Female Ex-Offender Turns Inmates into Authors

From Inmate, to Author, View Tanner George Cummings The Cell Chef Cookbook

Over 120 recipes, from the dips to pizza to burritos in your cell

Anthony Tinsman's first book: Life With a Record

How To Leave Prison Prepared and Live Successfully

Over 1000 resources in the new Inmate Shopper 2017-18

America’s Largest Book of Resources for Inmate Services

Diane E. Schindelwig of Freebird Publishers has published over 50 titles for inmate authors since 2013.

NORTH DIGHTON, MA, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — In a recent NBC interview Diane said: “I had no idea inmates were so content deprived until I became one in 2008. By 2012 I knew my new life would include publishing specialty content for inmates and their families. Only one problem, I knew nothing about publishing except how to push “print” on a computer.

“This whole entrepreneurial adventure has been on-the-job training, but we made it. With no knowledge of how to create a book exactly, I used my past business experience and practices to guide my way.

There’s definitely an abundance of talented people in prison, knowledgeable writers creating content from their first-hand experiences. All they needed was a publisher that understood their niche."

Diane E. Schindelwig
Freebird Publishers
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From The Headlines Of Tomorrow’s Papers Comes A Brave New Novel

Debut novelist Matthew Jones has just created an alarmingly insightful thriller which mirrors current political events in the U.S.A. and Russia

It’s a powerhouse thriller of the best kind, with a clear protagonist who, despite being a man from the shadows, you really relate to. ”

— The Book Reviewer

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — It would be easy to think that author Matthew Jones wrote this book just after the 2016 American elections. However, the book was already in progress as the Russians were allegedly weaving their webs through the campaign.
So, did he have some inside knowledge as to what was happening? Jones is not telling but what he does say, is that it’s not just coincidence.
Sicarius is the debut novel of author Matthew Jones and tells the story of a professional hitman whose latest target, a U.S Governor, is deeply muddled with Russian organised crime.
The book also touches on the widespread fear of terrorist attacks currently on the minds of most of the Western World.
Asked how he managed to create a story with such resonance to current events, Matthew said, “It’s difficult for an author to write without being affected by world events surrounding one. Widespread political corruption, terrorism and the ever encroaching surveillance of the population are impacting more and more on the lives of ordinary people. I just needed to add a central plot.”
Sicarius is already receiving high acclaim with the influential Book Reviewer describing it as “A powerhouse thriller of the best kind.” And the Book Blogger commenting, “It’s a story you’ll recognize but it’s well written and fast-paced.”
Sicarius is published by Mirador Publishing who seem to have built a reputation for launching a number of successful new authors. Sarah Luddington, Mirador’s Commissioning Editor said, “When this landed on our desks we were so stunned as to how current the subject matter. That we actually compressed our normal release schedule to accommodate it.”

Sicarius is on sale now and is available as both a paperback and eBook in all main formats.

Mirador Publishing can be contacted via their website at www.miradorpublishing.com

Matthew Jones can be contacted authormpjones@gmail.com

Press Room
Mirador Publishing
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Music Therapist Christine Korb to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

Music therapy is the elegant marriage between music as art and music as science.”

— Christine Korb

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, July 31, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — For many of us, music is therapy. It’s the soundtrack to our lives: it helps us relax; it excites us; it moves us; it heals us.

But the purpose of music is to communicate. Sadly, there are many individuals for whom communication is their greatest challenge. For these individuals, music therapy can serve as the bridge to connection because music is so universal.

Music therapists work as musicians and clinicians with almost every imaginable clientele, from premature babies and children on the autism spectrum to veterans and seniors struggling with dementia. And their results have been nothing short of miraculous.

“Music therapy is the elegant marriage between music as art and music as science,” says music therapist Christine Korb. “We utilize the power of music to accomplish non-musical goals. It’s ultimately about improving the quality of life for any individual no matter their circumstances.

While most music therapists begin as musicians and transition into the clinical social work, Korb began as a young social worker in Chicago. She says she came to music therapy through the back door as a songwriter and went back to school for a degree in music composition.

“I needed to do something with the healing powers of music,” recalls Korb. “It led me in the direction of the depths of what music is all about: the elements of how it affects us.”

Though Korb still works as a clinician, she is currently director of the music therapy program at Pacific University, where she teaches the next generation of music therapists. Music therapists are trained to be competent in piano, guitar and voice, as well as whatever their primary instrument may be.

Korb is also the author of The Music Therapy Profession, a collection of essays from her students over the years about why they chose to become music therapists.

“Many musicians in their hearts are actually music therapists and they don’t even realize it,” says Korb. “Not everyone who is especially talented at music is going to be successful as a professional musician. But there are alternative avenues to pursue with your great talent: meaningful, noble work. Word is getting out that music therapy can really help.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Christine Korb in an interview with Jim Masters on August 2nd at 4pm EDT and with Doug Llewelyn on August 9th at 4pm EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio. http://www.blogtalkradio.com/cutvnewsradio/2017/08/02/cutv-news-radio-spotlights-music-therapist-christine-korb

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

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Entrepreneur & Former Software Developer Launches Ground-breaking App

Company Logo

Company Logo

Product Manager and Creative Directors

Product Manager and Creative Directors

Storybook Cover and App Splash Screen

Storybook Cover and App Splash Screen

Faith-based App to Help Children Learn the Bible

We are setting the stage for biblical training & individual achievement.”

— Vicky Elizabeth Lynch

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — The advancement of technology affords designers the opportunity to develop innovative and exciting new apps. The faith-based community is no exception. Vicky E. Lynch, an entrepreneur and visionary, took her love of the Bible, education, and her knowledge of technology and melded it into a ground-breaking, inspirational app just for kids ages 3-12 years old. The app motivates children to learn the Bible through 41 memorable poems, beautiful illustrations and a licensed partnership with Psalty Kids Co! to teach 26 scriptures with "The Bible Alphabet Song." The new app, Theo & Izzy the Word Seekers, is currently available as a free download through the iTunes App Store and Google Play Store. A video highlighting the app's features is available here: http://bit.ly/2qprHHt.

Lynch came up with the idea for the app while putting her children to bed. "I realized that I could consolidate stories broken into several chapters in an interesting way that didn't feel overwhelming when I wanted them to sleep. Part two of the vision came when I formed a curriculum for children's Bible studies. I shared it with my children. With joy, they learned about the Bible, but wanted something visual like a video game. Instead, I decided to create an app," says Vicky. With a background in software development, Vicky conceptualized much of the creative and technical aspect of the app.

To complement the app, there is a story book which follows the stories. Children will enjoy the thrilling adventures that characters Theo and Izzy take them on. With characters that are easily relatable, children will connect with them immediately. Lynch, who serves as founder, director, product manager and writer of the app, through her organization, Words from a Childlike Heart, hopes that Theo & Izzy the Word Seekers encourages children to live out their own personal Bible experiences. With a goal to teach children valuable lessons found in each story, Vicky aims to make biblical narratives sensational and thought-provoking for kids. Through original music by 1 Vision Music Productions and narration by Voice Over Artist, Lisa Biggs, the presence of children makes the app keenly targeted to its intended audience. Feeling a call to spread the gospel and encourage literacy in this unique way, Vicky wants to ignite a spark in children for the Bible and for reading. She also hopes that Theo and Izzy serve as role models for kids.

The music and books are available for purchase on http://www.wordsfromachildlikeheart.com.

Andrea R. Williams at Tehillah Enterprises, LLC/The Adoration Corporation

Vicky Elizabeth Lynch
Words from a Childlike Heart
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Theo & Izzy the Word Seekers Promotional Video

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Florida remembers the wisdom of Ethel Levine, a woman who lived to age 101

Gary Springer & Ethel Levine

Book published by her grandson, Gary Springer, in her memory.

Don’t you wish that you didn’t have to learn life’s lesson the hard way?”

— Gary Springer

CLEARWATER, FLORIDA, PINELLAS, July 30, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Wisdom of a Life Well-Lived
by Ethel Pearson Levine/Gary Springer
Hardcover ISBN: 978-0692754269
e-mail: gjspring@aol.com

Ethel Pearson Levine lived to be 101 years old.
During her lifetime she gathered a unique perspective on life’s big issues. She was a mother, grandmother, guidance counselor, and teacher who lived a basic, yet rewarding life, with much to say about how life should be lived.

Don’t you wish you didn’t have to learn life’s lesson the hard way?
Over a period of 30 years, Ethel Pearson Levine wrote monthly articles for the Sunrise Lakes community in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Her articles embrace universal subjects from marriage and divorce to relationships, aging, and death. She took on subjects that affect us all. Within each article, there’s a message, an affirmation, for living a meaningful life. This book is a collection of selected articles from that monthly news booklet.
Although this book is targeted to seniors, it will appeal to readers of all ages.

A student that Ethel Levine had in second grade at PS 128, Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, over 50 years ago had this to say:
“I just finished reading the book. I loved it and found it so inspiring. Your grandmother and my 2nd grade teacher was one very special lady.

I am so thankful that you found me and shared the book with me. I want to wish you lots of success with your book – a ‘must read’ for all seniors.”

About the author:
Ethel Pearson Levine, aged 101 years, died on January 25th, 2014, at her home in Clearwater, Florida. She was born December 12th, 1912, in Brooklyn, New York, to Rachel and Hyman Pearson. She was predeceased by siblings, Naomi, Nathan, Charles, Michael, Gladys, Seymour, and Bertram. She was married to Richard Levine on May 30th, 1936, until his death on October 10th, 1995. She graduated from Brooklyn College with her Bachelor’s degree in 1933 and received a Master’s degree from Bank Street School of Education. She worked as an elementary school teacher and guidance counselor until 1975. She was an avid handball player until the age of 50. At that point she began to pursue her passion for tennis and continued playing until the age of 95, after winning several tennis competitions. In addition, she loved word games and puzzles including Scrabble, Boggle, crosswords, and the daily jumble. She also participated in and then led a rap group in Sunrise, Florida, and wrote a column for the Sunrise Laker. She was an eternal optimist with boundless energy, patience, kindness, and tolerance.

Her book can be purchased from BookBaby in print or e-book format:


For further information, please feel free to contact Gary Springer, the author’s grandson
and editor at gjspring@aol.com Phone: 512-396-8962.

Video of author, Ethel Pearson Levine:

Legacy guestbook:

Dr. Gary Springer
Springer Counseling
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Leadership Expert Dr. Salar Khan to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

Natural-born leaders possess a unique ability to deal with stressful situations confidently.”

— Dr. Salar Khan

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, July 28, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — There exists today a widespread lack of confidence in leadership. Research indicates that a startling number of organizations are currently managed by people who lack leadership competence.

Dr. Salar Khan believes the vision of self-confident natural-born leaders is necessary for the betterment of the world. Dr. Khan is the author of Unlocking the Natural-Born Leader’s Abilities: An Autobiographical Expose. Based on his observation and experiences over the last 50 years, Dr. Khan defines the natural-born leader through an autobiographical lens, offering current and aspiring leaders insights on effective leadership.

“I went through many hardships and challenges in my life,” says Dr. Khan. “This is a story of my experiences. “Throughout my career, I found myself working under time-sensitive, high-risk, and high-pressure situations, which allowed me to uncover and develop my NBL qualities. There were many lessons that I learned that have allowed me to become successful. It is my hope that perhaps some of the things I have learned can be useful to the reader.”

According to Dr. Khan, everyone possesses the essential qualities and abilities of a natural born leader; it’s simply a matter of bringing your hidden talents and skillsets to the surface. Dr. Khan’s book identifies the qualities and abilities of a natural-born leader so they can be refined and perfected through education, training, and experience.

“Natural-born leaders possess a unique ability to deal with stressful situations confidently,” says Dr. Khan. “They are creative, knowledgeable and self-directed and often establish norms. And they are charismatic: the ability to inspire and motivate others to accomplish their goals with positive outcomes.”

Many leaders choose to follow instead to lead due to fear of failure and unable to take risks, play safe, keep quiet when thing get worse. These Leaders do not have trust on their own abilities. When leaders become followers, they make excuses and blame others for poor performance.

Dr. Khan’s book can help leaders gain more confidence while performing a leadership role in any organization or institution. The book includes a self-assessment tool to evaluate your NBL abilities and identify where you ultimately fall on the spectrum. Dr. Khan’s book also included the natural born leader abilities traits development in three phases: Phase I: Infant to Childhood ages (1-11); Phase II: Adolescence to Midlife 50s; Phase III: Mature Adulthood Ages 50 Onward.

“We have made a lot of progress in this world but we need more peace and success in this world,” says Dr. Khan. “That begins with leadership and it’s the natural-born leaders who will lead us there.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Salar Khan in an interview with Jim Masters on August 1st at 11am EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Dr. Khan, visit http://www.doctorsalarkhan.com.

Lou Ceparano
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Warrior Princess Story 'Raja and the Three Gifts' Gets a Website

Raja and the Three Gifts

Warrior Princess Story "Raja and the Three Gifts" Gets a Website

BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, July 27, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Author Patricia Nichvolodoff of the famed children's book, "Raja and the Three Gifts" will launch her hotly awaited book website.

A book that is described as a stunner and "compelling from start to finish", Nichvolodoff created a fiercely emotional story that deserves a website to boot.

"Raja and the Three Gifts," tells a story of a young peasant girl, named Raja, who is forced to leave her village to work for a lord and his son, Pavel. A revelation of Raja’s real identity turned her life around and the people around her.

"Raja and the Three Gifts", introduces Raja's adventure and misfortunes and interesting characters that will make the book an interesting read.

The occurrence of the orb, her seemingly unexplainable dream, her fleeting peasant life to her courageous rise as a princess warrior, Patricia Nichvolodoff’s book is a gorgeously–written fantasy created not just to give a light-hearted story but allows her readers to manifest the lessons she wishes to convey, which includes courage, hope, and sheer determination. It also sparks imagination, exploration and creativity among its readers.

The creation of the website www.rajaorb.com is a pathway for a simple, easy-to-navigate site which offers the best resource for e-reading, and best deals for the fantasy book not to mention an engaging personal connection of readers to the author.

About the Author:
Patricia Nichvolodoff lives with her husband in Castlegar, British Columbia. Nichvolodoff received a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. She then went on to gain a Masters of Education from the Simon Fraser University, with a focus on Numeracy. Before Nichvolodoff began a writing career she spent numerous years teaching children of all ages.

Nichvolodoff's diverse experience has led her to create a novel series for preteens to young adults that is full of suspense and drama. She focuses on positive family and friendship relationships. Common themes for her stories are helpfulness, courage, forgiveness and justice. Three most important things in Nichvolodoff's life are her relationship with God, spending time with family, and helping others.

Product details:
Paperback: 262 pages
Publisher: BookBlastPro Inc. (May 20, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1946854395
ISBN-13: 978-1946854391
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.6 x 9 inches

Book Availability:
Amazon – http://goo.gl/EkBCiN
Booktopia – http://goo.gl/pJN5K3

Patricia Nichvolodoff
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Help is available for people struggling with debt

The “Guide's” purpose is to provide information to Canadians struggling with debt, so they can make an informed decision.”

— Earl Sands

VANCOUVER, BC, CANADA, July 27, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — The “Canadian Insolvency Guide”, has just been published on the Internet. The “Guide” provides help for people struggling with debt. The “Guide” costs $7.95 and is available online at Amazon, Indigo, Apple iTunes, and other outlets.

The "Canadian Insolvency Guide’s" author is Earl Sands, Licensed Insolvency Trustee. Sands operated his bankruptcy firm in British Columbia which, at the time he sold it, was processing the highest number of consumer bankruptcies and proposals in the province. He now operates BankruptcyCanada.com, one of the most popular bankruptcy websites on the Internet.

The “Guide's” purpose is to provide information to Canadians struggling with debt, so they can make an informed decision.

Sands said, "I wrote the “Canadian Insolvency Guide” for a couple of reasons. In my insolvency practice I interviewed hundreds of people and one of the things that stuck out for me was that most of the people I met had very little understanding of their debt relief options and had few trusted resources available to provide help. Another reason I wrote the book is that unscrupulous debt help companies cheat thousands of people each year,” said Sands. “It’s so bad that the Office of the Superintendent of Bankruptcy, the government agency that oversees insolvencies in Canada, recently issued a warning on its website.”

“The "Canadian Insolvency Guide" explains how to avoid being cheated and how to get the best solution available, for a fresh financial start, at the best price."

The "Canadian Insolvency Guide" has a section captioned “12 Ways to get out of Debt“, which explains the many ways to deal with debt and achieve a debt free life. If filing bankruptcy or a consumer proposal is the best option, the “Guide” walks you through the process so you understand how the system works and know how you should behave so that you go through the process smoothly and without any hassle.

Excerpts from some of the reviews the “Canadian Insolvency Guide” has received are:

“This is a powerful, eye-opening and informative book that really does a great job of tackling a difficult subject.”
“Protect yourself, your peace of mind, and your finances with this book.”
“Sands writes in a manner that is quite digestible for the everyday man (do not need a fancy law degree to understand what he is saying).”
“It doesn’t just address filing for bankruptcy, but also some ways NOT to. Very informative and useful.”
“A book like this, comprehensive, well-written and researched, can provide a valuable tool for enduring such a life-changing event.”
“Great writing and editing, too. A very polished and impressive feel all around. “

About the Author:
Earl Sands, MBA, CGA, CPA, CIRP, LIT is a Licensed Insolvency Trustee.
His interest in bankruptcy goes back to 1981 when he wrote his MBA theses on bankruptcy prediction.
He founded his bankruptcy firm in 1990. When he sold his practice, his firm was handling the largest number of personal bankruptcies and proposals in British Columbia. He now operates Bankruptcy Canada, one of the most popular bankruptcy websites on the Internet.

Earl Sands
Bankruptcy Canada
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250 years ago, in 1767, Captain Samuel Wallis discovered Tahiti. (By Corinne RAYBAUD.)

TAHITI, POLYNESIA, July 26, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — Corinne RAYBAUD, Doctor of History at the University Paris X Nanterre and Doctor of law at the University Montesquieu Bordeaux IV has focused her research activities on the history of Tahiti, Easter island and the islands of the eastern Pacific ocean. Her specialities are Easter island between 1862 and 1888 and the development of the law in eastern Polynesia from 1767 to 1945. Corinne Raybaud lives in Tahiti.
Her first book published in 1996 is dedicated to Easter Island. Since 2008, she wrote books based on her universitary works on Easter Island and polynesian laws and the Oceanic French Establishments during WWI (1914-1918). She is the co-author of two biographies on John Brander and Dutrou Bornier two influent people during the 19th century in the Pacific. In 2011, she published a historical novel today known as Cornelia which relates the story of a great tahitian family from the 19th century to nowadays. In 2012 and 2013 she wrote short stories about women in Tahiti where she narrated their brave and moving lives.
Her last book named " Wallis discovered Tahiti, 250 years ago in 1767" relates the circumnavigation of Captain Samuel Wallis on the Dolphin, the discovery of Tahiti then called "Island of King George III" and the first meeting between European navigators and Tahitian people. She had the project to make small movies about the arrival of the first navigators.
Samuel Wallis (1728-1795). In 1766, Samuel Wallis who had already served under Commodore John Byron became at 38 years old the captain of the HMS Dolphin. On June 19, 1767, he discovered Tahiti. Wallis decided to name the island of Tahiti after the King George III, who ruled Britain at that moment. After discovering Tahiti and lots of other islands in the Pacific he came back to England in May 1768. Even though he is not as famous as French Captain Louis Antoine de Bougainville and English Captain James Cook, Wallis was the one who first discovered Tahiti. When he came back to England he gave precious information to James Cook before he traveled across the Pacific and some men of his crew even sailed with Cook.
In 1767, Captain Samuel Wallis discovered Tahiti and anchored in Matavai Bay in the north of the island. He called the island "The Island of King George III"
Nine months later, in 1768 French Captain Louis Antoine de Bougainville arrived in Tahiti but anchored on the East coast (Hitia'a) and thought that he was the first to discover the island, and named it: "The New Cythera"
In 1769, Captain James Cook disembarked in Matavai in the same place where Samuel Wallis anchored, because Wallis came back to England just before Cook left forTahiti. He called the island : O'Taheite.
These circumnavigations lasted two or three years. There were dangerous. Scurvy was a painful and mortal disease and after these trips, captains used more oranges, limes, cabbage to save their crews.
For three years, 2017-2018-2019 we will celebrate in Tahiti the arrival of these famous explorers : Samuel Wallis in 1767, Louis Antoine de Bougainville in 1768, James Cook in 1769.

Mémoire du Pacifique
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John Salkowski Announces Free Preview of His Upcoming Real Estate Sellers Guide

Author and real estate expert John Salkowski announces a free preview of his new book, dues for release in September

Author and real estate expert John Salkowski announces a free preview of his new book, dues for release in September

Author John Salkowski's is a real estate broker and owner of JRS Realty Group

Author John Salkowski’s is a real estate broker and owner of JRS Realty Group

Best-selling author John Salkowski announces the September release of his new, step-by-step guide to selling a house with a free online preview.

Hiring a real estate broker is just like any hiring process – with you on the boss’s side of the desk. It’s critical that you make the right decision”

— John Salkowski

KING OF PRUSSIA, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, July 24, 2017 /EINPresswire.com/ — A new book, set for September release, reveals the step by step process the real estate industry's top agents use when selling a home. Best-selling author and Real Estate Broker John Salkowski announced his new book will be titled "Sold: Listing to Closing – The Ultimate Home Sellers Guide."

Salkowski is the owner of The JRS Realty Group in greater Philadelphia and created the step by step guide to help potential sellers through the selling process. Other top realtors prefer to keep their techniques and methods a closely guarded secret so this is a welcome approach that stands to benefit anyone trying to sell their home. According to Salkowski his goal in writing this book is that sellers will “use this book as a tool, along with the sound advice from a real estate broker,” to make the process of selling a home as smooth as possible.

Salkowski has also announced USA Herald is publishing a free preview of the book. John says that the preview will give readers an advance look at the secrets and tips revealed in the book.

The JRS Realty Group operates under the philosophy that a real estate agent should work as a focused representative of home seller’s interests. They have a proven track record of results to back up this philosophy as well with sales that consistently result in 98.5% or more of the initial asking price. This exceeds the industry average of 92% and makes them an attractive option for anyone looking to sell a home. Their team consists of seasoned professionals with the knowledge and experience to achieve the best results possible.

Salkowski is already a best-selling author whose previous books offered leadership lessons from his career as a police officer. The book was released in 2013 under the title "Leadership in The Line of Duty: 50 Leadership Lessons for Making Split-Second Decisions from a Cop Who Has Been in Life and Death Situations." Mr. Salkowski was also featured in the 2012 book on success and entrepreneurship, "Nothing But Net."

"Sold: Listing to Closing – The Ultimate Home Sellers Guide” includes details on how John and The JRS Realty Group achieve these amazing results. Some strategies include the use of an everyday open house technique, Team Phone that allows the real estate agents at the company to be in constant contact with the most up to date information, and a concierge service that provides their clients with many advantages. These strategies together, as well as many other useful pieces of advice, are found in his real estate guide.

The JRS Realty Group is based in King of Prussia Pennsylvania and serves the greater Philadelphia area. They’ve been providing industry leading customer service for many years now by staying current with industry trends and innovative technologies. They do this by customizing their approach based on each individual seller’s needs.

John Salkowski
The JRS Realty Group
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