Considering Canada? Move to Paradise…Or at least read about it!

Beach reading on Shoal Bay, Anguilla, British Caribbean

THE VALLEY, ANGUILLA, November 14, 2016 / — As the world absorbs the upset victory in last week’s US election, those wishing to escape the results may be inspired by reading one couple’s journey that culminated with a one-way ticket to paradise. Published earlier this year and officially launched at the first book signing only days before the election, “One Way Ticket: From America to Anguilla” is available on Amazon in the US, Canada and Europe.

Anguilla is a spectacularly beautiful island in the British Caribbean with 33 powdery beaches, over 100 delicious places to eat, and an array of accommodations from beach easy to ultra-luxe: all just a 20-minute ferry ride from countless nonstop options to Princess Juliana Airport in Sint Maarten.

One Way Ticket chronicles the challenges and tantalizing progress toward leaving for paradise on a one-way ticket, following the decision to move from the fast-paced intensity of living in Somerset County, New Jersey, to Anguilla, British West Indies. The author, Melinda K. M. Goddard, and her husband Terry, refer to the experience as, “building a new villa, and a new life.”

The memoir was officially launched at a book-signing event hosted on the island by the Anguilla Hotel and Tourism Association on November 3, 2016. When asked, Goddard explained, “I wrote One Way Ticket to answer so many who asked what it was like to leave America for Anguilla – forever. It’s an invitation to visit Anguilla, to escape to paradise even for a few days, and to take along a good book for the trip.” She also noted that she hoped the book would be a tangible memento for visitors to the island to share with others as gifts and as a classic book for the beach or the plane; thus, it is not currently available as an e-book or planned to be at this time.

Reflecting on the recent election, the author and full-time resident of Anguilla added, “Now that leaving America may feel more like a goal than a fantasy for so many people, they may be happy to know that, along with the vibrant and intriguing social life, there are quite a few magnificent villas and a robust real estate sector in Anguilla, as well!”

About the book: An article featuring an interview of the author will appear in the Winter edition of Design Anguilla. Melinda K. M. Goddard “One Way Ticket: From America to Anguilla.” (Watercolours, Anguilla, 2016); 306 pps. Available on Amazon and at Signed copies are also available on-island in select boutiques.

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