Acclaimed Author, Adrienne Rubin, Praised for Her Memoir About Personal & Professional Growth By Prominent Book Reviewer

Adrienne Rubin, Acclaimed Author.

Diamond and Scoundrels: My Life in the Jewelry Business

“My book is not just about jewelry and diamonds. It is about ethics, and especially the lack of ethics. Now more than ever people will enjoy reading it.”

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, April 6, 2020 / — Adrienne Rubin, acclaimed author, is most certainly having a great year so far in 2020 despite the world’s current circumstances. Rubin has been thriving in her career and many people have recognized her talents and efforts. Rubin is the recent winner of the Best of Los Angeles Award- “Best New Memoir – 2020” for her memoir “Diamonds and Scoundrels: My Life in the Jewelry Business”. In addition, she just received a Members Spotlight in Modern Luxury/Angeleno Magazine for this year’s International Women’s Day on March 8th, 2020. Modern Luxury/Angeleno Magazine’s Group Publisher, Chris Gialanella, recently included Adrienne Rubin and her memoir in his International Women’s Day article section called Women of Influence. To continue such success, Rubin was also featured this year as a “Senior in Action” by Not Born Yesterday, the premier newspaper and senior publication whose mission is to bring information, education, and inspiration to the older adult community.

Now, Adrienne Rubin is getting further praise and critical acclaim for her memoir, “Diamonds and Scoundrels”. “Diamond and Scoundrels” is getting high praise from prominent book reviewer and publisher, Donovan’s Bookshelf. Donovan’s Bookshelf praises Rubin’s book for being more than just about jewelry. They praise Rubin for delving deeper into her personal story and looking at her personal life instead of just focusing on the jewelry business. “My book is not just about jewelry and diamonds. It is about ethics, and especially the lack of ethics. Now more than ever people will enjoy reading it,” states Rubin. Donovan’s Bookshelf recognizes the true impact Rubin’s memoir has and you can see their full review below:

Donovan’s Bookshelf
Review of Diamonds and Scoundrels

Diamonds and Scoundrels: My Life in the Jewelry Business comes from the unusual perspective of a female who, in the 1970s, enters a business world largely dominated by men. Adrienne Rubin was introduced to jewelry sales through her relationship with a man, but persevered through the decades, learning not only about jewelry but scams, industry relationships, politics, and more.

From the tricky business of buying and selling diamonds to navigating her father's passing and associations with men, Rubin offers a multifaceted survey of her life both inside and outside of the jewelry business. What makes her memoir/business examination so absorbing is the added value of moral, ethical, and value insights: "Most of the time I was merely finding items to sell, purchasing here and offering them there. I had “an eye” for putting together a new collection every year and figuring out future trends to make a profit. I was good at it. But how could this be my purpose in life? I thought a lot about doctors who save the lives of their patients, lawyers who help their clients find justice, and teachers who inspire and motivate their students. And when it came to the product of jewelry itself, I was baffled by its perceived value. As a gift, it was a symbol of love. As a possession, it had intrinsic value. But I couldn’t imagine why a diamond could cost so much, when other things were so much more useful."

Rubin's observations will resonate with anyone interested in jewelry on more than one level. This reader will find her survey replete with reflections on relationships, family, and the methods of jewelry appraisal, sales, evaluation, and more. Readers might not anticipate the inclusion of family issues as they relate to jewelry inheritance and appraisal, but this, too, pops up in the course of Rubin's expertise and relationships: "How wise is Stan. He didn’t want trouble with Uncle Mike. “No,” he said. “Let Uncle Mike have someone appraise it, along with the antiques and the paintings.” I felt a bit slighted, because my expertise wasn’t taken seriously, and my services were free. But this was Stan’s family, and if he wanted me to stay out of their business, I didn’t really mind."

The life lessons Rubin absorbs from her choices and business lend to a fine autobiography ("This is the lesson. Each of us must live the life we create, according to our actions. Every day we are faced with choices. What we choose and how we react will determine our future. As for me, the money did not change my life."), making Diamonds and Scoundrels of interest to more than a singular arts or memoir audience.

While readers involved with jewelry might be surprised at the inclusion of so much personal insight, these features are what elevates Rubin's experience from a business exposé to a journal of personal and professional growth, setting it apart from other jewelry considerations and placing it in a unique setting of its own.

Diamonds and Scoundrels is highly recommended reading for those who like not just jewelry, but stories of personal and professional growth.

Diamonds and Scoundrels by author Adrienne Rubin


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