Fast Growing Ethereum Based Token “Ishook” To Begin Pre-ICO 8th Of January

Unique Crypto Currency “Ishook Coin” Is Delighted To Announce The Commencement Of Its Pre – Initial Coin Offering (Pre-ICO)
Crowdsale On January 8 , 2018.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, January 6, 2018 / — Cryptocurrency is fast becoming a household feature in internet marketing and e-commerce today. Many customers and
internet users now prefer to transact with crypto currencies since it allows the use of blockchain technology which allows quicker
and smarter payments between two parties without the need for a third party to verify the transaction. In this light, Fast growing
content ecosystem, “Ishook” is pleased to announce the start of the Pre-initial coin offering (Pre-ICO) of their token “Ishook” on January 8,
2018 to their users and the general public.
Ishook tokens will be introduced to the Ishook web platform in the form of micro-transactions and peer-to- peer payments for
content and network exposure. The coins will then re-circulate through various incentive models deployed by Ishook, creating an
ecosystem in which users and content creators can transact. Ishook will build value for Ishook tokens through the various ways in

which users can utilize them throughout a multitude of platform functions. Authors on the Ishook platform will be able to exchange
the tokens to promote their content to the entire Ishook network.
Content creators will gain the following benefits (but are not limited to these items) through the introduction of the Ishook
tokens on the platform:
 The ability to also receive royalties in the form of Ishook tokens on the platform
 Access to a large advertising network within Ishook for content promotion and exposure.
 The ability to host paid Q & A sessions and set prices on entrance fees.
Users are not left out when it comes to this package. One of the major benefits users will enjoy from using Ishook tokens are
discounts on both content released by authors and items listed on the e-commerce store. Users that make use of the tokens will also
have the ability to access an author’s notes and annotations in their work that they release for a premium price. Readers will also be
able to release their notes on content for a fee to be paid in Ishook tokens. Bonuses are also up for grabs for both authors and users
alike on the ishook platform.
About Ishook
Ishook is a content sharing ecosystem that connects content creators and audiences while leveraging blockchain technology.
They ensure rich content is delivered to end users. Ishook began as a vision and it’s now a successful platform that enables
publishers and booksellers to distribute their works to millions of users. Ishook is really the ideal revitalized content economy.
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Source: EIN Presswire