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BENGALURU, KARNATAKA, INDIA, February 20, 2020 / — Mr.DHARMENDRA, founder of SHAPING MINDS has announced his maiden state of the art public workshop in the city of Bengaluru. Dharmendra is an Author of a self-help book titled "I AM CHANGING MY LIFE" published in the year 2017. He is a certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Life Coach, Hypno Therapist, an IATD certified Master Trainer. He is also a certified NLP Master Trainer, a certified Neuroplasticity & EFT-TFT Practitioner. He is a member of the "American Union of NLPers & HypnoTherapist" and also an accredited permanent member of " COMPLEMENTARY THERAPISTS ACCREDITED ASSOCIATION" UK, AUS & US as a Practitioner.

He is launching his signature program under the brand "360 Degree North" and the event name is SHOTS. The workshop offers the participants an INVINCIBLE, POWERFUL and INSTANT 68-Second Manifestation technique. The technique is 8 long years of massive research, dedication, perseverance & commitment towards the betterment and enrichment of his own life as well as others.

Inspired by the book THE SECRET, He started to analyze various data available at hand & in the form of articles and applied the same in his own life when he was literally bankrupt in all the spheres of his life. This was in the year 2012 when he got separated from his family, his beautiful & innocent 3 angelic souls(his kids), lost his business, money, and shelter. With a part-time job and somehow managing his wear & tear, he started to research the principles of Universal laws & started to apply Law of Attraction in his life. Positive results were there but somehow he was not satisfied and then he dived deep into research and started to apply various methodologies by blending the ancient Indian meditation and mudra techniques with LOA combined with Hypnosis. With over 4 years of his trial and error combination, He finally arrived at ONE ROCK SOLID Technique which he named as 360 Degree North – SHOTS, a 68-Second Instant Manifestation System, which is inspired by The Teachings of Abraham Hicks.

As of this moment of writing, Mr. Dharmendra is a well-established TRAINER, THERAPISTS, and BUSINESSMAN. His Life took an entire 360 degree of turning heading towards North direction and hence the Brand name. There's no looking back in his life after that disastrous incident in his life. Each and every step of his way was on the path of self-growth and self-awareness and thereby helping him to design his own life in his own terms. Now he has his own house, car, 500cc Bike, a group of lovely friends, an amazing social life, a beautiful and caring wife, lots of free time & lots of freewill. His life is full of Abundance, Blissfulness & Prosperity. "All Thanks to the Universe and His Manifestation Methodologies" he iterates.

The Zeal, the Spirit, the Enthusiasm, the Energy combined with his eagerness & pure intention to help others made him go PUBLIC with his own set of techniques and tools fine-tuned and tailored for the general public. This is the very primary reason for the birth of his workshops.

He hums that whereas normally these kinds of the workshop run approximately at cost of some 20-40 grands and which runs for 2 or 3 full days which he thinks is simply a waste of time and resource, he has priced his workshop which will run for just 3 hours and costing about a NUT. But the knowledge and wisdom are far far more superior and valuable to his peers and colleagues. He has fixed his rate for the workshop around 3-4 grands ONLY. Would you believe it?

His sole intention is to help others as much as possible and has set himself a target of changing around 1 million lives by 2023.

He is conducting his first-ever Public workshop in Bengaluru at WORLD TRADE CENTER, near to Sandal soap factory Metro station ON 21st of March 2020 and is expecting a gathering of 100 participants. Here are a few takeaways from his workshop:- One will get a chance to learn about the spiritual laws of the universe: One will learn the powerful, potent and Instant Manifestation technique which helps them to manifest anything and everything they desire: One will also learn a powerful technique to remove their RESISTANCE towards MONEY and remove the BLOCKAGES from any Negative Emotions: One will get a complimentary 10-minute guided hypnosis meditation along with videos of 2 techniques explained and performed live.

Considering the above, We also think that his workshop is seriously priced at NUTS. We wish him ALL THE BEST and a HUGE SUCCESS for his event.
We Urge the readers too, to attend his workshop. You can buy the tickets at EVENTS HIGH.COM or You may visit his own site to make the payment. There are multiple payment links for the benefit of the participants. You can also make GOOGLE PAY at his personal number +91 9448042424

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