Pandemic, the Story of Humanity

Pandemic - The story of mankind

Pandemic-the story of mankind

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Zsa Zsa Tudos author

Happiness the Missing Factor

The Last Wakeup Call for Survival. It is the last chance to start taking responsibilities and switch to conscious living.

There is greater happiness out there. It is the result of conscious and responsible living. Embrace the world so it can embrace you. Otherwise, you'll walk alone.”

— Zsa Zsa Tudos AKIA Philosophy

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, July 6, 2020 / — Today, the chain of events clearly show the effect of the “everything is interrelated” phenomena. But do we really understand the meaning of this fact?

It means that events and all the creatures connected to Earth come from the same source. Naturally, the end of the matrix is the ever-expanding universe however, it would be safer to stay on the planet right now.
The pandemic is the result of many years in abuse and authoritarian tyranny of earthlings, over their life source, the planet itself. Without mental and emotional intelligence mankind risen above the cycle of nature, and started destroying it, not realising that the score is self-inflicted and suffocates existence ever faster.
The virus led to the self-isolating process, where most people lost the little self-respect they had and allowed the aggression of aimless floating pile up within. Domestic violence, killing, and child abuse became everyday events and the main subjects in media.

The killing of George Floyd came handy to the international frustration, and to the authorities of the manipulating, ruthless and self-appointed leaders, who hide behind the riot against racism, while they wipe countries and their people off the map. And nobody bothers. The end of Palestine didn’t deserve a headline. In Asia, the killing of Muslims is widely acknowledged. The infinite dictatorship forced on European countries such as Hungary and Poland happened just as quietly, giving ways to more racism, hatred, hunger, and frustration.

I am suggesting that to achieve a better life on Earth, every earthling needs to be equally respected. This esteem can only grow from within and spread internationally.

The cycle of nature has to be implemented yet again. It is interesting to see how mankind only kills beautiful, majestic, rare and peaceful animals, on the top of the ladder of nature, while allowing rats, pigeons, stray cats, and many other species to multiply, spread diseases and ruin the environment. Why are we so suicidal?
The confusion and frustration go back to the meddled history given to earthlings, especially that of the various origin stories, representing different belief systems. However, deep down, earthlings remember. They recall a place somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean, they started to refer to as Atlantis however, the actual whereabouts and what happened to it is unclear. They talk about Lemuria but again, the rest is a non-logical explanation. Stories about underground civilisations surfaced during the last 20 years or so, and there are gap-filled stories about underwater cities, where everybody is happy and at peace.

The other important factor that leads to oblivion, is that everything is energy. As such, everything is an electro-magnetic power. Everything and everybody. The planet itself has to be in some kind of electro-magnetic harmony, therefore removing or adding to it needs conscious planning and attention. The satellites of many competing companies above, bombarding Earth and its inhabitants with electro-magnetic rays, as they supply countless industries. As “likes attract” some people will be affected and some will not. Now that we have the 5G introduced, and the 42k new satellites added, we do not have much of a chance, for the digital transmitters totally blocking the already densely populated aura, diminishing the possibility of receiving fresh air from the solar system. The residue flairs produced by the money makers, also killing nature as the side effect, therefore oxygen is getting more contaminated and less safe for human consumption.

Due to the ever-growing amount of electro-magnetic residue, the epidemics and pandemics of recent years affect the respiratory system mainly with certain side-effects resulting from the lack of oxygen and clear water. A few years back, when the SEO of Nestle announced it to the world that all consumable water supply should come through them, for people have no right to the water under the ground, even if it is in their own back garden, not many of could see it becoming reality so soon.

The COVID19 pandemic is not an organic virus, therefore it cannot be treated with a vaccine. It seems to pick up people randomly. However, without cleaning up our act we are on the road towards the slow death we inflicted on ourselves.
In case you want to know more about the subject, please refer to the book.

Have a wonderful life!

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