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Toto stares into the darkening void of the tornado as it wrenches his family's cabin high above the plains.

The Tornado

In semi-consciousness, the Manticore carries Dorothy from the intoxicating mists that cover the moldering earth in the Valley of the Vegans - Book Two, Trail of Tears, The Wizard Was Odd Trilogy

Manticore Carries Dorothy Along Devil’s Walk To Safety in the Valley of the Vegans

Original Art - Map of Western Oz - Wizard of Oz - Book Two: Trail of Tears - Wizard Was Odd Trilogy

Original Art – Wizard Was Odd Trilogy, Book Two: Trail of Tears, (Wizard of Oz from Toto’s Perspective)

Complex & intriguing and loaded with tongue-in-cheek humor) adventure, mystery, fantasy, and romance. Updated characters & new wondrous quirky social misfits.

In Memory of L. Frank Baum…Most of us leave our mark as little more than scant ripples on Life's great Ocean of Time. Others, however, make waves that carry on and outward to Time's farthest shores.”

— Peeky ( AKA Bob Moyer)

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In 450 pages, Toto tells the reader like it is. "For 120 years, every monkey and his uncle who was smart enough to hold the sharp end of a pencil to paper, has shared their version of 'the yellow brick road'. These monkeys have had over a century to get it right, but since none of them had been to Oz, none of them ever got it right. So, they made things up…even about my innocent little Dorothy."

"Toto's Tale" brings the 21st century reader a cast of new and updated characters. Often bizarre and always unique, their personalities have depth and a complexity in tune with our times.

The story line situations, and characters' relationships, though off-world, are real-world with complicated plots, unexpected twists, subtle romance…, mystery, lots of wonder, and some serious magic. Toto’s Tale loosely follows Baum's yellow brick road to the Emerald City. However, not all yellow brick roads are the same! With larcenous literary and artistic license, copious wit, and tongue-in-cheek humor, Toto's Tale will appeal to readers of all ages, but the younger readers may not pick up on the humor and nuances.

Alongside Toto, you will ride in the front seat of a thrilling and emotional roller coaster throughout the magical Land of Oz…and beyond. This Wonderful Wizard of Oz takeoff is a multidimensional plot-twister that includes an updated original cast and a host of other wondrous quirky social misfits. This complex and intriguing parody has as much tongue-in-cheek humor as it does original content, adventure, mystery, fantasy, and romance.


First published in the year 1900, electrical lighting, indoor plumbing, and automobile ownership were not widespread. There were less than 8000 cars on the road and no more than ten miles of paved roads. "Technology" was a train that could travel in six days that a covered wagon would take six months.


"Technology" means medical miracles, lasers, drones, stealth bombers, satellite surveillance, space station, cyber warfare, and quantum computers. Incredible graphics in games like Minecraft and Fortnight and in films like Harry Potter, and Star Wars, have raised the bar. Today's fantasy lovers expect "fantastic" and it takes "awesome" in books and films to meet those expectations. The Wizard Was Odd trilogy has that kind of universal appeal. The glorious Lands of Western Oz, with elements of fantasy, steampunk, and science fiction coupled with its bizarre inhabitants, and their extreme subcultures will draw today’s fantasy readers and game-minded fans into an Oziian world unlike any other.
The Library of Congress has declared The Wonderful Wizard of Oz “America's greatest and best-loved homegrown fairytale” and “the most watched film ever”. It has also been said that one fifth of the world’s population has in one way or another enjoyed one version or another of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

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Toto Tells it Like it Is… “LET THE TRUTH BE KNOWN” An Epic “Wizard of Oz” Adventure for the 21st Century Reader

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