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DESCANSO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Executive presence is the combination of style, substance and character that inspires others and drives results. Professionals with executive presence are promoted more often, make more money, and make better leaders. We know executive presence when we see it, and we can immediately tell when someone doesn't have it, but it is essential to effective leadership.

Cynthia Burnham is an executive coach specializing in helping clients develop and improve their executive presence.

“I look at the internal attitudes and external behaviors that influence people to believe in your credibility and your ability to help them succeed,” says Cynthia. “It's about how to inspire people to see you as confident and powerful while also inspiring them to change behavior.”

Executive presence goes beyond simple charisma. If you can't inspire people to feel something, you will never be seen as having presence and you certainly won't be able to be a leader who inspires people to a course of action.

Cynthia’s definition of executive presence is “having the internal attitude and external behaviors to inspire people to a course of action.” People with executive presence come across as grounded, present, focused, connected, and purposeful. Charisma can draw attention but executive presence is Charisma + Purpose.

“My goal is for people to get out of their own way. Most people walk around like they have boxes on their head with mirrors inside,” says Cynthia. “If you can get leaders to realize that if they align their attitude and their behavior, their people are much more likely to be influenced to change.”

A former senior vice precedent of employee relations and learning for UBS Financial Services, Cynthia was one of 44 women out of 20,000 employees who reached that level.

“My enthusiasm, my ambition, my credentials, were all critically important, but I saw people with equal credentials and brilliant ideas who weren't listened to and their careers got derailed because they couldn't make a connection with the people around them,” says Cynthia. “I also saw on the other side of that there were people who were all charisma and no deliverables: empty suits. This is the role executive presence plays in the business community, so I decided that I would make it my business to show how the development of powerful relationships within the workplace can change the trajectory of lives and careers.”

According to Cynthia, every decision is an emotional decision. Without the emotional lever, people become stuck in an endless round of pros and cons.

“We make decisions about people based on the way that they stand, walk, move, use their voice, use their language, choose how to speak about things,” says Cynthia. All of those things indicate to people how they're supposed to feel. Even if it's just to say, ‘I'm really excited to talk to you about this’, then you have given an emotional hook to the person that you're talking to.”

Still, says Cynthia, the most important aspect of executive is having a powerful message. Learning to change how you stand, walk, move, and use your voice, those are all ascertainable techniques if you begin with the premise that you have a powerful message.

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