Thousands of ARVR Classroom Lessons are Now Available in Arabic Language with VRXOne

Educators immersed in Virtual Reality lessons with VRXOne

Educators immersed in Virtual Reality lessons with VRXOne

Creating Virtual Reality lessons in Arabic

Creating Virtual Reality lessons in Arabic

Educators immersed in Virtual Reality lessons with VRXOne

Educators immersed in Virtual Reality lessons with VRXOne

VRXOne Launched Largest ARVR Content Library in Arabic Language

The total number of students in the GCC education sector is projected to reach 14.5 million in 2022.”

— Alpen Capital Research

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, February 4, 2019 / — With the first month of the new year already underway, the biggest programme for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality in Education, VRXOne is launching a host of education features with Expeditions. The changes comprise some big revamps and enhancements in the application to benefit more students and now with Arabic support, the Arabic language is the sixth most spoken language globally. According to Alpen Capital Research Report, The total number of students in the GCC education sector is projected to reach 14.5 million in 2022 using Arabic as their 1st language in public schools.


The latest edition platform has poised to reach millions of students for better access to education for all. A step in the direction is opening access to a bigger audience by introducing lessons in 6 new languages including Arabic. On a regional level, educators will haul this move as a window for widespread adoption of the technology in classrooms. This also comes as a means to prolifer culture through a language native to hundreds of millions across the globe.

In addition, it will allow Arabic teachers to use Expeditions as an extended classroom tool and take an important step toward immersive learning. VRXOne has been taking 1 million students on VR-based expeditions. Hence, they have already touched the lives of a million students. The new update will enable an effective touch point between the Arabic language and Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Furthermore, the most popular lessons will be available in Arabic for an enriching experience to the students. This will support and motivate them to enjoy learning in their own language; a language they are well-acquainted with.


One of the top requests from educators had been the ability to create their own Virtual Reality lessons. This new feature was introduced in 2018 and since then, available with VRXOne.

But now, the teachers can do even more with their VR devices. VRXOne now enables them to share the expeditions with the students in a Classroom Format. The lessons created by the teachers can be experienced by the students. The students can be guided in Virtual Reality Expeditions by the teachers using VRXOne.

Many Arabic trainers can also encourage their learners to create their own virtual lessons, share, and enjoy the experience in the classroom.


Noteworthy to mention, Google was one of the first organizations to realize the potential of Virtual Reality when it pioneered the bandwagon in 2016 through Expeditions. VRXOne is a groundbreaking platform to introduce VR and AR field trips and facilitate an extraordinary metamorphosis of EdTech Developments. The Expeditions app, available for Android and iOS users, takes the students on virtual field trips using Google Cardboard virtual reality viewer. The teacher who is the guide of the session can moderate the entire experience and has multiple controls to usher their learning.

VRXOne facilitates expeditions globally and students can choose from over 1000 VR lessons in History, Science, Arts & Culture, Languages, and more. In 2017, Expeditions in Augmented Reality were introduced and 100s of AR experiences were added to the Expeditions library.


Many local and government school teachers have supplemented their teaching with diverse, creative and robust visual aids of VRXOne. Moreover, Associates of the Ministry of Education in Dubai and Riyadh have recommended the use of the platform. Global and regional leaders, alike, have lauded the Virtual Reality ‘Go to School’ Programme by VRXOne. This VR drive delivered 1 million expeditions to students in the region. Above all, the program extended support to students in third-world regions, with special education needs, and those experiencing physical disabilities.
VRXOne explores how improvements in classroom aids, mediums of learning, and distraction-free immersion has a significant impact on the quality of education. The relentless drive to overpower inhibitions to learning is ongoing. VRXOne’s vision of reimagining education speaks for itself.


Augmented Reality has become a go-to classroom tool of thousands of teachers across the region. Teachers are imbibing Augmented Reality as a prominent utilization tool in educational settings. Experiences in AR overcome a lot many factors like budget constraints, equipment, and safety risks, which can hinder learning.

Teachers are using inventive approaches with Augmented Reality, which is changing the reality of these situations. Another factor which has made practical learning through AR more appealing is the wide variety and ease of conducting experiments.

VRXOne is privileged to be a game-changer in bring these experiences to the Middle East. It is the first-ever educational platform to bring VR and AR experiences in the region. With AR lessons through VRXOne, teachers are able to demonstrate over 3 Million 3D models from 100s of AR lessons. The platform has made practical demonstration an accessible option for intricate topics in every subject.


Another raging technology revolutionizing education is Artificial Intelligence. Ai gives the extra educational assistance that the teachers have been looking for. Oftentimes, Ai takes a lead role in infiltrating the classrooms and giving students the autonomy to explore. Artificial Intelligence keeps the student interests foremost, imparting a high degree of personalization to every student's learning.

The confluence of student progress history and personalization has led to various features to the benefit of the students. Using VRXOne to try Ai the students are able to benefit from the adaptability of the technology. The fact that it identifies places where the course needs improvement is a great plus. Learners are able to freely interact with the technology and resolve their doubts. Today's creative thinkers are the independent decision-makers of tomorrow. The teachers who benefit from the introduction of Ai in school processes are also leveraging it to exhibit creativity and perceptiveness.

The most amazing part is that Artificial Intelligence is everywhere around. The technology has created ripples of development in all fields which makes it appealing and accessible.


Learning a new language is the gateway to understanding a new culture. And when you are in Virtual Reality, it is exactly like entering the real and authentic environment that conduces this learning. It is easy to learn a new language with VRXOne. VRXOne prepares a user in language skills so they can thrive as a global citizen. What may appear as challenging, becomes fun to learn.

Practicing realistic conversations, getting the on-point pronunciation, enriching the vocabulary for a native language experience – Virtual Reality is the new way to be linguistically adept. While one can experience expeditions to a place in AR and VR, they can also learn the amusing, new language.


Next in the list of important educational reforms in the region is STEM. The Middle East has laid special emphasis on increasing enrollments in STEM courses, providing valuable careers in the fields, and providing resources to develop STEM and Immersive Learning. However in some, the adoption of STEM starts even earlier. VRXOne has been raising awareness about the benefits of distraction-free, immersive learning where a student can experience the many scenarios of science, technology, and math learning. Many government teachers deem the platform as optimal for understanding the STEM subjects. VRXOne is an all-inclusive tool that provides exclusive access to STEM libraries and content. Using classroom tools to facilitate immersive learning and STEM education has made learning enriching and blissful – for the teachers and students, alike.


Besides laying a special focus on bringing immersive experiences to underprivileged students and students with special education needs, VRXOne has trained and created awareness among many teachers about the benefits of education technology. Consequently, leading educators and policy-makers have confirmed that educational reforms add value and introduce students to new possibilities of the future.

The ongoing support of these teachers has facilitated the mass VR drive of demonstrating 1 million VR expeditions to students in the region. The teachers themselves have benefitted from intense personal development and grooming. Talking about the diverse ways of harnessing VRXOne, a school teacher says, "I was pretty overwhelmed with the multiple technologies it offers. While investing in a good classroom tool, it is important to evaluate the affordability, versatility, and customizing ability of a device, VRXOne is triumphant all the parameters.” In 2017, about 8,000 teachers learned about immersive education and only two years later, i.e. in 2019, 25,000 more teachers experienced the tools. A whopping 96% of the teachers are keen on introducing mixed reality and Ai in the classrooms, given the ease of moderation, easy operation and big returns on investment that they bring.

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