Blockchain Politics in Umbugumbuland

An absurd tale of political brinkmanship that beggar's belief yet debunks all theories of political thought.

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, January 9, 2018 / — An absurd tale of political brinkmanship has been unfolding across the globe in the style of Brexit, Trump, Macron, Le Penn, De Witt, Catalonia, and recently Jacinda Adhern of New Zealand. It is as if the political landscape has adopted the ‘distributed ledger’ principle behind blockchain and applied it to politics.

"It’s not so much the technology of blockchain, but the phenomena that is usurping the political 'modus operandi', worldwide," Australian author Davide A Cottone says. "The whole political landscape is beginning to dissolve into what I refer to in my notes as the 'politics of the absurd'."

In his book 'Shriek: an absurd novel', Mr Cottone launches a political campaign where the protagonist Aleph McNaught is the candidate of the newly created AAA Party. The goal is for the party to deliver a radical outcome in the forthcoming presidential election of the mythical country of Umbugumbuland.

"Disappointment, disillusion, and despondency, eventually give way to anger and action at the polls and the shock election result is proof of this," says Mr Cottone. "What makes the difference in the outcome of the Umbugumbuan elections is that the campaign was based on an ideology tuned into the 21st century mindset.

"The economics behind the ideology is totally blockchain. A cryptocurrency called COIN becomes the new base for all economic transactions both at home and abroad. COIN is the acronym for Certificate of Insanity and enjoys all the advantages attributed to cryptocurrencies. Hence the manifesto for the politics of the absurd is now complete with its own currency as well," says Mr Cottone.

So, does Mr Cottone propose a solution to the propensity for governments to become dysfunctional?

"The answer is right there in my book," says Mr Cottone. "It’s a classic case of fiction being truer than fact, and the outcome has already been proved in Europe and America and even New Zealand at recent elections. The voters see it as a chance to be part of history in their own lifetime. Umbugumbuland, the absurd political nation, needs YOU to take charge of your own destiny," says Mr Cottone. "But beware … once you agree to do something about this hazy, crazy, mixed-up world of politics, you might well get hooked. Success is empowering. Empowerment is the back door to re-engaging with the real world," says Mr Cottone.

If you think the world of politics is confusing, you’ll understand why, after reading 'Shriek: an absurd novel' by Davide A Cottone.

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