Author and Business Exec Shares Tips to Find a Job, Save Your Career During a Global Pandemic

Your Career Survival Guide

Christy Noel, Career Expert, Author

Christy Noel releases career survival guide to help professionals survive and thrive in a volatile job market

My goal was to deliver a step-by-step playbook filled with straight talk to help professionals navigate their careers during this pandemic and in the foreseeable future.”

— Christy Noel

SAN DIEGO, CA, UNITED STATES, July 30, 2020 / — As the worldwide spread of coronavirus continues to sweep the country and take millions of jobs with it, workers are left wondering how to find a job and keep their career on track in this new economy and new work environment. Los Angeles-based Christy Noel, Career Expert and co-author of "Your Personal Career Coach. Real-World Experiences for Early Career Success", will release a new ebook, "Your Career Survival Guide: How to Get and Keep a Job in Times of Crisis", (BBL Publishing, August 11) to help those impacted by the global pandemic by sharing practical tools for finding a job and saving your career in the worst job market since the depression. To provide immediate help to those currently facing layoffs or searching for a job, Noel will host a virtual book launch Friday, August 7th, with a live Career Q&A for job seekers. The event will be hosted on Zoom/Facebook Live and attendees are encouraged to send in their career questions prior to the event. For details, go to

“I wrote Your Career Survival Guide to address the specific issues many people are now suddenly facing during these turbulent times,” said Christy Noel. “My goal was to deliver a step-by-step playbook filled with straight talk to help professionals navigate their careers now and in the foreseeable future.”

To help job seekers get started, Noel is offering a free download of Your Complete Guide to Cover Letters. Go to for the guide and more free career resources.

Due to economic instability, many companies have had no choice but to furlough employees. Others, while they have maintained their jobs, are now facing uncharted territory of how to conduct business in a new ‘social distancing’ and virtual world. “Finding a new job or succeeding in the one you have has become harder in a world of coronavirus. There’s suddenly an entirely new set of rules for finding and keeping your job,” added Noel. “And many of these jobs that have been eliminated will just not come back, which means navigating a career change.”

Your Career Survival Guide: How to Get and Keep a Job in Times of Crisis offers actionable tips, insights and practical advice on how to deal with many of the unprecedented issues facing those in the workforce today. Some of Noel’s topics to keep your career on track include:
– Three Keys to Getting Hired in Times of Crisis
– Five Steps to Take if You Lose Your Job During a Crisis
– How to Ask for A Raise When Others are Getting Laid Off
– How to write a Resume That Gets Interviews
– Creating a LinkedIn Profile that Stands Out
– Perfecting the Video Job Interview
– How to Work From Home and Make it Work
– Making Virtual Meetings Productive in the Middle of Chaos
– How to Expand Your Network in a Virtual World
– Dealing with Anxiety

Noel shares more advice and tools for getting started and getting ahead in your career on her website and blog, Her next book, Your Personal Career Coach: Real-Life Stories for Early Career Success, written with her father, Mike Noel, a now-retired business executive, and 25 contributing authors, is set for a September release date and is the first in a series of “Your Personal Career Coach” books. Noel’s books deliver real-world advice in short and engaging stories to help the reader land a job and propel their career. She has been featured in Huff Post, Ladders, UpJourney, The Leadershift Project, Stilettos on the Ground, and more.

About the author:
Christy Noel is an award-winning executive with over 20 years of global branding, communications, and marketing experience. Christy is the creator and author of Your Career Survival Guide: How To Get And Keep A Job In Time Of Crisis and co-author of Your Personal Career Coach: Real-World Experiences for Early Career Success which launches September 2020 from BBL Publishing. After working their way up the corporate ladder in their respective fields, Christy and her father, Mike Noel, joined forces to spare young professionals the steep learning curve and bumps they encountered. Christy shares stories of her career to help the next generation get hired, get ahead, and build a rewarding career. She is currently the Senior Vice President of Marketing for MobileCause, a leading fundraising and communications software provider for nonprofits and has her B.A. from the University of California, Los Angeles.

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