The Daily Brew: a 365 Day Guided Journal for Self-Care and Stress Management

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Oneonta, NY: Two recent college graduates and a college-based therapist have published a 365-day guided journal titled, “The Daily Brew”. The Daily Brew journal allows the reader to write about their feelings and thoughts using daily prompts. Along with each prompt comes an inspirational quote. The reader is encouraged to answer freely and never be afraid of answering too quickly. Answering quickly can allow for a free association of ideas. The reader has lots of choices as to which prompt to address next; there are no rules to journaling.

Daily journaling has been empirically linked with increased emotional intelligence, memory, creativity, self-awareness, problem solving, and confidence. Regular journaling can help people to avoid “bottling”, which refers to holding back on emotions. When emotions are held back, anxiety and depression can occur. Journaling allows one to slow things down in a fast-paced, stress-filled world and allow reflection. With this practice in place, life can be seen more objectively and increase a tolerance for unpredictability. As a result, the reader will feel less stressed and more productive as they continue this daily process.

“I’m actually using a journal! And only after about 10 false starts over the years! Ha!
But, The Daily Brew journal is so much better; It’s really helped me to address my stress
issues and look introspectively in general. Definitely pick one up today!” —-Pete Fecteau,
Oneonta, NY

Copies of The Daily Brew journal are available from:,, and Please help us spread the word about this non-profit resource for mental health!!! All proceeds go to buy copies of the book that the authors are giving away to individuals and organizations. Please take a picture of the book and post on your social media accounts and/or tell your friends and colleagues! Write us at: Happy journaling!

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