Chadd Sullo From Stratford, Connecticut Is Planning To Coordinate Book Swap To Raise Money For Good Cause

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STRATFORD, CONNECTICUT , UNITED STATES, November 30, 2017 / — If you have never been to a  book swap, it's a pretty simple concept. Everybody attending brings books they want to get rid of, they mingle and enjoy food and refreshments, and pick out books to buy. The money then goes to a local charity in the form of a donation. Chadd Sullo has been planning a book swap for his community, hoping to finalize a date soon.

After pondering a way to help the local children's section of the library, he realized why not incorporate the lifeblood of the building. That's books.

Residents all over the city have books they have read and are no use for them anymore. Sullo is planning on letting people set up a table for the books and sell them for reasonable prices. This event would help make the kids section at the library exceptional.

Sullo explains there could be other ways to run the book swap and get the most funds for the charity. The event could let patrons buy tickets that would then could towards purchasing books.

Older or less than good condition books would go for fewer tickets. The more recent and popular books would sell for more tickets. The more books a person wants to buy, the more tickets sold. More tickets sold means more funds for the cause.

While discussing this potential idea with other people, Sullo has become overwhelmed with support. He has been surprised with the amount of support that he has received.

Some residents have said they will donate money without even buying books. They believe the children's section of the library needs to be updated.

Ideas passed around to help the section would be purchasing computers. Currently, there is the only one computer available for use in the library. Adults and children use this desktop and always has a waitlist.

"Having multiple computers just for children would be beneficial for the library," Sullo says. "Not only would these computers be used to look up books in the library, but could have educational programs to play."

The library has done all it can over the years to update the building and different sections. But with minimum funds available, it has become a difficult task.

"The library, financially, is tapped out," explains Sullo. "I feel so sad for the administrators because they want to improve the children's section."

Another idea when it comes to using the funds raised from the book swap would be more books and games.

"Kids come to the library with parents and just wait around for nothing to do," says Sullo. "The money raised could buy games and activities for the kids."

The goal is to make the section engaging for children. With computers and games, these would occupy the children for hours.

If any leftover money is available, Sullo hopes to help build an outdoor gazebo in front of the library. In the summer, patrons could read and meet at the gazebo. Libraries in the surrounding communities have a gazebo, so this would be a trend the library would like to add.

"This book swap would be all about improving the library overall," states Sullo. "I love coming here and finding new books to read. I want that tradition to continue for years to come. That means updating the building and services to make sure that happens."

Finally, Sullo plans on coordinating the book swap with library officials in the next few weeks to set a date. After that, residents can start gathering books they want to sell or donate.

Expectations are high and the library cannot wait for the results.

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