What to Know About Up-and-Coming Hotelier, Charlton Claxton

A photo of up-and-coming hotelier, Eric Charlton Claxton, as seen in 2020 appearing in Savannah Georgia

Hotelier, Eric Charlton Claxton (2020)

Charlie says working on his first book is "literally keeping me sane."

ATLANTA, GEORGIA, USA, May 21, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eric Charlton Claxton, who goes by his middle name of Charlie, is the oldest step-son of real estate development titan G.S. Sheppard.

Of all of G.S.’s children, Charlie has had the more varied life and career. He's always been a strong supporter of his step-father’s business interest, but has also pursued his own career as a hotelier, real estate developer, business owner, and now, soon to be published author. That last role might be the aspect you're least familiar with: Charlie has spent the last year finishing up his freshman novel entitled “Earth Bound”. The book is about “what happens when a Christmas eve car crash takes the life of the youngest child of one of Savannah’s oldest, most gilded families, and the dark places that everyone goes when we hurt”. -The fictionalized book stemmed from the real life death of his brother Ryan, and how his death shattered the world in which the family lived; and the light at the end of the tunnel.

Charlie, who's enjoying a newly revived career, and has spoken openly about the troubles that he and his family have gone through professionally and personally, has pursued a different positive path as of late. His stepfather G.S. Sheppard remains staunchly in support of his oldest son and his revived career. G.S. Sheppard and famed Westing House Development were responsiable for developing huge parts of South Florida throughout the last 60 years.

Sadly, the 2007 death of his younger brother wouldn't be the last time there was tragedy in the Claxton/Sheppard family. In 2016, Charlie's father Edwin died suddenly from a ruptured artery at the very young age of 62, leaving behind his oldest, and last remaining, Son to deal with the grief of his death and working to rebuild the family business that suffered due to its legal problems.- Charlie, had become the lightning rod for those problems. Yet his stepfather G.S. was there to offer much needed council as he brought the family’s business issues to a close. On the positive side, those short lived difficult times brought he and his nearly century-old step father closer together. G.S. is nearing his 95th birthday.

After the family's businesses legal problems came to a resolution in the mid 2000’s, Charlie, as the former CEO, took the brunt of the legal settlement and responsibility. After which he moved away from a career in traditional real estate and the family’s business operations. He worried that it might cause problems all the same. "I wanted my family to have a clean slate," he said. "I didn’t want to limit them in any way." He has since founded and cofounded companies, with a focus in hotel and hospitality property development that has, of late, seen his stock and his future as a hotelier take a steady rise as he and his business partners are building condo-hotel projects in second tier southern vacation markets, giving construction investors financial returns approaching seventeen percent annually.

While Covid-19 rocks the hospitality market, Charlie is now splitting his time working on ongoing hospitality development projects, and editing his book, which is due for release in time for Christmas 2020. He says working on the book is "literally keeping me sane." Recently, he's been in the news for another reason: He pioneered the concept of turning residential homes into triple-net leased hospitality (short-term rental) assets, these assets are sold to main street investors looking for hands off investments- A first in the residential real estate market. Since then, he and the company completed its first round of private equity fund raising and has gone on to generate profits in the seven figure range in the first quarter of 2020.

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