ACC GLOBAL MEDIA features Midlife & Beyond Empowerment Coach Dorothy May Ross

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ACC Global NEWS features Dorothy May Ross of Women Rocking Life on Women, Midlife, Confidence & Thriving

Dorothy May Ross helps women in Midlife & Beyond reinvent themselves to live fresh, new and exciting lives.”


Press Release for Dorothy May Ross & Women Rocking Life Chicago, IL
Interview with Dorothy May Ross, on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17th 2019 at 12PM (12:00 p.m. EST.,)
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ACC Global NEWS Spotlights Dorothy May Ross of Women Rocking Life on Women, Midlife, Confidence & Thriving

ACC News Talk Radio Spotlights Dorothy May Ross of Women Rocking Life

Chicago, IL – In times of struggle and in times of torment, signs of hope can appear in many ways. While not always crystal clear, it’s important to be aware of your surroundings and embrace these signals that could lead to positive change. At our lowest points when all may seem hopeless, rest assured that you’re never alone. Dorothy May Ross of Women Rocking Life is living proof that hope is never lost and help is always available.

From an outside perspective, Dorothy May Ross appeared to have it all. A steady job, a solid marriage and three incredible children… but after 35 years of marriage and working in the paint industry for over 15 years, Dorothy felt her share of stress and disappointment. Whether it was being overlooked at her job and missing out on opportunities that she earned, or just dealing with the daily stress of juggling work and home responsibilities, it can overwhelm even the strongest in mind and body.

Struggling to find her inner joy, Dorothy was saved by a chance encounter with a complete stranger at a restaurant and a few books that this stranger would leave for her. The books pertained to prayer and wellness. The stranger would be the one that she would work and train with to truly reinvent her mind and soul.

With her passion for helping others now coupled with her training and knowledge of empowerment, rejuvenation and reinvention; Dorothy founded Women Rocking Life to help women through the challenges of midlife to retirement. Through her eight-week program called, “Reinventing Yourself in Midlife and Beyond,” women will go through the process of Q&A to find out what exactly is holding them back. Incorporating meditation, breathing and creative techniques, Dorothy helps her clients to unclutter their mind of personal and professional blockages.

Through word of mouth and her work as a pastor, Dorothy continues to build a strong and loyal client base. The beauty of Dorothy’s work is that she tailors her program to match the needs of the individual that she’s working with… and it all begins with a free discovery call.

An avid thinker and writer, Dorothy has authored numerous eBooks and blogs which can be found at on her site at Her work includes “Among her work, she’s co-authored “Bouncing Back in Thriving and Changing Times.”

“I listen to what’s going on in people’s lives to find out what they want and help them make it happen. I ask for permission to help people. Most people just want to be heard. I then ask if I can show them ways to think differently. I don’t want to change people. I want to take an “A” for action and turn it upside down for a “V” for victory.” exclaims Ross.

“What does the end look like to you? Once we determine that, we create a plan… once you realize you’re not stuck, you can reinvent yourself in midlife.”

Dorothy May Ross will be featured on ACC News Talk Radio on Thursday, October 17th at 12pm EST. For more information, visit, email or call 773-456-2621.

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