optimistic," see things for what they are, and make the change.

Hollywood Sentinel: I love it. What is the best way to achieve and maintain a positive mental attitude?

Veera: A healthy mind, and a healthy body! Taking care of your physical health by regular workout's and maintaining healthy eating habits will make you feel better about yourself. Feeling good about yourself is very important for making sure you respect yourself in all aspects of your life, whether it is in business or personal situations. Taking care of your physical self lets you see the positive results. Once you learn that positive things happen with healthy habits, it teaches you to build a healthy and positive attitude towards everything else you do in life. So, I think to maintain a positive attitude; maintain a healthy body. It takes a positive self-image and positive mental attitude to maintain good physical health.

Order Veera’s book through Amazon here:

Veera Mahajan Official LinkedIn

Veera Mahajan, Official Website

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Best Book Promotion Sites of 2019!

KindleBookPromotions named for third year in succession.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, February 16, 2019 / — One of the toughest jobs authors face is finding new readers to buy and review their books. Many will beg and plead with friends and relatives, not realizing it is actually against Amazon’s rules and can result in the reviews being removed. So what is an author to do? Fortunately, there’s a much easier way to promote your book to new readers. Kindle Book Promotions, listed as one of the Best Book Promotion sites since 2017 by, is the answer to your prayers.

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Kindle Book Promotions deals exclusively with Kindle ebooks and offers promotional packages aimed at established reviewers on Amazon, as well as several programs to help boost Amazon ranking and promote continuous sales. Following are just a few of the programs:

• 2 Day Best Seller: aimed at getting new sales and enough buyers to push your book into Amazon’s Best Seller lists.
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• Super Seller Service: concentrates on immediate big sales.
• Email list builder: the premium Book Review Service, trusted by hundreds of independent authors and publishers

Visit today to find out how to propel your book to Amazon’s Best Seller list and find new reviewers.

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Family law attorney Janet Reed reviews NC case about proper parties and venue where a juvenile suffered abuse

Janet P Reed North Carolina attorney

Janet P Reed North Carolina attorney

Janet P Reed, Attorney in North Carolina

Janet P Reed, Attorney in North Carolina

Janet Pittman Reed lawyer in North Carolina

Janet Pittman Reed lawyer in North Carolina

Janet Reed Attorney in North Carolina

Janet Reed Attorney in North Carolina

Janet Pittman Reed lawyer in North Carolina

Janet Pittman Reed lawyer in North Carolina

Janet Pittman Reed, based in North Carolina, has published a case comment on "In the matter of: A.P.", involving determination of proper parties and venue

The Law Office of Attorney Janet Pittman Reed (N/A:N/A)

The Supreme Court noted that the fundamental principle underlying North Carolina’s approach to controversies involving child neglect is that the best interest of the child is the polar star”

— Janet Pittman Reed, lawyer in North Carolina

JACKSONVILLE, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2019 / — Attorney Janet Reed, based in North Carolina, has published a new case comment on proper parties and venue in a case involving a juvenile. The complete comment will be published on her Blog at

Ms. Reed explains that "In re: A.P." is a case about a juvenile named A.P. who was born on August 2, 2015. When A.P. was two months old, A.P.’s mother was committed to a mental health facility in Mecklenburg County. Prior to her commitment, the mother was living in a group home located in Cabarrus County. While in the mental health facility, A.P.’s mother met with a social worker from Cabarrus County Department of Human Services and expressed an intention to move into her grandfather’s home with A.P. upon her release from the mental health facility. During the mother’s commitment, A.P. was placed with the mother’s case worker from the group home, who resided in Rowan County. Cabarrus County transferred the case to Mecklenburg County, where the grandfather resided.

On November 25, 2015, Mecklenburg County received report of a concerning situation and found the mother living in unacceptable conditions with A.P. and the mother was alleged to have used drugs. The mother agreed to place A.P. back with the case worker in Rowan County. Subsequently, the case worker informed Mecklenburg County that she could no longer care for A.P. and Mecklenburg County “filed a juvenile petition with the District Court in Mecklenburg County alleging that A.P. was a neglected and dependent juvenile.” District Court granted the petition.

The mother objected to the petition based on the argument that Mecklenburg County “lacked standing to file the juvenile petition under the relevant provisions of the Juvenile Code, and therefore, the trial court lacked subject matter jurisdiction to hear the case.” On appeal, “[t]he Court of Appeals held that [Mecklenburg County] lacked standing because it was not the proper party to file the juvenile petition under N.C.G.S. § 7B-401.1(a), and it vacated the trial court’s order on that basis.” N.C.G.S. § 7B-401.1(a) provides that “[o]nly a county director of social services or the director’s authorized representative may file a petition alleging that a juvenile is abused, neglected, or dependent”. Further, N.C.G.S. § 7B-400(a) provides that “[a] proceeding in which a juvenile is alleged to be abused, neglected, or dependent may be commenced in the district in which the juvenile resides or is present”.

The North Carolina Supreme Court explained that “this rigid interpretation of isolated provisions in the Juvenile Code is unsupported by the whole of the statutory text and creates jurisdictional requirements beyond those which the legislature intended to impose.” “When read holistically with other provisions in the Juvenile Code, the statutory sections governing ‘[p]arties,’ N.C.G.S. § 7B-401.1(a), and ‘[v]enue,’ id. § 7B-400(a), do not mandate dismissal of the juvenile petition in this case. Although subsection 7B-401.1(a) states that ‘[o]nly a county director of social services or the director’s authorized representative may file a petition alleging that a juvenile is abused, neglected, or dependent,’ the statute does not identify which county director of social services must file the petition. Nor does the statute limit the class of proper petitioners to only a subset of county directors of social services.” (internal citation omitted). The Court explained that this contrasted with how “[t]hroughout the Juvenile Code, the legislature intentionally differentiates between references to a director of a department of social services and a particular director of a department of social services.” The Supreme Court also noted that it’s decision “is guided and supported by our oft-recited recognition that ‘the fundamental principle underlying North Carolina’s approach to controversies involving child neglect and custody [is] that the best interest of the child is the polar star.’” The case is In the matter of: A.P., No. 145PA17.

About Janet Pittman Reed

Janet P. Reed is an attorney in Jacksonville, North Carolina, and handles Family Law cases such as Divorce & Separation, Personal Injury, Traffic, Criminal Law, Driver’s License Restoration Services, and Civil Litigation cases.

Attorney Profile:

Janet P. Reed
The Law Office of Attorney Janet Pittman Reed
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John Locke Foundation: North Carolina’s Juvenile Justice System: An Overview and Raising the Juvenile Age

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Clay Clark, Founder of the Thrivetime Show, Welcomes John C. Maxwell, Acclaimed Author, to his Podcast

John C. Maxwell, Acclaimed Author and Speaker

The team’s recent episode featuring John C. Maxwell provided an intensive look at the author and speaker’s personal life and journey.

TULSA, OK, UNITED STATES, February 15, 2019 / — Clay Clark, founder of Thrive15 and creator of the “Thrivetime Show – Business School Without the BS,” has been welcoming a slew of popular guests to his podcast in the recent months, recently speaking to influencers such as Jason Khalipa, “The Fittest Man in the World.” Now, he’s had the pleasure of welcoming John C. Maxwell, an acclaimed author and speaker to his successful podcast.

“I’ve always been fascinated by John’s work,” explains Clark, “So just having him on the show was an awesome experience. All the additional information we learned from him was simply icing on the cake.”

The Thrivetime Show allows viewers to “Experience business school without the BS” with Clark and his co-host: optometrist turned business tycoon Doctor Robert Zoellner. The award-winning team has been featured on Forbes, Fast Company, Bloomberg, and Pando Daily. Currently, the podcast has over 1,500 episodes, and has featured Emmy Award-Winners, New York Times best-selling authors, NFL Players, and NBA Players.

The team’s recent episode featuring John C. Maxwell provided information on the author’s life and process, and how he got to the level of success that he currently maintains. “This was one of my favorite episodes yet,” continues Clark, “John was a perfect guest for the podcast. The amount of insight and expertise he has is legendary. It would be a perfect episode for new listeners to hop in and really see what Thrivetime is about.”

John C. Maxwell is an American author, speaker, and pastor who has written many books, primarily focusing on leadership. His books include “The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership” and “The 21 Indispensable Qualities of a Leader.” His books have sold millions of copies, with some on the New York Times Best Seller List.

Maxwell was born in Garden City, Michigan in 1947. An evangelical Christian, he followed his father into the ministry. Since that time, Maxwell has led churches in Indiana, Ohio, California, and Florida. When asked about his motivation when working in the ministry, Maxwell said, “You have to love the people that you are mentoring. You don’t mentor them for what they are going to bring to you. You mentor them for what they are going to bring to the world.”

Today, Maxwell is a leadership expert, speaker, and author. He is the founder of INJOY, Maximum Impact, The John Maxwell Team, ISS and EQUIP. EQUIP is an international leadership development organization working to help leaders. Its mission is “to see effective Christian leaders fulfill the Great Commission in every nation.”

“Helping others succeed is my passion,” explains Maxwell, “If you take a trip up a mountain by yourself, you’re not a leader; you’re an achiever. A leader takes people somewhere. And they take the people not only where they want to go but also beyond where they believe they can go.”

He speaks annually to Fortune 500 companies, international government leaders, and organizations as diverse as the United States Military Academy at West Point and the National Football League. A New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week best-selling author, he was one of 25 authors named to's 10th Anniversary Hall of Fame. In May 2014, Maxwell was named the No. 1 leadership and management expert in the world by Inc. Magazine.

Clay Clark, who over the years has also worked as a business growth consultant, educator, and entertainer of choice for countless clients, is happy that he is able to change lives with messages like Maxwell’s. “This is a way we can do it — on the web,” states Clark, “our mission with this podcast is to help people thrive and live at their peak.”

“Our team has big plans for the Thrivetime Show over the coming months,” concludes Clark, “Our goal is to bring even more guests and their messages forward. We want to influence people as much as we can, one small step at a time.”

Aurora DeRose
Aurora DeRose
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Smith Publicity Rolls Into 2019 With Record Number of National TV and Print Placements

Cherry Hill, NJ office staff

Dan Smith, Smith Publicity CEO

In just the latter part of 2018, Smith Publicity placed nearly ten authors on national TV programs including "The Today Show"

We've moved to an even higher level of national media placements, and because we promote great books,have outstanding personal contacts and employ creative pitching, I expect it to increase even more.”

— Mike Onorato, VP Publicity Services

CHERRY HILL, NJ, U.S., February 15, 2019 / — Smith Publicity, the most prolific book publicity agency in the publishing industry, boasts a long track record of top national media placements for authors. The fall of 2018 and early 2019 has seen this track record reach even higher levels.

In just the latter part of 2018, Smith Publicity placed nearly ten authors on national TV programs including "The Today Show." In February, the agency once again achieved the “the gold standard” of book marketing by securing a front cover placement and an extensive feature story for a client in "People" magazine.

“We’ve always had an unmatched track record in the industry for top national placements,” says Vice President of Publicity Services, Mike Onorato. “We've just moved to a higher level, and because we promote great books, have outstanding personal contacts and employ creative pitching, I expect it to increase even more."

“We have an incredible book publicity team,” adds CEO Dan Smith. “And we’ve developed a system that is unique in book publicity in that we have teams involved in every campaign. Minimally, three publicists including managers are working on every campaign, and sometimes four or even five.”

About Smith Publicity
Founded in 1997 by Dan Smith as one person-one client operation, Smith Publicity has grown every year and has promoted over 3,500 authors. An “equal opportunity book marketing firm,” the agency works with authors ranging from self-published, first-time authors to New York Times bestsellers released by major publishers.

Jamil Glenn
Smith Publicity
+1 856-489-8654
email us here
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Smith Publicity Company Profile

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Crystal Coast Writers Forum: April 5, 2019

Come on down to the spectacular Crystal Coast of North Carolina and join the Writers Forum at Carteret Community College on Friday, April 5

Writing is good, amiright?”

— Library Partners Press

MOREHEAD CITY, NORTH CAROLINA, USA, February 14, 2019 / — Carteret Community College Library along with Library Partners Press invite writers everywhere to participate in the CRYSTAL COAST WRITERS FORUM at Carteret Community College that will explore the role of writing and other literacy practices in building community. The event promises to bring together authors and writers and publishers and organizations in and around the area to discuss ways to build strong partnerships supporting community literacy education and new opportunities for literacy practices. Conversations at this event will lay the groundwork for future collaborations and future projects such as a community writing center network and county-wide community writing projects.

Our featured speakers will be Aimee Mepham, Assistant Director of the Humanities Institute at Wake Forest University, and Dr. Ryan Shirey, Director of the Writing Center at WFU. Aimee and Ryan's experience with community literacy projects include, among other projects, OUTSIDE THE MARGINS: CENTERING WRITING IN THE COMMUNITY.

The morning meeting will take place on the lovely and lively campus of Carteret Community College along the shores of the spectacular Crystal Coast. Much of the morning will be spent mingling with writers and authors from different institutions, so we intend more discussion and planning and less formal presentations. Our goal is to ensure that attendees have opportunities to meet people working in other writing sectors and with different populations so that we can build bridges between the different groups who are doing literacy work near-by or afar.

All in our community who may share some of the goals of this event and who can contribute to this new network that we are trying to build are invited and welcome. There is no registration fee for the event, but we do ask that you register so that we can plan for seating and catering. Authors and publishers and bookstores and libraries are invited to "exhibit" (not sell) their books or promotional sheets or business cards at shared tables before, during, and after the event. We will have a few small two-top tables near to the keynote speech, the "main floor" of the Forum. There is no charge to exhibit your materials at the Forum, but please do sign-up in advance so we can plan for space.

William Kane
Library Partners Press
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(252) 222-6000
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Children’s Book Week Celebrates 100 Years of Reading

Announces Ayesha Curry as the Centennial Spokesperson and Reveals 100th Anniversary Poster

NEW YORK, NY, USA, February 14, 2019 / — Launched in 1919, Children’s Book Week, a national celebration of books for young people and the joy of reading, proudly announces its centennial celebration. The longest-running literacy initiative in the United States, organized by Every Child a Reader, is kicking-off the celebration with Ayesha Curry, a New York Times bestselling author, television host, and mother of three, as its spokesperson and chair.

Also revealed for the first time is the official 100th anniversary poster, illustrated by Yuyi Morales. Over 125,000 posters will be distributed during Children’s Book Week between April 29 and May 5 at over 1,000 participating schools, libraries, and bookstores in all 50 states. The 100th anniversary theme – “Read Now. Read Forever.” – looks to the past, present, and future of the fun and enriching experience that is children’s and young adult books. The poster art and downloadable resources are now up at Every Child a Reader.

Additionally, Parents, the preeminent magazine for moms and dads, will be a media partner for the centennial celebration. Marketing partners include BookCon, First Book, Sesame Street, Screen Free Week, and other national organizations.

“I’m proud to serve as the spokesperson and chair for the 100th year of Children’s Book Week. My family is at the heart of everything I do and one of the things that we all share is a love of reading,” Ayesha said. “I remember reading and being read to as a child and that experience has shaped my life. As a parent, I love watching my children get excited about reading. With a book in their hands, they can travel to make-believe lands or read about people who make a difference." Ayesha is the bestselling author of The Seasoned Life Entrepreneur, host of Ayesha’s Home Kitchen on Food Network, and wife of NBA superstar Stephen Curry. Her list of must-read children’s books is posted now at Every Child a Reader.

Key components of the yearlong 100th anniversary celebration will include author videos for the classroom, book award voting, a commemorative book publication, and a museum exhibit:
>> KidLit TV is sponsoring and producing 100 videos of authors and illustrators talking about their favorite characters. These three-to-five minute spots will be posted online at beginning in late March and be available throughout 2019 and beyond.
>> Voting will take place for the 12th annual Children’s & Teen Choice Book Awards, the only national book awards chosen solely by young readers. Kids and teens can “Voice Their Choice” online from March 1 through June 2. Teachers can also submit group ballots for an entire class online and print out “I Voted” stickers.
>> Random House is publishing 100 Years of Children’s Book Week Posters, edited by Leonard Marcus, on March 5, featuring work from early luminaries such as N. C. Wyeth and Marcia Brown to contemporary illustrators such as David Wiesner, Mary GrandPré, Christian Robinson, and Jillian Tamaki.
>> Nineteen acclaimed illustrators are producing collaborative yearlong anniversary poster panels, to be released a month at a time, and six original bookmarks. Also available online at Every Child a Reader’s website will be event kits, activity pages in a dozen languages, a poetry bookmark, and much more. Locations and details for over 2,500 events being held during Children’s Book Week (April 29 – May 5) will be listed on an online map at in early April.
>> The Rabbit Hole, the world’s first “Explor-a-Storium,” will feature a three-dimensional portal through which kids and teens can experience the history of Children’s Book Week and classic children’s books. This Kansas City museum is due to open this fall.

Shaina Birkhead, Associate Executive Director of Every Child a Reader & the Children’s Book Council, stated: “We’ve been planning for the 100th anniversary for quite some time, and to see every segment of the children’s book world come together so enthusiastically is very rewarding, and mostly because kids of all ages will have lots of fun materials and original visual resources to enjoy before, during, and long after this year’s Children’s Book Week!”

About Every Child a Reader & the Children’s Book Council
Every Child a Reader is a 501(c)(3) literacy charity dedicated to inspiring a lifelong love of reading in children and teens. Every Child a Reader’s national programs include Children’s Book Week, the Children’s & Teen Choice Book Awards, Get Caught Reading, and the National Ambassador for Young People’s Literature program (in conjunction with the Library of Congress). Every Child a Reader is managed by the Children’s Book Council, the nonprofit trade association for children’s book publishers in North America, partnering with national organizations on reading lists, educational programming, and diversity initiatives.

Audra Boltion
The Boltion Group Public Relations
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Author Elsie Clay to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

JACKSON, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, February 14, 2019 / — With a staggering amount of sexual abuse/child trafficking around the world, we often hear the tragic stories of how lives are ultimately destroyed. Most people turn to drugs, alcohol, or violence in order to cope with our decisions. When a true story comes along about a woman who learns to live with the cruel hand dealt… from innocence… to a violent and heartless young life; it is time to pay very close attention. Sex crimes are one of the deepest roots of the downfall of America. These crimes against children effect every single one of us. They are pure evil, well-organized around the world, and against what human beings consider morally acceptable. Most of us want to look the other way be-cause, “It might feel too uncomfortable” or, “This should be kept secret” and “This would never happen in my family.” Cola Girl is a truly inspirational, compelling, and inspiring story for all of us to share. This story is just the tip of the iceberg to bring back the sanity to our children and grandchildren.

Annie’s great great uncle was Asa Griggs Candler. He founded the Coca Cola Company in 1892. Annie is publishing under the pen name of Elsie Clay, and is the author of the praise worthy book Cola Girl.

“The purpose of my book is to help heal humanity one human at a time and our planet Earth forever.” says Annie. “By finally sharing my story with the world, my hope is to encourage those who have been sexually abused through no fault of their own; to face the world with pride, and demand these criminals be punished and kept away from society. It’s about enabling us to move forward optimistically with positive successes.”

Annie’s early recollection of brutal, unrelenting cruelty and abuse, begins when she was just six years old at the hands of her own father whom she calls, “Blind Guy,” (he was legally blind), her stepmother, “Ugly,” and her brothers, “Zero,” and “Roach.” Forced to endure molestation, rape, and torture at the hands of her own family members, Annie recounts in nail biting detail the harrowing events of her life. Annie delivers her story with candor, exceptional willpower, resolve, and tenacity.

“I wrote this book with tremendous love because that’s all there is in this world that genuinely counts,” says Annie. “All human beings are profoundly connected. We are sovereign individuals with distinct spirits. We have been given free will and must learn to exercise that right in a positive direction. It is not that difficult.”

Annie affirms the reality that abuse leaves permanent physical, mental, and emotional scars, no matter how many mental professionals a person sees. That is the sinister and disturbing repercussions of how sexual abuse never fully dissolves. A bright and promising future can achieved if we open ourselves up to forgiving, healing, and being grateful.

“Family is priceless but when our relatives let us down, we tend to look for a new family and new friends,” says Annie. “With my faith in God, the support of my friends, and the love of my precious grandchildren, I have triumphed over the terrible times for now. My life is complete and fulfilled with contentment. All of us will feel compensated when we see criminals go to, and stay in, jail. We need to enforce the laws with NO exceptions. Micro-chip the perverted criminals; not our precious children.”

Names and places have been changed to protect the guilty. Annie, Grace, (the main character in Cola Girl) and Elsie Clay, are all the same person. In some way it made tackling this difficult subject easier to write, though apparently not for marketing purposes!

Annie attributes some of her endearing remarkable strength to her innate sense of humor which has carried her throughout her life.

“Laughter is a common healing thread all humanity shares,” says Annie. “Enjoy deep belly laughing; find humor and use it every day. It truly heals our souls and is a funny, God given gift.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Annie in an interview with Jim Masters on February 18th at 5 p.m. EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio

If you have any questions for our guest, please call (347) 996-3389

For more information on our guest please visit:

Lou Ceparano
+1 631-850-3314
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Eight Valentine's Day Tips For Parents Of Special Needs Children

Author Deanna Picon Offers Eight Ways For Couples To Keep The Love Alive

With all the responsibilities and challenges of raising a special needs child, relationships are often put on the back burner, so it's important for couples to take time for themselves”

— Deanna Picon

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, US, February 14, 2019 / — Sustaining a strong and fulfilling marriage or relationship while raising a son or daughter with a disability is no easy task. Managing all aspects of a child’s daily living – including personal needs, school activities, therapy and medical appointments – can leave little time for oneself, much less a partner.

“Every relationship needs to be nurtured and cared for, but with all the challenges of raising a special needs child, it often seems impossible,” said Deanna Picon, founder of Your Autism Coach, LLC and author of The Autism Parents’ Guide To Reclaiming Your Life. Picon is also the recipient of the 2018 "Top Parental Advice Writer Award" by Autism Parenting Magazine. “With all the responsibilities and pressures, relationships are often put on the back burner, so it’s important for couples to take care of each other.”

Parents can apply these simple tips to have a wonderful Valentine’s Day and throughout the year.

1. Give yourself permission to enjoy. Keep in mind that it’s perfectly okay for you and your spouse to make time for yourselves. Special needs parents may find themselves feeling guilty for a having a good time, even if it’s only for a few hours. But there is no reason to feel bad; a bit of enjoyment is good for you and your whole family. Every couple needs some time alone together to reconnect and keep the emotional and communication bonds strong.

2. Schedule some couple time. It can be as simple as planning “fun dates” for yourselves on a weekly or monthly basis. Write it on the calendar. Enter it in your cell phone. Hire a caregiver for a few hours or ask a good friend or family member to stay with your child. Go bowling or have a quick bite at a local restaurant. Participate in hobbies, activities and events you enjoy. Above all, when you're out together, do not discuss your child and/or children. Have a conversation about the two of you. It will probably be the first time you've done that in years.

3. Save for future fun. Saving up for your next adventure can be almost as fun as going there. You can buy a little bank, cover it in gift wrapping paper and label it “Good Times Bank.” Put all your loose coins in it at the end of the day and watch your savings mount up. Use the extra cash to do or buy something you both enjoy.

4. Book a romantic getaway. Many hotels and bed and breakfast inns offer affordable, weekend getaway packages for couples. They may feature a bottle of champagne in your room or breakfast in bed. Ask a family member or close friend (well in advance!) if they can watch your special needs child and/or other children for one of two days. Staying at your home, with familiar surroundings, will make it easier for your child.

5. Start fresh traditions. Creating new routines can add a spark to your relationship. For example, write down simple and relaxing things such as “give me a back or foot massage with scented oils” on small pieces of paper or note cards and put them in a jar. Each week, take turns picking one out.

6. Appreciate each other. Show your gratitude for all the wonderful or demanding things you are doing as partners and parents. Tell each other, “You’re amazing. I’d be lost without you” every once in a while. It’s always nice to hear compliments, especially from your partner. Take over a task if you can. This extra time will allow your partner to do something they enjoy but never have the time to. Thank each other for acts of kindness, such as letting you sleep late some mornings.

7. Keep the romantic fires burning. Attention and affection for each other doesn’t have to be reserved for just date nights and special occasions like Valentine’s Day. A little extra effort on both sides can generate ongoing intimacy. A kiss goodnight, a gentle touch as you pass in the hall, a love message by e-mail or text. These little gestures can mean so much.

8. Surprise each other. You don’t have to wait for birthdays, anniversaries, Mother’s or Father’s Day to do something nice and special for your partner. Give him/her a balloon that says “You’re Special” or “I Love You.” Buy a small bouquet of flowers or something that your spouse wants like a DVD collection of favorite TV shows.

Your Autism Coach, LLC provides personalized guidance, comprehensive support programs and seminars that address the concerns of parents of special needs children. Now on Twitter (@yourautismcoach), look for the latest parenting tips and advice from Deanna Picon. She shows parents how to overcome the challenges of raising a child with special needs, while building a rewarding life for themselves. Deanna is the recipient of the 2018 “Top Parental Advice Writer” Award by Autism Parenting Magazine.

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The Way to Happiness Association Tampa Bay Educates Youth on Moral Values

Visitors to The Way to Happiness Center during the Downtown Block Party learn about morals and common sense.

Basic moral values are important in life; they form the building block of communities and unite citizens, no matter their ethnic background, color, or creed.

If we just treated each other with respect the way our grandparents taught us back in the day, we would see a very different world today.”

— Tanja Cranton, ED of TWTH Association of Tampa Bay

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, US, February 14, 2019 / — On Saturday February 9, The Way to Happiness (TWTH) Association of Tampa Bay opened its doors during the Clearwater Downtown Block Party to invite hundreds of visitors to tour their center where they learned about the center’s outreach as well as common sense and moral values for a civil society.

“If we just treated each other with respect the way our grandparents taught us back in the day, we would see a very different world today. That is why it is paramount to ensure our youth are taught these important values. They will be respectful and caring towards others,” said the Executive Director of The Way to Happiness, Tanja Cranton.

TWTH Association pointed to a lack of self discipline and moral values underlying bullying among youth. One recent survey revealed that 28% of U.S. students in grades 6–12 experienced bullying, approximately 30% of young people admit to bullying others and 70.6% of young people say they have seen bullying in their schools.

L. Ron Hubbard wrote in The Way to Happiness booklet, “In the unreal world of fiction and the motion pictures, one sees polite villains with unbelievably efficient gangs and lone heroes who are outright boors. Life really isn’t like that: real villains are usually pretty crude people and their henchmen cruder; Napoleon and Hitler were betrayed right and left by their own people. Real heroes are the quietest-talking fellows you ever met and they are very polite to their friends.”

“When one is lucky enough to get to meet and talk to the men and women who are at the top of their professions, one is struck by an observation often made that they are just about the nicest people you ever met. That is one of the reasons they are at the top: they try, most of them, to treat others well. And those around them respond and tend to treat them well and even forgive their few shortcomings.”

Each visitor who toured The Way to Happiness Center during the Block Party received a Way to Happiness booklet.

The Way to Happiness Association Tampa Bay is sponsored by the Church of Scientology as one of its many humanitarian outreach programs. Since the Center's opening in July 2015, over 475,000 booklets have been provided to schools, after-school programs, mentors, educators and parents.

Inquires about the program or how to obtain materials, please visit The Way to Happiness Community Center on 33 N. Fort Harrison Ave, Clearwater FL 33755 or call: (727) 467 6961 or email The Center is open from 10:00 am to 10:00 pm every day.

The Way to Happiness Association of Tampa Bay:

The Way to Happiness book was written and published by L. Ron Hubbard in 1981 as a nonreligious, common-sense guide to better living. Its purpose is to help arrest the current moral decline in society and restore integrity and trust to humankind. It is available in 112 languages, with some 115 million copies distributed in 186 nations. The campaign to distribute the book has been embraced by more than 257,000 groups and individuals and millions around the world have received the materials free of charge thanks to the continued sponsorship of the Church of Scientology. The Way to Happiness holds the Guinness World Record as the single most-translated nonreligious book and fills the moral vacuum in an increasingly materialistic society.

Pat Harney
Church of Scientology Flag Service Organization
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