New Memoirs Entitled, "How I Found the G-Spot While Drinking Champagne," Positioned to Have Hollywood Seeing Stars

“How I found the G-Spot While Drinking Champagne”

Newest gourmet book is about how to find romance!!

Upcoming new Book, “Sizzle!” will be out in September..small print on the cover reads, “Caution, the book you are about to read is very hot!”

"I'll Have What She's Having," Will be the Bubbly Buzzwords at the Beverly Hilton, says Author.

Story-telling is the world's second oldest profession. I certainly wouldn't want to try to knock the world's oldest profession out its storied number one position.”

— Jake McGuire

HOLLYWOOD, CA, USA, July 29, 2020 / — A chance encounter with a Hollywood starlet lands memoirs author a cork-popping, sizzling new book title.

Washington, D.C, Photographer, Jake McGuire, who is finishing up his colorful memoirs has spent his lifetime on eye-opening adventures on four continents.

The Washington Post says, “McGuire is looking like he should be holding a mint julep, or yachting or doing something else genteel. His face is aristocratic… his manner is intense.” He currently has nine books in print.

McGuire, who plans to have his memoirs book finished by the first of September has tried some wild marketing techniques, including a pitch to George Clooney for movie rights, via press releases to LA and Hollywood.

What happened?"

McGuire was contacted by, not only ONE, but by THREE George Clooneys… and it gave him some Hollywood-worthy, head-spinning tales to tell, including a follow-up press release entitled, "I had to hang up the phone on George Clooney," says memoirs author.

He explains, “When my initial pitch to Clooney went out on the EIN, PR Newswire, it got a lot of media play,” he says, “but I never really expected to hear from George Clooney. So when I heard from three of them all claiming THEY were George Clooney, my head spun around in a 360 like the girl in "The Exorcist."

Meanwhile, last Friday, McGuire was sipping a happy hour glass of wine on the sidewalk cafe at Washington, D.C.'s, high-end Spanish restaurant, Taberna del Alabardero, when a stylish woman bounced up to the menu board to take a look.

"I was the only one there, as the patio was covid-empty boring," says McGuire, " so I offered her a seat at my hi-top table."

She took it.

"Where are you from?" He asked.

"LA," she said.

“You look like a movie star!" McGuire said.

"I am an actress, screenwriter, producer….a little of everything."

"Perhaps you could help me," he said.

"How's that?"

"I'm finishing up my memoirs," said McGuire, "And I'm looking for a publisher and a movie house."

"Memoirs? OK, tell me a great story."

"Amongst other adventures, I managed to finesse my way into the cockpit of a fully loaded commercial jet. And I convinced the pilot to let me fly it part way from DC to Atlanta. If the passengers knew Jake McGuire was flying the plane, they would have said, 'Let's roll,' and I would have been tossed out over Spartanburg, South Carolina!"

"You're kidding, you actually got in the cockpit and flew the plane?" She said.

"Yes, and I don't even have a pilot's license. I have many other stories, as I've traveled to, lived in, or had to flee from more than 30 countries," said McGuire. "And since my book is by a photographer, about a photographer, it is very visual, so It might make an eye-popping movie."

"What's the title?"

"I told her, and she gave me a negative eye roll."

"No, no, that's East Coast boring. Give me a 'tip-me-over' title of one of your chapters."

"Oh, that's easy," said McGuire. "Chapter 7 is entitled, How I Found the G-Spot While Drinking Champagne.'"

The starlet doubled over in knee-slapping convulsions and tumbled out of her seat.

"When people laugh hysterically," says McGuire, "they often lose motor control and writhe about like an amorphous blob. It is quite entertaining. In this case I knew, right then, I had a killer new book title!"

McGuire's other adventures in the book include talking his way into the White House to visit with a President of the United States in the Oval Office, as well as getting a ‘morning tea’ invitation to join the Amir of Bahrain in his Royal Palace, whereupon McGuire was showered with gifts of diamonds and gold before he left the Oil Sheikhdom.

“McGuire is edgy, nutty, romantic…nimble in his walk and talk…spreading mischievous wisdom around,” says fellow book author and DC area Professor, Anita Nahal.

McGuire spent most of his life in journalism. From working on the staff of a weekly newspaper to becoming one of America’s most published photographers, McGuire’s book reveals how he ditched his disheveled looks, switched to dapper, acted daring, and then watched his life blossom into a Hollywoodesque series of globe-trotting adventures.

McGuire writer's "voice" is brimming with wit and charm, and his adventures are eye-opening and colorful. His chapter 7, "How I Found the G-spot While Drinking Champagne," uses no four letter words but craftily puts people's imaginations on steroids. “I left photography for writing since everyone has a cell phone camera, so now I paint pictures with words.”

"Story-telling is the world's second oldest profession," he says, "I certainly wouldn't want to try to knock the world's oldest profession out its storied number one position."

He is currently looking for a major book publisher and a possible movie option. "I think my new book title is more than compelling," He says, as he wants potential readers to promptly grab the book off a bookstore bookshelf or immediately order it on-line. He says his adventures will have most homebodies in awe.

“Jake McGuire is an irresistible rogue, you won’t be disappointed!” Says, Lucia St. Clair Robson, author of at least 10 novels, including “The Last Train From Cuernavaca.”

Publishers and movie producers can contact McGuire via his website:

As for George Clooney? "I still haven't heard from the real Clooney," says McGuire, "But he is a guy who sees opportunity and he could produce, direct, and star in the film! And, he'd certainly make an infinitely more dashing me, than me!"

Stay tuned! McGuire is finishing up yet another, eye-opening non-fiction book entitled, "Sizzle!" Ready by October 1st.

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