5 Time Grammy Award Winning Record Producer Devine Evans Now Represented by Starpower Management

Devine Evans

Image: Moira Cue; Solitude; 1992, Acrylic on Masonite (Private Collection)

5 Time Grammy Award Winning Record Producer Devine Evans Now Represented by Starpower Management and Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations

We are very thankful for all of you who have given us your trust, business, and contact. We will continue to strive to serve our clients and the world with gratitude, and passion in all we do. ”

— Bruce Edwin, Starpower Management

MALIBU, CALFORNIA, USA, January 6, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Five Time Grammy Award Winning Music Producer Devine Evans (Lady Gaga, etc). is now represented by Starpower Management for Film and Television placement, as well as book publishing, and by Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations for International Publicity, The Hollywood Sentinel announces today.

Hollywood Sentinel PR and Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin states, "It is a great honor to work with and represent such a major talent as Devine. He is simply one of the best in the world in his field, and is as nice as can be. It is also incredibly refreshing that he truly cares about emerging artists, and is further, making such a positive impact in helping women.

About Starpower Management  

Based in Los Angeles, California, Starpower Management represents over 10 billion dollars worth of deals in the area of motion picture, film studios, master works of fine art (Picasso, Chagall, Warhol, Monet, etc.) as well as real estate, corporations, models, talent, bands, literary property, and more.  Recognized as one of the most powerful boutique management firms on the planet, Starpower Management owns Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations; an A-list Public Relations firm, The Hollywood Sentinel (only the good news!), and Bruce Edwin Productions, a feature film production company, as well as subnormal magazine, and subnormal productions; a former hard copy rock magazine (now online), and music booking company.

Starpower Management Clients in the News

World renown multi-media artist Moira Cue, represented by Starpowwer Management, will be having her debut art show of her Black and White Series, 4 foot by 6 foot paintings with her show opening Saturday January 6th, 2018, from 7 to 10pm, at the Bruce Lurie Gallery at 2736 S La Cienega Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034, in Culver City, near Beverly Hills, California. Media will be in attendance, with numerous celebrities extended special invitation. Guests are advised to arrive early for Free Parking.  Moira's work is in the collection of Madonna, among more.

On New Years Eve, Starpower Management debuted the legendary new song and video "Rocket Man," which the company music supervised, for their recording artist Donquiestar. Hailing from Belgium, Donquiestar is a former member of the industrial rock act Lords of Acid, who has now launched his solo career to great support from fans. "Rocket Man," which was already released in Belgium just days earlier, has racked up many thousands of fans, as a political satire commentary concerning the crisis between North Korea and the U.S; particularly with the show of words between DPRK dictator Kim Jong In, and Donald Trump. Listen to the song at the link here below.

Hollywood Sentinel

www.HollywoodSentinel.com is pleased to announce their upcoming interviews for 2018 includes an exclusive talk with world renown life coach Les Brown, as well as follow up interviews with their friend and client Tracy Reiner (A League of Their Own), and Ordained Minister Mel Novak (who fought Bruce Lee on screen). 

Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations

Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations is pleased to officially announce they now represent music sensations Lilia Mai, from Moscow, Donquiestar, from Belgium, and country star Michael Shawn Hartman, from New York. The company also continues to represent multi-media artist Moira Cue; also a singer and actress, who has appeared on stage at the Viper Room, The Mint, and The Knitting Factory, among more.

Hollywood Sentinel Public Relations is also pleased to work with outstanding directors Bayou Bennett and Daniel Lir (The Dream Team), who have worked with top music stars including Coldplay, P Diddy, The Rolling Stones, and many more. The company is also pleased to represent Makeup Artist to the Stars Omayma Ramzy.

The company group is pleased to represent for management and public relations; Dina Lohan, a powerhouse manager in her own right; with an all star family. The company is also pleased to have represented the Government of Thailand's Film Department; Department of International Trade Promotion-Ministry of Commerce. 

Hollywood Sentinel PR is also pleased to further continue to represent Matchmaker to the Stars; Elite Connections, who 
also brings love connections to those from all walks of life, and Psychic to the Stars Rose Stuart, whose intuitive gifts are truly stunning, having helped locate missing children, among more.

Bruce Edwin Productions

Bruce Edwin Productions is now casting for a new upcoming feature film written by the producer, that is now partially funded. The company has over 50 packaged motion picture properties in its pipeline.

Charitable Division

Starpower Management's primary charitable focus is the prevention of child abuse in all forms. This week, Starpower Management will be distributing clothes and blankets to the homeless in downtown's skid row. The company conducted a survey of over 100 homeless two years ago when they gave out food, and the majority reported that what was needed most is clean bedding and blankets to stay warm. Those who wish to donate for this cause, please contact the company at 310-226-7176. The company also gives free advice, life coaching, and mentorship to many models and talent–free of charge, as well as free advice to parents on how to keep their kids safe in Hollywood, among more. 

Starpower Management CEO Bruce Edwin states, "We are very thankful for all of you, and for those who have given us your trust, business, and contact. We will continue to strive to serve our clients and the world with gratitude, and passion in all we do." 

Bruce Edwin

Starpower Management founder Bruce Edwin represented Michael Jackson guitarist David Williams, Cuba Gooding Sr. (Everybody Plays the Fool), and worked as a journalist with many of the 20 major record labels in the 90's before the first wave of their consolidation. An expert in most all areas of the arts including music, film, publishing, and fine art, he spends his time when not working going mountain hiking, doing kickboxing / martial arts, and enjoying all areas of the arts. A human rights activist, and vegetarian / vegan of many years, he is also a strong supporter of environmental, animal, and human rights. visit www.bruceedwin.com

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Rocket Man: Donquiestar (Official Music Video)

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