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GERALDINE, CANTERBURY, NEW ZEALAND , August 7, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Due to the overwhelming response to his groundbreaking book, David Musgrave has announced that his book on Woman’s Health will be Free to download for 1 more day – Wednesday the 7th August. To download go to:

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If you feel tired, overwhelmed, anxious, unsexy and often just plain cranky – maybe you just ’Feel Like Crap’ and life is not fun anymore. Add to that; you’re totally frustrated with your weight. You’ve tried everything but failed, so you tried again, and you failed again. If this is you, then this book is for you.

Women have a more difficult time with their hormones than men, simply because you have a monthly cycle, driven by the ebb and flow of your sex hormones. But more importantly, because your hormonal response to stress is very different from men’s.

This book reveals the most recent science, which women deserve to know, in everyday language. It explains the WHY and HOW, to empower you to ’Take Charge of Your Happiness, Bellyfat and Sexiness. The science of women all in one place.

This book is David’s way of sharing his knowledge to empower you with the resources to ’Take Charge’ of the three fundamental factors driving your health. These are – what you eat, the toxicity in your body and the toxicity in your mind.

He details a 9 – 21 day ‘Rapid Reset’ lifestyle plan to use a ketogenic diet to turn on your bodies ability to easily burn fat to power up your body and brain – become ’fat adapted’. This gifts you ’metabolic flexibility’ so you can burn either fat or carbs, so you do not become the weirdo “who can’t eat anything on the menu”.

You will not find all this information in one place anywhere else or get it from your doctor. For most people, a few simple changes can make a significant change in the way you feel within a few days.

As a research scientist with 48 years experience, David Musgrave has spent the last 30 years studying food, nutrition, and how a woman’s hormone system works.

Some comments from those who have read the book and done the Rapid Reset protocol:
"I have misplaced 10 kg since I started reading the book and then the reset. Have no plans to find it. Feeling really good, lots of energy and finding coping with winter mud on the farm easier. Sleeping heaps better but still have mind detox to master. The best thing for me is that it is adaptable. It has been interesting that the good choices come easily now. My body is telling me what I need, not my brain. It's a lifestyle for me now and looking forward to the future". Dinah Osborne, RD Ashburton, NZ

"Just have to say I am feeling great so soon on the reset! I get woken several times a night with our new-born baby but really feeling positive mentally and physically. I have always been a sugar addict and truly I have had no cravings, which is a miracle in itself. During this journey, I have curbed my lifelong habit of horrendous nail-biting and now have beautiful, long and strong nails. This is massive for me as I have never been able to stop this awful habit!!". Hannah Dunn, Rolleston, NZ

And a new reader's 5-star review
“My journey started when i discovered this book. I read part way through, and had to put it down. There were so many light bulb moments i just cried and cried. I then started to get tests done and then wham, i started to find things i didn't know. I am so grateful that i found this book, it probably will save my life…..” Cindy Abernathy, USA

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