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SPRING, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, May 7, 2018 / — Everything that you experience is designed for you to grow spiritually. We're all on a journey and we're all going in the same direction, but we don't have to be on each other's path.

Your thoughts and your intention change what you see and experience. Your thought and your intentions are part of the All That Is, your Source. The unseen world is real; the material world is an illusion. Each of us are connected to God, our Source, whether we feel it or not.

Marilyn Lee is the author of SOUL – Inspirations Breathed Through My Heart, a unique, inspirational and empowering book offering affirmations and wisdom to achieve spiritual oneness.

“Through meditative practices, we can connect to the universe and divinity,” says Lee. “If you take time to reflect, you will gain a higher understanding of how things are and maybe learn something new about yourself and your identity. It may even correct some of the misconceptions that you have in life.”

Lee was inspired to write SOUL in September of 2011, after a near-death experience during spinal surgery.

“I flat-lined while I was on the table,” recalls Lee. “The doctors had a hard time bringing me back. I left my body and I could see myself leaving the body and I saw the doctors freaking out, but I knew two things: that I was coming back to my body and that I was going to be OK.”

“During my experience, I had a conversation with what we call God. One of the things that I promised, that I was asked to do, was to write SOUL,” says Lee. “This book is not a story, it's not fiction, it's just thoughts. I wrote and self-published SOUL without any commercial intention, but that's the one getting good reviews and winning awards.”

In SOUL – Inspirations Breathed Through My Heart, Lee shares her experiences working with these methods.
The book includes inspirational messages for spiritual growth and enlightenment channeled from Spirit:

"You and all others are each a flamelet of the Bonfire we call God. You are a manifestation of the energy that sourced you. You cannot separate yourself from God because God is you."

CUTV News Radio will feature Marilyn Lee in an interview with Jim Masters on May 9th at 4pm EDT

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