Author Rosemarie Kaupp to be Featured on Close Up Radio

WARRINGTON, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, January 31, 2020 / — When a loved one is taken away very suddenly, life is broken in a way that can never be repaired.

When a parent is faced with the unbearable tragedy of losing a child, nothing can fill that void or heal that wound.

But even if you experience tragedy, it is possible to move forward. It’s possible to have a productive life again. Your life will never be the same but it can be a good life.

Rosemarie Kaupp lost her son Chris when he was only 23 years old. Six weeks later, her husband passed away. All this had been preceded by her cancer diagnosis and treatment.

Rosemarie Kaupp could have chosen to let the experience destroy her. Instead, she carried on.

She began writing to help memorialize Chris’s life and preserve her connection to him. As she wrote, Chris’s memory served as her muse. It helped her grieve, but also move forward.

“The death of a child punctuates your life. There is a clear before and after,” says Rosemarie. “For me, it’s been 20 years. The pain is not as intense as it once was. You learn to live with it. I try to communicate that with my blog. The sorrow is always there, but it doesn't have to overwhelm you. The spirits come to you. You’re not alone.”

Her blog also discusses coping techniques to handle emotions and go on with daily living.

Today, Rosemarie is the author of The Amberella Tales, a series of early chapter books for children ages 5 to 9 years old in kindergarten thru fourth grade. Perhaps more importantly, she keeps a blog to share her thoughts and feelings for other bereaved parents.

“I know what these parents are going through and if there's any way, a small way, that I can help them, I feel duty bound to do it,” says Rosemarie. “Your loved ones want you to continue to live. Even after they've passed, they want good things for you in life. They miss you just like you miss them, but they still want you to be here.”

“Our memories are so important and the only way to preserve them is to really like talk about them and visualize them and talk about them with other people. So it becomes even more vivid and clear. Those memories can be the wind in your sails.”

Close Up Radio will feature Rosemarie Kaupp in an interview with Jim Masters on February 4th at 12pm EST

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Maxwell Sweeney’s Must-Read Books for Anyone Interested in Military Subjects

Maxwell Sweeney of Mansfield

MANSFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2020 / — Active service members might not strike you as bibliophiles or avid readers, but in fact many military men and women can trace their interest in serving their country back to an influential book they stumbled across as a child or teenager. And, truth be told, during the long, hot, dusty days of a desert deployment, there are only so many games of pool one can play according to Maxwell Sweeney. So plenty of enlisted men are prone to picking up a book just to pass the time. And unlike a pool cue, it’s easy to tuck a paperback into your pocket or toss it into a duffel bag — pretty important considerations for a community of people who are accustomed to traveling light, as well as being shipped out with only a moment’s notice.

Military aficionado Maxwell Sweeney credits his lifelong interest in tactical operations and combat philosophy in part to his childhood reading habits. As he learned more about military tactics and weaponry, his reading list grew; that, in turn, helped him to gain a well-rounded and in-depth perspective on what it means to fight for one’s principles and country.

Now, Maxwell Sweeney is sharing his list of essential military-themed reads with you. So grab a cup of coffee while you check out his suggestions, then get ready to hit up your local library — or your Amazon account!

The Art of War by Sun Tzu

It’s hard to imagine that a text dating back to the 5th century BC could remain relevant today, in the era of global positioning systems, surface-to-air missiles, advanced chemical warfare, and bona fide rocket science. But that’s exactly the feat that The Art of War, one of the best-known tomes on the topic of war, has achieved.

The teachings of Sun Tzu, widely considered as one of history’s foremost strategic thinkers, were first introduced to America’s reading public in 1910, when the first English translation was published. Since that time, The Art of War has gone on to influence not only countless individual military leaders and their troops, including service members just like Maxwell Sweeney, but also politicians and business pundits — essentially, anyone who is interested in the psychology behind management, motivation, conflict, and critical thinking.

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli

The next book on Maxwell Sweeney’s military must-reads is another centuries-old work, The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli. This book dates back to at least 1535 and gave birth to the moniker “Machiavellian” to describe someone who is conniving, scheming, and unscrupulous. That’s an extension of the idea that military leaders, politicians, or really anyone who is in, or who wants to be in a position of power, can justifiably take any action, no matter how immoral, in his pursuit of certain goals.

Few modern-day leaders or public figures would admit to using “the ends justify the means” as a credo or motto to live by. Nevertheless, The Prince, much like The Art of War, is an invaluable book for those who wish to understand the philosophical reasoning behind mankind’s motives, especially when it comes to large-scale economic or political gains.

The Hunt for Red October by Tom Clancy

Fast-forward to 1984, the tail end of the Cold War — a decades-long conflict between the U.S. and the Soviet Union that was characterized by the constant, imminent threat of nuclear war. Writer Tom Clancy, who would go on to publish dozens of thrillers and non-fiction titles, including the popular Jack Ryan series, could not have timed the publication of this novel better. The early 80s were marked by tension between the two superpowers, and The Hunt for Red October tapped into that zeitgeist. It didn’t hurt that then-president Ronald Reagan endorsed Clancy’s work by talking about how much he enjoyed the book.

The Hunt for Red October is a remarkable behind-the-scenes peek at the technological aspects of military life, espionage, and warfare. It was so rich in detail and rang so true to readers, that many assumed Clancy had somehow acquired access to top-secret military documents, or at the very least was fictionalizing a true story. Not only were those assumptions false, but Clancy — whose name is today synonymous with military thrillers — never even served in the military himself. Like Maxwell Sweeney, he was just a true patriot and a military buff.

Caroline Hunter
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Maxwell Sweeney of Mansfield

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NFL Players Past and Present Kick-Off – “Victory 7v7” Project – SuperBowl Weekend in Miami, Fl

Launch Party

Soft Launch Party @ Kovens Conference Center, Miami, FL

Launch Party

Boat Party

Youth Football Camp - Miami, Fl

Youth Football Camp

Past & present pro athletes from around the league come together to support the launch of Victory 7v7, a new non-profit organization by retired athletes.

Victory believes by placing successful people in their lives, their potential for success will increase.”

— Owners

DALLAS, TEXAS, USA, January 30, 2020 / — Current and former professional athletes from around the league will come together to support the launch of “Victory”, a new non-profit organization formed by co-owners and former NFL players, Byron Williams (UTA-Alum, Green Bay Packers and NY Giants), Charmeachealle Moore (Kansas State, LA Chargers), and Bo Blair (Boise State). Victory is set to introduce its leadership and mentor program, Victory 7v7, with a soft launch party in Miami, Florida, over the Super Bowl weekend. Victory’s passion for youth and the community implores the former players to help guide our future generations to strive for their pursuit of happiness. Victory believes “by placing successful people in their lives, their potential for success will increase”.

Weekend Kick-Off – Exclusive Yacht Rides
On Friday, Victory will host a Yacht ride from the Miami Marina. Three boats, 3-times throughout the day will be filled with live music, networking free beverages, and celebrity guests. DJ’s will spin music with extra entertainment added through free drinks, celebrity guests and guest performances. Each Catamaran will take a beautiful scenic route for the riders to enjoy. There will be something for everyone to enjoy.

Victory in the Communities – Free Youth Football Camp (ages 8-14)
On Saturday, Victory will host, in partnership with the Florida & Georgia Youth Flag Football Association, its first free youth camp introducing “Victory 7v7” at the Ives Estates Park in Miami. Various NFL Players from past and present will be out participating, interacting with participating parents and children, and engaging the community to spread the word about Victory 7v7 and its powerful mission to preserve our youth leaders of tomorrow. The free camp will be located at the Ives Estates Park, 20901 NE 16th Ave, Miami, FL 33179. Victory is inviting the community to come out and take part in this event for the kids. The camp will run from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m., and registration is required. Children of all ages and abilities are invited to join.

Soft Launch Event – FIU Kovens Conference Center
Following the camp, on the campus of Florida International University in the Kovens Conference Center, located at 3000 NE 151st Street, Miami Victory will host an informative and fun soft launch party during the Player Networking Event. Victory will use this time to continue spreading the word as well as looking for sponsorships for the program. The soft launch party will be filled with vendors and collaborators such as the U.S. Pain Foundation, NFL clothing brands and Authors. There will be entertainment, delicious food by Absolutely Edibles, musical performances, and a silent auction displaying and auctioning footballs autographed by NFL Athletes.

Laura Hamilton
Victory Global Foundation
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Cricket Media Wins 9 Gold Awards in 2020 Parents’ Choice Awards

Cricket Media logo

All 9 children’s magazines receive top honors

MCLEAN, VA, USA, January 30, 2020 / — Cricket Media, a global education media company, announced that all 9 of its magazines for toddlers through teens received gold medals in the 2020 Parents’ Choice Awards. Founded in 1978, the Parents’ Choice Awards is the nation's oldest nonprofit program created to recognize quality in children's media. Cricket Media continues to be the most-awarded children’s publisher, having received over 170 Parents’ Choice Awards over the years.

The product evaluation process for the Parents’ Choice awards is focused on evaluating educational value; benefits to a child’s social and emotional growth and well-being; and developmentally appropriate content, design, and function.

Judges praised all nine “outstanding, age-appropriate literary and science magazines” as “venerable-but-ever-fresh” and “thought-provoking and entertaining. Terrific stuff.” Judges also commended Cricket Media publications for “diverse, fun, and thoughtful content” by “accomplished, and often celebrated, authors and illustrators.” To read reviews of all award-winning children’s publications, please visit

“We are honored to once again receive top honors from the Parents’ Choice Awards for all 9 of our children’s publications,” says Nina Zolt, founder of Cricket Media. “It inspires us to continuing creating engaging, high-quality content for children of all ages, everywhere.”

Cricket Media’s family of physical/digital magazines are designed for children pre-school through age 14, and the reading leveled content covers a range of standards-aligned topics, including science, history, literature and culture. Parents’ Choice Gold Award winners include BABYBUG (ages 0-3), LADYBUG (ages 3-6), CLICK (ages 3-6), SPIDER (ages 6-9), ASK (ages 6-9), CRICKET (ages 9-14), MUSE (ages 9-14), COBBLESTONE (ages 9-14), and FACES (ages 9-14).

Cricket Media, Inc. is a global education company providing award-winning content and safe and secure collaborative learning networks. Cricket Media serves millions of teachers, students and parents in over 200 countries and territories to fulfill its mission to engage, enlighten and educate children everywhere. Learn more at

Media Relations
Cricket Media
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The Subtle Benefits of Relationship & Intimacy Coaching

AKIA the Philosophy that sets your free

AKIA Philosophy

Empower the Self with Conscious Emotional Intelligence

Relationship & Intimacy Coaching is a deep, delicate, honest and trusting alliance between two or more people, aiming for the empowerment of the client.”

— Zsa Zsa Tudos AKIA Philosophy

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, January 30, 2020 / — There is a point in people’s life when they desire a permanent relationship with another human being. However, the live happily ever after imposes a lot of work and constant attention to those who wish to succeed.

As with every issue related to earthlings, we need to go back into the recent past, to the beginning of time. I am not talking about the birth of humanity but that of the two persons involved in the decision making. Although we tempt to forget, the chosen person existed prior to locking eyes with us and the aftermath of experiences, learnings and life issues is transported into the new arrangement of the relationship. These individual expectations, unique understandings, and desires are waiting for their turns to weigh in when opportunity demands. Coaching comes handy when these feelings, ideas, and desires entangle under the stress of living.

It is also greatly beneficial to realise that, the conscious coupling cannot be learned from parents and doesn’t come intuitively. Outside forces are needed to see and understand the unique situations and questions created by two individuals.
The circle of friends and family is made of people too, and like all of us, they tempt to look after the interest of no1, the Self, even if it is sub-conscious. This situation creates the biggest challenge yet to a relationship. For all the wrong reasons society is also pushing you to stay close to the nest. However, the ability to balance two families is not a forte many of us possess.
Studies and observations prove that the majority of relationships are facing trouble due to outside forces that constantly test the union.

There are two more major concerns in a relationship. One is sexuality and the other is children. Interesting to observe that the second is the tangible result of the first however, they have been deliberately separated and placed on the opposite holders of the scale. The first needs to work, for it can hold the key to the union, while the latter can totally ruin the togetherness. It is widely ignored that with a child a stranger gains permanent voting in the newly created family.

Through coaching, it becomes clear that the actual trust and respect in a romantic relationship lies in the approach to sexuality. Couples need to realise that the bedroom is the primary peacemaking place, comes before the secondary, the kitchen.

Relationship & Intimacy Coaching is a deep, delicate, honest and trusting alliance between two or more people, aiming for the empowerment of the client. It is a true challenge for clients and coaches equally.
Being a coach is a fascinating and complex profession that cannot be acquired by any course alone. It needs intelligence, experience, information and wisdom, a delicate understanding of the senses and energies. It is the capability to connect the clients with their inner wealth and make it accessible for them.

Although the money-making machinery strictly separates coaching from therapeutic activities, they are very much related. A good coach is also a prominent therapist. Without understanding the obstacles, they cannot be removed.

Should you want to learn more about Relationship & Intimacy Coaching, visit here.

Have a wonderful life!

Zsa Zsa Tudos
AKIA Philosophy
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Father completes late daughter’s bucket list, then writes “Free and Fearless”

3D Cover- Free and Fearless

Father shares incredible story of love by completing late daughter’s bucket list and fulfilling her final request of taking her remains to Sky Pond.

Once every generation comes a story so powerful and personal that it will change the way you look at life.”

— I want to share the same inspiration that I received for thirty two years

HAMILTON, INDIANA, U.S., January 30, 2020 / — Once every generation comes a story so powerful and personal that it will change the way you look at life. This is the story of Brittany Moser, a spirited talented woman that lived life to the fullest by enriching everyone she encountered. After becoming a flight attendant, she is grounded by a rare and incurable disease. She decides to go on an adventure of a lifetime and asks her best friend, her father Philip, to go with her.

This is the story that runs through the pages of Philip Moser’s new book, Free and Fearless. This Award-nominated story is a very personal account of this amazing adventure that will take you to new and exotic places and leave you wanting more.

Moser shares, “l hope the reader of this book laughs, cries, and is inspired. But mostly I hope to take the reader on an adventure of a lifetime that will put one’s everyday problems in their proper perspective. I want to inspire others the same way that I have been inspired.”

In “Free and Fearless,” Moser details the high and low points of Brittany’s life and her rare illness came to be, the bond the two of them shared that has inspired him to expand his horizons, and the lessons he learned from her to make the most out of life.

After contracting two rare and unexpected diseases, Brittany’s health quickly diminished before she abruptly passed away, leaving the Moser family, not once twice, in a state of shock and tragedy. “This is a story about the life of Brittany, our spirited, happy-go-lucky child who enjoyed every moment and who has helped me to live my life to its fullest.” Moser shares. “ She taught me how to laugh, to love, and to live in a way I never dreamed possible. This book is not about the grief of losing a child, but about making the most out of what we are given and living our lives positively and not out of fear.”

A deeply personal and honest account of the ups and downs of life before, during, and after his daughter’s life-threatening condition. Moser’s “Free and Fearless” shares the story of Brittany Moser through her father’s eyes. With a pure honesty only one who had experienced such deep loss can share, he uncovers the truths about his own life, the world around him, and the lives of all of the people Brittany has touched. “Free and Fearless” reminds us to take nothing for granted, and to make the most of every moment, interaction, and relationship that enriches our lives and makes us who we are.

“Free and Fearless” is the passion project of Philip Moser and just part of his personal movement to make Brittany’s passing meaningful. son of a farmer, has pushed himself out of his comfort zone to make Brittany’s story come alive on the page, and to share his family’s narrative with the world.

“The inspiration I received for 32 years far outweighs the fact that Brittany was cut short in life,” continues Moser.

Heartfelt and heart-wrenching, “Free and Fearless” is an illuminating narrative of courage and strength.

Philip J. Moser
Philip J. Moser
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Gathering in Estes Park

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Winter Chills Bring (ADULT) Reading Fun & Thrills; Wizard Was Odd Series – "Toto's Tale" Brings the "REAL OZ" Alive

Original Art, Toto's Tale Book Cover, Limited Edition

Dust Jacket and Cover for Toto’s Tale, a Limited Edition

Original Drawing - Toto, Dorothy, & Good Good Witch - Wizard Was Odd Trilogy

The Good Good Witch…Or Is She?

In semi-consciousness, the Manticore carries Dorothy from the intoxicating mists that cover the moldering earth in the Valley of the Vegans - Book Two, Trail of Tears, The Wizard Was Odd Trilogy

Manticore Carries Dorothy Along Devil’s Walk To Safety in the Valley of the Vegans

Toto's Tale begins after Dorothy awakens (MGM – 1939 – The Wizard of Oz). Having Been There & Done That – Toto Speaks out. This is what really happened in Oz!

In Memory of L. Frank Baum… Most of us leave our mark as little more than scant ripples on Life's Oceans of Time. Others, however, make waves that carry on and outward to Time's farthest shores.”

— Peeky ( AKA Bob Moyer)

TAMPA, FL, UNITED STATES, January 30, 2020 / — THE WIZARD WAS ODD TRILOGY – Read on to get your ebook edition for 50 cents (an 80% discount) with the coupon code that follows!

An ILLUSTRATED contemporary and commemorative eBook Trilogy celebrating L. Frank Baum’s 120th anniversary of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

Alongside Toto, you will ride in the front seat of a thrilling and emotional roller coaster throughout the magical Land of Oz…and beyond. This Wizard of Oz takeoff is a multidimensional plot-twister that includes an updated original cast and a host of other wondrous quirky social misfits. This complex and intriguing parody has as much tongue-in-cheek humor as it does original content, adventure, mystery, fantasy, and romance.


First published in the year 1900, electrical lighting, indoor plumbing, and automobile ownership were not widespread. There were less than 8000 cars on the road and no more than ten miles of paved roads. “Technology" was a train that could travel in six days that a covered wagon would take six months.


"Technology" means medical miracles, lasers, drones, stealth bombers, satellite surveillance, space station, cyber warfare, and quantum computers. Incredible graphics in games like Minecraft and Fortnight and in films like Harry Potter, and Star Wars, have raised the bar. Today's fantasy lovers expect "fantastic" and it takes "awesome" in books and films to meet those expectations. The Wizard Was Odd trilogy has that kind of universal appeal. The glorious Lands of Western Oz, with elements of fantasy, steampunk, and science fiction coupled with its bizarre inhabitants, and their extreme subcultures will draw today’s fantasy readers and game-minded fans into an Oziian world unlike any other.


For a limited time, IN EXCHANGE FOR YOUR BRIEF REVIEW UPON COMPLETION, Toto's Tale is available for FREE. At checkout using the following coupon code, winterthrills will reduce the current $2.99 list price to $0.50, an 80% discount.

Help me write Book Three…and WIN! Readers contribution of ideas for title, plot, theme, setting, and new characters. If selected, will win PRINTED BOOKS, ART, AND MAPS created for Toto's tail and Trail of Tears. For further information, please email me, PEEKY@OZIIAN.COM OR PEEKY@WIZARDWASODD.COM
The Wizard Was Odd
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L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 36 Cover Art Announced

The cover art depicts a young princess holding a phoenix egg representing an unknown future

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers & Illustrators of the Future Volume 36 releasing April 2020

Head shot of Echo Chernik, award winning illustrator who is also the Coordinating Judge for the Illustrators of the Future Contest

Echo Chernik is the Coordinating Judge for the Illustrators of the Future Contest

Logo for L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers & Illustrators of the Future

L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers & Illustrators of the Future

The L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future 36 cover art was inspired by the most successful SF&F writing contest and illustration contest in the world.

The 'Uncertain Egg' is a piece about undiscovered potential. It's about hope, dreams, and the unknown.”

— Echo Chernik

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 29, 2020 / — World-renowned artist Echo Chernik has painted the cover art for L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future Volume 36 releasing April 2020.

Echo Chernik had wanted to create a cover for the Writers and Illustrators of the Future anthology because of what she had observed the Contests doing for aspiring artists and authors. In describing her art, Chernik stated, "The 'Uncertain Egg' is a piece about undiscovered potential. It's about hope, dreams, and the unknown." Regarding the impact of the Contests themselves, she went on, "The illustration is also about being supported, and encouraged—and given the wings to fly. L. Ron Hubbard dreamed of helping undiscovered talent soar and succeed, and we strive to continue that legacy by providing support, encouragement, publicity, and education to the burgeoning talent that is upcoming."

The upcoming volume 36 also contains a short story by New York Times bestselling science fiction author and Writers of the Future Contest judge Jody Lynn Nye, entitled "The Phoenix's Peace" which was inspired by Chernik's cover art. She told us, "My story complements Echo's vision, in that the main character, a young priestess who, like our writers and illustrators, has to learn as she goes forward in her chosen career, making use of what she is given by those who have devoted their lives to the same art. She is able to face a crisis and rise beside the phoenix, thanks to mentors who help her nurture her own innate talent."

Echo Chernik has more than twenty years of experience as a professional commercial artist in the advertising field, and five years as an instructor of graphics and digital illustration at Pratt Institute, Westchester Community College, Marymount Manhattan, and Skidmore CCI. She specializes in art nouveau-influenced poster design, advertisements, package design, and book covers. She has been an Illustrators of the Future judge since 2016.

Writers of the Future is a contest initiated by L. Ron Hubbard in 1983 as a means of providing a helping hand to aspiring writers. Due to the immense success of the writing contest, a sister competition, Illustrators of the Future, was created.

The annual Contests draw entrants from around the globe and are free to enter. Winners retain full rights to their work and each is given cash awards. Grand prize winners receive an additional $5,000. The Contest flies out all winners to Los Angeles for an expense-paid, week-long workshop of writing tips and how-to advice given by Contest judges and culminates in a black-tie gala awards event.

For more information, go to

To preorder your copy, go to

John Goodwin
Galaxy Press
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Artist Echo Chernik describes how she conceived and created the cover art for L. Ron Hubbard Presents Writers of the Future 36 releasing April 2020.

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"The Global PR Revolution" by Maxim Behar Called the PR Bible for 2020

The Global PR Revolution by Maxim Behar

Behar Presents The Global PR Revolution at ICCO Summit

Maxim Behar, the author of The Global PR Revolution

How Thought Leaders Succeed in the Transformed World of PR

PR is everything and everywhere. Now more than ever, managing social media is a nuanced and dynamic field that requires the sophisticated touch of a trained professional.

– Maxim Behar”

— Maxim Behar is a leading Global PR Expert

SOFIA, BULGARIA, January 29, 2020 / — Maxim Behar’s, globally renowned PR expert and journalist, entrepreneur, diplomat and owner and manager of one of the leading PR companies in Bulgaria, M3 Communications Group, Inc. new book “The Global PR Revolution: How Thought Leaders Succeed in the Transformed World of PR” has been published with tremendous success and many international experts call it The Global PR Bible for 2020.

A huge advantage of the book is that the opinions of 100 top PR experts from 65 countries all over the world are quoted in the book, including Paul Holmes, Sir Martin Sorrel, Jack Martin, David Gallagher, Francis Ingham, Elise Mitchell, and many others.

The Global PR Revolution has been released in mid-October 2019 by the US publishing house Allworth Press, part of Skyhorse Publishing and readers can order it from Amazon as well as from the online platforms of two of the most prominent publishing houses in the world – Simon & Schuster and Barnes & Noble.

Opinions on the book:

Eric Weiner: “When it comes to PR, just enter Maxim Behar.”

“The world is changing. Social media is bringing people together and tearing them apart. It’s hard to know what to believe and who to trust, especially when it comes to the letters ‘PR.’ Enter Maxim Behar. He cuts through the noise and locks in on the signal. Best of all, he delivers his message with a light touch that makes The Global PR Revolution a pleasure to read.” – Eric Weiner, New York Times bestselling author of The Geography of Bliss

Paul Holmes: “An excellent guide.”

“The pace of change in public relations has never been faster. More important, it will never be this slow again. Maxim Behar-who has pioneered these forces in many places in the world as a great professional and also as ICCO President-is an excellent guide.” – Paul Holmes, Founder, and Chair, The Holmes Report

Francis Ingham: “The book is unparalleled tour d’horizon of PR today and in the years to come.”

“Maxim Behar is one of the most esteemed and famous PR experts of the modern era, and this book is bound to become an indispensable classic for anyone working in or engaging with the PR industry. The Global PR Revolution is an unparalleled tour d’horizon of PR today and in the years to come.” – Francis Ingham, PRCA Director General & ICCO Chief Executive

The book was also already published in Bulgaria and the first circulation was sold out for almost a month.

About the Author

Maxim Behar is a globally renowned public relations expert, entrepreneur, writer, and Harvard Kennedy School graduate. He is the founder and CEO of M3 Communications Group, Inc. He is the past president of the International Communications Consultancy Organization (ICCO).

More about the book at

Maxim Behar
M3 Communications Group, Inc.
+359 88 850 3113
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The Global PR Revolution Official Trailer

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Brian D. Anderson's The Bard's Blade Released Worldwide

The Fantasy World Buzzes With Excitement Over Highly Praised New Fantasy Adventure

The Bard’s Blade delivers modern fantasy at its finest.”

— Fantasy Book Review

NY, NY, UNITED STATES, January 28, 2020 / — After a successful nine year career as an independent, Tor Books has released Brian D. Anderson’s traditional debut novel, The Bard’s Blade. This is the first of three books in the Sorcerer’s Song series, and if early reviews are any indication, it promises to be a book fans of the fantasy genre will be clamoring for.

Already wildly popular for his indie series The Godling Chronicles and Dragonvein, Anderson has taken the next quantum leap forward with the creation of a new world filled with magic, mayhem, assassins, con-men, love, loss, and of course thrills and adventure. When asked why he decided to go traditional, he said: “I simply couldn’t pass up the chance to be a part of the Tor legacy. The experience has been every bit as wonderful as I’d hoped it would be.”

Anderson will be packing up on his Harley in April and heading out to visit bookstores across the U.S., signing copies and teaching workshops along the way. “It’s something I’ve always wanted to do,” said Anderson. “I can’t wait to meet fans, make new friends, and see the cities and towns that make this country so uniquely special.”

Laurie McLean
Fuse Literary Agency
+1 650-2914752
email us here

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