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80Bites The Dancer’s Diet

How Food Scarcity will Effect Weight Loss

NEW YORK, NY, US, April 8, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — A modern, yet decades old diet known as 80Bites The Dancers Diet is the solution for our new normal. This program is the antidote for a grossly over-indulging wellness industry which brainwashes ‘dieters’ to restrict complete categories of food while glorifying “superfoods.” In an easy to follow e-book, 80Bites teaches how to “shrink” the stomach container by low quantity eating.

Instead of sitting in front of a TV all day to watch the same Covid-19 news, why not utilize the toolkit in this book to learn how much you consume per day. The Dancers Diet is a scientifically informed diet for losing pounds by learning How Much to Eat. This is not another diet based on manipulating nutrients as in “eat unlimited quantities from Group 1 and only two from Groups B but only eat from Group C if it is raining in Bermuda on a Thursday.” All diets for the past 50 years have convinced the public that nutrient manipulations override quantities. The reason is obvious: Eat less is not “good” for our over-consuming economy. This tenet no longer matters since the economy is a mess like our poor bodies. And even those who are not carrying extra weight will need to learn how to eat less while consuming the same number of calories.

Deborah Wingert, ballet teacher and former Balanchine dancer, explains: “No matter what “diet” …. Keto/ Paleo/ Vegetarian or Vegan, the amount of food consumed is key.” This program with 30 years of results has been previously available from Registered Dieticians and for Pilates Professionals through the PhysicalMind Institute. This e-book will teach how to train your stomach to feel full on less food and why that is the easiest solution. 80Bites is about the physical stomach and hormones. Calories counting represents an over-simplification of a very complicated digestive and endocrinal process. The science is clear: the stomach container shrinks, and your hormones rebalance. This is why, when a person who weighs 450 pounds has stomach reduction surgery, (bariatric surgery), their diabetes disappears in a few days. Though they may still weigh 200 plus pounds too many, their insulin levels have stabilized. The public has been assaulted with dietary manipulations and pseudo-science because this “grows” dieting/exercise businesses. But the ‘wellness’ consumers grow too! Even Intermittent Fasting does not train the stomach—it just confines overeating and often lead to a Binge and Purge cycle. Every diet has failed, people have played Russian roulette by harming their bodies, and none of it works.

In just 12 steps, you learn how to eat—not what. By focusing only on less for one week, you will feel totally different. You eat what you want—not what some Wellness type dictates because she likes it– and gradually your stomach shrinks. You save money. Tune up your stomach muscles and those gluttony based All You Can Eat places will be unappetizing and painful. The link between stomach size and hormone imbalances has been hidden from the public. Cortisol and insulin and now leptin and ghrelin. Our new normal will require eating less—not obsessing over nutrients which are often lacking anyway. In this crisis atmosphere, restrictive diets won’t be possible. Eating sanely can be your salvation for now and the future.

The 80Bites e-book is the solution to the obesity epidemic. Let’s make lemonade from the Covid-19 lemon. At the end of this pandemic, we should have shrunk our bodies and dropped some of the billions of extra pounds that weigh on us. Never has there been a better time to rethink your eating habits from the ground up. 80Bites will be a beacon in that regard. The E-book is 107 pages: 14 TEACHING Videos; Forget Calories … Hormones Rule Book; and Articles to explain why 50% of us are obese.

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