Coach and Author Lauren Polly to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

REDONDO BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2019 / — Lauren Polly is many things, a Certified Speech Language Pathologist who runs a hospital department; a Coach who empowers college students, individuals and businesspeople; a gifted speaker and author. Chiefly what she is, is an inspiration: someone who stirs people to be more proactive, find their way, and make the proverbial lemonade out of what we’re handed.

Lauren knows this all too well as she was handed quite a few lemons throughout her own life. One of the most notable was her mental health diagnosis at a young age. Back then, there were no holistic practitioners to recommend healthy alternatives like meditation, and she spent much of her life “in maintenance mode.” Her recent memoir, The Other Side of Bipolar, relates Lauren’s life story as she emerged from sickness and heavy medication, learned to love and trust herself, and developed her unique strengths. Coming out the other side, Lauren managed to pursue her Master’s degrees and then build multiple business interests, wonderful accomplishments that sprung from one another.

“Sometimes things that don’t look so good from another’s perspective can actually be good for you,” Lauren says of her past, and the way she now helps clients move beyond traumatic events.

Lauren became a coach through Access Consciousness which is an energetics-based system with practical tools for everyday life. She has been a facilitator for them since 2011.She further developed her own self-assessment tool, which can be viewed on her website, and uses it to support clients as they examine their worth, dismiss labels, and find their direction. “Trust your inner guide and lead your life,” she says is the best route to being happy and thriving.

Lauren will be sharing this kind of wisdom through a new online community she is launching. It’s just one more way this bighearted coach helps people open up, share their feelings and stories, and learn to move forward in their lives.

Laruen is very aware, so much so that she considers herself an empath. In her radio show, she will discuss her deep perception and how she uses that to bond with clients. She will also relate the story of how she broke out of the bipolar mold, learned all that was right with her, and discovered her personal power. Nowadays Lauren Polly proudly empowers others–as a team manager, speaker, stirring author and life coach.

CUTV News Radio will highlight Coach and Author Lauren Polly in an interview with Jim Masters on Thursday, October 3rd at 2:00pm EDT

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New from Mundus Artium Press: A Leading Italian Poet's Gifts of Love and Roots

CLAYTON, OKLAHOMA, UNITED STATES, October 1, 2019 / — Mundus Artium Press ( announces the autumn 2019 release of The Traces of Soul by Rosalba Fantastico di Kastron. Introducing one of Italy's finest contemporary poets to English-language readers, the bilingual volume conveys passionately voiced commitments to place, people and craft.

In The Traces of Soul, Fantastico pays homage to her native region of Puglia, in southern Italy. Her poems depict rocky coasts and a fertile landscape full of vineyards, orchards and fields cultivated over centuries and generations. Grounding life in a "motherland," her poems support viewing any territory through a localized lens.

strewn with oleanders and lemon trees,
cool and lively alleys
of Mediterranean fragrances. …
Red and white bunches
dotted with green coolness,
rural flags of a people
who suffered and still suffers,
suspended and ripened
upon ancient roots.

— from The Traces of Soul

The book is translated by Michela Livrieri and Vincenzo Lotito, with poetic adaption by Tina Fiorentino and an introduction by editorial advisor James Manteith.

The ISBN number for the paperback edition of the book is 978-0-939378-06-7.

"Fantastico crafts poems of love, illuminating a landscape populated by timeless family relationships, romance and inclusive human solidarities. Self-effacing and sly, she asserts that 'Poets have no utility.' Yet her poems aim for a usefulness beyond the utilitarian. Embracing both pleasure and pain, distilling and extending consolation, Fantastico names and tends to realities beyond registry by statistics. Sturdily wrought, deeply felt and accessible, The Traces of Soul transmutes the 'inner substances' of personal experience into art with universal resonance. Fantastico's poems emerge in dialog with today's most durable world literature." – James Manteith

Rosalba Fantastico di Kastron is a knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, among numerous other awards and honors she holds for her work. In 2019, she received the "Women of Puglia" award for spreading her native region's cultural identity worldwide. In addition to stature as a poet, she has achieved recognition as a painter, playwright, theater director, and educator in arts and culture. In and beyond her country, she plays an active role in international literary festivals. Her previous publications include collections of poetry in Italian as well as in her region's Salento dialect.

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BookNook and Young Authors Publishing Announce New Partnership to Get diverse Content in the Hands of More Students

BookNook Kids

Students read books on BookNook with a caring adult

Thousands of students will now be able to see amazing diverse content written by student authors from Young Authors Publishing

This new partnership allows us to live deeper into our core vision of believing that all kids are story-worthy”

— Leah Hernandez, founder of Young Authors Publishing

OAKLAND, CALIFORNIA, USA, October 1, 2019 / — Young Authors Publishing and BookNook, organizations focused on furthering the potential of students across the United States today announced a new partnership that will allow stories written by diverse young authors to be distributed to thousands of students daily on the BookNook platform.

By partnering, Young Authors Publishing is gaining a new digital distribution channel that increases its reach significantly, and BookNook will increase the quality and diversity of texts in the BookNook text library.

“This new partnership allows us to live deeper into our core vision of believing that all kids are story-worthy,” said Leah Hernandez, founder of Young Authors Publishing. “We want students across the country to be reflected in the books they read and to know that they too can be storytellers.”

“There is a dearth of good books that reflect the diverse communities in America. One of our values as a company is ‘We are Our Community’ – where our technology and our curriculum reflect the communities in which we serve. This partnership allows us to further our reach into our communities because these stories actually reflect many of the populations we serve, and we couldn’t be more excited about the potential of distributing these books to the thousands of students who read BookNook daily.” said Michael Lombardo, Founder and CEO of BookNook.

The new titles from Young Authors Publishing, [If I Were President, The Helpful Duo, A Day Inside and Never Give Up ], are written by students through an 8-week Experience Program that teaches students how to write their children’s book & the fundamentals of financial literacy. royalties from Young Authors Books go into a savings account for each young author.

BookNook will digitize the books and write scaffolded and rigorous comprehension and vocabulary lessons, and then load them into their platform where they can be accessed by the thousands of students who use BookNook in school and after school each day.

About BookNook
Based in Oakland, California, BookNook helps students dramatically accelerate their reading progress with a collaborative and adaptive digital platform for K-8 reading and language.

About Young Authors Publishing
Young Authors Publishing is a not-for-profit children’s book publisher that exists to share the stories of children, many who live in undeserved communities. We believe that all kids are story worthy, and we make it our mission to share those stories.

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