New On-Site Seminars Coach Business Leaders in Mitigating the Hidden Costs of Grieving Employees

Leadership Grief Seminars by R. Glenn Kelly

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R. Glenn Kelly

The Workforce Capital Recovery Program's "Grief in the Workplace Leadership Seminars" are available to business and organizational leaders across America

Let's Support Your Most Valuable Assets…And Your Bottom Line”

— R. Glenn Kelly

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, February 28, 2019 / — Today, award winning author, public speaker, former business executive, and bereaved father, R. Glenn Kelly, announces the nation-wide availability of business coaching seminars targeted at forward-thinking companies and other organizations who recognize that grief does have significant adverse impacts on both the employee and the entire enterprise.

Every year in America, indifferent organizations lose over $100 billion in precious revenue due to the hidden direct and indirect costs of employee bereavement and grief in the workplace. According to the American Hospice Foundation, over 4 million employees will experience the death of a loved one every year, and 25% of employees in any organization can be experiencing the emotional impacts of grief at any one time.

As the seminar presenter, R. Glenn Kelly brings a unique coaching approach through his experiences as both a former successful business executive and as a bereaved father. While many grief advocates will focus predominant on support for the grieved worker, R. Glenn balances the compassion needs of the employee with the knowledge that a business remains responsible to other employees, customers, suppliers, and more. Through proven preemptive concepts and reactive responses to numerous scenarios, the seminars identify the emotional impacts of employee grief and the resulting potential areas of risk to the organization.

One widely-accepted commissioned grief study was conducted with over 25,000 bereaved subjects who were actively employed at the time they experienced the unfortunate death of a loved one. Of those, 85% who identified as management personnel reported experiencing major errors in judgment on the job that went on for six months or longer. Another 90% of front-line employees who became injured on the job after the loss reported that grief influences contributed to the accident.

The three-hour seminars are conducted on-site at the client's business facility in a highly interactive format where the leadership attendees gain a deep awareness and understanding of grief on the job. The attendees will also obtain comprehensive employee grief support actions, an knowledge of inherent risks of grief to safety and productivity, as well as be able to design formal Bereavement Action Plans to mitigate all future grief in the workplace events.

About the Presenter
R. Glenn Kelly is first and foremost a bereaved father. In 2013, he would lose his sixteen-year-old son and only child to a rare congenital heart defect. Soon after, he would have his first of four grief support books published, and as a rare male willing to share his pains from loss with others, quickly became a highly sought-after Keynote Speaker and Workshop Presenter. He has appeared and spoken about grief support on national and local television, radio programs, newspaper articles, and various live-stream webinars and podcasts. He has consecutively served twice as a Keynote Speaker at the headquarters of Delta Airlines in Atlanta, Georgia, before an audience of bereaved Delta employees flown in from around the company for corporate support. R. Glenn was an active member of a Board of Advisors for the Le Bonheur Children's Hospital, and as a National Board of Director's member for three large non-profit national grief support organizations. He has collaborated on grief related subjects with such organizations as Coca-Cola, Inc. in Atlanta, Georgia, and St. Jude's Children's Research Center in Memphis, Tennessee.

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Mitigate Hidden Business Costs with The Workplace Capital Recovery Program’s Grief in the Workplace Leadership Seminar

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