An Unfinished Twitter Alternative is Quickly Becoming The Largest Aggregator Of News: The Modern Newsroom

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Gossip Depot’s protects journalism by providing an avenue to generate passive income for writers and a mobile newsroom to deliver the news on the go.

The concept of blogging isn’t new but Gossip Depot with all it offers is different in a good way – its revolutionary”

— Jasmine, Gossip Depot user

ATLANTA, GA, UNITED STATES, October 26, 2020 / —, a mobile newsroom with a built-in newswire and an authoritative publishing platform to publish news on the go. At a time when news stations and magazines are cutting their budget, merging, and causing many journalists to become freelance writers Gossip Depot promises new life for the publishing industry. By signing up users are able to drive traffic from Gossip Depot to content on other websites and get daily breaking news – all on one platform. However, it is what the platform will offer when it official launches that has users gravitating to the site in anticipation.

Gossip Depot gives “gossipers” access to four types of gossips (blurbs, articles, press releases, and podcasts) that they can publish on the go. Each type of gossip is formatted to adhere to search engine guidelines that boost the gossip’s page ranking in major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, DuckDuckGo, and Bing. For self-promotion, gossips can be shared through text, email, and throughout other social media platforms. Additionally, gossipers on the site are able to comment, add emojis, subscribe, message, and interact with other gossipers from around the world.

Despite so many functions the best features of Gossip Depot isn’t developed yet; however it’s the concept of the uncompleted features that are the driving force for Gossip Depot’s growth and that could become a game changer for the industry in the near future. “Our (Gossip Depot) mobile newsroom will create new careers, add jobs, and put the power of the mic back into the hands of those in local communities,” said James. James, formerly a Hollywood Film Director and US Air Force veteran from Memphis, TN, had originally intended to launch the news platform before the 2020 Presidential Election, but he noted, “With all that’s going on in the world I made the decision to pull marketing and to develop a platform where the average Jane or Joe can tell their story. Americans are angry at their leadership, confused with the abundance of fake news, and scared of the uncertainty. People want a place where they can vent, release their thoughts and opinions, and get the information they need all in one place. Gossip Depot is the solution.”

Gossip Depot’s new mission is to protect local journalism by providing another avenue to generate passive income for writers. To facilitate this mission Gossip Depot delivers the news through four types of gossips that aim to document, engage, educate, promote, and empower the world on local affairs in every corner of the globe. Civically, Gossip Depot informs and educate millennials about social justice matters, get gossipers involved in politics, and increase interest in their communities. Gossip Depot empowers citizens to hold leaders who pray on underserved communities accountable and to keep them honest about their promises and dealings that affects main street and their community.

Gossip Depot, which recently conducted a soft launch on September 1, 2020, deferred its official debut until February 2021 in order to develop that solution. When the website launches it is expected to become the newest viable and sustainable way for freelance writers, veteran journalists, local news stations, college students, and organizations to create their own news and make serious money from it.

On September 1, 2020 Gossip Depot had limited features, zero posts, no timeline, and no easy way to login. As of October 25, 2020, the platform has over 2,000 articles and blurbs, 75 different news outlets, and a host of new groundbreaking features. Gossip Depot is used by casual readers of the news and those who actively create the news such as bloggers, influencers, celebrities, journalists, and politicians. Jasmine, part of a growing class of gossipers on Gossip Depot stated, “For a stay-at-home mom the prospect of having a new source of income that I can do at home is something that drove me to the platform. The concept of blogging isn’t new but Gossip Depot with all it offers is different in a good way – its revolutionary”.

To try Gossip Depot for yourself, the platform is free to signup (currently) by going to Be warned, the platform is under development so you are entering the site on the ground level; therefore many functions does not work yet. If you can withstand the growing pains like so many are then the site may be the new curation platform for you. Gossip Depot officially launches February 1, 2021 when access to the site will no longer be free to new signups.

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