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LANCASTER, PENNSYLVANIA, UNITED STATES, April 7, 2020 / — Lancaster, PA – In this Election year, President Trump continues to seek approval for his reelection by proving he is the best and wisest in his handling of the coronavirus epidemic. But Jews and American Christians need to be concerned.

Dr. Mary Theresa Webb is the author of Following Jesus: In the Age of Trump.

Dr. Webb says she was inspired to write this book because of her growing concern over Trump’s perceived evangelical support. A Dr. Webb is part of a non-denominational movement known as the Red Letter Christians, who believe Christians should be paying attention to Jesus' words and examples of humility, and dedicated to promoting biblical values such as peace, building strong families, the elimination of poverty, and other important social justice issues.

According to Dr. Webb, Trump’s strong support from some charismatic and Pentecostal Christian leaders comes from their misguided end times beliefs. They have told Trump that he is God’s chosen one, like King Cyrus of Persia in the 6th century BCE, who was king when the Jewish people were in exile in Babylon and who set them free to return to Israel to rebuild the temple.

‘The Bible is about loving God and loving others,” says Dr. Webb. “Historically, Jewish people and Christians have believed in caring for others. They have founded hospitals and hospices.”

Webb’s research into the heretical New Apostolic Reformation and Prosperity Gospel movements, raises an alarm that the self-proclaimed prophets influencing Trump are doing so for their own political purposes. This feeds into Trump’s dangerous malignant narcissistic personality disorder.

Because Dr. Webb has found clergy do not want to discuss controversial divisive political issues, she has designed a program for church groups to help combat the divisiveness and has become a moderator for

“The people who buy my book are usually sympathetic,” Dr. Webb laments. “I want to reach the Trump believers who have allowed the truth to be distorted. I'm always hopeful. If more people have the courage of their convictions and will speak the truth to power, we can make a difference.”

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