The Sable Scourge – A Family Friendly Semi-Cooperative Board Game Of Comic Battles

LINCOLN, IL, USA, September 17, 2020 / — On September 15th, Brains & Brawn Gaming launched a new Kickstarter campaign to fund their latest game, The Sable Scourge. Brains & Brawn Gaming has been designing and publishing games since early 2020 using the print-on-demand services provided by The Game Crafter. This Kickstarter campaign is the first launch for the small Indie Game Alliance member into the gaming mass market.

The Sable Scourge combines unique board game mechanics, including card drafting to improve your superhero, a random unique power, miniature finale appearances throughout the game, and variable game length determined by player success. The Sable Scourge is a family-friendly game designed with a quick learning curve in mind that blends into full strategy able to be picked up by all ages, intended for those ages 12 and up.

In exchange for pledging the Kickstarter, backers will receive a copy of one of two exclusive Kickstarter editions, with the KS standard edition at a pledge of $35 or more. Backers can even get their own picture added to the game as a superhero as a True Hero Pledge! Retail bundles are also offered that include 5 copies of each edition at a discounted price.

Brains & Brawn Gaming is excited to get this new addition to the already growing lineup of games put into the hands of their customers. They are building a success story around the troubles that the COVID-19 crisis has caused, attempting to prove that every situation can offer positive growth if you look hard enough.

Brains & Brawn Gaming is a progressive company that is focused on minimizing their effect on climate change and environmental hazards. For every game sold on Kickstarter, Brains & Brawn Gaming is donating $1 to the Environmental Defense Action Fund. Learn more about EDF Action here.

For more information, visit the Kicksterter page here.

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