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MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, October 30, 2019 / — As business professionals we strive for self-improvement to develop and enhance our skill sets in hopes of achieving glorious financial success. In our personal lives, we furtively seek meaning while facing adversities, struggles, and challenges. Getting advice from our friends and family more often than not can leave us misinformed and further frustrated. What if there was a coach who can help us navigate effortlessly through all the chaos so we can reach for the stars and achieve all our dreams?

Dr. Quentin Newhouse, Jr. has a PhD in Psychology, is a former university professor (for 40 years), an internationally certified Business Coach, owner of two Canadian corporations, author of seven acclaimed books including Today is Your Day, Hope: The Big Headed Cat and Aha Moments of Sudden Realization, Inspiration, and Insight from 26 Professional Men.

“My coaching practice is structured to raise constructive questions regarding the establishment, growth and development of CEOs, their employees and businesses,” says Dr. Newhouse. Through one-on-one and/or group coaching, we assist clients in becoming more proactive and productive in their workplace situations”.

Since his early youth, Dr. Newhouse has always inherently possessed a deep love for humanity. At age fourteen, he began writing poetry, incorporating his own unique style of expression and intellect. One of his aha moments and realization of his true calling occurred when he was a college professor. He realized that when most of his students kept approaching him, he was reluctant to give advice outside of the classroom setting. He realized that he needed additional training to empower those students who sought what to do next in their lives.

“I understood that I could empower people and I transformed this awareness and passion into seeking training as a Life and Business Coach,” says Quentin. “I knew then that I had found my true calling.”

Through his innovate coaching, bolstered by 19 endorsements on LinkedIN, he also realized that providing a comprehensive picture of a client’s presence and awareness, was a more reliable and valid key to empowering them. Dr. Newhouse empowers his clients’ personal situations, perceptions of the amount of personal control in their lives, and their work-life balance which are key to them understanding who they are and their role in the universe. Dr. Newhouse then attempts to match their professional choices to their aptitude and interests. He states that most people dislike their jobs and are woefully unfulfilled on the personal side. As a Business/Executive Coach, Dr. Newhouse works with CEOs who want to be more effective leaders. Using techniques such as mindfulness, Dr. Newhouse effectively assesses problems with organizational development, succession, team building, and productivity that often stifle the morale, growth and development of organizations.

“My objective is to assist clients to find out who they are, what they love, and match that into something that is marketable and manageable and sustainable,” says Dr. Newhouse.

Dr. Newhouse utilizes the most effective tools that work remarkably well such as the Myers-Briggs Test that attempts to identify a person’s personality type and the Energy Leadership Index that measures one’s personal energy makeup.

“When my clients are eager and willing to do what’s necessary including the rigor and discipline required, they can reach their goals, says Dr. Newhouse. “But, it’s important to be realistic that success won’t happen overnight. That’s why it is critical to seek a coach like me who is skillful in asking the right questions and assisting an individual, CEO or business in successfully building a better balanced life or thriving business.”

Dr. Newhouse suggests life should be one challenge at a time and we should celebrate with baby steps to achieve our long-term and bigger goals.

”I am an unreservedly spiritual person and I believe that I was created to help people. I love seeing my clients’ lives blossom and change for the better.”

One of Dr. Newhouse’s most cherished books is Hope: the Big Headed Cat: Just Not Another Animal Story, a true story of a beautiful white Persian cat he adopted from an animal shelter. Sick with heart and kidney problems, Hope jumped into Dr. Newhouse’s arms, knowing that she was home at last. People everywhere were so touched by the great compassion and love between him and this cat that they established a scholarship in both of their names at a local US Veterinary School.

“This story exemplifies that all living creatures have needs to be acknowledged and validated,” says Dr. Newhouse. “That is what I do in my coaching practice, whether it’s for an individual, CEO or entire company. All living creatures are sentient beings who deserve to be respected and revered. Animals tend to love humans unconditionally and heal and nurture our hearts and souls as my cat, Hope, did for me.”

Dr. Newhouse’s unparalleled approach to coaching is marked by the fact that he is tough, but compassionate with his clients, determined to help them genuinely love themselves.

“I want my clients to envision the best version of who they truly are,” says Dr. Newhouse.

According to Dr. Newhouse whatever the impact we make in this world does not have to be on a grand scale, but can occur within our own families, companies, and communities.

He further states “Let’s discover our purpose and make the world a better place. Every day I live to make a difference in the world to touch lives and I will do this until my last breath, knowing that I have accomplished what I was created to do.”

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