Karen Lucchesi & Former DEA Special Agent Phil Jordan Connect for an Exclusive Book Tour

Karen Lucchesi & Phil Jordan

Innocence Texas

Lucchesi & Jordan will speak out against past and current instances of government corruption.

DALLAS, TX, UNITED STATES, July 21, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Karen Lucchesi & Former DEA Special Agent Phil Jordan join forces on August 4, 2018 (1-3pm CDT) at Southlake, Texas’ Barnes & Noble, for an exclusive tour of her best-selling book, "Innocent Woman, The Karen Lucchesi Story.”

In addition to both leaders speaking out against past and current instances of government corruption, Lucchesi plans to read book excerpts that detail her harrowing real-life story of how she was framed for laundering money and facing a 10-year prison sentence for a crime she did not commit.

To this day, Lucchesi believes she was set up – framed – by a conniving federal investigator and an unethical lawyer. Confident of possessing ironclad proof of her innocence, Lucchesi sought a trial rather than taking a plea deal. During her trial, Lucchesi noted that key pieces of evidence that could have swayed the jury in her case were not allowed to be entered— including polygraph tests, undercover videotapes, and reported fraud before her case even started.

Instead, a jury convicted her after a one-day trial, and a judge sentenced her to six years. Her term began on Jan. 30, 2004.

“Hearing the door shut. Knowing my family was gone. Lying in the top bunk. Staring at the ceiling. The emptiness. Shackles and handcuffs. Not knowing where you’re going. Roach infested room. Feeling hungry. The mental abuse. Walking down a long tunnel. Am I ever going to get home?” Lucchesi chillingly reminisces when describing her unlawful incarceration.

While she was in prison, former DEA Special Agent in Charge of the Dallas office Phil Jordan reviewed her case. He found no evidence of money laundering. “In simple words, I can just say that this is a clear case of entrapment,” Jordan said. “An innocent woman went to prison wrongfully.”

Now embarking on a media tour to spotlight awareness on innocent citizens that are traumatized by unfair prosecution, Lucchesi has appeared on CBS, WFAA Ch. 8, graced the Fort Worth Weekly cover, has spoken at countless national events, while “INNOCENT WOMAN” remains one of the top-selling biographies by a woman on Amazon.

"I hope to inspire others with my memoir," Lucchesi concludes. "No matter what challenges in life you come across, you can overcome them with faith, passion, and determination.”

Karen Lucchesi, a passionate advocate against wrongful convictions, has launched a charitable fundraiser for Innocence Texas, an organization that provides free, first-class investigative and legal services to indigent prisoners serving time for crimes they did not commit.


Aurora DeRose
Aurora DeRose
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Christian Comic Arts Society to Deliver the Best In Talent, Themes & Topical Discussions of Faith at Comic-Con Intl.

Comic-con International

Christian Comic Arts Society

SAN DIEGO, CA, USA, July 19, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — The largest pop-culture entertainment event in the world, COMIC-CON INTERNATIONAL: SAN DIEGO 2018 kicks off this week with an attendance of more than 125,000 per day with hundreds of thousands more attending related events in downtown San Diego.

The CHRISTIAN COMIC ARTS SOCIETY is honored to partner with Brentwood Studios & the Aetherlight MMO to deliver top talent, projects, and compelling events open to all Comic-Con attendees.

The Christian Comic Arts Society will be hosting three events as part of the official Comic-Con programming and will exhibit throughout the convention in the Small Press area #P-08. Courtesy of Brentwood Studios and Tyndale House Publishers, Con attendees will receive a copy of book one in “The Delusion” Young Adult novel series by Laura Gallier available at the CCAS events while supplies last.

Comic-Con events include:

Friday 07/20/2018, 8:30-10:00 pm, Christian Comic Arts Society Mixer in Room 26AB
Featured: Bryan Mero (Spirit Knight), Tim Cleary (Aetherlight MMO), Dan Lynch (“BibleForce”), Eric Jansen (Foursquare Mission Press), Geoff Strout (Faithful Creative), moderators Scott A. Shuford (FrontGate Media) and Joe Queen (Geeky Guys for God) and more. Join the Christian Comic Arts Society as they partner again with Geeky Guys for God for the 10th annual mixer. This is an opportunity for Christian professionals, fans, artists, and writers to intermingle, socialize and network. There will be a trivia game and prizes will be awarded to those attendees who know their geek trivia.

Saturday 07/21/2018, 7:00-8:00 pm, Spiritual Themes in Comics in Room 4
Featured: David Walker (Luke Cage), B. David Walters (Electropunk), Tim Cleary (Aetherlight MMO), Travis Hanson (Beanleaf Press), Buzz Dixon (Serenity), Jessica Tseang (Comic Book Historian) and Kyle Keene (Moderator). With spiritual themes central to comic book related movies such as “Black Panther” and “Wonder Woman” and animated movies like Pixar’s “Coco”, panelists will explore how the spiritual themes central to these stories reflect the reality of the spiritual beliefs of the cultures featured. They will also explore how spiritual depictions in movies, comic books, fantasy, and science fiction impact the society. Always a lively discussion, this will mark the 21st year that the Christian Comic Arts Society has hosted the Spiritual Themes in Comics panel at San Diego.

Sunday 07/22/2017, 10:00-11:00 am, Christian Comic Arts Society in Room 28DE
Featured: Sergio Cariello (Action Bible), Scott Zambelli (Topps – Transformers), Jackson Fong (Baptist Church), Carmi Greene (actress), and Ralph Miley (CCAS President). Join the Christian Comic Arts Society along with Geeks4God, and Geeky Guys for God as we celebrate the Open Meeting of the CCAS on Sunday morning. Christian professionals in the entertainment industry will discuss their faith and how it influences them in their professions, their decisions, and the creative process.

Also, as in years past, CCAS will be featuring book signings and giveaways throughout the weekend at their booth, #P-08.

For more information on the Comic-Con International: San Diego, go to https://www.comic-con.org.

Christian Comic Arts Society (CCAS) was formed in 1984 to locate and link Christians interested or active in the comic book/graphic novel medium. CCAS sponsors comic industry activities at various comic conventions across the country, and Alpha Omega, the APA of Christian comics. The goal and purpose of CCAS is to support Christian professionals, hopefuls and enthusiasts within the Comic Book and related industries by providing opportunities for: 1. The sharing of the Christian message and our Christian faith, primarily within and through the comic book industry and art form. 2. Mentoring, training, friendship and networking. 3. The collaboration on and creation of visual storytelling. The CCAS is governed by a volunteer board which includes Ralph Miley (New Creation,) Holly Knevelbaard (Illustrator,) Clint D. Johnson (“FaithWalker”,) Luis Serrano (“Samson The Nazirite”,) and Scott A. Shuford (FrontGate Media) along with numerous volunteers from the comic industry and the Church. For more information on the Christian Comic Arts Society, go to www.ChristianComicArts.com, https://Facebook.com/ChristianComicArts, or https://Twitter.com/ChristianComics.

Started in 2008 by former VeggieTales executives, Brentwood Studios partners with producers and content owners to develop new ideas, and manage brands that kids love and parents appreciate. Leveraging experience, creative, and strategic thinking, Brentwood Studios works with our partners to create new products and advance licensing, strategic alliances, distribution, sales, and marketing. Brentwood is led by Bob Starnes, Brock Starnes and Dan Lynch who joined the team in 2016. Dan most recently served as Publisher and Founder at B&H Kids, a division of Lifeway and prior as VP/Publisher for TommyNelson. Brentwood Studios is based in Franklin, Tennessee. http://www.brentwoodstudios.net

# # #

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Hallet Oak Gallery Student Show featuring Satori Davis, Award- Winning Artist

Original Art by Satori Davis

Color Pencil by Satori Davis

Saturday, July 28, 2018 2 PM – 4 PM

Satori is an outstanding and hardworking student, I look forward to her future.”

— Stacy Powers, Hallettsville High School Art Teacher

HALLETTSVILLE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, July 17, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Hallet Oak Gallery Student Show
Satori Davis, Award- Winning Artist
Saturday, July 28, 2018 2 PM – 4 PM

Hallet Oak Gallery is pleased to announce a Student Show featuring Satori Davis, an award-winning pop and realism artist, on Saturday, July 28, 2018. A free opening reception will be held from 2 PM to 4 PM. The student art exhibit will be on display through August 25, 2018.

Satori Davis, a black American and 2018 graduate of Hallettsville High School, promises to dazzle audiences with her artistic diverse style of realism and pop art. Her art teacher, Staci Powers, explains, “Satori is an outstanding and hardworking student, I look forward to her future.”

Satori uses real objects, people, and animals for subjects to create one-of-a-kind artworks. A true naturalist, she loves to draw things as they are in real life making her work very life-like. Winning Best-of-Show twice in the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Art Contest gave her a scholarship opportunity to attend the Glassell School of Art. Satori, also, won the Patriotic Art Award through the Lavaca Memorial VFW Auxiliary #6382 three times; she won the 2017 Hallet Oak Gallery’s Christmas Art Contest; a 2017 South Central Texas Art League scholarship to attend a portrait workshop; and a 2018 Hallet Oak Foundation scholarship.

Hallet Oak Gallery is a 501 (3) C non-profit fine art, performance, and learning center. Among it’s six main activity programs, is to provide art exhibits that showcase established and emerging artists.

Hallet Oak Gallery is located downtown Hallettsville, in the historic Kahn & Stanzel Bldg., 115 N. Main St., Hallettsville, TX 77964. To book group tours – contact linda@halletoakgallery.com or leave a message at 361-217-7030. The building is handicap assessable. To view calendar-of-events, bookmark: www.halletoakgallery.com.

Mieko Mahi
Hallet Oak Gallery
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Hallet Oak Gallery PSA

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Trish Martin of Neuroplasticity & Education United to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

JENISON, MICHIGAN, UNITED STATES, July 17, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Our democracy depends on literacy. We need a literate society to be able to make informed decisions. But according to recent national statistics, the current reading proficiency score for fourth graders is 32 percent.

Trish Martin is the founder of Neuroplasticity & Education United, where she works with school districts across the country, training teachers how to teach reading by unlocking the power of neuroplasticity.

“We try to make reading as addictive as a video game,” says Martin. “When kids come to us entering kindergarten, they come wanting to learn.”

After 25 years as a speech pathologist, Martin has spent the last 14 years teaching and promoting the fundamental building blocks of literacy through a revolutionary, scientifically and evidence-based instructional series. She developed the “Neuroplasticity: Rewiring the Brain” series and has authored multiple instructional curriculum books, student workbooks along with extensive support materials and instructional videos. She is now expanding to provide parents the support materials they need to help their child get to the next level.

The English language has 44 sounds and approximately 256 ways to spell them. English has four layers: Anglo-Saxon, Latin, Greek and French. Once we get to fourth grade, the words the child is being asked to read will be 60 percent Latin or Greek in origin.

“The educational system at the university level rarely teaches the subtler aspects of how the language goes together, or how to actually teach a child to read,” says Martin. “We have not provided the necessary instruction to the child for them to be able to read to their potential.”

“If I were to send my granddaughter to a piano teacher, the first thing the piano teacher would do is teach the keys of the piano. So if I'm going to be an elementary teacher, I should probably know how many sounds there are in the English language that I need to teach and understand that words are built by linking syllables together.”

Of course, teachers face many challenges. The brain is a use-it-or-lose-it system; whatever neurological pathways are used the most will build the strongest highways. Children today are spending approximately four hours each day in front of a visual screen. This in turn builds powerful visual roads in the brain. Unfortunately children spend significantly less time than children in prior generations processing oral language and developing their auditory system. They are also spending less time stimulating their imagination which also requires language.

“They have weak roads in the brain,” says Martin. “Once you understand where things live in the brain, you can figure out how to design a task to build that road. We have to train teachers how to do that. You can use any content you want. I use literacy.”

Martin says unlocking the reading code is not just about the children that struggle.

“I have spent years fine-tuning these lessons, so any teacher or parent is capable of improving their child's capacity to read,” says Martin. “Every child benefit, and your high-end reader just explodes.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Trish Martin in an interview with Jim Masters on July 19th and July 26th at 11am EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio. If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information, visit http://www.neued.org

Lou Ceparano
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Susan Hastings of Creative Communications Center to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

HANOVER, NEW HAMPSHIRE, UNITED STATES, July 17, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Do you really want what you say you want, or do you just want to want it?

Susan Hastings is the president and founder of the Creative Communications Center, a visionary seminar, consulting, coaching and hypnotherapy company. By combining the best of traditional and non-traditional approaches, she works with people to realize their potential and to make a difference. Today, Hastings one of the top course leaders for the American Management Association, an international seminar company.

Hastings offers her services through workshops, seminars, hypnotherapy and coaching, and her book, journal, teleseries and her book Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet: Ten Visionaries Who Make a Difference. Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet: Ten Visionaries Who Make a Difference offers advice from ten influential, visionary leaders who write from the heart and soul on how to live a more purposeful, fulfilling life.

“Synchronicity" is one of my favorite words, and it had a big influence in how I chose the ten visionaries to write a chapter in my book,” says Hastings. “The book is a wonderful reminder of the things we know but need to reinforce in our lives to reconnect with the spiritual essence that resides deep within each of us. The spiritual and the practical are intertwined.”

Now 82 years old, Hastings reflects on her strong values to make a differences, but she’s not done yet. She recently launched Hastings Hypnotherapy to continue a lifetime of great work.

“I wanted to do hypnotherapy because I wanted to go deeper with people,” says Hastings. “Coaching is great, therapy is great, but hypnosis takes you to a whole different level. I truly have seen lives transformed with this.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Susan Hastings in an interview with Jim Masters on July 19th at 10am EDT.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Creative Communications Center, visit www.adifference.com and www.hastingshypnotherapy.com

Walking the Spiritual Path with Practical Feet: Ten Visionaries Who Make a Difference – the book, journal and CDs – are available at www.adifference.com.

Lou Ceparano
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Were the Founding Fathers Drunk when they Declared America's Independence?

The Author

With Vice President Pence

New book reveals some of the most enduring, and outlandish myths in American History. Many of which are still taught in classrooms across America to this day.

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, JEFFERSON, July 16, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Available for Radio, TV and Print Publication Interviews

In the his new book "Unknown America," Myths and little known oddities about the greatest nation on earth,
Historian, political commentator and talk radio host Michael Hart reveals some of the most fascinating, obscure, and overlooked facts in American History. Hart also exposes many of the most enduring American history myths, many which are still taught in schools to this day.

In "Unknown America" you will also meet some of the most fascinating unknown Americans. People that although they made incredible contributions to this nation, have either been lost to history or their stories simply untold.

Here are just a few of the remarkable stories you will learn about in the pages of Unknown America:

*Illustrations of the signing of the Declaration of Independence depict an event that never happened. *One US state has had 3 Governors in a single day and the incredible reason why.
*The African American slave that sued for her freedom in an American Court, and won! *Who really flew the first airplane and why the Wright Brothers story is wrong.
*Strange plans hatched by the US Military. Including cats as spies and bats as bombs and more. *The truth about the slave trade in America. And about the slaves that owned slaves.
*The role IBM unwittingly played in the deaths of millions of Jews during the Holocaust.
*The United States President that was gay. Who he was and how do we know?
*That America's has already had a female President. *The falsehoods of the Rosa Parks story. How her story was manufactured for the media.
*The enduring legend of Betsy Ross was completely fabricated. And by who?
*The fascinating inspiration behind Apple's logo. And why there's a bite taken out of the Apple?
*The Presidential hopeful that asked John Wayne to be his running mate. And the Duke's curious response.
*The Mother of Rock and Roll. Yes, this musical genre was started by a women. Move over Chuck Berry.
*That Abner Doubleday had nothing to do with inventing Baseball. There's a document that proves it.
*The book about a passenger liner that sinks years before the Titanic. And the disturbing coincidences.
*Bizarre oddities from every state in America. Including one state where selling margarine is illegal.
*That July 4th, 1776 is not America's actual Independence day. And about the drunken party that occurred on the real day. So were America's Founding Fathers plastered when they declared America's Independence from England? You'll find out in the pages of UNKNOWN AMERICA.

The revelations in Unknown America will captivate audiences of all ages as they discover things about America they were never taught or that the history books just have wrong!

In addition to debunking many of the most enduring myths in American history "Unknown America" delights readers with little known oddities and Americana rarely found in mainstream history books in chapters such as:

Unknown Religion
Unknown Black History
Unknown Military
Unknown Sports
Unknown Politics
Unknown States
Unknown Americans
and more!

To schedule a Radio, TV or Publication interview with Michael Hart, author of Unknown America:

Contact: Tracy Cox

Michael Hart
Hart of America
205 362 6419
email us here

Discussing the book on the Igniting A Nation Program

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Acclaimed Author JP Robinson Announces Release of Second Book in the “Secrets of Versailles” Series

Bride Tree by JP Robinson

“Bride Tree” centers around the diabolical plot of a secret agent from Rome and the struggle of Marie Antoinette during the chaos of the French Revolution.

PHILADELPHIA, PA, USA, July 16, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — Fans of romantic historical fiction will be delighted to read the much-anticipated second book in the “Secrets of Versailles” series entitled “Bride Tree.” Author JP Robinson builds upon the success of the first installment, “Twiceborn,” with this exciting and vivid tale.

“Bride Tree” centers around the diabolical plot of a secret agent from Rome and the struggle of Marie Antoinette during the heated chaos of the French Revolution. The book is a romantic thriller saturated with suspense, lavish detail, and plot twists–hallmarks of Robinson’s work that will entice any lover of great fiction.

Fusing elements of alternative history with layers of dramatic intrigue, “Bride Tree” presents a compelling message for women of the 21st century, challenging readers to rise above the superficial and unmask the truth.

"Contemporary society bombards women of all ages with the message that beauty and appeal are the keys to success,” explains the author, “but that's just not true. We've created a world in which many wear masks, but few know the liberating power that real love brings. Christ showed us that truth and love are synonymous. They are aspects of God's nature that set us free to experience a life-changing walk with Him. 'Bride Tree' drives that point home.”

Robinson will be featured as a speaker at the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writer's Conference on July 26-28, 2018. The workshop will focus on how to successfully write historical fiction/memoirs/(auto)biographies, and copies of “Bride Tree” will be available at a discounted rate to all attendees. In addition to his two most recent works, Robinson enjoys sharing his love for “truth through drama” with various book readings and events throughout the nation. He has done multiple interviews about his love of bringing history to life through narrative tales.

“Bride Tree” is available now in multiple formats, on Amazon, Amazon Kindle Unlimited, and at Barnes and Noble. It will also be available in audiobook format in late fall of 2018.

About the Author:
JP Robinson knew early on that writing was his passion, and as a teen, he wrote for the Times Beacon Records newspaper in New York where he began to receive local recognition for his literary prowess. He earned degrees in French and English and is a state-certified teacher of French history. He is known for creating vivid, high-adrenaline plots filled with unexpected twists. He currently resides with his wife and children in Pennsylvania. You can find out more about his books and upcoming works at his website: https://www.jprobinsonbooks.com.


"Bride Tree"
Purchase on Amazon and Barnes and Noble
Paperback: 978-0-9997793-0-9
Hardcover: 978-0-9997793-2-3
Paperback: $15.99
Ebook: $2.99 (or free with Kindle Unlimited)
Hardcover: $28.91

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Hodgson's Daring Book Seeks to Discover Your True Very Soul

“Square Hole for a Square Peg”

Hodgson's Daring Book Seeks to Discover Your True Very Soul

STOURPORT-ON-SEVERN, UNITED KINGDOM, July 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — When you are a square peg desperately trying to squeeze into the proverbial hole, you can't be at your best. Some time in our lives we are tangled with being liked and our actions approved by others. A move that may lose sight who we really are.

Knowing your worth and what your life becomes can be sorted out by a book titled "Square Hole for a Square Peg" by Author Exona Moll.

The most engaging book for people who disliked themselves for being alienated and for not fitting in. "Square Hole for a Square Peg" make readers see beyond and urge them to own the situation.

For Exona Moll, only when she decided to be tough that her life changed for the better for no one can do more to improve your happiness and your life than you can.

About the Author:
My life seemed of no particular use. I did not fit in well with my fellows around me. Over time I decided, rather than try to alter myself, I would try to alter my surroundings. After achieving a degree of success I thought it might be helpful to others, to write my story down. Hence ‘A Square Hole for a Square Peg’ came to be written.

Product details
Paperback: 52 pages
Publisher: Authorcentrix, Inc. (June 6, 2018)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1641334495
ISBN-13: 978-1641334495
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.1 x 9 inches

Book Availability:
Amazon – http://amzn.to/2zqXspw
Barnes & Noble – http://bit.ly/2N5Wst6

Exona Moll
888 504 0951
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My Top 100 Tweets'' is the ONLY solution to turn your top Tweets into a beautiful book

Turn your best Tweets into a beautiful book

Collect all your favorite Tweets in the palm of your hand.

By linking social media networks at large to books, we invite our users to step back and appreciate the
mood board of their content on a timeless medium”

— Philippe Bruno

BORDEAUX, FRANCE, July 13, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — BlookUp, a technology startup specialized in printing the best of social media posts and blogs, announces the availability of ‘’My Top 100 Tweets’’ on the US market. For the first time, a company is offering an ergonomic and innovative online solution to print the user’s most popular

Twitter is one of the fastest-paced social networks. Content either quickly fades away unnoticed or is immediately commented on, re-Tweeted or reacted to, before getting lost in the Twitter feed and disappearing into oblivion. With BlookUp, Twitter users have now the ability to save their greatest
moments by creating a unique book gathering their one hundred most popular posts.

Collect all your favorite Tweets in the palm of your hand. “My Top 100 Tweets” is a truly unique tool for social memorabilia targeting Twitter users and business professionals who want to preserve some of their greatest social moments. BlookUp easily and instantaneously imports up to 3,200 tweets from a user’s Twitter feed and automatically identifies and extracts the most popular ones of a given period, creating a Twitter best-of.

“My top 100 Tweets’’ is a collection of ranked Tweets in descending order, from number 100 to number 1, to maintain suspense up until the very end! The ranking relies on an algorithm that analyzes the user’s most liked and most re-Tweeted posts. The printing layout is then automatically generated. ‘’By linking social media networks at large to books, we invite our users to step back and appreciate the mood board of their content on a timeless medium,’’ says Philippe Bruno, Founder, and CEO of BlookUp. ‘’After offering blog books, Facebook books, Instagram books, and Tumblr books, we are proud to introduce Twitter users to an exclusive selection of their most popular Tweets. Turning a page is more entertaining and enduring than scrolling a timeline!’’ concludes Philippe Bruno using a metaphor.

Creating a Twitter book is intuitive and user-friendly. A client simply connects to www.blook-up.com and links their Twitter account via a secure protocol. No download is required; the customer’s book is ready for high-quality printing in minutes. In just one week, the shipment is ready to go, and the delivery occurs in
one to two weeks within order confirmation.

‘’My Top 100 Tweets’’ is available for order on www.blookup.com at $22.00 per copy.

Founded in 2012 in France (Bordeaux), BlookUp has launched a new generation of user-friendly books to fill the gap between social media accounts and physical, timeless books. BlookUp is an integrated solution offering users the opportunity to turn their social media feeds (Facebook, Instagram and now Twitter), their blog or their Tumblr into beautiful books in just a few clicks. The solution does not require any file upload or application download. Users simply connect their social media accounts to BlookUp via a secure protocol to automatically generate beautiful books. The collection is created thanks to an algorithm that surveys the content and simplifies the selection process. Ready to print in minutes, an online version remains available for viewing for a 6-month period when users create an
account. BlookUp delivers books globally.

Maryse Camelan
425 985 2121
French Tech Hub
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Life's Ripples Revealed in a Book With Complete Bliss

Time Ripples: A Gift of Love

Life's Ripples Revealed in a Book With Complete Bliss

LEXINGTON, MA, UNITED STATES, July 12, 2018 /EINPresswire.com/ — It's a fact of life that we all experience ups and downs throughout our lifetimes. The stress of these "life ripples" can lead people to struggle to deal with the effects. Good thing there is Robert Wellington’s book, "Time Ripples, A Gift of Love", a compilation of poetry, prose, and essays that address many of the issues and circumstances people encounter during daily journeys.

Tremendously, this book converts people's perspective about life and the author willingly hands his readers some reflections that are truly meaningful and thought provoking. Every page presents a striking insight and perspective on life in today's crazy world.

It is like a new-found friend ready to gently give perspective, and deep insight into everyday life. The author believes each journey is to be enjoyed and helps his readers view challenges from a higher perspective, through a lens of clearer and loftier focus.

"Seek not to change the world, but choose to change your mind about the world. What you see reflects your thinking, and you're thinking reflects your choice of what you want to see." A Course in Miracles

Time Ripples is comprised of thoughts and inspirations which occurred to the author during meditation and prayer over many years. We all have access to these ideas. We have to quit the noisy confusion of our minds through patient meditation and ultimately, contemplation. The poems and essays contain inspirational thoughts that will help you take charge of your life.

About the Author:
Robert H. Wellington is a lover of spirit in all its infinite forms, from family and friendships to escaping in nature. He is a husband, father, grandfather and businessman. He finds great peace in the outdoors and has participated in and/or led many canoe trips through Canada's pristine waterways. It is from these trips that he draws the inspiration for Water Wisdom. Finding spiritual continuity and connectedness across all of life’s experiences has been his passion and as he puts it, "a joyful ride indeed."

Product Details
Time Ripples: A Gift of Love
Paperback: 174 pages
Publisher: AuthorCentrix, Inc. (August 25, 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1947352946
ISBN-13: 978-1947352940
Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.4 x 9 inches

Book Availability:
Amazon – http://amzn.to/2m9Nhw8
Barnes & Noble – http://bit.ly/2ueFLo6

Robert H. Wellington
888 504 0951
email us here

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