Planning to Buy A Home in Foreclosure – Things to Consider

CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, UNITED STATES, March 26, 2018 / — Buying a home in foreclosure can be a profitable decision as the foreclosed property come at a heavy discount. But there are certain things that you must as purchasing a foreclosed property can be complicated. It is actually for the risk takers and not the traditional buyers. If you don’t do your homework properly you may make costly mistakes. Are you looking forward to buying home in foreclosure? There are a lot of things which you must know.

Read the article to know about the things that you must consider before buying a home in foreclosure…

1. Understand what a foreclosed property is?

It is a property which is auctioned by banks in order to recover those loans the homebuyers fail to payback. To sell off the property quickly banks offer incentives to the prospective buyers. This is the reason you can buy them at a discounted price. A foreclosed property different from a normal resale in the following ways:

• It involves only 1 real estate agent.
• There is no or very little room for negotiation.
• The seller wants a pre-approval letter from the lender before accepting any offer.
• The buyer gets the home as-is i.e. it is up to him if he wishes to spend on the repairs required.

2. Look for a property that suits you

Check for foreclosure properties which are published for sales as notices in newspapers, property websites and other sources. Choose the one according to your convenience and check for its public records.

3. Take help from a professional

You should consult a local real estate agent who knows the complexities of a foreclosure market and can help you find a better deal. Don’t do it alone or you might end up in a trap. But don’t limit yourself to real estate agents alone and consult a real estate attorney too to understand the laws pertaining to your purchase.

4. Study the market and assess the market value

A foreclosure purchase can be beneficial if bought at a lower price. Therefore, do market research, observe and participate various auctions and then go forward to buy one for yourself after assessing the market and the market value of the property.

5. Thoroughly examine the condition of the house

People generally stop maintaining the house when they know that they may soon lose the ownership. Therefore, make sure to properly examine the condition of the house and not fall prey to a wrong deal. You may take the help of an advisor too for this purpose. Your negligence may result in you spending a lot on the repair and maintenance and hence don’t skip the inspection.

6. Buy from a long-term perspective

You may want to buy the property and sell it as soon as possible to get the required profit margin. But what if its value declines and you may have to wait for some more years. Ask yourself whether you are ready for such a wait and look beyond just today.

7. Check for hidden foreclosures

Hidden foreclosures are the properties that are freshly built and whose construction loan period expired before they were procured mainly because of lack of promotion. These properties are generally bought by professional real agents and if you buy one, make sure to safeguard it properly to avoid any future troubles.

8. Examine the bank owned addendum

An addendum is a legal document which is attached to every bank owned property and is a contract that applies to all the buy and sale agreements. It is non-negotiable and fixed, therefore, read it properly before signing to save yourself from any unwanted legal issues in the future.

Undoubtedly, with a little renovation that may be required, the foreclosed property can be resold at a much higher profitable price. So, if you are considering a foreclosure purchase, just be sure to evaluate the advantages, disadvantages, budget and other things as mentioned to make your purchase a profitable one and not end up regretting your decision.

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