Acclaimed Attorney Scott Levin, Sits Down For One-On-One With Benjamin Heldfond, Co-Author of 'Our Happy Divorce'

Scott F. Levin, Esq San Diego Divorce Mediation

Co- Authors of ‘Our Happy Divorce’, Benjamin Heldfond and Nikki Debartolo

Scott and Benjamin believe that with so many excellent professionals turning towards mediation, there is no reason to hire that shark.

LOS ANGELES, CA, US, September 18, 2020 / — California native attorney, Scott Levin, otherwise known among his clients as the "Chief Peacekeeper", recently sat down to interview Benjamin Heldfond, the co-author of "Our Happy Divorce". In comparison to a litigation attorney, Scott does not represent one spouse but instead enters into a relationship with both spouses with the intention of achieving an amicable arrangement, saving the assets, and ensuring the future of each party. Heldfond who co-authored the book with his ex-wife Nikki recounts their separation and divorce. In this exclusive 20 minute interview, the couple encourages anyone beginning the process of divorce to give the book a read in order to reach an amicable conclusion.

Ben, who lives in Florida, connected with Scott as two people who are widely known in the divorce world but have since become dear personal friends. Scott states, "We speak extensively about how to achieve a successful divorce, one that is amicable, in which both parties admit partial fault for the ending of the marriage, and each shows the other love and compassion by choosing mediation as the process by which to divorce."

Scott and Benjamin believe that with so many excellent professionals turning towards mediation, there is no reason to hire that shark. You need to hire that dolphin, the one who cares for you and your kids and yes even your spouse. "Mediation is the key to a successful divorce and dare I say a happy divorce", states Scott.

When Ben and Nikki went through their separation 13 years ago, they were able to take control of their futures and put their son Asher first by sitting down with each other and figuring out their own divorce settlement.

Over a series of Starbucks meetings, they both admitted partial fault and viewed every aspect of their divorce through a single lens – what is best for their 3-year-old Asher. Now 13 years later, these GOAT co-parents live 7 houses away, dine with each other and their new spouses and kids on a weekly basis, and have shared their amazing story in an incredibly powerful book titled "Our Happy Divorce."

Scott continues by stating, "Unlike Ben and Nikki, you don’t need to invent a new path forward, you just need to follow the algae lighting up the sea to get you home. Yes, that was a reference to Tom Hanks's role in Apollo 13 but it’s true, just follow the path that’s helped tens of thousands of people successfully move forward. And that path includes mediation and the building of a support team."

Ben and Chief Peacekeeper mainly focus their discussion in the following video clip on the incredibly precarious time that couples find themselves in when they first decide to divorce. It’s then that emotions run the highest, that you are both angry and can sometimes want to punish. Scott concludes by stating, "If you allow yourself to give into these emotions, you’ll run off and hire litigators who will promise you the world but in reality will take over the divorce for you and who knows whether they care about you or your kids. They certainly DO NOT care about your eventual ex-spouse."

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