Jeffrey D. Hatchell, Dynamic Author and Motivational Speaker, Explains the Best Ways to Find a Positive Mindset

Jeffrey D. Hatchell, Established Author and Motivational Speaker

“When working in a challenging environment the natural response that happens to most is to get caught up in the drama and to focus on the negative”

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 7, 2019 / — It is a time of political upheaval in the United States. Many are unhappy with the current leadership of the country, and others say the political system is not working as it should. Big problems are not being addressed, and in times such as these, it’s easy to grow weary and cynical while increasing levels of frustration and toxicity arise.

Although it’s easy to get trapped into a negative head-space, it’s integral to search for that nugget of truth behind all the televised interactions. The “real” reason politicians act the way that they do. Having this mental shift is something established author and motivational speaker Jeffrey D. Hatchell advocates for.

“When working in a challenging environment the natural response that happens to most is to get caught up in the drama and to focus on the negative,” explains Jeffrey Hatchell, “this response doesn't address the core problem or help the professional maximize their best self. Rather it can create feelings of frustration, animosity and resentment. However, taking the approach of having a mental paradigm shift can help.”

Hatchell is a certified executive coach, a corporate facilitator and a motivational speaker. He focuses on leadership development through executive coaching, team building workshops and motivational speaking. His company “Over the Top Coaching” won the prestigious award of Supplier of the Year by the Northern California Supplier Development Council. He has more than 20 years of experience working at Fortune 500 organizations in sales management and leadership roles, including working as Director of Sales Performance with American Express. Recently, his book “The Inspired Career” ( has been making waves in online communities wanting to improve communication in the workplace.

For example, it can be said that many people enter the public life of politics with a sense of idealistic calling. When spending time around government officials, journalists are usually struck by the fact that they are more impressive in private than in public. Somewhere at the base of their personal story usually lies an earnest desire to serve some vulnerable group. Most politicians wouldn’t put up with all the fund-raising and stupid partisan games unless they were driven at some level by the right reasons.

But over the years, many get swallowed by the system: all the calculating consultants; the ephemeral spin of the media cycle; the endless meetings with supplicants; the constant grind of public criticism; the way campaigning swallows time so they get to spend less time thinking about policy; the way service to a partisan team eclipses service to the cause that brought them into this in the first place. These people are besieged by the short-term calculations and often forget about their animating vision and long-term ideal. They rationalize that, since the opposition is so evil, anything that serves their career serves the country. This is not just bad for the people involved but for the system itself.

“In an effort to see the forest from the trees and to gain a fresh perspective it's important to think about solutions that are in your control,” concludes Jeffrey Hatchell. “recall your original purpose for getting into public service and take out time to write in your journal 25 positive responses you can take that will make a positive difference. As you begin to think and focus on solutions, it will help you to be able to tap into your super powers which brings feelings of satisfaction, accomplishment and fulfillment.”

People with this mind-set can keep their eyes fixed on the long game. They are willing to throw themselves toward their goals imaginatively, boldly and remorselessly. If more people initiated this trend, politicians could finally strip away all the careerist defense mechanisms and remember their original vows and passions. What a world indeed.

**As a motivational speaker, Hatchell inspires others to maximize their full potential. He is a sought-after speaker who has done key-notes and motivational talks to some of the following organizations: the National Black MBA Association, National Association of Hispanic MBAs, Institute for Supply Chain Management, Google, AT&T, Chevron and The Clorox Company. He has provided leadership workshops to Bayer, Applied Materials, PG&E, Kaiser, Johnson & Johnson, American Express, Wells Fargo, Safeway, Comcast, Amgen, Panasonic, Genentech and many others.

Hatchell received his Masters of Business Administration degree from Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing degree from Howard University. In addition, he completed UCLA Anderson School of Management, Management Development Program for Entrepreneurs where his business improvement plan was highlighted on UCLA’s website as a best in class.

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