Marketing Professional Danielle Page Fleischer Explains How an Author Can Promote Themselves

SARASOTA, FL, UNITED STATES, August 10, 2018 / — There are many different ways for offers to promote themselves. So many, in fact, that many feel overwhelmed and confused by it. Danielle Page Fleischer, and established a social media marketer and marketing professional believes that social media is the best way for authors to get their name out there and become recognized.

Danielle Page Fleischer on Using Social Media to Become an Established Author

According to Danielle Page Fleischer, social media is one of the most important marketing tools available to people today, while also being the one that has brought about the greatest change. Before social media, businesses, including authors, which speak to their audience. They will simply tell them what was available and where to buy it and leave it at that. Since the advent of social media, businesses have to speak with their audience. People now have questions that they want to answer before making any purchasing decisions. This has been made possible through the two-way communication that social media offers.

Danielle Page Fleischer has revealed a number of key tips that authors can use in order to make sure their book gets not just published but also found, purchased, and red. They include:

1. To use Twitter to announce attendance at work conferences and to provide a giveaway. Something as simple as the promise of a free autograph or even a free bookmark for anyone who attends a conference will immediately attract attention.

2. To focus on where Tweets in reply to those posted by offers are coming from. The fact that there are many Twitter bots is a well-known issue nowadays and offers must be aware of the fact that they might have been picked up by a bot and not a genuine prospective fan. If they do not identify this, there are genuine readers might and they will instantly become disappointed in the author for using bots, even if they actually have no involvement in this. Monitoring a Twitter following is there for incredibly important.

3. To use Pinterest to its greatest advantage. According to Danielle Fleischer, Pinterest is a fascinating social media platform, but one that is significantly underutilized by a range of professionals, including authors. Pinterest is a fantastic way to provide people with snippets of a new book, attract attention to stories, and more.

4. To have a blog as a starting point and to link this to all available social media websites. All good blogs have widgets that can automatically link them to sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, and more. By starting with the blog and having it share any posts automatically to all the other sites, an author creates consistency among their followers and ensures that everybody gets the same information regardless of which platform they prefer to use.

5. To never hide anything. One of the issues of social media is that people can quite literally say whatever they want to say. As the author of a social media profile, it is possible to simply remove anything that is not positive, interesting, or relevant. However, this would be a huge mistake. Authors must work on their reputation and that means accepting criticism and responding to it in an appropriate manner rather than hiding it.

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