New Book 'FIGHTBACK' Details How Europe Can Lead The Way To Digitalization

“Fightback: How to win in the digital economy with platforms, ventures and entrepreneurs”


“A must-read for everyone working in a traditional industry”: Praise for new book launched during World Economic Forum by Felix Staeritz and Simon Torrance

DAVOS, SWITZERLAND, AND BERLIN, GERMANY, January 22, 2020 / — Digitalization is the biggest disruption for business as usual at any major corporation. Trusted mindsets and existing business models are collapsing, corporations are struggling to react to the Fourth Industrial Revolution by risking too little transforming too slowly – particularly in Europe. This is the starting point of the exciting new book “Fightback: How to win in the digital economy with platforms, ventures and entrepreneurs” to be published in the U.S. and across the EU as well as the UK on January 23rd 2020.

“It’s time to wake up, act and really shape digital change. We need to take up responsibility for digitalization, and this is Europe’s opportunity to be at the center stage of this change,” says corporate venture builder and tech entrepreneur Felix Staeritz, the principal author, along with digital platform expert Simon Torrance.

“Fightback” has already received praise from policy and business thought-leaders, such as Klaus Schwab, World Economic Forum Founder & Executive Chairman: “Fightback showcases how to embrace digitalization and how to overcome disruption.” And Gisbert Ruehl CEO of Kloeckner & Co., said: “ A must-read for everyone working in a traditional industry.”

A serial entrepreneur, digital growth expert and founder of several startups and platforms, Felix Staeritz is also a member of the World Economic Forum’s Digital Leaders board and CEO of FoundersLane, a corporate venture builder. Co-author Simon Torrance, one of the world's leading experts on business model transformation, specializing in platform strategy and digital ventures, and is a member of the World Economic Forum’s executive working group on Digital Platforms and Ecosystems. The foreword has been written by Martina Larkin, the Head of Regional Strategies – Europe and Eurasia at the World Economic Forum.

The 286 pages strong “Fightback” delivers a different, fresh perspective and a convincing blueprint that will enable business leaders to use the digital economy to their advantage by leveraging three powerful, but little understood, strategic tools – platform business models, digital ventures and the special skills of tech entrepreneurs. Based on a sophisticated analysis, the book is a hands-on playbook for corporate renewal in an age of digitalization and makes a convincing case for Europe leading the way in changing minds and business around the world.

The book will be launched this Thursday, January 23rd, during the 2020 World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting week and its headline topic “Stakeholders for a Cohesive and Sustainable World”, which touches on the very dissues discussed in “Fightback”: How to help businesses create the models, essential, to remain competitive as the Fourth Industrial Revolution unfolds, in a world driven by exponential technological change, as well as increasing expectations from stakeholders, on all sides.

As for digitalization, the book claims, the tipping point has already occurred, but the authors make the case for reasons to be cheerful. But it’s easy to get it wrong, as it’s not enough to simply digitize existing operational processes, as outdated trading practices are failing to have an impact, yet established corporations remain hesitant to embrace change and challenge this deep-rooted inertia. The “magic of the platform”, as the authors call it, is at the core of this radically new approach, resulting in entrepreneurial co-creation. Last but not least, the authors explain how to create a framework for change in a company and present five hands-on steps on how to renew.

An excellent combination of deep analysis based on the latest research and hands-on strategies for action-driven operations, the book addresses these challenges:
•That is the real driving force behind the new digital business models that are disrupting every industry?
•What are the key elements of adapting and/or competing with them?
•How do globally leading corporations react by changing their approach and strategies?
•What are the essential tools for a new approach, i.e. allocation of capital to digital investments, attracting young entrepreneurial talents, how do they function?
•How to create the most effective organizational set-up to take advantage of new high margin digital growth opportunities fast and how to create a portfolio of digital ventures that could become more valuable than the core business.
•Understand how to rapidly create new high growth/high margin digital ventures in practice.

The book brings together a unique set of dynamic entrepreneurs, hands-on practitioners with consulting experience with leading companies, CEOs of top global corporations, and some of the world’s top digital thought-leaders, as well as scholars of various areas of expertise:

Klaus Schwab (Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum), Linda Hill (Wallace Brett Donham Professor, Harvard Business School), Gisbert Ruehl (CEO Kloeckner), Nicolas Brusson – Co-Founder & CEO, BlaBlaCar), Ida Tin (Co-Founder & CEO, Clue), Gunnar Groebler (Senior Vice President, Business Area Wind, Vattenfall), Markus Fuhrmann (Co-Founder, Delivery Hero), Michael G Jacobides – Sir Donald Gordon Chair of Entrepreneurship, London Business School), Peter Borchers (Former CEO Allianz X, Founder hub:raum, global incubator of Deutsche Telekom), Karthik Suri (SVP & COO, GE Digital), to name but a few.

The book is part of an ongoing movement of some of the world's leading entrepreneurs, corporate execs, academics and policy makers who are driving the next wave of innovation and growth to advance Europe digitally. The book includes the best case studies, insights and learnings from their experiences of disruptive innovation and business model transformation.

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Certified Life Coach Releases New Book "What's Your Y"- 40 Days to finding your purpose

What’s Your Y, 40-Day Devotional


Debbie LeSean launched her book entitled “What’s Your Y” to guide women on finding who they are, what’s their purpose in life, and turning purpose into profit.

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, U.S.A., January 22, 2020 / — Debbie LeSean believes “Even the most talented athletes taking advantage of their natural gifts can only go so far. Without other people helping and guiding them, they won’t achieve success. The coach helps them to develop strategy, focus on the detail, and provide control and discipline. A coach enhances talent. This also works in your everyday life.”

Coach Debbie’s book is the manifestation of what she said above. She provides her coaching and guidance through this book, so the reader can birth their purpose. At the end of 40 days, the reader will understand their personal mission, vision & purpose thus allowing them to walk boldly into the life God called them to live.

“What’s Your Y” is a devotional and journal. The reader will follow 40 days of prompts and write out their thoughts as they uncover their purpose. Debbie’s goal is to help readers understand that operating in your purpose leads to profit as written in Proverbs 14:23. Growing up in the Bronx, N.Y., being a teen mom, marrying to young and divorcing twice, Debbie hit a patch in life where she was unsure of her purpose. She knew that God called her to do more than raise kids and work at a job she disliked. After birthing her purpose, Debbie began coaching other women on getting out of survival mode and walking in Dominion. Coach Debbie uses this book to open the reader’s mind to life beyond survival mode.

“What’s Your Y” is designed to be able to make the reader actively do something about their life. Using a practical business and spiritual application, the journey to find the solution is done in a structured way. Coach Debbie uses this book to help readers understand their daily thoughts and experiences are a tool for reflection and growth.

At the end of each day, there are thought-provoking prompts and writing space where readers record their thoughts. One of the goals of this book is to create the habit of thinking and writing. Thoughts, goals, written action plans and strategy are the keys to a successful launch into any foray. This book was written to be enjoyed by readers of all ages. For more information about this book, as well as where to purchase, you can visit Coach Debbie’s official website at

About Debbie LeSean
Debbie LeSean is an author and certified Life Coach to Executive Women navigating life during or after divorce. Her clients affectionately call her Coach Debbie. She has a degree in Psychology and Counseling, with a concentration in executive leadership. Using book smarts & life experiences, Debbie helps women heal whole, drop emotional baggage, reframe thoughts and open their hearts to love again, even if it’s just loving themselves.

For Media Inquiries
Debbie LeSean
Phone: 804-277-9069

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New Children's Book Series: Penelope

Penelope Be Kind to Animals children's book

Penelope: Be Kind to Animals, on sale now!

Penelope Super Duper Spectacular Princess Ballerina children's book

Penelope Super Duper Spectacular Princess Ballerina on sale now

Children love the beautiful Penelope book series

Penelope Helps Mom and Dad on sale today!

Penelope builds on beautiful artwork and teaching children a lesson. If your child loves children's book like Arthur, he or she will love Penelope!

The wonderful world of Penelope!”

— Penelope!

MADISON, WI, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2020 / — Author E. Brauner-Hughes launches her children's book series, Penelope. The title character is a five year-old aspiring ballerina with a vivid imagination and positive outlook. Each story shares a positive lesson about family and love!

In Penelope: Helps Mom and Dad, Penelope learns helping with household chores can be rewarding in this charming children's story.

In the follow up book, Penelope: Super Duper Spectactular Princess Ballerina, Penelope's friends Christopher and Timmy learn that playing outside and enjoying the fresh air beats playing on digital devices and phones!

In Penelope: Be Kind to Animals, the children learn a valuable lesson about having a pet and treating animals with kindness and respect in this beautiful and charming children's story.

Available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and many other fine book stores. Buy this wonderful children's tale, today!

Penelope: Be Kind to Animals
Author: E. Hughes
Paperback: 28 pages
Publisher: Love-LovePublishing (January 9, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1733445463
ISBN-13: 978-1733445467
Product Dimensions: 8.5 x 0.1 x 8.5 inches
Shipping Weight: 3.7 ounces

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Announcing Winners to be Published in L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future 36

A dark skinned priestess protects the magical eggs of the Phoenix Bird as the cover for L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future volume 36.

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers & Illustrators of the Future Volume 36

Announcing the 24 winners of the L. Ron Hubbard Writers and Illustrators of the Future Contests being flown to Hollywood for workshop and awards ceremony.

What’s amazing to me is that a good 60 to 70 percent of winners go on to successful careers. You could call it ‘The American Idol’ for writers—long before there ever was such a show.”

— Kevin J. Anderson

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 22, 2020 / — Twelve winning writers and twelve winning illustrators from around the globe will be flown to Hollywood, California this coming April for a weeklong workshop culminating in a gala awards ceremony and the release of L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 36 featuring their work.

The 12 Writers of the Future Winners of this year’s contest include:
– Zach Be of Wheaton, MD (Second Quarter Winner)
– F. J. Bergmann of Madison, WI (First Quarter Winner)
– Tim Boiteau of Bloomfield Hills, MI (Second Quarter Winner)
– Andy Dibble of Madison, WI (First Quarter Winner)
– David Elsenhohn of Los Angeles, CA (Fourth Quarter Winner)
– Michael Gardner of Amaroo, ACT, Australia (Third Quarter Winner)
– J. L. George of Pontypool, Torfaen, UK (Second Quarter Winner)
– Storm Humbert of Westland, MI (Third Quarter Winner)
– Katherine Livingston of Lawton, OK (Second Quarter Winner)
– Leah Parent of Herndon, VA (Fourth Quarter Winner)
– C. Winspear of Blacktown, NSW, Australia (Fourth Quarter Winner)
– Sonny Zae of Plano, TX (First Quarter Winner)

The 12 Illustrators of the Future Winners of this year’s contest include:
– Brock Aguirre of Sammamish, WA (First Quarter Winner)
– Aidin Andrews of Bellingham, WA (Third Quarter Winner)
– Daniel Bitton of Hollywood, FL (First Quarter Winner)
– Arthur Bowling of Columbia, MD (Fourth Quarter Winner)
– Irmak (Max) Cavun of Bursa, Turkey (Third Quarter Winner)
– Kaitlyn Goldberg of Grand Rapids, MI (Fourth Quarter Winner)
– Ben Hill of Mims, FL (First Quarter Winner)
– John Dale Javier of La Plata, MD (Second Quarter Winner)
– Heather Laurence of Sault Saint Marie, MI (Second Quarter Winner)
– Anh Le of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam (Fourth Quarter Winner)
– Mason Matak of Tehran, Iran (Third Quarter Winner)
– Phoebe Rothfeld of Chico, CA (Second Quarter Winner)

Participating in the ceremony will be best-selling authors Kevin J. Anderson (Dune prequel series), Eric Flint (1632), Larry Niven (Ringworld), Tim Powers (On Stranger Tides, which Pirates of the Caribbean IV was based on), Brandon Sanderson (Mistborn series, Stormlight Archive) and Robert J. Sawyer, referred to as Canada’s Dean of Science Fiction; as well as award-winning artists Bob Eggleton (11 Chesley Awards and 7 Hugo Awards), Rob Prior (art for Spawn, Heavy Metal magazine, and Buffy the Vampire Slayer), Ciruelo (Eragon Coloring Book), who will all serve as presenters.

Throughout the Contests’ 36-year history, over 774 writers and illustrators have been recognized as winners. “What’s amazing to me is that a good 60 to 70 percent of winners go on to successful careers,” says New York Times best-selling author Kevin J. Anderson. “You could call it ‘The American Idol’ for writers—long before there ever was such a show.”

The Writers of the Future writing contest ( was initiated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1984 to provide “a means for new and budding writers to have a chance for their creative efforts to be seen and acknowledged.” Based on its success, its sister contest, Illustrators of the Future was created five years later to provide that same opportunity for the aspiring artist.

The intensive mentoring process has proven very successful. The 428 past winners of the Writing Contest have published 1,150 novels and nearly 4,500 short stories. They have produced 33 New York Times bestsellers and their works have sold over 60 million copies.

The 358 past winners of the Illustrating Contest have produced over 6,000 illustrations, 360 comic books, graced 624 books and albums with their art and visually contributed to 68 TV shows and 40 major movies.

For more information and to see the awards ceremony online, go to


John Goodwin
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Living My Illusion the Winner of 14 Global Film Awards is like “Making a Murder” Documentary, but For Your Marriage

Living My Illusion Multi-Award-Winning Documentary Series Launches Globally on Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime Launch of Living My Illusion Episode One The Truth Hurts

Team Living My Illusion Wins a Documentary Award at Cardiff International Film Festival with AnnaLynne McCord an American Hollywood Actress, Joel and Timea Van der Molen and Bestselling Author Tony J. Selimi

Team Living My Illusion Wins a Documentary Award at Cardiff International Film Festival with AnnaLynne McCord an American Hollywood Actress, Joel and Timea Van der Molen and Bestselling Author Tony J. Selimi

Tony Jeton Selimi Press Bio

Tony J Selimi Biography

Setting a New Trend, Living My Illusion, the Award-Winning Documentary Series Encourages Viewers to Speak Our Truth & Face the Emotional Toll.

Allowing unconditional love to radiate from your heart is all you need to create the military commander that helps you win every battle of life.”

— Tony J. Selimi

LONDON, LONDON, CITY OF, UNITED KINGDOM, January 22, 2020 / — We are customed to live our lives according to what others think of us. With passing time, we become people pleasers and start to live our lives within the boundaries of other people’s expectations of you.

Inspiring viewers to self-reflect, listen and address relationship conflicts, life’s adversity, anxiety and stagnancy likely blighting their personal and professional lives, Living My Illusion documentary series truly breaks new ground by authentically capturing Joel’s life coaching transformational journey with Tony J. Selimi, an internationally renowned Elite Life Coach, Human Behavior Specialist, Award-winning Author of #Loneliness, the 2019 Book Excellence Winner, Mentor and Spiritual Teacher to Celebrities, CEO’s, Successful Entrepreneurs, Politicians, members of Royal Family, Millionaire’s and Influencers from all walks of life.

Episode One: The Truth Hurts

In a fast-paced Facebook/Instagram/Twitter world everyone thinks Joel has made it. But when he invites human behaviour expert Tony J. Selimi to be his Life Coach, a journey of self-discovery reveals shocking truths about his behavioural patterns, leading to a life-transforming decision that changes the course of his and his family’s life.

The protagonist, Joel amid midlife crisis, through Selimi's skilful life coaching techniques, he starts to get underneath the emotions to find the real problem so that he can overcome alcohol addictions, depression, diffuse relationship conflicts, address stress coming from being a business owner with ease and build the happiness and prosperity he so deeply craves.

The documentary shows people how to see the unseen in ways they didn’t know possible, amplify people's awareness and ultimately as they acknowledge their inner truth to help them take decisive action so they too can break free from addictions, fears, and the cocoon that is stopping them from living a fulfilled life. But the message of the documentary goes beyond Joel’s, and Timea’s story says Selimi. Violence, abuse, and control issues that are happening in every person’s relationship impact their children, family, their professional and business life and the wider community. By addressing it, many side effects can be prevented, thus living a more balanced, healthy and peaceful life says Selimi, the co-creator of Living My Illusion.

In his heart, he is confident that because of the message it carries, Living My Illusion documentary series will touch the hearts of Billions of people. Selimi has appeared on over 500 Radio and TV stations across the world including recent interviews by Ian Pelham-Turner, the award-winning Royal Correspondent, Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. And for OXYGEN with Besim Dina, Afternoon on Top Channel Albania, Rudina Magjistari for RTV Klan, AlsatM, Koha TV, Klan Kosova, MTV Albania, London Albanian TV, on SKY, ABC, NBC, CBS and FOX reaching over 100 million viewers, listeners and readers worldwide.

The documentary is of tremendous value to people who find themselves in toxic relationships, maybe single and want to attract a co-loving relationship and for people who may have been separated and looking to find happiness in their next relationship. Selimi dedicated this documentary to all of the people globally who may be suffering in silence afraid to speak their inner truth, and are on a personal development journey to maximise their human awareness and potential. Our vision is to produce documentaries of Selimi's coaching clients transformation stories that raise awareness on issues such as mental health, identity crisis, midlife crisis, leadership challenges, intimacy, migration and refugees life challenges, etc., that move people into taking decisive action.

The upcoming episode of Living My Illusion documentary series “The Ghost of You” currently being edited, invites the viewer to not only look at the post-separation emotional rollercoaster that followed after what happened in episode one but also shows us the ups and the downs of transforming inexplicably when relationship adversity hits us. As the protagonists coaching journey continues, Selimi guide’s them both into finding cohesive ways to heal their wounds or divorce with love.

To arrange an interview, please contact Alma Stasel at

Living My Illusion is available to watch on Amazon Prime from

Author’s official website:

For press pack and more information visit

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Homeless to Hollywood Meet Tony Jeton Selimi, co-creator of Living My Illusion Multi-Award Winning Documentary Series on a Mission to Inspire a Billion People

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Author Rory McFarlan Offers Debut Contemporary Fiction Novel Free on January 21st

Heartbreaking contemporary fiction novel tells the story of a gay Mormon finding a place in his religious community while looking for love.

An amazing read for religious and non-religious alike. Well written with… an empowering message of love and compassion.”

— Sahreth Bowden – A Goodreads Reviewer

SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, UNITED_STATES, January 21, 2020 / — The Kindle Edition is FREE to download until midnight on January 21st, 2020.

"Nephi’s Courage" is a contemporary fiction novel exploring a man’s attempt to reconcile his Mormon faith with is sexual orientation. He meets resistance from LDS church leaders and members of the LGBTQ community on his journey of self-discovery while he looks for love.

“Nephi, as your Bishop, I must tell you that those prayers are wasted. God’s plan permits marriage between one man and one woman. He declared it in the Proclamation to the World on the Family. It is clear. It is a doctrine that will not change.”
“The strongest bonds don’t happen all at once. We form them over hundreds of shared moments. Those bonds are strengthened as people rely on each other through trials.”
“There are others like me. Others who are gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, aro, ace, or otherwise queer. All of us feel like misfits and outcasts in the church. We don’t know where, or if we belong. It feels like there is no place for us. We are stuck between two worlds, a Mormon world that we love, and a queer world inherent to our nature.”

A heart-rending contemporary fiction novel. Nephi Willard is a practicing Mormon who loves God and his church. He grew up in Happy Valley, the center of LDS life in Utah, and faithfully served a mission.

The perfect Mormon life would be his, if not for the fact that Nephi is gay, putting him at odds with his church leaders. No matter how well Nephi obeys the commandments, he doesn’t seem to fit in at church, and his desire to follow the Mormon rules makes it difficult to fit in with the gay community.

While he tries to reconcile his Mormon side with his gay side, Nephi navigates two worlds in a struggle to understand himself. When new friends introduce him to possibilities he never imagined, he must decide whether to embrace his nature or his faith.

Available on
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Kelly Hyman Lawyer Discusses Trump Impeachment Inquiry on “America This Week With Eric Bolling” on ABC.

Attorney Kelly Hyman

FORT LAUDERDALE, FL, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2020 / — Lawyer Kelly Hyman of The Hyman Law Firm, P.A., a Democrat commentary and television legal analyst appeared on “America This Week with Eric Bolling recently. She was joined by Emma Meshell, an analyst for Young Americans for Liberty. The women discussed with host Eric bolling a range of topics surrounding Trump and the impeachment inquiries.
Host Eric Bolling kicked off the discussion by asking lawyer Kelly Hyman about her new book, “Top 10 Reasons to Dump Trump in 2020.” The book, available now, discusses 10 of the multiple reasons Kelly Hyman says Trump should not be re-elected. These include his “constant lying,” human rights abuses, and the impact of his policies on the already-vulnerable environment.

Bolling then asked Emma Meshell to outline three reasons to keep Trump in 2020. As a Libertarian, Meshell said she has her qualms with Trump as well, including tariffs, which she said are a “tax on American citizens.” However, she said she sees many positives in his presidency, including an improved economy and an increase in blue-collar jobs.
Meshell and Hyman also discussed with Bolling the economy.

The conversation then turned to the impeachment inquiry. Bolling asked Meshell for her thoughts on the investigation and whether the Democrats could be trusted to bring forth an impartial inquiry and vote. “I’m hesitant to say I trust any politician ever,” Meshell replied, before saying she believes both Republicans and Democrats are “playing to their audience” to assure the public they are doing their jobs. Kelly Hyman chimed in to say she believes Democrats are “playing fair” in the investigation. Bolling disagreed, questioning the fairness of Democrats’ tactics, such as holding sessions behind closed doors. Hyman countered by noting that certain Republican representatives were present in those sessions along with the Democrats and that closed sessions, without the disturbance of the media, are common on The Hill.

Watch the full debate on WJLA 7:

More on Kelly Hyman

Attorney Kelly Hyman has been on several programs, including Law & Crime, The Ingraham Angle, and Fox and Friends First in addition to Watters’ World. She has also appeared on the Ethan Bearman show, "Issues and Ideas" with Chris DeBellow, "The Whistleblower" with Mychal Wilson and the "Jiggy Jaguar" radio show, based out of Kansas.

Throughout her illustrious law career, she has contributed to several high-profile cases on significant matters including tobacco, water contamination, and transvaginal mesh and bladder slings. She has also participated in federal court multi-district litigation discovery committee common benefit work for various mass torts projects and is a member of the Florida Bar, the Washington D.C. Bar, the New York Bar, as well as the American Association for Justice and the former President of the Federal Bar, Palm Beach Chapter. Recently, she opened her own law firm, The Hyman Law Firm, P.A.

To learn more about Kelly Hyman and connect with her, visit LinkedIn:

Caroline Hunter
Web Presence, LLC
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Dark energy and universal acceleration

Image logo

Image logo

Claiming that there is a natural universal acceleration that may not require the need for dark energy.

TAMWORTH, STAFFORDSHIRE, UNITED KINGDOM, January 21, 2020 / — Universal acceleration without dark energy

Simon JB: Author of Point Zero: Available on Amazon and Kindle with a release date of 23rd January 2020, claims that there is a natural universal acceleration that may not require the need for dark energy.
This isn’t universal expansion, but universal acceleration.

There’s no claim that dark energy doesn’t exist, but that the current cosmological model doesn’t take into account the universes natural acceleration.

If we ask ourselves what dark energy is, we have to answer that we don't know. It's theoretical. A postulated form of energy designed to account for the universe not just expanding, but accelerating. It's a theoretical force, hypothesized to explain how galaxies can physically accelerate away from each other.

Yet two objects moving at a constant velocity can still accelerate away from each other. The objects themselves don’t increase or decrease in speed, but they still accelerate away from each other.

To show the universes natural acceleration in a simple scenario, we have two drawings of cars travelling at a constant velocity away from a single point.

In fig a, there is no acceleration. Both cars are travelling at 30 kph, and both cars start their journey at the same time, from the same distance away from point zero. Column ‘B’ shows the increased distance between the two cars remains a constant 259 metres every minute. There is no acceleration between the two cars.

In fig b, we can see how natural acceleration between two bodies work. Both cars are travelling at 30 kph, and both cars started their journey at the same time, but, not from the same distance away from point zero. Everything that’s happening in fig a, is happening in fig b, except the starting points of the cars. In this case, the results in column ‘B’ show that even though both cars are travelling at a constant velocity, the distance between the cars increases minute after minute. The cars are accelerating away from each other even though they are not increasing their speed.

Regardless of the velocities of the cars, or the angle at point zero, or even if both cars are travelling at different velocities, the results remain consistent, only showing two possible outcomes:
• The cars show no acceleration from each other if they leave point zero at exactly the same time.
• The cars accelerate away from each other, in any instance where they leave point zero at different times.

Applying this principle to the heavens is relatively simple providing we have the position of point zero, and the stars velocities. What’s important here is that it’s not a star’s velocity in relation to our observations, but the stars velocity from point zero. There are four images by way of explanation which can be found at

Having three measurements of each triangle enables us to see what the natural universal acceleration is by entering the figures into a ‘galaxy calculator, available at The calculator comprises of three sheets:
1. How to use: Explaining how to input data and change variables.
2. Sheet 1: Where you input figures and see the results.
3. Data: Various scenarios showing results of past scenarios.

We are not claiming that dark energy doesn’t exist, but that the universes natural acceleration must be taken into account in order to more accurately measure the Hubble constant and the need for dark energy theories.

It’s not about how fast we perceive a galaxy accelerating away from us, but about the galaxy’s velocity and direction of travel from point zero.

Simon Bennett
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Sal Liccardo's new book details San Jose blind woman's struggle against Johnson & Johnson

Sal Liccardo, author of Her Right To Know

Her Right To Know, available now at Amazon

Sal, with Michelle and Dennis Ahearn, will be at 1960 The Alameda | San Jose, CA 95126


Every human being has the right to know of any potential serious harm to their body from any product they consume whether prescription drugs, medical devices, or food for the table.”

— Sal Liccardo

SAN JOSE, CA, UNITED STATES, January 21, 2020 / — 50 years ago, one of the most admired companies in America was selling a product that was used enthusiastically and life-changing for millions of women- even though it knew the product posed a significant danger of blood clots, blindness and even death for up to 20% of its users.

The company was Johnson & Johnson and the product was Ortho-Novum, one of the most popular birth control pills in the United States in the 1960s. A new book, Her Right to Know, by retired San Jose attorney Sal Liccardo tells the story of his clients Dennis and Michelle Ahearn, who went blind at age 30 after taking Ortho-Novum, and their seven-year lawsuit to get Johnson & Johnson to begin warning women that potentially dangerous blood clots were a possible side effect of taking “The Pill.”

“Because of Michelle and Dennis Ahearn’s courage and persistence, pharmaceutical companies were no longer able to keep women in the dark about the possible side effects of 'The Pill'." said Liccardo. “Every human being has the right to know of any potential serious harm to their body from any product they consume whether prescription drugs, medical devices, or food for the table. No industry has the right to take that decision away from us, particularly Big Pharma.”

Michelle Ahearn was a mother of three who had been taking Ortho-Novum for two years when in February 1969, she came down with a headache that quickly progressed to massive swelling of her head and eyes which led to her being hospitalized in the ICU at San Jose’s O’Connor Hospital for more than two weeks. When she was finally released she had permanently lost her sight.

“We were fighting a giant corporation, and they threw out everything they had to beat us. It was a David and Goliath story,” said Ahearn.

In Her Right To Know, Liccardo, the father of San Jose’s mayor, tells how his small law firm, at times just him, a fellow lawyer, and one assistant, took on one of the biggest and most admired companies in America.

Her Right to Know is available now from Amazon.

Terry Downing
+1 408-287-1700
email us here

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Empowering the Relationship between Teaching and Learning; through the Development of Educational Resources

Curriculum Planning and Development (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Professional Development

Leading the charge in analysing the latest education trends; providing professional development opportunities and resources, for educators and students alike.

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE, January 20, 2020 / — Curriculum Planning and Development (Singapore) Pte Ltd, a premier education consultancy firm in Singapore, has successfully identified the elements and dimensions required for the production and development of educational resources.

The company has published more than 200 assessment books catering to pre-school, primary, secondary and A-level students, which can be found in all major bookstores worldwide. Guidebooks by Curriculum Planning and Development (Singapore) Pte Ltd, which are based on the latest MOE syllabi, are also highly sought-after and distributed in Singapore, Korea, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, China and Thailand.

The company also trains teachers in areas such as financial literacy in education, critical thinking, differentiated instruction, ICT in curriculum, pedagogy and assessment, flipped classroom and much more.

Miss Joey Chua, Head of Strategy and Innovation, believes that “understanding our clients’ needs and safeguarding their interests are top priorities of our consultancy as we collaborate with them to achieve their vision. We are also committed to ensuring that the educational strategies and practices introduced are sustainable, viable and relevant beyond the consultancy period.”

In accordance with this quest for continuous improvement and innovation, key partnerships have arisen; with experienced educators, former school principals, curriculum specialists and experts from diverse fields of education.

Miss Nurita Salem, Head of Curriculum and Pedagogy, firmly believes in seeking the best preparation and ensuring that “our assessment books generally have the following features which parents and students can relate to: aligning with the latest format and syllabus provided by the Ministry of Education, detailed answer keys with explanations, comprehensive notes, colourful illustrations to engage young learners and challenging questions to stimulate students who want to expand their potential.”

About Curriculum Planning and Development (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Curriculum Planning and Development (Singapore) Pte Ltd is comprised of a team of qualified and accomplished professionals, who are cognizant of the latest pedagogy and innovative trends in curriculum development, teaching and planning.

The company specialises in curriculums for licensing, and has published more than 200 academic and assessment books which are distributed across major and independent bookstores around the world. By moving education forward into the digital era, innovative programming and coding solutions have been developed as well.

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Source: EIN Presswire