Drawing Dad turns Daily Doodles into Bestseller

Drawing a grumpy animal every day as a hobby turns aspiring artist's dream into reality.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — It was only the first week of the new year, and already fed up with the way 2020 was headed, family guy and aspiring artist @BeastFlaps (real name Tim) decided to take fate into his own hands.

"I had a pile of paperwork to sort through, a backlog of work to get done and more than a few bills to pay. I was asked to stop everything and urgently draw a cute greeting card for a friend (as a favour of course) and before I knew it I had drawn a grumpy duckling saying QUACK F***ING QUACK. The angry animal made me laugh out loud so I shared it online."

He was encouraged by those who saw the drawings to develop them further and try and build up a collection. So each night when the kids were in bed he set aside an hour to sketch, ink and paint a new grumpy animal of the day. By day seven it was quickly becoming apparent that these animal drawings were making a few other people smile too, and so he made himself a promise. No matter what else life would bring in 2020, he would set aside enough time each day to draw a daily grumpy animal.

"At the end of the year, if nothing else came of it, I would at least have 366 animals to put in my portfolio and print out as a calendar."

But something did come of it. By late April, just over one hundred days later, Amazon released the book worldwide. 100 Grumpy Animals was an instant success. To date thousands of copies have shipped around the world, and it has received over one hundred five-star reviews. It has also earned the Amazon bestseller badge on multiple occasions as it peaked at the top of its genre in several countries.

Tim hasn't let the success go to his head, as he still sits down at night to draw what is now approaching his 200th grumpy animal.

"There are times when I have no idea how to make an animal grumpy and funny, even times when I can't think of a new animal. But the important thing is to sit down and draw. Somebody said that ninety-nine percent of inspiration is perspiration and I think that's true. I've wasted a few years waiting for the right idea, so I decided this time to just do the work, and everything else will follow."

100 Grumpy Animals by Beast Flaps is available exclusively through your regional Amazon store.

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