Debut Novel by U.S. Navy Veteran Reminds Americans of Positive Effects of Military Servanthood on Family and Community

BOISE, IDAHO, U.S., March 8, 2019 / — The ardent stance over German-American discrimination compels a young wheat farmer to join the army to do his bit to defeat the Kaiser. In Dear Folks, debut author Steven Davis taps into his generational patriotism to show two fields of endurance during World War I where both wheat and war birthed American heroes that give those of us today a common thread that weaves us together. The story hinges on letters Earl Young, Davis’ grandfather, faithfully writes home to his folks and is interlaced with over ninety pages of classic war song lyrics, sheet music cover illustrations, original photos, and era memorabilia.

Davis’ debut platform will encourage teachers to stimulate students toward the art of writing letters and to show people that military service serves not only the troops but their communities upon return to civilian life. Senator Robert Hilkemann of Omaha, Nebraska, selected Dear Folks as a 2019 choice and will be reading excerpts to high school students across Nebraska’s public schools.

Rediscovered Books, located on 8th Street and Idaho in Boise, Idaho, will host a book event for Mr. Davis on Thursday, March 14 at 7:00 p.m. Boise State Public Radio/NPR 91.5 FM will interview Davis discussing his purpose behind Dear Folks at 12:45 on Wednesday, March 13, 2019. Both events are scheduled as a prelude to honoring the birth of the American Legion one-hundred years ago.

“In my research into WWI, I discovered there were actually two fields of honor—the battlefield where the soldier fought and the wheat and corn fields where the farmer who fed the soldiers worked to sustain the war effort. The America I know,” offers Davis “shares the values and ideals of both fields of honor—for they have a common humanity that binds us together.”

About the Author: Davis’ zeal for veteran appreciation emanates from a family of military servanthood from the Civil War to Vietnam, and includes his own service in the Medical Service Corps. He writes to share his grandfather’s story, his deep appreciation for those who’ve served, and to show how service connects to communities on the home front.

This historical fiction beautifully displays a reminder of service and honor, character and spirit, while teaching a bit of yesteryear. Dear Folks (Feathered Horse Publishing, $17.95, 370 pages, 6 X 9, paperback, ISBN 978-1-949366-00-6) is available at Boise’s Rediscovered Books and

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