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The latest publication by the Gladiator Publishing team containing 256 pages of indexed resources for writers

One of the World’s oldest professions is experiencing drastic changes according to the executives team at Gladiator Publishing Company

The direction dictated by society, it's becoming more difficult to stand for something, anything. Once we lose the sense of justice to the fog of injustice, we become less than human. ”


SENECA, MISSOURI, USA, June 16, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Missouri, United States – June 16, 2018 – One of the World’s oldest professions is experiencing drastic changes according to the executive team at “Gladiator Publishing Co.”

In 1911 the British publication, ‘Encyclopedia Britannica’, described the publishing business as "a purely commercial affair that cared more about profits than about literary quality”. Fast forward to 2018, the once respected profession has become overrun with turmoil. Rumors and accusations of fraudulence, overpricing, low-quality work and pure laziness forced many to turn to their own resources.

The strategy-masterminds of Gladiator Publishing Company use their collective twenty-plus-years in Literature to provide a much-needed resolution. “We’ve dedicated our lives to finding ways around the mess others made” Editor-in-Chief, Haley L. Young continues “it’s unethical to just sit back and watch what this industry collapse”.

Editor and Author Haley L. Young and her partner, Author and Entrepreneur Albert Kaufmann, dedicated years to perfecting techniques that provide a customized service to Authors. Using unconventional, yet highly impactful marketing tactics, they have lowered Author’s financial cost an unbelievable 75-80% compared to the industry average.

“We, not only, provide our service to Authors but we train them as we go”. Owner and head of Publishing, Albert Kaufmann states “we use resources available to them now. Focus on the market and stay loyal to Author, that’s what Publishing should be”.

Their dedication to the industry is evident in their latest book, Literarily Lost. This massive index is 256 pages of cover-to-cover resources. This literary-encyclopedia has been displayed in numerous cross-country Expo’s and referred to by Win Kelly Charles, host of Podcast Show Ask Win, as the “Yellow Pages of Publishing”.

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