John Carvalho’s Book “The Crisis Of Our Time” Has Renewed Relevance For Europe, U.S., And The World During Pandemic Age

Worldwide Pandemic And Economic Meltdown Gives Renewed Interest In Book "The Crisis Of Our Time" Because Issues It Warned About Earlier Have Become Reality

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, July 27, 2020 / — Dr. John Carvalho’s provocative book “The Crisis Of Our Time” was published in 2014, and was lauded for its discussion of critical issues afflicting Europe, America, and the world at large: global health and spread of infectious diseases, economic recession, planetary climate change, and the psychological stress that people encounter when they try to find meaning in their lives. The advent of the COVID-19 pandemic and concurrent economic meltdown has left households socially distant and has helped the book industry to gain readers. Additionally, it has sparked renewed interest in Carvalho’s opus given that the issues he warned about six years earlier have become reality.

“It is painfully evident that my concerns regarding the relationship between emerging infectious diseases and economic wellbeing are paramount for the world,” says Dr. Carvalho, former Harvard University academician and winner of the prestigious United States National Research Service Award. “When my book was published, I believed it was critically important for Americans and Europeans to understand that they shared common goals and needs, especially with respect to the global economy and global health. Now with the advent of the coronavirus, we are witnessing my theory of causal circular systems play out fundamentally as the disease spreads geographically and exacerbates economic inequalities that were prevalent prior to the pandemic.”

Examiner Magazine states that, “Dr. John Carvalho has led a wondrous life. His personal CV portrays a man who is a diverse careerist: scholar, scientist, statesman, world traveler, philosopher, teacher, human rights activist, and, most recently, arts and entertainment advocate for the film and music industries. This complex repertoire symbolizes an active life and an energetic mind.” It also reveals that John Carvalho’s extensive background gives him a unique view regarding global issues. Indeed, Carvalho, who has journeyed to 34 countries and previously lived in Rome, Italy, wrote “The Crisis Of Our Time” as an autobiographical discourse that was both part memoir and part debate over the struggles affecting Europe, America, and the world at large. In so doing, he prioritized the importance of education, literature, and world history when analyzing complex, intercontinental problems and advocating effective solutions. Consequently, some media proclaim that John Carvalho is an American author with a “European voice” because he continually references Europe’s long philosophical and literary tradition when he provides insight into world affairs.

“We must read the great thinkers of the past if we expect to more fully resolve current concerns,” says Carvalho. “Science and technology provide us the instrumental tools for pragmatic approaches to solve the difficulties of both the developed and developing world, but without a long-term, foundational philosophic outlook we cannot more fully gain ethical insights into our actions as we attempt to address the pressing issues that the Earth faces.”

Dr. John Carvalho’s twenty-eight year career in science and philosophy ultimately earned him the “Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award”. Additionally, his book became a Pulitzer Prize entry and generated interest in Hollywood, California as fodder for both short and documentary films. These past six years Carvalho has done numerous books signings, including a Barnes & Noble book tour in the United States. Now, during the pandemic, Carvalho sees opportunities for readers to reflect more fully on his message in “The Crisis Of Our Time”.

“Without doubt,” asserts Carvalho, “my book is relevant now more than ever. If we as a global society do not implement the suggestions I propose and create wider and more meaningful dialogue, the next generations will continue to see the kinds of global pandemics, economic deterioration, and social unrest that has caused chaos on the planet, and has been most prevalent recently in the United States. I believe the European Union has stabilized in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, largely because its leaders recognized the importance of science and medicine during their deliberations on how to control the disease. It is my hope that the leaders in America will take a better approach and follow the success story of the European continent. Regardless, ‘The Crisis Of Our Time’ has provided a blueprint to help solve world problems that I am hoping many readers will discover and share with their communities.”

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