Asaan Rolls Out Online Shopping Report for 2019

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The online company publishes data on recent trends of online shopping in the Middle East

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, November 28, 2019 / — Gurgaon, Haryana: Today, the online company Asaan (which provides coupons and deals to the Middle East users) published their yearly report having detailed information showing the recent trends and changes in the behavior of online shoppers in two countries, United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
The data specifies the behavioral pattern of online shoppers on the basis of:

The type of browser users use to shop online
The city from which users interacts with an online shopping platform
The language shoppers use to search a shopping query on the internet
And lastly, the smartphone brand shoppers use to surf the internet and various shopping platforms.

The data is extracted from real online users using the Asaan platform to search various Asaan deals and coupons for top brands in the Middle East over a period of 365 days and several online surveys Asaan conducts every quarter on their website.

The data presents the percentage figures of men and women shopping online in the UAE and Saudi Arabia and also shows the age group with the largest online shoppers in both countries.

Extending the report, Asaan specifies the preferred language the majority of shoppers use when it comes to shopping through online channels on popular browsers like Chrome and Safari on the android and ios operating system respectively.
Besides the above information, the company tries to encapsulate the data showing all the smartphone brands used to shop online and the percentage of shoppers buying merchandise online in prime cities of UAE and Saudi Arabia.

In 2019, the number of men shopping online in Saudi Arabia is more than the number of men in the UAE by 15.51% as the numbers stand at 61.81% and 46.3% respectively whereas Saudi Arabia shows an opposite trend when it comes to a number of women shopping online in the two countries. Women prefer to shop online in UAE as compared to women in Saudi Arabia as the number of women shopping in UAE exceeds by 16%(approx) to that of Saudi Arabia.

The data clearly indicates that the youth of both countries are in play when it comes to using online channels to shop basic or luxury things. More than 55% of online shoppers lie in the age bracket of 24-35 age group with approx 19% of the population with age of more than 35 prefer to shop online. Teenagers still prefer to shop offline as only 11% of the population is showing interest in shopping online.

"The online market of the Middle East is growing at a very fast pace and is one of the most profitable markets to invest," said the Marketing Manager of Asaan at the recent press events. With smartphone plays a very crucial role in the growth of online shopping trends in the Middle East, the data bluntly states 73.24% of the population in Saudi Arabia use a smartphone to surf the internet and transact while only 62.08% of the total population in the UAE take a smartphone in their hands to shop online.
As an acquired taste to hold, the tablet is one of the least pieces of technology used to transact online in both regions.

The Marketing head of Asaan reveals Dubai and Riyadh are the cities where people interact the most with online shopping platforms and various coupons and deals website online and these are the cities from which their website gains a majority of their regular traffic.

Extracting the data for more than 365 days, the analysts studies the query language people use to search online and marks out that people like to use English as their prime language in UAE but Saudi Arabia's users always like to interact in Arabic language as majority of queries in Saudi Arabia are in Arabic with more than 55% of total population using Arabic phrases to interact with search engines and websites. In UAE, 70% of total users use English to interact with businesses online.

With mobilization of the online shopping trends in the Middle East, Apple smartphones are the most favorable ones to users to shop online while using Safari as the main browser to glide through the internet but still chrome remains the most used internet browser in both the regions shoppers like to use due to its easy interface and more functionalities present to the Millenials online. The least preferred smartphone brand in the Middle East is the China-based brand Huawei whereas Samsung also has some mixed users at 20% of the total population using a Samsung Smartphone to surf live on the World Wide Web.

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Source: EIN Presswire