Smith Publicity Tips for Authors: Using Social Media to Augment Book Marketing Campaigns

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Social Media – When Done Correctly – Can Enhance a Book Marketing Campaign

Some experts believe social media is useless when promoting a book, and others go so far as saying social media is absolutely essential to book publicity.

The truth is somewhere in between.”

— Dan Smith

CHERRY HILL, NJ, U.S., January 4, 2019 / — Social media is everywhere and has affected virtually every industry. From advertising and branding to consumer reviews and viral videos, the impact of social media can’t be overstated. It’s no different with book marketing. Authors are all over platforms; from Facebook and Twitter to Instagram and LinkedIn.

Some experts tell authors social media is for the most part useless when promoting a book, and others go so far as saying social media is absolutely essential to book publicity.

The truth is somewhere in between these two viewpoints.

The Smith Publicity view on social media is straightforward: If authors can afford to pay someone to handle their social media, or if they have sufficient time to do it on their own, it’s a great way to augment a book publicity campaign.

While there are agencies that promote a book through social media only, such services are typically combined with digital marketing and paid advertising, so they aren't truly social media campaigns. In our experience, relying only on social media will typically not move the needle significantly when it comes to book sales, and some type of book PR service should be employed.

Social media does provide credibility for an author. Many media contacts will check out an author’s online footprint and special media platforms to see if there are “legitimate.” That’s why you’ll often read about an author or see or hear them in an interview, and note that the number of followers they have on a platform – if it’s a high number!

However, many authors don't consider this fact: If you’re going to be on social media, keep your profiles and activity current, or, stay off social media altogether. It’s better not to be on social media than have a Twitter account that’s been dormant for a year or a Facebook page that doesn't even have your picture. You’ll have more credibility, ironically, if you have no social media presence but have a terrific website, than if you have an impressive social media following and a terrible website.

The two roads of book publicity and social media merge perfectly together when one supports the other. For example, re-purposing media runs – interviews, print coverage, etc. – on social media is an excellent way to populate platforms with good content. You significantly expand the reach of your media coverage by pushing it through to your social media followers.

Additionally, reaching out to an editor or producer via social media, or mentioning them in your own posts, tweets, etc. can be a great way to establish media connections that could then result in coverage. Also, simple things such as thanking a host or editor via social media after you have an interview or are covered in print can mean a lot to a media contact – it will make you more memorable and can lead to additional opportunities.
Author social media activities can go awry if an author doesn't avoid a few common mistakes such as:

• Being overly promotional. If you go online and tell people how great your book is, you’ll look pushy, amateurish, and desperate. You need to provide information, tips, or do something fun with your followers to forge authentic connections that subsequently motivate them to buy your book.
• Engaging in controversial or negative conversations. Let’s face it, social media – as wonderful as it can be – can extremely negative, often teeming with negativity. For authors, treat social media like a business. You’re not there to comment on politics or celebrities, you’re there to spread word about you and your book. Jump into controversial topics, and it can be a rabbit hole you’ll regret for a very long time.
• Mixing business with your personal life on social media. You can have author platforms or personal ones, just don't mix the two.
• If you want to comment on other books, follow the rule of: if you don't have something nice to say, don’t say anything. Positivity breeds positivity, and the same applies to negativity.
• Don't be on too many platforms. Typically, authors should choose two platforms and devote their time to maintaining them.
• Choose the right platforms. For books that include photographs or visuals, or cover a topic that lends itself to visuals, Instagram can be ideal. Business book authors should generally always be on LinkedIn, and Twitter (again, if you have the time to keep it current) can be effective for all authors.
• Give something to get something. The best way to get something – a book sale, for example – is to give something first. Offer a free chapter download of your book. Create a fun contest that your followers will genuinely enjoy. Offer to give books away to a specific number of people if they reach out to you by a certain time.

Social media can be an excellent tool to augment a traditional book marketing campaign. In our experience at Smith Publicity, it is difficult to fully promote a book through social media alone. Book marketing and traditional media coverage remains the most direct, effective way to spark book sales, enhance author brands, and create additional opportunities such as speaking engagements, new business opportunities, etc.

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Paul Casey of Growing Forward to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

WEST RICHLAND, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2019 / — Every great performer needs a coach to take them to the next level.

Certified life coach, author, speaker Paul Casey loves to help people take action and achieve their goals. Casey is the founder of Growing Forward Services, where he specializes in leadership and self-leadership coaching, team building and professional speaking services.

“Leadership development is critical for anyone aspiring to have positive influence,” says Casey. “Leaders who don't lead themselves very well or lack self-awareness can leave a mess in their wake.”

Casey helps leaders identify their strengths and passions to determine what they want out of leadership and sets the action plans that will make the biggest impact on the leader’s future.

“It all comes down to relationships and vision,” says Casey. “Do you care about me and where are you taking me? So many employees are confused because their leaders aren't giving them that crystal-clear picture. Some leaders are strong in vision but lack interpersonal skills with those in the trenches.”

Casey began his career as a grade school teacher at 22. By 24, he was the school’s vice-principal. By 26, he was principal.

“Twenty-six is pretty young to be a principal. Everybody was older than me,” recalls Casey. “It was a trial by fire. I had to learn to be a leader, how to learn the personality styles of my staff. Along my journey of being an educator and administrator for five non-profit organizations, I realized I had a passion for helping people grow. My passion for leadership and teaching and speaking was born out of those strengths. It’s something that energizes me.”

Casey says his sweet spot is working with clients who are middle managers that haven't reached that CEO pinnacle yet. They want to keep growing but feel pressure from above and below.

“Leaders need to get stronger,” says Casey. “Sometimes people get promoted to their level of incompetence. They're great technically, but they're not great people and now everyone under them has to suffer because they don't know how to lead.

“Companies without a good, solid leadership development program, do their people a disservice by placing them in a leadership position without coaching or training along the way. I just feel like that's my sweet spot, the helping people pick up those practical tools that they can apply tomorrow.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Paul Casey in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on January 7th at 3pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

For more information on Growing Forward, visit

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Sexual Health Educator Dr. Brenda Dressler to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

BOYNTON BEACH, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, January 4, 2019 / — Sexual health is the ability to embrace and enjoy our sexuality. It is an important part of our physical and emotional health.

Society’s belief that older adults lack interest in sexual activity is a myth. Men and women are sexual beings, quite capable of sexual response throughout their lives.

Though it is clear that sex is important for many older adults, it is not often discussed, but there is reason to believe attitudes towards senior sex are changing. With Viagra and Cialis and other pharmaceuticals, sex for people over 60 is becoming a “cultural happening.”

Dr. Brenda Dressler is an expert and educator on human sexuality and currently writing a book Sex beyond 60: Myths and Facts is a self-help book offering a vast amount of easily accessible information on sexual activity and sexual health that can help resolve problems that men and women have as they age.

“Seniors who are in fairly good health and who have an available and interested sex partner have the potential to experience excitement and orgasm in their 70s and 80s,” says Dr. Dressler. “As people age, desire for sex may diminish, however, the need for caring and intimate touch remains strong. Touch provides magnificent physical and emotional benefits.”

A sex and health educator for fifty years, Dr. Dressler began her career as a New York City public school teacher in upper Manhattan, where she initiated the first sex education program in the late 1960s that continued through 1984. As a leading sex educator, she was profiled in Newsday in 1989 for her work in developing a sex education program in the high schools.

Topics discussed in Sex beyond 60: Myths and Facts include benefits of sexual activity for seniors, sexual dysfunctions and Food and Drug Administration (FDA-approved treatment options, experimental and promising new treatments, the new sexual revolution in erectile technology, health conditions, disability and sexuality, seniors’ sexual attitudes, sexual activities and satisfaction, sexually transmitted infections, taking and sharing sexual health history, negotiating safer sex and sex in long-term care.

CUTV News Radio will feature Dr. Brenda Dressler in an interview with Doug Llewelyn on January 8th at 1pm EST.

Listen to the show on BlogTalkRadio.

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Baxter’s Corner® Celebrates Banner Year for Its Collection I Children’s Books

International and National Awards, Participation in Kentucky Book Festival,Family-oriented Community Programming
Cap Off Exciting Year

LOUISVILLE, KY, USA, January 2, 2019 / — Baxter’s Corner, a Louisville-based business that uses creativity and storytelling to affect positive behavioral choices for children from birth to eight years old, wraps up 2018 with an exciting array of activities that have brought the five year old company into the spotlight and put more values-based books into the hands of children.

Baxter’s Corner books introduce characters, who are part of the Baxter’s Corner community, and highlight specific behavioral themes such as respect, anti-bullying, compassion, determination and overcoming obstacles. The books focus on good choices to make in difficult or confusing situations and use the endearing animal characters to make the point. The goal is to provide both young readers, and the caregivers who may be reading to the child, strong examples of how to best approach some of the struggles that children face in today’s world.

Baxter’s Corner 2018 activities and accomplishments include:

• Each of Baxter’s Corner’s titles earned the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award®, including Ally Alone, Gerome Sticks His Neck Out, Ellema Sneezes and Sideways Fred. In addition to the Mom’s Choice Award®, Oakley in Knots received the 2018 Creative Child Award and What a Tree It Will Be! was honored with the 2018 International Book Excellence Award.

• The Kentucky Humanities Council selected Baxter’s Corner to be part of the 2018 Kentucky Book Festival, held at the Kentucky Horse Park in November. Gerome Sticks His Neck Out was featured at the 37th Annual Book Fair, the central event of the Festival.

• Baxter’s Corner partnered with Family Scholar House to provide a six week Family Storytime Camp, a social literacy program that brings parents together with their children for a Baxter’s Corner book reading and a facilitated discussion with parents to help encourage positive follow up with their kids.

• In addition, Ally Alone has been used as part of the Bridge to Success Family Day at Roederer Correctional Complex in Buckner, Kentucky and Gerome Sticks His Neck Out has been distributed to graduates of the SOAR program, a leadership curriculum and support system for African American men on a constructive path to high-level employment.

• A newsletter called “Around The Corner” was developed and distributed to allow parents and their children the opportunity to get to know each of the eight characters, Ally the alligator, Ellema the elephant, Fred the frog, Gerome the giraffe, Oakley the octopus, Olivia the orangutan, Tajo the tarantula, and last but by far not least, Mr. Marvin McBoom, their teacher and advisor when needed.

• Giveaways of books and other related items will continue through social media into 2019 to help followers get to know the value of each character.
The books are designed for discussion and each features an important “GoBeyond” section, which provides additional ideas, questions and activities that specifically support the theme of the book, including a “Stop and Think” section to help reinforce the point of the story, make connections to real life situations, and motivate the child to be his or her best self.
The books’ author (Chief Pencil) Linda Villwock Baker and illustrator (Chief Crayon) Mary Ellen Stottmann are both committed to the company’s mission to “use creative storytelling to affect better behavior choices through open discussion between children and adults about values and ethical topics that challenge today’s society” and have reached out to community partners to develop programming toward that end.
“As a business, social and artistic venture, we are most proud of growing our community through relationships and partnerships that help us spread our message about helping young children learn to make better behavioral choices as they grow up,” Baker said. “Our hope is to leave a legacy for generations to come by changing children’s lives… one story at a time.”
Baxter’s Corner Collection I retails for $95.00, a package discount on the total price of $111.78 if the books are purchased individually. For more information and to see the full line of Baxter’s Corner books, wall art and puppets, go to To receive an additional 15% discount on any purchase of $25.00 or more, purchasers should use the Promotional Code: SML010119 from the Baxter’s Corner web site only.

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Stand-Up Comedian Von Decarlo Shines in 2018

Von Decarlo at New York City’s Morning Show The Breakfast Club

Comedian Von Decarlo Rings in the New Year at Carolines on Broadway January 15

Kicks Off 2019 at Carolines on Broadway, Tuesday, January 15

2019 is going to be a level up, I’m ready for the next chapter by doing my first headlining gig on January 15th at Carolines on Broadway to set the tone.”

— Comedian, Von Decarlo

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, January 2, 2019 / — Popular, stand-up comedian, author and broadcaster, Von Decarlo celebrates the stellar year that was 2018 by kicking off 2019 with a bang as she is the featured performer at the iconic New York City comedy club, Carolines on Broadway, on Tuesday, January 15 for their Breakout Comedy Series.

“Thumbs up to 2018, it was an amazing progressive year for me personally and professionally. I had so many blessings that I didn’t even see coming,” reflects Von Decarlo. “From my first stand-up gig on TV for Tru-TV, LaffMobbs and LaffTracks, to performing in Montreal at the biggest comedy festival in the world. Thank you to all the comics and clubs who have supported my growth. In addition to progressing in stand up, I booked commercials for GNC and Carnival, I started working for SiriusXM UrbanView as a fill in host on The Godfrey Complex and eventually became the first woman to ever host her own show, Coach Von’s Corner, on SiriusXM NBA Radio, which led to me being invited in to be a guest on one of the hottest morning shows in the world, The Breakfast Club. WOW.”

Fans may enjoy Von Decarlo’s riventing interview on The Breakfast Club where she talked about her foray into comedy, her autobiographical self-help book, Speak Fluent Man, and her SiriusXM comedy/sports show, Coach Von’s Corner, here .

“I closed out the year on CNN”S All The Best, All The Worst 2018 where I went through all of the big stories of 2018 in politics, pop culture, sports, music and more,” says Von. “And 2019 is going to be a level up, I’m ready for the next chapter by doing my first headlining gig on January 15th at Carolines on Broadway to set the tone. My main goal for 2019 and beyond is, continue to progress, give love freely, allow myself to be loved and love myself.”

Fans may enjoy CNN teasers of All The Best, All The Worst 2018 here and here .

To purchase tickets to Von Decarlo’s Breakout Comedy show at Carolines on Broadway on Tuesday, January 15th, go here and to buy tickets for the reduced price of $10.00 use offer code, CoachVon.

You may follow Von Decarlo on her website, on Twitter at and on . You may purchase a copy of her book, Speak Fluent Man on and you may follow her podcast here .

About Von Decarlo:

Von Decarlo is a multi-talented stand-up comedian, actress, and author of the book, Speak Fluent Man. An avid sports lover, Von Decarlo grew her fan base with a sketch comedy web series and blog called, Trash Talk with Von Decarlo, in which she tackled pop culture, sports and relationships in a fun, yet informative way. From the popularity of the show, as well as her growing social media following, fans began to call her "Coach Von" in relationships and sports.

She started to make regular appearances on television and radio as a life coach, and became a mainstay on SiriusXM NBA Radio, as well as, SiriusXM Urban View. She completed two seasons as a talking head comedian on BET/Centric's relationship-based show, According To Him + Her, and is featured on Tru-TV's hit comedy show, Laff Mobb's Laff Tracks. In addition, she performed at the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal for Kevin Hart's LOL Network, JFL Present's LOL Live. You can also catch her in commercials for Disney's Aladdin, Carnival Cruise Lines, and on the 2018 year-end wrap up special for CNN's AC360.

Von Decarlo's podcast, Coach Von Podcast, uses sports to anchor into fun, yet honest, conversations about life, love, and relationships. You can find her performing stand-up comedy at many premier venues throughout New York City, and her one-woman show, Lasagna, debuted at The People's Improv Theatre to a full crowd and rave reviews. She is a graduate of the UCB improv program, a founding member of the musical improv group, Good Catch Comedy, and a UCB diversity scholarship recipient. Von Decarlo is a double first name, and yes, her mother named her after Lily Munster.

About Speak Fluent Man:

By digging deep into topics such as entitlement, double standards, logic vs emotions, and more, Von Decarlo brings to you a very in-depth, personal memoir for both men and women. Don't let the title fool you! Whether you are male, female, heterosexual, bisexual, transsexual, or transgender, Speak Fluent Man, can help you realize the full potential in any type of relationship, by helping you understand how to have the courage to live in your own truth, and accept the truth of others unconditionally. For more information and for purchase options go to .

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Von Decarlo Explains New Book ‘Speak Fluent Man’, Patrice O’Neal, New Comedy Endeavors + More

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Extraordinary Teacher revered in New Biography

Trip to Puerto Rico

The Unlikely Journey of a Teacher Extraordinaire

Simmonds’ biography weaves disparate threads from Russia, China, Chile, France, St. Kitts into a vibrant tapestry revealing a fiercely independent woman dedicated to the education of children.”

— Ira Sumner Simmonds

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, January 1, 2019 / — Extraordinary Teacher Revered in New Biography 'FROM SIBERIA TO ST KITTS: A Teacher's Journey'
Author and educator Ira Simmonds reveals the remarkable story of Zenaida Katzen, an extraordinary teacher who made a difference.

BROOKLYN, N.Y. – January 1, 2019 – Author Ira Sumner Simmonds' new book, 'FROM SIBERIA TO ST. KITTS: A Teacher's Journey,' is a captivating and deeply researched biography of Zenaida Katzen, a master of foreign language instruction who embraced a comprehensive approach to teaching. Simmonds was a student of Katzen's in the 1960s on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts, and after his retirement from 25 years with the New York City public school system, he was compelled to learn all he could about the special woman who inspired him to become an educator.

When she arrived in St. Kitts in 1961 to teach French and Spanish to teenagers (mostly boys), Zenaida Katzen (Zina) had already lived an extraordinary life in Siberia, China, France and Chile. What Simmonds uncovered during his five years of painstaking research is the complex story of a dynamic, driven, independent woman who dedicated her life to education and advancing the lives of children.

Zina Katzen wasn't simply a French teacher or a Spanish teacher – she was an educator who believed in providing students with an experience while they were learning. In St. Kitts, she organized activities and programs outside the classroom, and was able to secure funding from a wealthy friend in China who supported her work. A chapter of Simmonds' book includes letters between Zina and her benefactor, offering a unique perspective into how Zina carefully managed the financial, educational and extracurricular needs of her students, and revealing a more personal side of Zina – an animal lover who was devoted to her mother and aunt, both of whom lived with her in St. Kitts.

Simmonds' story is beautifully written, thorough and includes photos of Zina, her students, friends, family and the places where she lived and taught. Thoughtfully placed throughout the narrative are French phrases and words, which contribute to the cadence of the story, and lend authenticity to its message.

"Everyone had a teacher who touched his or her life in a special way," says Simmonds. "I spent five years on a research journey traveling to Chile, Hong Kong, Shanghai, St. Kitts and France. I wrote the book to tell the world about this teacher extraordinaire who has profoundly touched the lives of an untold number of students in China, Chile and the Caribbean."

'FROM SIBERIA TO ST. KITTS: A Teacher's Journey' is published in paperback and ebook format by ISS Publishing and is now available on and

Review copies of 'FROM SIBERIA TO ST. KITTS: A Teacher's Journey' are available to media contacts upon request. Ira Simmonds is available for interviews.

About the Author
Born on the Caribbean island of Nevis, Ira Simmonds received a B.A. in French from St. Francis College, Brooklyn, New York, and M.A. and M.Ed. degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University, NYC. After a ten-year stint as House Manager at Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts, he spent the next twenty-five years in New York City Public Schools as a teacher, Assistant Principal and Acting Principal. He currently works as an educational consultant.

ISS Publishing

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From Siberia to St. Kitts

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