Bestselling author of "Things We Say To Dogs" Lara Magallon, offers Tips So Your Dog Won't Freeze Their Tails Off!

Bestselling "Things We Say To Dogs" Author Lara Magallon shares a positively humorous look at keeping dogs toasty even when its freezing cold outside.

CARLSBAD, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 6, 2019 / — Be An Award Winning, "Winter" Time Pet Owner, And Here's How. All Of Your Neighbors Will be Talking About You!

DogAholics Tip #1: Go to the children's department and buy or steal a coat for your dog. And if you need to alter it some, grab a pair of scissors and "go to town." After all, dogs aren't fashion designers, or at least last time I checked. Plus they don't own a mirror.

DogAholics Tip #2: Don't forget mittens! You will need four of them. Remember dogs have four legs. Unless something happened to one or two of them.

DogAholics Tip #3: Creative Little You! For an amazing set of inexpensive ear muffs you will need 2 pairs of underwear ( hopefully not used) and two feet of masking tape. Line the underwear up with your dogs ears and apply some masking tape around your dogs head. Special precaution: place three fingers under the dogs chin to make sure they can maneuver their head and breathe.

DogAholics Tip #4 Don't bother to keep up with the "dog fashion police" during freezing weather. Scour "Dog-Will" for any dog suitable fourth hand "cast-offs."

DogAholics Tip #5 Do you know what makes an amazing scarf for your dog? Your trash bag! Guaranteed to make you smile.

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Bestselling author Lara Magallon "Things We Say to Dogs," is a dog crazed maniac.

For more silly dog-friendly tips go to Lara Magallon's "DogAholics" facebook group "Overflowing With Dog Lovers"…

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