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KALAMAZOO, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, March 6, 2018 / — We as educators must focus our attention on teaching our students to become fluent readers and writers. That is not to say other subjects such as science, math and social studies are unimportant. What I am saying is that reading and writing are enablers to achieving high levels of vocabulary knowledge, acquiring and applying knowledge from all subjects to high levels of thinking, problem solving, and finally, being able to express one’s ideas and findings in writing. While this is a strong and worthy goal for all students, we know some students struggle and need extra guidance from the caring and compassionate teachers in our schools.

Audrey Fitzgerald taught in the classroom for 10 years and then was tapped to become a reading teacher working with small groups of students throughout the district who were having difficulty learning to read. Several years later I began working with the staff and was working with fewer students. I was providing staff development in teaching reading, writing curriculum and implementing interventions and programs. As a result of this change, I became the founder of The Reading Learning Lab, a first-rate tutorial service for struggling students.

“This is a practice I started after I left the classroom in effort to stay connected with students and their ongoing education,” says Audrey. “It was primarily a tutorial service in Language Arts and student achievement in all subject areas. My goal was to put into practice what I preached about instruction and student-teacher relationships.”

Audrey worked cohesively with other top-notch Language Arts teachers from pre- school to high school trying to create effective strategies for students having difficulty in English. Audrey’s other enormous passion was her love for teaching the fundamentals of writing which she did effortlessly.

“I wholeheartedly advocate that teachers make absolute certain to develop a cohesive trust with their students,” says Audrey. “Our children merit the upmost respect and unless they profoundly sense that solid connection and feel inspired it will not be a positive environment where they can properly learn.”

For Audrey reading is enlightening informative, educational, and immensely enjoyable and can offer relief from any debilitating stress people may be experiencing.

”Should you decide to make teaching a career make unequivocally certain you have a passion for education,” says Audrey. “if you don’t wake up every morning feeling elated that you’re going into the classroom then you’re in the wrong field. You’re essentially a role model to these children-n so you must be mindful that your growth contributes to their critical development.”

For Audrey success was not only acquired through her tutoring it was a joint effort between teachers, parents, and herself and made a tremendous difference for children to be encouraged and genuinely stimulated to learn.

“My teaching was so thoroughly rewarding and I feel so fortunate to have had such a wonderful career and my perpetual passion for education will always remain with me,” says Audrey. “ I am very fortunate to have had such a meaningful impact on young people.”.

CUTV news will feature Audrey Fitzgerald in an interview with Jim Masters Tuesday March 6th at 1 p.m. EST.

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