Memory Loss Reversed or Abated in Those with Cognitive Decline

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Outsmart Your Brain, The Insider’s Guide to Life-long Memory

Latest research from Affirmativ Health succeeds in treating cognitive decline using personalized, precision medicine.

The findings, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports (Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports 4(1)), are encouraging and indicate that a more extensive clinical study is warranted.”

— Brian K Kennedy, PhD


Affirmativ Health sought to determine whether a comprehensive and personalized program, designed to mitigate risk factors of Alzheimer’s disease could improve cognitive and metabolic function in individuals experiencing cognitive decline. Findings provided evidence that this approach can improve risk factor scores and stabilize cognitive function.

Cognitive decline is a major concern of the aging population. Already, Alzheimer’s disease affects approximately 5.4 million Americans and 30 million people globally. Without effective prevention and treatment, the prospects for the future are bleak. By 2050, it is estimated that 160 million people globally will have the disease, including 13 million Americans, leading to potential bankruptcy of the Medicare system. Unlike several other chronic illnesses, Alzheimer’s disease is on the rise–recent estimates suggest that Alzheimer’s disease has become the third leading cause of death in the United States behind cardiovascular disease and cancer. Since its first description over 100 years ago, Alzheimer’s disease has been without effective treatment. While researchers continue to seek out a cure, it is becoming clear that there are effective treatment options. More and more research supports the conclusion that Alzheimer’s disease is not a disease of only Beta Amyloid plaques and Tao tangles but a complex and systemic disease. In this study of patients with varying levels of cognitive decline, it is demonstrated how a precision and personalized approach results in either stabilization or improvement in memory.

Interventions to stop the progression of Alzheimer’s disease have been marginally successful at best. This study uses a more comprehensive, personalized approach addressing each participant’s unique risk factors. “The findings, published in the Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease Reports (Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports 4(1)), are encouraging and indicate that a more extensive clinical study is warranted", said Brian Kennedy, PhD, Director of The Centre for Healthy Aging, National University Health System, Singapore and Chief Scientific Officer, Affirmativ Health.

The Affirmativ Health scientific team, after thorough review of published research, has developed a comprehensive approach to addressing scientifically supported risk factors that have been rigorously defined as interventions to promote prevention, increased resiliency, and stabilization of brain function in the realm of AD and dementia. Utilizing cutting edge technology in concert with in-person coaching and consultation, we are demonstrating that a multi-modal and personalized approach promotes an improved resiliency and restoration of optimal brain function. The personalized therapeutic program includes genetics, an extensive blood panel, medical history, and lifestyle data to evaluate relevant metabolic risk factors and nutrient levels associated with cognitive health. "Target laboratory levels differ from standard laboratory ranges as the goal is to reach optimized levels for cognitive health", Ginger Schechter, MD, Chief Medical Officer, Affirmativ Health

The study approach considers more than 35 factors known to contribute to cognitive decline. Results demonstrate that certain of those factors are more affected than others again demonstrating the need for a more precise treatment plan. "This study supports the need for an approach that focuses on a one-size fits one, not a one-size fits all, approach that comprehensively assesses all involved risk factors affecting memory loss", Denise M Kalos, CEO Affirmativ Health

In conjunction with the publication of this vital study, and to expose alternative treatment options for Alzheimer’s disease and cognitive decline, the team at Affirmativ Health has written a book, Outsmart your Brain – an Insider's Guide to Life-Long Memory. “Memory is not something that should diminish with age; you are never too young to start developing healthy habits that can ultimately impact your cognition,” Outsmart Your Brain. This book leverages the foundation of Affirmativ Health's research to deliver a tips and tools guide for the maintenance of good cognitive health. "Far too few people understand how critical lifestyle and dietary choices are for brain function. ‘Outsmart Your Brain’ is an important tool to get this information into the hands of those who should know it, everyone!, in easy-to-understand language", Ryan R. Fortna, MD, PhD, Chief Medical/Scientific Officer, ADx Healthcare.

ABOUT AFFIRMATIV HEALTH: Four years ago, Affirmativ Health was the first to bring the latest health-conscious science to those living with or at risk of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. By taking a personalized medicine approach, we address an individual’s unique, modifiable medical and lifestyle risk factors tom improve cognition. Affirmativ Health empowers people with the information necessary to take control of their cognitive health. If you are looking for hope that is based in science, please reach out.

ABOUT THE JOURNAL OF ALZHEIMER’S DISEASE REPORTS (JADR): Journal of Alzheimer's Disease Reports is an Open Access international multidisciplinary journal to facilitate progress in understanding the etiology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, genetics, behavior, treatment, and psychology of Alzheimer's disease. The journal publishes research reports, reviews, short communications, hypotheses, and case reports. It provides an open forum for original research that will expedite our fundamental understanding of Alzheimer's disease.

Denise M Kalos
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“Surrender White People; Our Unconditional Terms for Peace.” D.L. Hughley Hosts a FanRoom Live Event to Launch His Book

FanRoom, Book Release, Kings Of Comedy, Cedric The Entertainer, Jeff Krauss, Black Lives Matter,Mich Faulkner

“Surrender White People; Our Unconditional Terms for Peace.” D.L. Hughley Hosts a FanRoom Live Event to Launch His Book

D.L. Hughley Uncut airs on Pluto TV

Intelligent Humor, Political Savvy

D.L. Hughley Launches his book “Surrender White People; Our Unconditional Terms for Peace.”
D.L. Hughley Hosts a FanRoom Live Event to Launch His Book

“Surrender White People; Our Unconditional Terms for Peace.”
FanRoom, an intimate access to inside information”

— Sheryl Dolley

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA, July 31, 2020 / — D.L Hughley celebrates the successful release of his latest book “Surrender White People; Our Unconditional Terms for Peace.” The national bestselling author will host fans on FanRoom, a live virtual platform to showcase his book. The book engages readers in a delightful discussion on race, racism, and racial inequality that helps readers to embrace the discomfort and examine the difficult, often polarizing content. D.L. Hughley is an American actor, political commentator, radio host, author and stand-up comedian. Hughley is best known as the original host of BET's Comic View from 1992 to 1993, the iconic character on the ABC/UPN sitcom The Hughleys, and as one of the "Big Four" comedians in The Original Kings of Comedy, a film and tour by Spike Lee. His current podcast, D.L. Hughley Uncut airs on Pluto TV. He has been the host of CNN's D. L. Hughley Breaks the News, a correspondent for The Jay Leno Show on NBC, and a local radio personality and interviewer in New York City. In early 2013, D.L. Hughley landed in 9th place on Dancing with the Stars. His relatability is the key to his success as a comedian, author, and actor.

FanRoom is the brilliant collaboration of an actor/producer, talent agent and celebrity event producer in response to the pandemic that stilled the entertainment industry. Fighting boredom, depression and isolation, the public is hungry for normalcy. Cedric the Entertainer, award-winning actor, producer, and comedian, Mich Faulkner, CEO of 123 Talent, and Jeff Krauss, President of event production and entertainment company IE Group, designed a new reality. They brought on producers, co-hosts, Chanel Omari and Jae Benjamin. Pooling their talents and resources, they created a solution for staying home and social distancing while getting an intimate entertainment fix for eager fans. Artists connect with fans in ways never possible before. FanRoom became an instant success.

If public fears contradict a value in place, even if everyone knows it is just not true, they stay with the story. Myths like the endearing tale of Christopher Columbus discovering America and having a Thanksgiving celebration with the natives is merely a folk tale, but it is a well-loved picture handed down as a bonding holiday. The public is reluctant to give up the pleasure of the vision, so they continue the holiday despite the truth. “It’s kind of our story in America”, Hughley said in a recent interview with the National Public Radio (NPR). Harper Collins says the new book is a humorous take on societal divisions that still sting. As a comedian, the legendary comic is an original member of the ‘Kings of Comedy,’ a quartet comprised of Hughley, Steve Harvey, Cedric the Entertainer, and Bernie Mac. Known for quick wit and intelligent banter, as an author, Hughley draws on the resourcefulness of his humorous side to effectively attract readers to deliver his message. He has written critically acclaimed books such as the New York Times Bestseller “How to Not Get Shot: And Other Advice from White People” and the “Black Man, White House: An Oral History of the Obama Years.” Hughley shares his deepest thoughts and emotions yet in this latest book. It cleverly lures the reader in and helps them immerse themselves in the tensions and complexities of contemporary America. The book has attracted considerable positive response during the sensitive “Black Lives Matter” controversies. To mark the launch, Hughley hosts fans and supporters on FanRoom Live.

We are delighted to bring D.L. Hughley closer to fans through innovative technology to overcome the paralysis of the Covid 19 Pandemic and allow the laughter to move gloom into a powerful regaining of joy. As a comedian, author, and radio star, “Hughley is one of the most astute and hilarious critics of politics, race, and entertainment in America” said Jeff Krauss, Co-Founder and Co-Creator of FanRoom Live. It is a private, intimate “meet and greet” for fans to interact with Hughley on August 6, 2020, at 7:00 PM PST, while social distancing.

FanRoom Live is a digital platform that connects actors, authors, comedians, athletes, and celebrities to their fans in an intimate platform of virtual events conducted like “town-hall” meetings. FanRoom Live events feature Q&A sessions, giving fans access never experienced before. Previous guests of FanRoom include Cedric The Entertainer, George Lopez, Richard Kline, and George Wayne the former Vanity Fair scribe. Up-coming talents who are set to be announced include Kurt Angle, Brant Daugherty, Jake The Snake Roberts, and Holland Roden to give the platform the power to overcome current challenges. D.L. Hughley brings the small-town feeling virtually as he introduces his book on FanRoom Live on August 6, 2020, at 7:00 PM PST. Tickets can be purchased for $25.00 on FunRoom Tickets for this event are available for purchase on the FanRoom Live website at

Sheryl Dolley
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D.L.Hughley Uncut

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Evangelist John Dye Debuts Most Anticipated Spiritual Edification

Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide

"The motivational speaker, Evangelist John Dye, launches his enchiridion for Spiritual Enlightenment entitled, Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide"

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2020 / — Recently released by Evangelist John Dye, “Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide” rekindles the spiritual relationship of each person with God. The book grants its readers an intrinsic journey, guiding them into the pinnacle level of self-enlightenment. As a spiritual counselor himself, Evangelist John Dye seeks to share his deep understanding of each step of this internal journey, leading you closer to God.

Millions of people across the globe have asked existential questions about life and faith – the intertwining philosophy of existentialism. Seeking the answers to these questions takes time, which frustrates and places a person in a constant state of struggle. Evangelist John Dye understands this constant internal dilemma, which pushed him to publish his book “Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide”.

Just like how the sun finds its way to the thinnest of cracks, God’s presence extends to perpetuity, constantly finding its way to each person. “Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide” helps its readers identify these spiritual opportunities for you to open up.

Evangelist John Dye is constantly in touch with the spiritual needs of people, allowing him to deliver the truth with core-affecting lines.

“Your Personal Destiny: A Complete Guide” is now available on Amazon or Barnes & Noble in different formats to suit the needs of each reader. Also on

About the Author

Evangelist John Dye is a model, actor, motivational speaker, and spiritual counselor, who constantly associates in the spiritual needs of many; seeking the will of God and his grace. His passion in listening to the needs of others has led him to do multiple radio and TV interviews, which in turn has made him realize his calling to write this spiritual guide for everybody.

As he shares a path to every person on how to connect with God in their way, Evangelist John Dye believes that each individual has their spiritual path to take. And it is his utmost pleasure to steer your direction towards spiritual edification, awareness, and growth.

It has been said without a vision the people perish, but Evangelist John Dye has brought us a vision and the truth from God that we should listen and respond too for a change. (Order your copy now)

Mary Mason
Book-Art Press Agency
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Author and Business Exec Shares Tips to Find a Job, Save Your Career During a Global Pandemic

Your Career Survival Guide

Christy Noel, Career Expert, Author

Christy Noel releases career survival guide to help professionals survive and thrive in a volatile job market

My goal was to deliver a step-by-step playbook filled with straight talk to help professionals navigate their careers during this pandemic and in the foreseeable future.”

— Christy Noel

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2020 / — As the worldwide spread of coronavirus continues to sweep the country and take millions of jobs with it, workers are left wondering how to find a job and keep their career on track in this new economy and new work environment. Los Angeles-based Christy Noel, Career Expert and co-author of "Your Personal Career Coach. Real-World Experiences for Early Career Success", will release a new ebook, "Your Career Survival Guide: How to Get and Keep a Job in Times of Crisis", (BBL Publishing, August 11) to help those impacted by the global pandemic by sharing practical tools for finding a job and saving your career in the worst job market since the depression. To provide immediate help to those currently facing layoffs or searching for a job, Noel will host a virtual book launch Friday, August 7th, with a live Career Q&A for job seekers. The event will be hosted on Zoom/Facebook Live and attendees are encouraged to send in their career questions prior to the event. For details, go to

“I wrote Your Career Survival Guide to address the specific issues many people are now suddenly facing during these turbulent times,” said Christy Noel. “My goal was to deliver a step-by-step playbook filled with straight talk to help professionals navigate their careers now and in the foreseeable future.”

To help job seekers get started, Noel is offering a free download of Your Complete Guide to Cover Letters. Go to for the guide and more free career resources.

Due to economic instability, many companies have had no choice but to furlough employees. Others, while they have maintained their jobs, are now facing uncharted territory of how to conduct business in a new ‘social distancing’ and virtual world. “Finding a new job or succeeding in the one you have has become harder in a world of coronavirus. There’s suddenly an entirely new set of rules for finding and keeping your job,” added Noel. “And many of these jobs that have been eliminated will just not come back, which means navigating a career change.”

Your Career Survival Guide: How to Get and Keep a Job in Times of Crisis offers actionable tips, insights and practical advice on how to deal with many of the unprecedented issues facing those in the workforce today. Some of Noel’s topics to keep your career on track include:
– Three Keys to Getting Hired in Times of Crisis
– Five Steps to Take if You Lose Your Job During a Crisis
– How to Ask for A Raise When Others are Getting Laid Off
– How to write a Resume That Gets Interviews
– Creating a LinkedIn Profile that Stands Out
– Perfecting the Video Job Interview
– How to Work From Home and Make it Work
– Making Virtual Meetings Productive in the Middle of Chaos
– How to Expand Your Network in a Virtual World
– Dealing with Anxiety

Noel shares more advice and tools for getting started and getting ahead in your career on her website and blog, Her next book, Your Personal Career Coach: Real-Life Stories for Early Career Success, written with her father, Mike Noel, a now-retired business executive, and 25 contributing authors, is set for a September release date and is the first in a series of “Your Personal Career Coach” books. Noel’s books deliver real-world advice in short and engaging stories to help the reader land a job and propel their career. She has been featured in Huff Post, Ladders, UpJourney, The Leadershift Project, Stilettos on the Ground, and more.

About the author:
Christy Noel is an award-winning executive with over 20 years of global branding, communications, and marketing experience. Christy is the creator and author of Your Career Survival Guide: How To Get And Keep A Job In Time Of Crisis and co-author of Your Personal Career Coach: Real-World Experiences for Early Career Success which launches September 2020 from BBL Publishing. After working their way up the corporate ladder in their respective fields, Christy and her father, Mike Noel, joined forces to spare young professionals the steep learning curve and bumps they encountered. Christy shares stories of her career to help the next generation get hired, get ahead, and build a rewarding career. She is currently the Senior Vice President of Marketing for MobileCause, a leading fundraising and communications software provider for nonprofits and has her B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles.

Leann Garms
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How to Master Video Job Interviews

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Photo Printing Market 2020 Global Industry – Key Players, Size, Trends, Opportunities, Growth- Analysis to 2026

Global Photo Printing Market 2020

Wiseguyreports.Com Publish Market Report On-“Covid-19 Impact on Photo Printing Market 2020 Global Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Opportunities and Growth 2026”

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, July 30, 2020 / —

Photo Printing Market 2020

With a proper discussion of the Photo Printing market, the global report tries to foresee how much valuation the market would accrue during the forecast period of 2021 to 2026. It also assessed a possible CAGR for the market over the review period. This review takes proper measures regarding the route chart, review of the market, factorial analysis, and others. An in-depth analysis of these factors can help in the understanding of a better profit margin by the end of 2026.

The report further incorporates segments like properly-chalked segmentation, which would help in producing various decision-making procedures, scaling of various zonal impact, a proper understanding of supply-demand curve, support from end users, and trends that can influence the global Photo Printing market.

Request Free Sample Report @

Competitive Analysis:
Research analysts are also playing a crucial role in developing methods on the basis of an understanding of the competition. This includes discussions on the acquisition, merger, better research and development facilities, innovation, and others to improve market understanding. It would also help in understanding trends that may influence the Photo Printing market.

The top players covered in Photo Printing Market are:
Eastman Kodak
Bay Photo Lab

Market Dynamics:
The Photo Printing market report tries to get various details regarding dynamics that can impact the global market. Their inter-relations would help in getting a better understanding of the global market. This study also includes various other aspects related to the industry. Substantial knowledge of the production flow, its proper impact on the end user, and the supply chain can influence the profit margin to new heights.

Market analysts dealing with the Photo Printing market, bank on a proper segmentation of the market for a look into the market, would help get valuable insights. The assessment of these segments includes decent scientific approaches, figures, graphs, charts, factors, and others. This analysis of volume and value would also help players taking measures in the coming years.

Regional Analysis:
A comprehensive understanding of the region-specific analysis puts emphasis on various demographic challenges with the potentials to transform the Photo Printing market in the coming days. These obstacles mostly include factors like regional preferences, an apt channelizing of resources, methods to generate demand for the market, cultural impact, analysis of investment scope, understanding of associated industries, and others. The report takes measures of several aspects at play in West and East Europe, support from the massive population of Asia Pacific, impacts of the market in North and South America, and an analysis of the countries both economically uncertain and stable from the Middle East & Africa to understand possibilities regarding growth pockets.

For Customisation and Query @

Table of Contents –Analysis of Key Points
1 Market Overview
2 Manufacturers Profiles
3 Global Photo Printing Sales, Revenue, Market Share and Competition by Manufacturer (2018-2019)
4 Global Photo Printing Market Analysis by Regions
5 North America Photo Printing by Country
6 Europe Photo Printing by Country
7 Asia-Pacific Photo Printing by Country
8 South America Photo Printing by Country
9 Middle East and Africa Photo Printing by Countries
10 Global Photo Printing Market Segment by Type
11 Global Photo Printing Market Segment by Application
12 Photo Printing Market Forecast (2020-2026)
13 Sales Channel, Distributors, Traders and Dealers
14 Research Findings and Conclusion
15 Appendix
List of Tables and Figures

NOTE: Our team is studying Covid-19 and its impact on various industry verticals and wherever required we will be considering Covid-19 footprints for a better analysis of markets and industries. Cordially get in touch for more details.

Wise Guy Reports
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Melody Wolfe's The Godmother is due to be released July 30, 2020

A relaxed Wolfe, enjoying the summer!

I hope to make my dear friends proud and my readers entertained.”

— Melody Wolfe

HALIFAX, NS, CANADA, July 30, 2020 / — Internationally Acclaimed Author, Melody Wolfe, is pleased to announce the release of her latest book, The Godmother. This is Wolfe's first work of fiction, a novel about two friends from her hometown of Spryfield, Nova Scotia.

"I hope to make my dear friends proud and my readers entertained," Wolfe says cheerfully. "This was a labor of love for me, and although it is fictional, the characters are based on my real-life heroes, people who have encouraged and inspired me. I just hope I have done them justice when representing them in this novel."

Wolfe is best known for her Internationally Acclaimed book, From a Criminal Mind to the Mind of Christ. She is an advocate for the disadvantaged and a beacon of inspiration to her peers. She admits to being somewhat hesitant to write a work of fiction whose characters are based on real people.

"Most novels from this genre are based on the author's imagination. The Godmother is unique in that I love the characters who make the book the success that it is. Most of us are misunderstood and often misrepresented. It is my hope that the heart and spirit of those persons I have based this story on shines with unmistakable charisma! This is the work of a lifetime."

There is already talk that The Godmother will be adapted into a Motion Picture in the near future. The story takes place in Wolfe's hometown of Spryfield, Nova Scotia.

"I love my hometown and enjoy the heart of the people who make it the paradise that it is."
The Godmother is available wherever fine books are sold.

Melody Wolfe
Circle of Trust Canada
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Positively Georgia's Guide to Surviving Grief: Elizabeth Ferris' Inspiring and Insightful New Book

PRINCE GEORGE, BC, CANADA, July 29, 2020 / — Positively Georgia's Guide to Surviving Grief: Elizabeth Ferris' Inspiring and Insightful New Book

Canada – July 29, 2020 – Elizabeth Ferris announces the release of her new book, “Positively Georgia’s Guide to Surviving Grief.” This follows the remarkable success of her first book, “Positively Georgia – a Motivational Tale of a Unique Airedale,” which when released late last year, quickly rose in popularity to become an Amazon Top 50 Best Seller.

Positively Georgia’s Guide to Surviving Grief is a beautiful graphic book that helps teens and adults deal positively with the loss of a loved one. It is a transformational book that fosters needed conversations between youth and adults about grief. Georgia is an illustrated Airedale Terrier breed who is bubbly and full of inspiring ideas. Georgia rides around the city in her owner’s truck, experiencing the world with love and appreciation. Her owner, who is a realtor, visits people selling a home or property after a loved one has died. Georgia can see the gloom in their eyes.

Georgia knows how to console a human adult or child who is struggling with grief. She jumps up on the couch and presses her big furry body against the person until they forget their loss and sadness. The book offers reassuring and inspiring lessons for children and adults. It’s 42 beautifully illustrated pages teach that surroundings can be fun and fabulous when accompanied by enthusiasm and a can-do attitude.

“Positively Georgia’s Guide to Surviving Grief” was lovingly produced page by page and is touted as the perfect traveling companion for the journey of recovery from grief. This book is littered with insightful and thoughtful prompts that help to reflect on things. “Positively Georgia’s Guide to Surviving Grief” makes an extra thoughtful gift when given with a particular usage in mind.

“The loss of a loved one is a gut-wrenching experience. This book shows teens and adults effective ways to deal with loss to recover a happy, rewarding life,” said Elizabeth Ferris, the author of “Positively Georgia’s Guide to Surviving Grief.” “This book is also good for people with terrible anxiety and will help their mind slow down and focus on positivity,” she added.

As an author, Elizabeth Ferris has acquired the prowess to hope, encouragement, and support as individuals navigate the challenges and adversities of life and loss. Elizabeth draws from a lifetime of sometimes challenging experiences. Her parents immigrated to Canada from Hungary, creating a marvelous family with more than 60 years of love. Today, Elizabeth divides her time between writing books and serving as an Executive Assistant for a Health Authority in Western Canada.

Elizabeth is eager to get the word out about this book to those that are in deep pain and despair in their grief.
People interested in “Positively Georgia’s Guide to Surviving Grief” and seeking a book that has got it all: motivating, inspiring, insightful, and of course, reassuring can order on Amazon and her website.

Learn more about Elizabeth Ferris at

Elizabeth Ferris
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Author's New Book Receives A Warm Literary Welcome: Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites by Amy Jean

Authors new book of poetry, Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites, receives a warm literary welcome.

Epic Poetry delivering new thought

Amy Jean's book of poetry receives five stars from multiple reviewers. Amy Jean comes together with illustrator Eric Savage to deliver an artistic masterpiece.

Whoever said it was the climb, lied.”

— Amy Jean

CHARLOTTE, NC, UNITED STATES, July 29, 2020 / — Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites poetically reveals the diabolical ramifications of life being played rather than lived. Amy Jean shares personal trials, tribulations, and contemplation in a spirited, rhythmic chime. Woman's struggle to be recognized in a male-dominated society is boldly depicted in activist poetry style. This collection shoots flares up at the historical missteps we habitually ignore. Fiery intensity and engaging illustrations amplify the words on the page and drive them home to readers who are open to engaging in our flawed history.

Amy Jean is a dreamer, a poet, a mother, and now, a writer with a compelling story to share. Side Steps Terrorizing Sound Bites is based on Amy Jean's memoir, "The Kingdom Has Arrived." Sincere and tantalizing morsels of a gentle, enduring, religious love seep sporadically between poems that broadcast rage over paths endured. You can feel the author's anguish surrounding the greed and jealousy holding humanity back from breaking through to universal liberation: A rapidly approaching future where the oneness in Holy Scripture is a present and universal truth for all.

The paperback is available for pre-order on Amazon.
The hardcover publication with color illustrations will be available soon at

Side Steps has received multiple five-star reviews:
"Side Steps: Terrorizing Sound Bites is a volume of collected poetry on a variety of personal and socio-cultural themes and was penned by author Amy Jean. The work explores the experience of women still living in a male-dominated society and falling victim to traditionalism and the overlooking and automatic thoughts which keep us chained. The work includes rhythmic works of personal experience of the author as well as wider-reaching thematic works that protest against the system and encourage readers to open their eyes to true history beyond automatic thinking and censorship.

Author Amy Jean comes together with illustrator Eric Savage to create an artistic masterpiece that is both personal and progressive. The wordplay is spectacular and highly emotive, and the layout of the work itself makes for a visual and audible feast as the images perfectly match the poetic content. Accessible to all readers, the author reaches into the soul of her readership and speaks the truth." -K.C. Finn

Jean Publications, LLC seeks to share forward-thinking, unique works of art that inspire and propel humanity towards universal liberation. Specifically, creative writing and artistic masterpieces offering bold new thoughts leading us to a bright future where all lives matter.

Amy Nickoloff
Jean Publications, LLC
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New Memoirs Entitled, "How I Found the G-Spot While Drinking Champagne," Positioned to Have Hollywood Seeing Stars

“How I found the G-Spot While Drinking Champagne”

Newest gourmet book is about how to find romance!!

Upcoming new Book, “Sizzle!” will be out in September..small print on the cover reads, “Caution, the book you are about to read is very hot!”

"I'll Have What She's Having," Will be the Bubbly Buzzwords at the Beverly Hilton, says Author.

Story-telling is the world's second oldest profession. I certainly wouldn't want to try to knock the world's oldest profession out its storied number one position.”

— Jake McGuire

HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA, July 29, 2020 / — A chance encounter with a Hollywood starlet lands memoirs author a cork-popping, sizzling new book title.

Washington, D.C, Photographer, Jake McGuire, who is finishing up his colorful memoirs has spent his lifetime on eye-opening adventures on four continents.

The Washington Post says, “McGuire is looking like he should be holding a mint julep, or yachting or doing something else genteel. His face is aristocratic… his manner is intense.” He currently has nine books in print.

McGuire, who plans to have his memoirs book finished by the first of September has tried some wild marketing techniques, including a pitch to George Clooney for movie rights, via press releases to LA and Hollywood.

What happened?"

McGuire was contacted by, not only ONE, but by THREE George Clooneys… and it gave him some Hollywood-worthy, head-spinning tales to tell, including a follow-up press release entitled, "I had to hang up the phone on George Clooney," says memoirs author.

He explains, “When my initial pitch to Clooney went out on the EIN, PR Newswire, it got a lot of media play,” he says, “but I never really expected to hear from George Clooney. So when I heard from three of them all claiming THEY were George Clooney, my head spun around in a 360 like the girl in "The Exorcist."

Meanwhile, last Friday, McGuire was sipping a happy hour glass of wine on the sidewalk cafe at Washington, D.C.'s, high-end Spanish restaurant, Taberna del Alabardero, when a stylish woman bounced up to the menu board to take a look.

"I was the only one there, as the patio was covid-empty boring," says McGuire, " so I offered her a seat at my hi-top table."

She took it.

"Where are you from?" He asked.

"LA," she said.

“You look like a movie star!" McGuire said.

"I am an actress, screenwriter, producer….a little of everything."

"Perhaps you could help me," he said.

"How's that?"

"I'm finishing up my memoirs," said McGuire, "And I'm looking for a publisher and a movie house."

"Memoirs? OK, tell me a great story."

"Amongst other adventures, I managed to finesse my way into the cockpit of a fully loaded commercial jet. And I convinced the pilot to let me fly it part way from DC to Atlanta. If the passengers knew Jake McGuire was flying the plane, they would have said, 'Let's roll,' and I would have been tossed out over Spartanburg, South Carolina!"

"You're kidding, you actually got in the cockpit and flew the plane?" She said.

"Yes, and I don't even have a pilot's license. I have many other stories, as I've traveled to, lived in, or had to flee from more than 30 countries," said McGuire. "And since my book is by a photographer, about a photographer, it is very visual, so It might make an eye-popping movie."

"What's the title?"

"I told her, and she gave me a negative eye roll."

"No, no, that's East Coast boring. Give me a 'tip-me-over' title of one of your chapters."

"Oh, that's easy," said McGuire. "Chapter 7 is entitled, How I Found the G-Spot While Drinking Champagne.'"

The starlet doubled over in knee-slapping convulsions and tumbled out of her seat.

"When people laugh hysterically," says McGuire, "they often lose motor control and writhe about like an amorphous blob. It is quite entertaining. In this case I knew, right then, I had a killer new book title!"

McGuire's other adventures in the book include talking his way into the White House to visit with a President of the United States in the Oval Office, as well as getting a ‘morning tea’ invitation to join the Amir of Bahrain in his Royal Palace, whereupon McGuire was showered with gifts of diamonds and gold before he left the Oil Sheikhdom.

“McGuire is edgy, nutty, romantic…nimble in his walk and talk…spreading mischievous wisdom around,” says fellow book author and DC area Professor, Anita Nahal.

McGuire spent most of his life in journalism. From working on the staff of a weekly newspaper to becoming one of America’s most published photographers, McGuire’s book reveals how he ditched his disheveled looks, switched to dapper, acted daring, and then watched his life blossom into a Hollywoodesque series of globe-trotting adventures.

McGuire writer's "voice" is brimming with wit and charm, and his adventures are eye-opening and colorful. His chapter 7, "How I Found the G-spot While Drinking Champagne," uses no four letter words but craftily puts people's imaginations on steroids. “I left photography for writing since everyone has a cell phone camera, so now I paint pictures with words.”

"Story-telling is the world's second oldest profession," he says, "I certainly wouldn't want to try to knock the world's oldest profession out its storied number one position."

He is currently looking for a major book publisher and a possible movie option. "I think my new book title is more than compelling," He says, as he wants potential readers to promptly grab the book off a bookstore bookshelf or immediately order it on-line. He says his adventures will have most homebodies in awe.

“Jake McGuire is an irresistible rogue, you won’t be disappointed!” Says, Lucia St. Clair Robson, author of at least 10 novels, including “The Last Train From Cuernavaca.”

Publishers and movie producers can contact McGuire via his website:

As for George Clooney? "I still haven't heard from the real Clooney," says McGuire, "But he is a guy who sees opportunity and he could produce, direct, and star in the film! And, he'd certainly make an infinitely more dashing me, than me!"

Stay tuned! McGuire is finishing up yet another, eye-opening non-fiction book entitled, "Sizzle!" Ready by October 1st.

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Popular Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair Moves Online September 11-13 Webinars Plus Interview with Actor Michael Horse

Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair, September 11th at 12:00 pm EDT ends Sunday September 13th 6:00 pm. Admission is free.

Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair, September 11th at 12:00 pm EDT ends Sunday September 13th 6:00 pm. Admission is free.

Actor Michael Horse, aka Deputy Hawk, from the cult television series “Twin Peaks” will be interviewed during the Fair by New York’s own WQXR radio host Elliott Forrest.

Actor Michael Horse, aka Deputy Hawk, from the cult television series “Twin Peaks” will be interviewed during the Fair by New York’s own WQXR radio host Elliott Forrest.

Bookseller Bryn Hoffman will present: Gay Visions: Mysticism and the LGBT Community, during the event.

Bookseller Bryn Hoffman will present a virtual webinar: Gay Visions: Mysticism and the LGBT Community during the event.

With 3 successful online fairs under his belt, Marvin Getman of Getman's Virtual Book & Paper Fairs anticipates a record "crowd" for the popular Brooklyn event.

Many items at the virtual Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair are priced at under $50—perfect for first-time collectors—and others range into the thousands, so there is something for everyone.”

— Marvin Getman

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, USA, July 29, 2020 / — Like everything else in our world today, COVID-19 has altered the way businesses display and sell their wares to the public. Just last year, more than a hundred dealers and thousands of customers came together in person for the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair to buy, sell, and learn from one another. Now, with large public gatherings banned for the foreseeable future, book fairs are venturing into the virtual world, transforming the way buyers meet sellers of rare books, maps, prints and ephemera, and Marvin Getman of Getman’s Virtual Book & Paper Fairs, is leading the way.

Getman has already hosted three highly successful online book fairs since May, and other organizations have begun licensing his platform seen as the emerging gold standard in the industry. From September 11th through the 13th, 2020, he will bring this new platform to the much-loved, annual Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair.

As always, collectors will be able to peruse the booths of every exhibitor in the fair one by one, or quickly visit their favorite dealers, hosted in an easy-to-navigate virtual version of the traditional book fair booth. A built-in search feature also allows visitors to quickly browse by category, price range, or any search term to find specific items of interest. And to keep the online shows fresh and intriguing the exhibitors feature only items not available on any other book selling site.

More than 150 dealers, in fact, will participate in this year’s virtual Brooklyn event which runs from noon on September 11 through September 13 at 6:00 pm. Many items will be available at under $50—perfect for first-time collectors—and range into the thousands of dollars, so there is something for everyone.

Similar to last year’s in-person show, the event will include several unique webinars and art exhibitions. One highlight is a virtual exhibition titled “Appeal to the Great Spirit: Designing the Beach Boys,” curated by Brian Chidester and Domenic Priore, which focuses on the fashion and visual artifacts of America's most famous rock 'n' roll band. There will also be a live guest interview with Michael Horse, aka Deputy Hawk, from the cult television series “Twin Peaks.” Horse will discuss not only his performance in “Twin Peaks,” but also his visual contribution to the show's hieroglyphic maps, as well as his own ledger art paintings, which feature an alternate history of America and include many references to Star People and other enigmatic figures in American Indian lore. New York’s own WQXR radio host Elliott Forrest will interview Horse at 3:00 pm on Saturday, September 12th.

There will also be an exciting line-up of virtual webinars:

• A Family's Secret Spells by fourth generation magic practitioner Veronica Varlow
• Portraying Mystic Visions in Art by painter/visionary Matt Marello
• Freak Show Banners: A Visual History by artist Howard Lerner
• Alchemy and Dreams: The Lunar Realm by author/mystic Brian Cotnoir
• Gay Visions: Mysticism and the LGBT Community by bookseller Bryn Hoffman
• A History of Channeled Art and Literature by art historian Alessandro Keegan

An exciting addition to the webinar lineup this year is a live panel titled “Emerging Trends in Library Collections” moderated by Diane Dias De Fazio, member at large, of the Rare Book and Manuscript Section of the Association of College and Research Libraries. This discussion will take place online at on September 11th at 11:00am.

For more information on the Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair, visit
To receive notices of upcoming fair dates and additional information on exhibitors, visit
For information on becoming an exhibitor, send an email to or call 781-862-4039.

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The 2019 Brooklyn Antiquarian Book Fair (featured in the video) was held in person, the 2020 event will be virtual on an exciting, state of the art platform.

Source: EIN Presswire