Premiere and Panel Discussion with the WHISTLE-BLOWERS

A whistle-blower is a person who informs on a person or organization engaged in an illicit activity.

Whistle-blowers are heroes and catalysts for true reforms

Does another child have to die in NYS before a nearly 20-year-old funded mandate is complied with?”

— Kathy Cole

ALBANY, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 25, 2018 / — Premiere and Panel Discussion with the WHISTLE-BLOWERS
6PM – 10PM

July 30th Bus Boys and Poets

2021 14th Street NW Washington DC

Fraud, pay to play, dysfunction, abuse of power, toothless anti-corruption laws and more public officials arrested than any other state in the union; New York State is not only a mess, it’s a national embarrassment.

Yet rising from this muck is an unlikely hero: Long Island mother of five, the indomitable Kathy Cole.

By 2001, two New York school children had been crushed to death by automatic partitions at their school’s gym. Education Law 409-f was passed to ensure safety devices were installed in all schools in the state. Over the next nearly two decades New York taxpayers dished out $70 million to install and maintain this equipment.

To Kathy Cole, these devices are her business; she’s contracted with the state and city government to get schools up to code. The vast majority of school officials have been telling the taxpayers this problem was solved—children were no longer at risk. But Kathy Cole discovered systemic non compliance in both New York State and New York City Schools schools ; meaning the top education officials responsible for enforcement and compliance were lying as well.. It gets better, the NYS Attorney general is defending those lies.

Where’d all that money go? And New York kids and faculty are still in danger from these moving partitions? Does another child have to die in NYS before a nearly 20-year-old funded mandate is complied with?

Not if Kathy Cole has anything to say about it. Whistleblowers, the first joint project for filmmakers Sola Adenekan and Michael Reichenberg of St8cked Media, documents the fallout of standing up and speaking out. It’s a journey through the darkest parts of government and the hardest parts of telling the truth. Kathy Cole is fearless and her story is both harrowing and heartwarming. Whistleblowers features a range of other “snitches” blowing the whistle on the most corrupt state in the union

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Source: EIN Presswire