Annette Franz of CX Journey to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

MISSION VIEJO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, January 3, 2020 / — Businesses only exist to serve their customers, and yet all too often the customer is forgotten. The customer should be at the center of everything a business does.

“We're all customers, so what happens within an organization that employees completely forget that? Why is it that as soon as you walk into the office you don't have any concept of what it's like to be a customer anymore,” says Annette. “I work with businesses to improve the experience – for both employees and customers – so that everyone wins, including the business.”

Annette Franz is a customer experience expert, coach, consultant, speaker, author, and the founder of CX Journey Inc.

One of the challenges that Annette sees with businesses is a disproportionate focus on acquisition over retention.

“Customer acquisition numbers are great, but they don’t tell the real story,” says Annette. “Prioritizing customer retention is critical. You’ve got to understand who your customers are, what problems they are trying to solve, and use that understanding to design an experience that helps customers achieve their goals. That’s the key to putting the customer in customer experience.”

Customer experience is the sum of all the interactions a customer has with a brand over their relationship with that brand. It’s the feelings and emotions and perceptions associated with those interactions.

Too often, the phrases customer service and customer experience are used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing. According to Annette, customer service is what happens when the experience breaks down. It’s only one part of customer experience.

Annette first developed her passion for customer experience while working for JD Power and Associates back in 1992.

“We didn't even call it customer experience back then,” says Annette. “It was called customer satisfaction or customer loyalty or customer relationship management, but I realized that I could help improve the business in order to improve the experience for customers.”

Annette is the author of Customer Understanding: Three Ways to Put the "Customer" in Customer Experience (and at the Heart of Your Business). She says those three ways are all about data and how you uncover that data.

“Your customers will tell you exactly how they feel at every point of contact, so data is just another word for listening,” says Annette. “Listen, characterize. empathize. Surveys, personas, journey mapping. It’s about walking in our customers’ shoes to understand their experience. It all starts with culture. The culture must be designed to put the customer at the heart of the business.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Annette Franz in an interview with Jim Masters on January 7th at 3pm EST and with Doug Llewelyn on January 21st at 12pm EST

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