Business Strategy Expert and Author Shannon Byrne Susko to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, January 2, 2020 / — CUTV News today announced Shannon Byrne Susko will be featured as part of our Women Making a Difference series hosted by Doug Llewelyn Jim Masters every Friday at 1pm EST beginning January 3rd exclusively on CUTV News Radio.

The four key categories of a business are people, strategy, execution and cash. Unfortunately, most businesses are focused strictly on execution and cash; they don’t take time to develop a strategy or culture.

According to Shannon Byrne Susko, ninety percent of companies are operating in this inefficient way. The worst part is they don't even know they're struggling. They believed it's just supposed to be this hard.

“Most organizations are focused on solving the problem they’ve set out to solve, and they need cash flow,” says Susko. “It's very short-sighted. because it’s based on a false belief that things aren't going to change around them. With our head down executing, no one's got the time or the awareness to stop, look up and look around.”

Susko is the CEO and founder of Metronome United and the bestselling author of 3HAG WAY: The Strategic Execution System That Ensures Your Strategy is Not a Wild-Ass-Guess! Susko says CEOs and their leadership teams can successfully increase their company’s profitability and value through a 3 Year Highly Achievable Goal (3HAG). Shannon created the Metronome Growth System from her 15+ years as a CEO growing two high growth global businesses and that last 8 years coaching high growth companies.

“Companies execute without visibility and expertise of the environment they're playing in. What should the strategy be today, tomorrow, next year, and what should it be three years from now?” says Susko. “This system pulls together the best tools and brings them alive in one system so that CEOs and leaders can easily create, evolve and focus their strategy execution plan.”

Today, there are over 60 coaches worldwide trained on the Metronome Growth System.

“We want to support CEOs and their leadership team to grow their companies with ease and confidence,” says Susko. “The 3HAG is the glue that holds their whole plan together and provides the urgency we need to keep looking up and ahead while executing today.”

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