College Campus Safety. Awareness & Self Defense. NEW sdi7 HIIT Workouts. Fight Back! Sculpt, tone & torch fat.

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Empower yourself. Practice safety and prevention habits and behaviors. Develop a healthy awareness not paranoid fear to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Implement sdi7 HIIT into your workouts.”

— Rob Fletcher

COLUMBUS, OH, UNITED STATES, July 23, 2018 / — Some Facts:
* 1 in 4 females will be sexually assaulted before she finishes four years of college.
* Campus rape statistics are highest in the first three months of college.
* 95% of all student on student crimes are alcohol and drug-related
* Freshman, naive and independent are easy targets for campus victimization.

Your Safety is the #1 why and purpose for our college campus safety, prevention. awareness, self-defense program, and our sdi7 HIIT Workouts. Parents and their loved ones gear up and prepare for the next phase of life, college. This is very exciting for us all! At the same time emotions of fear, anxiety, and insecurity are on the forefront. Please take the time to review some of the safety tips visit our website Practicing and reinforcing this will keep your loved ones out of the category of being the perfect victim. I cannot emphasize this enough, please avoid complacency. Practice daily safety and prevention habits and behaviors. Develop a healthy awareness not paranoid fear to avoid potentially dangerous situations. Every teenage (college bound) girl should have the knowledge of "situational awareness" and skills of how to fight back. What to do. Where and how to strike.

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Rob will be in Washington D.C August 3rd & 4th at The Gaylord National Convention Center for his sdi7 College Campus Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense Program and the sdi7 HIIT Workouts with Rob Fletcher.

sdi7 HIIT: College Campus Safety. Awareness. Prevention. Self-Defense.
Black belt, Self-defense and fitness expert Rob Fletcher introduces a dynamic new program and workout: sdi7 HIIT and Self-Defense Workout for Women. This program/workout is available as a 6-week program, one time 90-minute seminars and presentations. Offered to health clubs, gyms, colleges, universities, high schools, women’s groups and organized special events. The program can be customized according to the needs and objectives of the client, with a special focus on college campus safety, awareness, and prevention.
The sdi7 College Campus Safety. Prevention. Awareness and Self Defense Program includes:
1. Situational Awareness is your best self-defense. Common sense awareness advice and tips. 
2. If ever faced with a physical attack: 
* The Mindset Zones – red, yellow, gray and green
* What to do. Where and how to strike: The primary target areas and the primary strikes of sdi7 HIIT Level 
3. The primary target areas. The effective strikes. 
4. The 7 Minute Workout – the sdi7 HIIT Workout girls can do in the dorm, home, at the park, on the beach, and in the gym.
5. The benefits and value of reinforcing fighting skills and self-defense techniques while torching fat.

sdi7 HIIT Workouts
A series of 7-minute interval workouts. 1 minute on a fighting skill or self-defense technique and 1 minute on an exercise, strength or explosive movement (sdi7 HIIT workouts vary depending on your fitness and skill level). sdi7 HIIT implements fighting skills, self-defense, boxing, MMA drills, kickboxing, strength and conditioning workouts and abdominal /core work. 

Benefits and Value of the sdi7 HIIT Workouts and Program
* Time – workouts can be done is as little as 7 minutes.
* Can be done anywhere and at any time.
* sdi7 HIIT  workout reinforces fighting skills of self-defense while burning calories, torching fat, sculpting and toning the body. 
* Through repetition one will enhance their fighting skills and self-defense techniques turning it into a reaction or reflex.
* Build confidence, and self-esteem.
* Knowledge of "Situational Awareness"
* Put you and your loved ones out of the category of being the perfect victim.

About Rob Fletcher 
Rob has over 30 years in the martial arts and fitness industry. Certified through several leading fitness organizations: Master of Fitness through the ISSA (International Sports Sciences Association), IFPA (International Fitness Professionals Association), MMA Strength and Conditioning Coach through IHP (Institute of Human Performance) Creator of the sdi7 Safety. Prevention. Awareness. Self Defense Program and the sdi7 HIIT Workouts. He is a Black Belt, Self Defense & Fitness expert. A former North American Kickboxing Champion and member of the World Champion US Kickboxing Team. Inducted into the Black Belt Masters Hall of Fame. Recognized for Outstanding Martial Arts Achievement, and Listed in The Who’s Who of Martial Arts. Honored with the Joe Lewis PKA Eternal Warrior Award. Author of America’s Next Great Trainer Transform Your Life. 

Actions Conquer Tragedy. The Reagan Tokes Story.
Rob was enlisted by the Tokes family who lost they're 21-year-old daughter Reagan. Reagan was abducted, robbed, raped and murdered February 8, 2017. Much of what he does will benefit the Action Conquers Tragedy Movement and the Reagan Delaney Tokes Memorial Foundation. Launching national programs, seminars and sdi7 HIIT Trainer Certifications which will be offered to high schools, colleges, universities, health clubs and fitness studios, businesses and for organized special events. The sdi7 HIIT program is designed to educate and raise awareness. Providing the knowledge and skills of self-defense. How to fight back. Where and how to strike to survive an attack. For more information, you can visit

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