NER Press Author Blasts Jewish Voice for Peace

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, October 8, 2018 / — New English Review Press author Eric Rozenman took aim at the Jewish Voice for Peace’s report entitled “Dangerous Exchange,” which is aimed at stopping Israeli training of US police in counter-terrorism strategies.

“Targeting Israeli-American police cooperation that strengthens U.S. law enforcement programs to keep all Americans safer is just the latest in JVP’s decades-long use of bogus charges,” said Eric Rozenman, author of Jews Make the Best Demons:'Palestine' and the Jewish Question. “These have included allegations of Israeli massacres and starvation of Palestinian Arabs while ignoring Palestinian violations of Palestinian as well as Israeli human rights. As I note in Jews Make the Best Demons, ‘delusions that American Jewish organizations conspire with Israeli police to teach U.S. law enforcement how to suppress blacks … agitate the susceptible.’ Agitating those susceptible to anti-Zionist antisemitism is Jewish Voice for Peace’s raison d’etre.”

“It is our understanding that American-Israeli partnerships of this kind help our security teams to know what signs to look for when searching crowds for potential terrorists,” added NER Press publisher Rebecca Bynum. “In this era of increasingly intrusive searches for everything from airports to parades and marathon races to Christmas celebrations, we need smart searches that can pull people aside who are acting suspiciously before they enter crowded areas. This is what the Israelis are teaching our police – how to spot suspicious behavior before someone detonates a bomb, or commits a mass shooting or wild stabbing. Why would anyone want to prevent common sense counter-terror measures? Some organizations will use any excuse to demonize Israel.”

“Jewish Voice for Peace continues peddling anti-Zionist antisemitism,” continued Rozenman, “No one should be fooled.”

NER Press is committed to fighting antisemitism in all its guises. Eric Rozenman’s book, Jews Make the Best Demons:'Palestine' and the Jewish Question, will be released on October 22. It is available for pre-order now.

Rebecca Bynum
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Source: EIN Presswire